Alternative Information

Hypnosis Way of General Indications of Deceit

When the subject is changed, he's in a better, more relaxed mood. The guilty wants the subject changed; the innocent always wants a further exchange of information.

? He does not become indignant when falsely accused. While he is being accused the liar will remain fairly expressionless. The liar is more concerned with how he is going to respond than he is with the accusation itself.

? He uses such phrases as "To tell you the truth," "To be perfectly honest," and "Why would I lie to you?"

? He has an answer to your question down pat, such as giving precise detail to an event occurring two months ago.

? He stalls by asking you to repeat the question or by answering your question with a question.

"Where did you hear that?" "Could you be more specific?" or even repeating your question back to you, at an attempt at sounding incredulous. For example, "Did I sell you a puppy with a heart condition? Is that what you're asking me?"

? What he's saying sounds implausible, such as "During the past ten years, I have never used a specific racial epithet."

? He offers a preamble to his statement starting with "I don't want you to think that?" Often that's exactly what he wants you to think. Whenever someone makes a point of telling you what they're not doing, you can be sure it's exactly what they are doing. Such as, "Not to hurt your feelings, but?"

? He implies through a form of denial. You hear, "He's having marital problems, but it has nothing to do with his wife's new job." What's the first thing you ask? "What does his wife do?" Suddenly you're in the exact conversation that is "supposed" to have no bearing on the facts.

? He uses humor or sarcasm to defuse your concerns, rather than responding seriously.

? He offers you a "better" alternative to your request when he is unable to give you what you originally asked for. Before you accept someone at his word that he has something better to offer, first see whether he has what you originally asked for. If he doesn't, then you shouldn't believe him.

? All of his facts relating to numbers are the same or multiples of one another. Watch out when facts, figures, and information have unusual similarities.

? There is evidence of involuntary responses that are anxiety based. Anxiety causes many things. His breather may appear as a deep, audible inhaling in an attempt to control hisbreathing to calm himself. Swallowing becomes difficult; he may clear his throat. His ability to focus on something is often diminished, unable to pay attention to what's going on.

? He uses an obvious fact to support a dubious action. For example, let's say that a guard is standing watch over a restricted area. It's his job to check ID's of those who enter. "I'm not sure you have authorization," he says to a man attempting access. "I'm not surprised," answered the man, "only a few people are aware of my clearance level. My work here is not supposed to be known by everyone."

? He casually tells you something that deserves more attention.

? He exclaims his displeasure at the actions of another who has done something similar so that you will not suspect him. For instance, if he is trying to throw you off track of his embezzlement scheme, he may openly chastise another employee for "borrowing" some office supplies for personal use at home. Your impression is that he is moral person who objects to something as minor as stealing office supplies. Certainly he cannot be responsible for a large-scale embezzlement scheme.

? He may casually tell you something that should deserve more attention. "Oh by the way, I've got to go out of town next weekend on business." If he doesn't usually travel for work on the weekends, then you would expect her to make a point of how unusual the trip is. Her downplaying the trip makes it suspicious. When something out of the ordinary happens and the person doesn't draw attention to it, it means that he is trying to draw attention away from it. Another tactic is running off a long list of items in the hope that one will remain unnoticed.

? If he lies about one thing, everything he says is questionable.

? His story is so wild that you almost don't believe it. But you do, because if he wanted to lie, you think that he would have come up with something more plausible.

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Actor Dennis Weaver built an energy efficient home by architect Michael Reynolds, with walls made of tires, cans, compact earth and beetle kill lumber.

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Information campaigns as an alternative to kinetic strikes

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Purple version” of Roger Taylor's Gangsters Are Running This World brings a new heaviness to his solo track.

Russia looks for alternative to Belarusian Druzhba pipeline  Belsat

The Russian Energy Minister, Alexander Novak, has called the potential blocking of the oil transit from Russia via the Druzhba pipeline inappropriate force ...

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'The only alternative to custody': incest family member bailed to motel  Sydney Morning Herald

It's taken authorities months to find a place to bail an incest family member accused of child sex crimes.

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Thorough evaluation of Global Dairy Alternative Market considering rivalry, segments, revenue outcome, regional markets, and robust players. Global Dairy ...

MTA maps L train service changes and alternative transit options ahead of partial shutdown  6Sqft

Starting Friday, April 26 through the summer of 2020, L train *service* will be suspended on weeknights and weekends.

County Commissioners put brakes on Project Grace to 'explore alternative options'  Port City Daily

Commissioners questioned the proposal that would see them sell the property just to buy or lease it back at a higher price WILMINGTON — Public-private…

DEP blasts Fort Myers for using 'alternative' methods to assure toxic sludge cleanup  The News-Press

DEP tells Fort Myers to stop fudging on South Street cleanup testing and make sure it's done by the book.

Meditation app offers alternative to opioids for pain  KPRC Click2Houston

Local doctor recommends two apps for meditation that can heal body pain.

The 11 Best Milk Alternatives - The Healthiest Dairy-Free Milk Substitutes

Plant-based alternatives to cow's milk have been a thing for a while now, and the benefit of this trend is that there's something for everyone. Whether you're ...

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is looking to rebuild Manchester United this summer and has a clear strategy in mind.

1933 Industries Inc (OTCMKTS:TGIFF) Enters A Pact With Alternative Medicine Association LLC And Gotti's Gold Ex LLC To Introduce Gotti's Gold Branded Cannabis Products In Nevada  MMJ Observer

1933 Industries Inc (OTCMKTS:TGIFF) has signed an accord with Alternative Medicine Association LLC (AMA) and Gotti's Gold Ex LLC to unveil Gotti's Gold ...

On 'Saint' Nipsey Hussle, an Alternative View

My most recent contribution over at PJ Media concerns what I believe to be the inordinate adulation shown to slain rapper Nipsey Hussle. Hussle, whose true ...

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MLMC turns combustible waste such as paper, wooden pallets, cardboard, plastic wrap, foam, bubble wrap, film and assorted packaging into fuel cubes that it ...

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Slovakia's Zuzana Caputova tells the BBC that populism is not the only way to resolve crises.

Politics - Moe must offer better alternative  Yorkton This Week

New Democrat Opposition leader Ryan Meili should have attended the Rally Against the Carbon Tax protest. If for no other reason, he should have been there ...

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BlackRock is undergoing a large reorganization, shuffling the roles of about 20 directors and aiming to take its alternative investments business "to the next level ...

Dreaming of a Peloton? These exercise bikes are just as good (and cheaper, too)  Digital Trends

Perhaps the best all-around alternative to the Peloton in terms of features at a competitive price is the Echelon Smart Connect EX3. Like the Peloton, it offers ...

MWM offers alternative to turntable needles with new wireless DJ control technology, Phase  Resident Advisor

Phase, a new technology for playing vinyl wirelessly, is finally in the hands of the public. First presented back in 2018, Phase claims to remove the need for a ...

Alternative roads proposed to cut traffic on Highway 150 in Hoover  WBRC

Hoover city leaders want alternative roads for drivers in Trace Crossings to get to Highway 150 on John Hawkins Parkway.

Alternative charging options drive down battery costs for ebuses  pv magazine International

All-electric buses will cost the same as diesel options by 2030 – and possibly earlier – according to research into the global EV market.

Affordable Wacom Cintiq alternative drawing tablets  Digital Arts Online

Less expensive pen display drawing tablets for drawing, sketching and painting.

Google to suggest 10 browser and search engine alternatives for Android users in Europe  VentureBeat

Google announced that it will begin rolling out new browser and search engine options to Android users in the European Economic Area (EEA). The move ...

Gmail, G-meh: 4 alternative Android email apps, evaluated  Computerworld

So here we are. It's April 2019, and lots of us who haven't used Google's actual Gmail app in ages are finding ourselves back within its virtual walls and staring at ...

Muslim voters seek alternative to Congress' soft hindutva in this coastal seat  Economic Times

Quite naturally, the Congress “soft Hindutva” strategy has caused disappointment among the Muslim community.

‘In Europe, Otto is only alternative to Amazon’  Ecommerce News

German ecommerce company Otto is the biggest competitor of Amazon, and the only European alternative to this American ecommerce giant. At least, that is ...

U.K. Parliament Votes Down Alternative Brexit Deals  The New York Times

LONDON — Britain's Parliament on Monday failed to reach a majority on any one of four new proposals for the country's exit from the European Union, ...

If You're Not A Beach Person, Consider These 5 Alternative Vacays That Are Just As Fun  Elite Daily

As a gal who was born and raised in Central Florida right next to the Gulf of Mexico, I'm definitely biased and the first person to declare that a summer without a ...

YieldStreet acquires Athena for $170M to add art financing to its alternative investment platform  TechCrunch

YieldStreet — which raised $62 million in February to further open to a wider base of investors alternative investments in areas like shipping, real estate, legal ...

Kerala model an alternative to neo-liberal policies: Pinarayi  The Hindu

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has put forward the “Kerala model” of policies being implemented by the Left Democratic Front (LDF) as an alternative to the ...

Good Lock update brings partial Galaxy S10 notification LED alternative  SamMobile

A Galaxy S10 notification LED alternative has arrived from one of Samsung's own apps as an extension for the Edge Lighting feature. - SamMobile.

Powerbeats Pro: Apple's Sporty AirPods Alternative  MacRumors

Apple's Beats brand in April unveiled the Powerbeats Pro, a redesigned wire-free version of its popular fitness-oriented Powerbeats earbuds. Like...

Alternative Credentials And The Fight For Talent  Forbes

To understand the rise of alternative credentials, we must first think about the college degree and how it has changed.

These $175 Sneakers Are The Perfect Alternative To Common Projects |  D'Marge

Ok, your in the market for a white sneaker. After one Google Search, you'll know what you want. Common Projects Achilles Low, we agree, they are simply the ...

How big investors harness ‘alternative data’ to give you a market edge  MarketWatch

Alternative data provides investors with a greater degree of transparency into how companies are performing. From purchase data that tracks retail sales, ...

Public backs Alternative School admin | Haverhill  Eagle-Tribune

HAVERHILL — Scores of parents, teachers and former students thronged the City Council chambers and overflowed into the hall outside in support of Haverhill ...

Nikola believes hydrogen semi-trucks will bring the alternative fuel to the mainstream  Hydrogen Fuel News

The American hybrid truck design company based out of Arizona feels that hydrogen semi-trucks are the future of America's clean trucking industry.

Sekiro hacker discovers cut dialogue and alternative Dragonrot system  PC Gamer

Dying repeatedly in Sekiro infects characters you've met with a mysterious illness called Dragonrot. You can cure every character's dragonrot at once with a ...

Trading Cards Jump Another 15% As Alternative Investments In 2019's First Quarter  Forbes

Over the first quarter of 2019, trading cards have maintained their momentum; jumping another 15% from historic highs.

Parliament is taking control of Brexit. Here are some of the alternative options it's looking at  CNN

A guide to the main Brexit options: Theresa May's deal, Norway Plus, or Common Market 2.0, permanent customs union, no deal, Canada-style free trade ...

Rep. Scott Peters releases “climate playbook” as alternative to Green New Deal  The San Diego Union-Tribune

Rep. Scott Peters, D-San Diego, released Tuesday what he's calling a “climate playbook” — a list of more than 50 pieces of legislation introduced by Democrats ...

Seeking alternative animal models for Alzheimer's disease  National Institute on Aging

Although knowledge of Alzheimer's biology has advanced tremendously during the past three decades, many efforts to develop effective drugs or treatments ...

Elmhurst meat alternative company plans $310M Indiana production plant  Chicago Tribune

The growing appetite for plant-based meat is prompting a Chicago-area company to build a $310 million production facility in central Indiana that eventually will ...

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