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Aviation Information

Jet Lag - You Can Suffer From It...Or You Can Do What This International Airline Captain Does

Whatever the reason for your travel, you have made a considerable investment. It costs you time and money.

American Airlines; Crash: Nov. 12, 2001

It seems there were not many comments to the AA crash of November 2001, as soon as it was ruled an accident instead of an attack the media stopped the reports and the story disappeared. The years following have been the safest years in Airline Industry History.

Really Cheap Airline Tickets

When you're looking for airline tickets to your specific destination, whether it be for business purposes or for a well-deserved holiday, finding really cheap airfare tickets will relieve a lot of your traveling costs.Though there are so many places offering 'really cheap airfare tickets' on the web most have some kind of strings attached - for instance these sites may offer you really cheap airfares on flights to less popular destinations.

Airbus A-380 is Pretty Big

You know the Airbus A-380 is so huge it takes 2 hours to load and unload and that is if you are rushing the people on and off like cattle. The aircraft holds more fuel than a Boeing 727 weighs.

Learning to Fly

Flying is fun. I learned to fly myself when I was 10-years old as my dad was an Airline Pilot and former Naval Aviator.

I Am Afraid Of Flying; You Are Not Getting Me A Light Plane

Boy I have heard it all from my friends. I am afraid of flying.

Sex in a Cessna, Part I

If you have never had sex in a Cessna or other small aircraft then you probably might wish to read this article. It is fun, exhilarating and can get a little tricky if you do not do it correctly.

Sex in a Cessna, Part II

Sex in a Cessna or any light plane can be exhilarating and since your flight instructor never trained you how to do this you will need to read all of this several part series of articles, we do not want you screwing things up so to speak. In part one, we explained the need for a practice area and separation between other aircraft, staying out of flight path of other aircraft and setting the aircraft up in level flight.

Sex in a Cessna, Part III

So far we have learned the safety aspect of setting the aircraft up in non-restricted airspace, with auto-pilot and away from other aircraft traffic. Now we will describe sexual positions, which will help you maintain controlled flight without restricting visibility.

The History of the Aircraft Wash Guys, Part One

Business scholars and students throughout recent periods have studied the fascinating business model of franchising. In the most history of commerce under a common currency from Amsterdam forward to the Global Power House of the United States of America we have seen franchises lead the way.

The History of the Aircraft Wash Guys, Part Two

The continuation of the history of a small service franchise business in the aviation sector; whose humble beginnings began in the middle of a recession. This proves that anything is possible and that with enough will and entrepreneurial spirit no matter what the condition of your industry sector, you can succeed in America.

The History of the Aircraft Wash Guys, Part Three

As we study this grass roots history of a franchise company in the making we see how opportunity in the market grows companies and how entrepreneurial thinkers take advantage of those opportunities to deliver goods and services, which match the desires of the market place. In this review of the history of the aircraft wash guys we see the company diversifying and finding other niches to serve, some of which were actually better than the original plan.

Tips to Finding Really Cheap Airline Tickets

Finding really cheap airline tickets onlineLooking for a really good deal on flights? Here are some of the best strategies used to find really cheap airline tickets online.1) Really Cheap Airline Tickets: Last minute flightsOften you'll find really cheap airline tickets posted at the last minute.

Aluminum Cleaner for Aircraft Detailing by Alcoa

There are many choices for aircraft detailing when it comes to aviation uses. One product we like after tying them all out was a product by Alcoa Corporation.

How to Overcome Jetlag

Jetlag seems to be every traveler's worst nightmare - especially if you're going away for just a short while.What causes Jetlag?Jetlag is a condition that arises from crossing multiple time zones in a relatively short time and consequently disturbs your natural body clock or circadian rhythms.

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Taking Stock of India's Aviation Industry  Bloomberg

Jagannarayan Padmanabhan, director and practice lead for transport and logistics at Crisil, discusses India's aviation industry, ticket prices, the grounding of Jet ...

Oman Seeks to Raise $6 Billion for Aviation Industry Expansion  Bloomberg

Oman Aviation Group is seeking about $6 billion to fund the building of new airports and an expansion of the loss-making national airline.

Army considers better pay for aviation as pilots and crews leave at record rate  War Is Boring

Jennifer H. Svan Stars and Stripes. The Army wants to boost flight pay and award pilots with incentive money for career achievements in a bid to stem a record ...

Military Matters: Sailor for a Day - Naval Aviation  WTOK

Newscenter 11 met a recent Navy recruit from Alabama who has his sights on a career in naval aviation.

Roger Gordon has lofty tales from lengthy aviation career  The San Diego Union-Tribune

Roger Gordon may be known around Ramona as the sheriff's senior volunteer who does vacation checks on homes and helps walk-in customers at the station's ...

Air Force announces FY19 Aviation Bonus expansion for Air Battle Manag  Air Force Link

The Air Force announced April 22 details of the expanded fiscal year 2019 Aviation Bonus program, intended to increase the number of air battle managers.,

United Airlines CEO Says Aviation Industry Needs Changing  TravelPulse

In a recent interview, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz answered several questions burning in the hearts and minds of frustrated travelers. Whether the answers ...

CDB Aviation Closes $525 Million Unsecured Credit Facility  Associated Press

Press release *content* from Business Wire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

Aviation Museum needs your help to build an airplane - a real human-carrying airplane  Concord Monitor

Students in Georgetown, Texas last year near completion of their own RV-12 similar to the aircraft to be built by Manchester School of Technology students.

Senator Roy Blunt visits Aviation Classification Repair Activity Depot  OzarksFirst.com

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - A National Guard facility expansion will save the Federal Government millions of dollars a year.

Contract approved to design NE State aviation program hangar  Kingsport Times News

BLOUNTVILLE — Airport Authority commissioners on Tuesday approved a contract worth about $200000 to design new hangar and classroom space to be ...

NATA To Honor Banyan Air Service's Don Campion  Aviation International News

NATA selected Banyan Air *Service* president Don Campion as this year's recipient of the association's Distinguished *Service* Award. Recognizing individuals or ...

Oman Aviation Considering Privatization of Some Assets, Group CEO Says  Bloomberg

Mustafa Al Hinai, group chief executive officer of Oman Aviation Group, which operates the Sultanate's national carrier and manages the civil airports, talks about ...

Long-time Bizav Charter Executive Dorothy White Dies  Aviation International News

Dorothy “Dar” White, whose business aviation career spanned more than 30 years and involved roles at a number of well-established charter and management ...

Coins and clapping: 8 aviation rituals, from the strange to the dangerous  The Telegraph

It's happened again. A superstitious passenger in China delayed a flight to Bangkok for more than an hour on Saturday after throwing coins at the plane's engine ...

Local aviation studio offers realistic 'Fearless Flight' classes to get over fear of flying  FOX 11 Los Angeles

When it comes to phobias the fear of flying is a big one. Twenty million Americans are terrified of being locked in a plane at 35000 feet unable to get out. So how ...

National Naval Aviation Museum-Opoly game now for sale  Pensacola News Journal

A new National Naval Aviation Museum Opoly game is for sale at the flight line at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola on Tuesday, April 23, 2019.

Careers in aviation: Short-term blip will not eclipse growth prospects in the long haul  BusinessLine

But with over 20000 Jet employees facing job losses, recruitment this year may be unenthusiastic.

Aviation automation climbs new heights with ALIAS  FCW.com

The Aircrew Labor In-Cockpit Automation System is expected to complete its first fly-by-wire experiment as early as May.

Small but Mighty: Charley Benjamin of Chantilly Air on Small Business Aviation Growth  Connected Aviation Today

Charley Benjamin of Chantilly Air discusses the growth of small business aviation with Connected Aviation Today in their latest Q&A.

Asiana Airlines state an opportunity to improve aviation industry: Korea Herald  The Straits Times

SEOUL (THE KOREA HERALD/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - The fate of Asiana Airlines, soon to be sold off by the Kumho Asiana Group, offers both lessons and ...

Oregon aviation visionary Ray Costello remembered  AOPA Pilot

April 18, 2019 By David Tulis. Oregon Aviation Hall of Fame inductee, decorated war pilot, and aviation planning visionary Ray Costello died March 24 at age 98 ...

Marine Aviation Training Unit Commander Fired  Military.com

The commanding officer of a North Carolina-based aviation training unit has been relieved of his command, the Navy said.

PJ Aviation's Pristine, Fully-Restored, Combat Veteran CCF Harvard Mk.IV  Warbirds News

PJ Aviation, a provider of aviation brokerage, acquisition, marketing and consulting services, is pleased to announce the availability for purchase of a ...

Russia's United Aircraft Corporation to create a civil aviation division  www.rusaviainsider.com

Russia's aircraft manufacturing industry, now consolidated under the auspices of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), is facing further re-organisation after its ...

EASA Emergency AD Issued for CJs with Tamarack Winglets  Aviation International News

EASA Emergency AD for Cessna CJs with Tamarack winglets requires deactivating the active load-alleviating system before continued flight.

CO of aviation training unit canned  Military Times

A Navy spokesman said he was relieved “due to loss of trust and confidence in his ability to command.”

6 aviation claims trends to watch  Yahoo News

Analysis of insurance industry claims found aviation collision and crash claims were the second top cause of global insured losses.

China Gets First Airbus H215  Aviation International News

China's State Grid General Aviation Company (SGGAC) has accepted the first Airbus H215 delivered in China. SGGAC performs aerial construction and ...

Aviation Regulated Services  Met Office

The Met Office is designated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to ensure safe and reliable air transport in accordance with the International standards and ...

Robot swarms, new aircraft fleets to transform Army aviation  United States Army

In future combat, Army units may deploy a large unmanned aerial system that can serve as a mothership capable of unleashing swarms of autonomous aircraft ...

Thomas Cook Says Aviation Industry’s Crisis Won’t Impact Holiday Bookings  BloombergQuint

Thomas Cook (India) Ltd. said it expects more than 22 percent yearly growth in the holiday season as volatility in rupee and disruption in the aviation industry ...

Is military aviation getting any safer? New mishap data shows mixed results.  Military Times

Last spring Military Times reported that the Navy, Marine Corps, Army and Air Force's aircraft were in deep trouble. Manned aviation accidents had spiked almost ...

New online aviation marketplace launches  AOPA Pilot

A new web-based marketplace for anything related to flying and the aviation lifestyle has arrived on the scene, vowing to shake up what it describes as a ...

NMC Pilots Join Air Race  Traverse City Ticker

Two women from the aviation program at Northwestern Michigan College will be teaming up for the oldest air race of its kind. Hannah Beard of Interlochen...

Aviation world faces moment of reckoning after 737 MAX crashes  CNN

It was a moment the aviation world had been waiting for since a second deadly crash grounded the 737 MAX fleet: Boeing gathered hundreds of pilots, airline ...

Aviation Associations Object To FAA Drug Study  AVweb

Nine aviation associations are objecting to a proposed FAA study that would perform toxicology tests on anonymous urine samples gathered during pilot ...

These two aviation soldiers just received the Silver Star from the Army's highest-ranking pilot  ArmyTimes.com

A pair of soldiers who risked their lives to save another during a medical evacuation for a 75th Ranger Regiment unit in Afghanistan last summer received the ...

Mike Freeman: Saying farewell to 'a true champion of aviation,' Gary Cyr  Greeley Tribune

The construction of 10 new hangers and the expansion of the airport terminal and the parking lot and the installation of a solar farm, these are just a few of the ...

Career aviation exec in line to run Syracuse airport  syracuse.com

Jason Terreri, 41, is coming from Orlando, Fla. He's a commercial pilot who once served as deputy director of the airport in Myrtle Beach.

Textron Rides High on Aviation Growth, Operational Improvements  The Motley Fool

The industrial conglomerate kicked off 2019 on a strong note. Here's what investors need to know.

Van Horn Assures Blades Safe Following Fatal Crash  Aviation International News

Van Horn Aviation (VHA) assured customers that its composite rotor blades were safe on Friday following the crash last Tuesday of a 1981 Bell 206B III that was ...

JetSolution announces start flights to Bhutan  BEAM Media

Hong Kong operator JetSolution announces the start of flights to Bhutan. According to JetSolution managing director Kennis Fu, Bhutan is becoming one of the ...

Flight Training: A Guide to Aviation Education | Best Colleges  U.S. News & World Report

Experts say that a global pilot shortage and increased air travel are fueling a boom in aviation education provided by colleges.

Uruguayan Naval Aviation develops and builds Beechcraft T-34C-1 simulator  IHS Jane's 360

After months of development and modifications, the Uruguayan Naval Aviation unit publicly unveiled its own Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor simulator recently ...

Federal aviation agency studying Tampa Bay area air routes  Tampa Bay Times

The Federal Aviation Administration isn't proposing any changes below 10000 feet. It wants to hear from residents at a series of meetings starting April 29 in ...

O.C. panels in holding pattern over proposed general aviation upgrades at John Wayne Airport after Newport Bea  Los Angeles Times

Orange County's Airport Commission and Board of Supervisors have delayed votes until May on proposed changes to general aviation offerings at John Wayne ...

Aviation commercial services  Met Office

Weather is one of the greatest hazards and disrupting factors to aviation. Making accurate and timely decisions is crucial to keep to schedules, maintain safety, ...

Kent ISD program helps launch aviation careers for high schoolers  School News Network

Lowell High School senior Alex Taylor plans to change the face of aviation by creating an autonomous low-cost aircraft that will be easier and safer to fly than the ...

Guard aviators will get the newest advanced helicopters before some active Army units  ArmyTimes.com

The likely next Army chief of staff has made Guard aviators of the future a real part of the *service's* next steps in combat aircraft. Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen.

Secretary Chao grilled on aviation safety oversight following Boeing 737 Max crashes  Washington Post

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao was grilled at a budget hearing Wednesday on her oversight of aviation safety, as multiple inquiries continue into two ...

Delta hiring 500 aviation maintenance technicians  Atlanta Journal Constitution

Delta Air Lines says it will need to hire about 500 aircraft mechanics this year, as it faces retirements of existing aircraft maintenance technicians while growing ...

Boeing's Disaster Could Turn China Into Aviation Superpower  The Daily Beast

Boeing's mishandling of the MAX-8 crisis could well end up giving the Chinese a chance to do something that no other nation has successfully achieved: break ...

University of Memphis students shown pathway to FedEx aviation career  The Commercial Appeal

Students from the University of Memphis listen to presentations from FedEx officials during a day-long tour of the facilities at the Memphis based hub, ...

MCHS senior following aviation dream | Ledger Independent  Ledger Independent

A Mason County High School student will soon be working for Delta as an aviation mechanic. Austin Meadows, 18, was a part of the Mason County High ...

Modernization isn't everything: US Army has alternative plans for certain aviation platforms  DefenseNews.com

As the Army works to establish a modernized force by 2028, it's ironing out what has to be done with its current fleet to fulfill future missions.

IndiGo’s Capacity Addition Outstrips Aviation Sector In March  BloombergQuint

India's largest airline benefited the most from the troubles faced by its rivals in March. Capacity addition on domestic and international routes by IndiGo was ...

Aviation science enrollment takes flight at Elizabeth City State University  Greenville Daily Reflector

Saturday, April 20, 2019. ELIZABETH CITY — Elizabeth City State University's aviation science program is beginning to live up to its billing as the university's ...

Why failure is the rocket fuel of aviation  Financial Times

Three books on Pan Am, Concorde and Freddie Laker show how they helped shape air travel as we know it today.

Red Diamond Appointed Sales Agent for Gama Aviation  Aviation International News

China's Red Diamond General Aviation has been appointed by Gama Aviation as its general sales agent (GSA) in China. According to the company, ...

Textron Aviation announces new business jet sales in China  Wichita Business Journal

Textron Aviation has announced sales agreements for eight new Cessna Citation business jets through a joint venture in China. The local division of Textron Inc.

Dove Science Academy offers project-based learning with aviation and aerospace technology  NewsOK.com

Middle and high school aviation club students at Dove Science Academy recently hosted a grand opening for the school's new aviation lab, which has nearly ...

Aviation faces challenge to reduce pollution  Phys.Org

Aviation has boomed in the past decades, with low-cost airlines helping make travel affordable to more people, but the industry faces a major challenge to play ...

Nine aviation agencies will have seat on FAA's Max review panel  Flightglobal

Representatives from at least nine countries and regions will participate in a panel that the US Federal Aviation Administration convened for the purpose of ...

Norway's OSM Aviation orders 60 electric planes to cut training costs  Reuters

Norway's OSM Aviation, a recruitment and training firm partly-owned by low-cost carrier Norwegian Air, has ordered 60 all-electric training planes from ...

This all-female team of aviation technicians is taking the industry to new heights  GMA

Chix Fix is an all-female team of aviation technicians for United Airlines. They're the first commercial, all-female team to compete in a prestigious competition.

50 years of agricultural aviation  1011now

Joel Bornemeier says he was just five years old when he got his first taste of flying, "I remember my first ride, my sister and I sat on my dad's lap and we went up ...

Aviation celebration | Local News  Theadanews

Ada residents celebrated Ada City Schools' aviation education program earlier this month and raised money so students could enjoy additional opportunities to ...

Artificial Intelligence in Aviation Market Insights, Analysis Report 2019 With NVIDIA, IBM, Micron, Samsung, Intel, Xilinx And More  StockNewsMagazine

This report presents a comprehensive summary, market shares, and growth opportunities of artificial intelligence in aviation Market by product kind, application, ...

Dixon: Aviation science enrollment growing faster than ECSU's  The Daily Advance

Friday, April 19, 2019. Elizabeth City State University's aviation science program is beginning to live up to its billing as the university's signature program with its ...

What we learned from Ethiopian aviation officials about Flight 302  CNN

The pilots of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 did everything they were trained to do, but it still wasn't enough to regain control of the 737 Max 8 before it smashed ...

Cache County Aviation Association to throw a 80th birthday bash  Cache Valley Daily

In March, a group of aviation enthusiasts and educators formed the Cache County Aviation Association. They aim to encourage STEM education while ...

Bye Aerospace eFlyer Approaches 300 Orders  Aviation International News

Bye Aerospace, which rebranded its Sun Flyer electric aircraft line to eFlyer, is now nearing 300 commitments for the family with a recent agreement from ...

U.S. restrictions on Qatar Airways could lead to unraveling of aviation agreements: airlines  Reuters

The U.S. government should not restrict Qatar Airways or Air Italy from flying to the United States because it may lead to the unraveling of other aviation ...

County proposal for general aviation at John Wayne Airport could mean more noise, air pollution  Los Angeles Times

John Wayne Airport has a project pending called the General Aviation Improvement Program (GAIP). The County of Orange, the airport's owner and operator, ...

High school ‘Aviation Academy’ is like shop class, but with airplanes  WGN TV Chicago

WHEELING, Ill. — It's tough not going full-throttle when your classroom is an airfield, and your textbook is a Cessna. Nearly 200 students from District 214 in the ...

Saving aviation, through education and inspiration  Chester County Press

An upcoming event will show future aviators that a career in the skies is waiting for them.

'We don't want our jobs outsourced': Aviation labor teams unite in rally at Tulsa International Airport  Tulsa World

Union aviation workers picketed Wednesday outside Tulsa International Airport to raise awareness against the foreign outsourcing of aircraft maintenance work ...

Aviation Groups Object to FAA's Pilot Drug Study  Aviation International News

Nine aviation groups have expressed their “strong opposition” to a proposed FAA study aimed at assessing drug use among pilots.

Neste and Air BP to deliver sustainable aviation fuel to Sweden  Green Car Congress

Neste, the world's leading renewable products producer from wastes and residues, and Air BP, the international aviation fuel products and services supplier, ...

Will Dash 8 hybrid-electric X-plane hit the spot for green aviation?  Runway Girl Network

Project 804 will see UTAP leverage UTC's full engine, electrical, and subsystems integration capabilities to construct and fly a hybrid-electric "X-plane" ...

An inside look at what’s planned for CGTC, Robins AFB aviation partnership  Macon Telegraph

When Robins North opens later this year, a group of Central Georgia Technical College students will be able to get an closeup view of what their future may hold ...

2019 US Marine Corps Aviation Plan  USNI News

The following is the recently released 2019 U.S. Marine Corps aviation plan. From the report. The Marine Corps is an inherently naval organization – a ...

Defense, aviation revenues reach $8.76B in 2018  Hurriyet Daily News

Turkey's defense and aviation revenues jumped by 31% to reach $8.76 billion year-on-year in 2018, an official announced on April 19.

Indianapolis aviation camp attracts young pilots  WISH-TV

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) -- A national shortage of pilots has airlines scrambling to fill vacant jobs, but one Indianapolis man's program for young pilots has been ...

EU-U.S. Trade War Escalates Over Disputed Aviation Subsidies  Bloomberg

The European Union is preparing retaliatory tariffs against the U.S. over subsidies to Boeing Co., significantly escalating transatlantic trade tensions hours after ...

Tri-City Aviation: 50 years of wheels up  Kingsport Times News

BLOUNTVILLE – The year was 1969. A general aviation operator at Tri-Cities Airport had gone bankrupt, with the state of Tennessee seizing its assets.

The future of aviation? Even more automation  Fast Company

Most consumers don't know how much of aviation is already automated. And researchers expect fully autonomous flights to become commonplace in the next ...

Aviation Day will continue school's 150 years celebration  Purdue News Service

Purdue's Aviation Day on Saturday (April 13) will celebrate the university's 150th anniversary and Purdue's commitment to success throughout the world in the ...

Texas History Minute: State was key in early aviation successes  Waco Tribune-Herald

Aviation had come to stay, and Texas would play an important early role. Two pilots in particular would make Texas a center of aviation as they completed the ...

NASA icons named to Aviation Hall of Fame  mySA

The Texas Aviation Hall of Fame inductee luncheon was held Friday at the Lone Star Flight Museum. The annual event honors and recognizes Texans and ...

Norway aviation firm orders 60 all-electric airplanes, drops operation costs 80%  Electrek

Norway's OSM Aviation, a firm that specializes in recruitment and training for the aviation industry, has ordered 60 all-electric planes from Colorado-based ...

Oman Aviation seeks up to US$6b for airline, airports: CEO  The Business Times

THE BUSINESS TIMES Transport - OMAN Aviation Group is seeking to raise up to US$6 billion to finance the expansion of state-owned Oman Air and Oman ...

Gama Aviation Appoints Agents for Australia, Japan, South Korea  Aviation International News

Gama Aviation Asia (Booth B523) has begun its general sales agent (GSA) network in Asia, by signing cooperation agreements with Airflite and GH Aero ...

Women in Aviation Take Flight in Lakeland Woman's Documentary  Bay News 9

Katie McEntire Wiatt's debut documentary, "Fly Like A Girl," is being shown at the Sunscreen Film Festival.

Natalia Fileva, Russian Aviation Tycoon, Dies in Plane Crash  The New York Times

One of Russia's richest women died on Sunday when a private plane on which she was traveling crashed near an airport in Germany. Natalia Fileva, 55, a ...

The Acting Head of the FAA Has Deep Ties With Aviation Industry Interests  Pacific Standard

Dan Elwell continued strategizing with his former lobbyist colleagues even after he rose up to the top ranks of the agency.

FAA Grounds Cirrus SF50 Jet over AoA Vane Issue  Aviation International News

An FAA emergency AD issued April 18 grounded the more than 110 in-*service* Cirrus SF50 jets for immediate replacement of the angle of attack (AoA) vane.

Cessna-Avic Joint Venture Receives XLS+ Order  Aviation International News

China's flight inspection agency has ordered eight Citation XLS+ business jets from Cessna-Avic Aircraft (Zhuhai) Co.

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