Book Reviews Information

Book Reviews Information

The Demon Plague - Book Review

"The Demon Plague by Joreid McFate is a fantastic paranormal suspense science-fiction novel, involving time-travel and mysticism. This 424 page book is also available in e-book format.

Born Evil - Book Review

"Author of two books and many short stories, J.P.

The Laid Daughter

There has been a lot of publicity lately centered on the issue of child molestation. Child molestation is a horrific form of child abuse that leaves its victims with a deep loss of self and the inability to cope with life's challenges.

Sportcraft Treadmills

Sportcraft Treadmills - Lowww EndSportcraft treadmills are late entries from Sportcraft, Ltd.A long-time producer of indoor and outdoor games and sports equipment and darling of mass-market chains like K-Mart, Wal Mart, and Target, all of which have named it a vendor or supplier of the year.

Life Lines

Joyce Meyers has been inspiring Christians for decades with the pearls of inspirational wisdom which she has faithfully shared via her radio program and books. Now, her husband Dave shares a powerful devotional crafted from a strong, personal walk with the Lord.

Call Me Mommy - Book Review

Retired police captain, Marshall Frank, has written another excellent read in his latest work, Call Me Mommy. Marshall is definitely a prolific writer - he has authored five books and hundreds of short stories and essays to date.

10 Best How-To Books Ever Written

Somebody once said there are more book titles beginning with the words "how to" than with anything else. Perhaps that's because we all want to learn to do things better.

Please Don't Just Do What I Tell You, Do What Needs to Be Done - AchieveMax Top Ten Book Review

Please Don't Just Do What I Tell You, Do What Needs to Be Done: Every Employee's Guide to Making Work More Rewarding by Bob NelsonHere's another mini-book, 105 pages, that packs a real wallop in a simple, smart and savvy way. Bob Nelson is the million-copy best-selling author of the 1001 Ways series (1001 Ways To Reward Employees, 1001 Ways To Energize Employees, and 1001 Ways To Take Initiative At Work) and Managing for Dummies.

Practice What You Preach - AchieveMax Top Ten Book Review

Practice What You Preach: What Managers Must Do to Create a High Achievement Culture by David H. MaisterI can't believe this book title hasn't surfaced until now.

Review for Broken Angel, by SW Vaughn

Broken Angel, by SW Vaughn, breathes with an insistent life of its own, pulling readers along through the dark underworld of barbaric fight clubs and prostitution.The story unfolds as twenty-two year old Gabriel Morgan, destitute and starving, discovers a lead to his missing sister's whereabouts deep in the seedy underbelly of Manhattan.

Russ Whitney: Journey To Greatness

Teenage years for Russ Whitney were not filled with opportunity, stability and financial security. He, as a teenager, was described as youth with no future prospects.

The Cranberry Bog - Book Review

"Scott Underhill takes readers on a stimulating, emotional ride in his book The Cranberry Bog, an environmental suspense novel. Environment Engineer, Jeff Ridge works for the Environment Protection Agency.

The Birth of I Confess

I dreamed since I was fourteen years old to spend most of my existence writing. I began reading at this time, and reading became my passion.

The World is Flat - This Book by Thomas L Friedman has Taken the Online Entrepreneurs by Storm

The New York Times' columnist visits India often. I read about his new book The World is Flat in his interview with a leading Indian National newspaper.

On the Brink of Risk - A Book You Wont Put Down

On the Brink of Risk is a fiction novel inspired in true events; it has a love story turned evil, hate and vengeance, intents to kill, negligence and malpractice at more than one hospital that almost lead to death, harassment and persecution by the political organizations and government officials as well as comments on everything the average citizen has to go through to endure everyday life in that Caribbean country.It was written under the pseudonym of Nancy Cruz and writing was at first an intent to make a catharsis and finally put to rest everything that had been a load in the author's mind and life for too many years, she thought that was the only way to really start anew.

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Six Types of Pagan Book Reviews to Stop Writing Immediately  Patheos

Pagans, polytheists and occultists might be the People of the Library, but if certain book-selling websites are anything to go by, we're also the People of the ...

Briefly Noted Book Reviews  The New Yorker

Milk of Paradise, by Lucy Inglis (Pegasus). This sweeping history explores our millennia-long relationship with Papaver somniferum, the opium poppy. Prized in ...

The Week in Books  The New York Times

The lives of Supreme Court justices, a poet's treacherous trip to El Salvador, Mueller-related reading and more.

Book Review: 'Giraffes On Horseback Salad'  NPR

When Salvador Dalí met Harpo Marx, he was so infatuated that he wrote a treatment for a surreal Marx Brothers film, Giraffes on Horseback Salad. The film didn't ...

Book Review: 'Lot,' By Bryan Washington  NPR

Bryan Washington's debut story collection brings the Texas city to life in all its struggle and imperfect glory.

'Kushner, Inc.' Adds Little To The Canon On Jared And Ivanka  NPR

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump were once seen as moderating influences within the White House. A new book by longtime Vanity Fair journalist Vicky Ward, ...

'What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Blacker' Is A Powerful Look At One Black Man's Life  NPR

For Damon Young — writer, critic, humorist, and the co-founder and editor-in -chief of VerySmartBrothas — being black in America is to "exist in a ceaseless ...

Book Review: 'Small Town Hearts,' By Lillie Vale  NPR

Before Lillie Vale's Small Town Hearts even began, I was struck by the dedication: "To anyone who ever needed a second chance." I'm a sucker for a good ...

Book Review: 'Little Boy,' By Lawrence Ferlinghetti  NPR

As he approaches his 100th birthday, the legendary Beat poet and publisher has a new book. Billed as his "literary last will and testament," Little Boy is part ...

The Life of Sandra Day O’Connor  The New York Times

Evan Thomas talks about “First,” his new biography of O'Connor, and Mitchell S. Jackson discusses “Survival Math.”

Book Review: 'The Border,' By Don Winslow  NPR

Don Winslow's sprawling, operatic epic about the War on Drugs has some flaws, but it does the same thing Shakespeare's histories did: It simplifies current ...

Book reviews of the week  Financial Times

From a trip on the 100th birthday of a Beat poet to a prose poem heralding the beauty of spring, here is a sampling of the best books of the week. Works on a ...

Book Review: 'The Bird King,' By G. Willow Wilson  NPR

G. Willow Wilson's luminous new novel is set during the last days of Muslim Granada, and follows a royal concubine and her mapmaker friend as they flee the ...

Books: Betsy Kepes reviews three Adirondack thrillers  North Country Public Radio

The Adirondack Park contains six million acres, mostly forest. If you were a thriller writer and wanted to write a book set in the Adirondacks, how would you use ...

Laila Lalami: By the Book  The New York Times

The author, most recently, of the novel “The Other Americans” first read Zora Neale Hurston five years ago: “I was knocked out by her eye for detail.” What books ...

Wallace-Wells, Rich Talk Climate Change In 'Uninhabitable Earth,' 'Losing Earth'  NPR

David Wallace-Wells' The Uninhabitable Earth and Nathaniel Rich's Losing Earth offer valuable perspectives on climate change — if we're committed to being ...

The Last of the Stanfields by Marc Levy  Authorlink

London, England: Eleanor-Rigby Donovan's family life is fun, yet when she receives an anonymous letter it upsets everything. The letter writer alleges that ...

6 New Paperbacks You Should Read Right Now  Vulture

The best new paperback books of February 2019 include novels and books about Caddyshack and Prince and titles from Lorrie Moore and Hallie Butler.

11 New Books We Recommend This Week  The New York Times

Suggested reading from critics and editors at The New York Times.

Book Review: 'The Devil's Daughter,' By Lisa Kleypas  NPR

Lisa Kleypas mashes up two of her romance sagas — the Regency-era Wallflowers and the Victorian Ravenels — in a delightful story about a sheltered widow ...

Book Review: 'Gingerbread,' By Helen Oyeyemi  NPR

Helen Oyeyemi played with fairy tale ideas in the past; her new novel takes off from "Hansel and Gretel" for the story of a mother, a daughter and a mysteriously ...

Book Review: 'The Raven Tower,' By Ann Leckie  NPR

Ann Leckie's new fantasy novel is packed with family intrigue, throne-room maneuvering and nods to Hamlet in its story of a son who comes home to find his ...

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 3/20/2019

Welcome to this week in comic book reviews! The staff have come together to read and review nearly everything that released today. It isn't totally ...

Book Review: 'The Night Witches,' By Garth Ennis And Russ Braun  NPR

Garth Ennis' new graphic novel creates a fictional character to flesh out the stories of the real Night Witches, Soviet female pilots who dropped bombs on the ...

'The Trial Of Lizzie Borden' Adds Fodder To The Murder Case's Mystery  NPR

Who killed the Bordens more than 100 years ago remains unsolved. Like a lawyer, author Cara Robertson lays the facts and evidence before us, occasionally ...

12 New Books to Watch for in March  The New York Times

Preet Bharara on justice, a chronicle of gun violence in Chicago, a grown-up fairy tale and more.

Book Review: 'The Volunteer,' By Salvatore Scibona  NPR

Salvatore Scibona's new novel is a generational saga, an epic of Vietnam and other places rendered in language that makes even simple things sound mythic.

'The Lost Gutenberg' Traces One Bible's 500-Year Journey  NPR

The depth of Margaret Leslie Davis' research on the tome's history cannot be understated — her writing is straightforward and, at times, heartbreaking, but ...

'Sing To It' Is Worth The Wait  NPR

Fans of Amy Hempel have gotten used to waiting. In the 34 years since her debut book, Reasons to Live, was published, the short story writer has released just ...

Book Review: 'Vacuum In The Dark,' By Jen Beagin  NPR

Jen Beagin is a wonderfully funny writer with a knack for serious subjects. Her exuberant new novel follows a young house cleaner who grew up too fast and is ...

Book Review: 'We Set The Dark On Fire,' By Tehlor Kay Mejia  NPR

Tehlor Kay Mejia's debut novel We Set the Dark on Fire is set at a posh girls' school in a dystopian world where the students are being trained for lives as ...

‘Ten Caesars’ Book Review: Ambition, Cunning and Cruelty  Wall Street Journal

The author of 'Churchill: Walking With Destiny' reviews a bloody, top-down history of the Roman Empire.

Isaac Mizrahi on His New Memoir  The New York Times

The fashion designer discusses “I.M.,” and David McCraw talks about “Truth in Our Times.”

Looking Back at ‘A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius’  The New York Times

In his 2000 memoir, “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius,” Dave Eggers becomes the steward of his brother after their parents die within weeks of each ...

Book Review: 'Dead Men's Trousers,' By Irvine Welsh  NPR

Irvine Welsh catches up with Renton, Begbie, Sick Boy and Spud — now middle aged and gone their separate ways — for what he says is the last installment in ...

From Triumph To Tragedy, 'First' Tells Story Of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor  NPR

First is unlike any other book written about the justice. Evan Thomas breaks new ground with extraordinary access to O'Connor, her papers, journals — and ...

Best Shots Reviews: GLOW #1, BAD LUCK CHUCK #1, FALLEN WORLD #1  Newsarama

GLOW #1. Written by Tini Howard Art by Hannah Templer and Rebecca Nalty Lettering by Christa Meisner Published by IDW Publishing Review by David ...

Helen Oyeyemi is up to her old tricks in the dark, nutty Gingerbread: EW review  Entertainment Weekly News

The author of 'Boy, Snow, Bird' and 'What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours' returns with another wildly inventive story.

Book Review: 'The True Queen,' By Zen Cho  NPR

Zen Cho's followup to her Regency fantasy of manners Sorceror to the Crown builds solidly on the world she's invented, mixing historical froth with real ...

A Gripping Political Mystery in Northern Ireland  The New York Times

Patrick Radden Keefe talks about “Say Nothing,” and Frans de Waal discusses “Mama's Last Hug: Animal Emotions and What They Tell Us About Ourselves.”

Book Review: The Right Side of History, by Ben Shapiro  Patheos

Ben Shapiro explores how the West was lost, and how it might be found again.

Book Review: 'Pocahontas And The English Boys,' By Karen Ordahl Kupperman  NPR

Historian Karen Ordahl Kupperman shines a new light on Pocahontas, showing how she made her way as a go-between for her two cultures, and introducing us ...

Book Review: 'The Wolf And The Watchman' By Niklas Natt Och Dag  NPR

Niklas Natt och Dag's new novel is both ornate period piece — set in the grit and grime of late-18th-century Stockholm — and riveting murder mystery starring a ...

A Road-Paving Job Takes On a Sinister Allure in Dave Eggers’s New Novel  The New York Times

The author's eighth novel, “The Parade,” is a parable-like story featuring two unnamed men on assignment in an unnamed country in the wake of a civil war.

Helen Oyeyemi’s ‘Gingerbread’ recipe: Fairy tales with a dash of surrealism  The Washington Post

The Nigerian-born author offers a challenging, mind-bending exploration of class and female power.

NPR's March Romance Book Roundup, By Maya Rodale  NPR

True love finds a way amid food trucks, ice skates and ... knife throwing? In other words, March is just another month in Romancelandia, and we've got three ...

In 'Solitary,' Determination And Humanity Win Over Injustice  NPR

Albert Woodfox's timely account of his wrongful conviction and time in solitary confinement shows that some spirits are unbreakable; it should be required ...

Book Review: 'The Club,' By Takis Würger  NPR

German author Takis Würger's debut novel, a thriller about a secret society at Cambridge University, also tackles hot-button issues of privilege and toxic ...

Greg Iles bounced back from a catastrophic car crash with a monumental trilogy. He’s not done.  The Washington Post

Cemetery Road” is an absorbing crime story and an exploration of grief, betrayal and small-town corruption.

Woke: A Guide to Social Justice by Titiana McGrath : Book reviews 2019  Chortle

It's a book that Piers Morgan describes as 'absolutely hilarious', which should serve as a massive red flag. And certainly the first book from Titania McGrath – by ...

A Cosmic Being Dies in Yoga Class. Then Things Get Really Weird.  The New York Times

Kathryn Davis's novel “The Silk Road” is full of provocative mysteries: Are its characters many or one? Where are they going? Have they witnessed a murder?

Lawrence Ferlinghetti is about to turn 100, and he hasn’t mellowed. At all.  The Washington Post

More than 60 years ago, Lawrence Ferlinghetti wrote,. I am anxiously waiting. for the secret of eternal life to be discovered. By most counts, he seems to have ...

Frans de Waal Embraces Animal Emotions in ‘Mama’s Last Hug’  The New York Times

In his new book, the renowned ethnologist argues that emotions are key to understanding both human and animal behavior.

‘The Wall’ imagines the wall of Donald Trump’s dreams  The Washington Post

John Lanchester's new novel, “The Wall,” sounds like the best-timed book of the year. It arrives smack dab in the heat of a constitutional crisis over President ...

Baltimore mayor's $500K book deal draws intense criticism  The Associated Press

BALTIMORE (AP) — A search is underway in Maryland for "Healthy Holly" — not a fugitive or a missing citizen, but a self-published children's book series ...

Shazam! review: pure comic book magic  Polygon

Shazam! is the latest in Warner Bros.' DC Films Universe. Based on the character once known as Captain Marvel, the David F. Sandberg-directed film stars ...

An Intimate Portrait of Sandra Day O’Connor, First Woman on the Supreme Court  The New York Times

First: Sandra Day O'Connor,” by Evan Thomas, is a richly detailed life of the pathbreaking justice.

Horizon by Barry Lopez review – nature in the raw  The Guardian

Reading Barry Lopez is a religious experience, and that's not meant entirely as a compliment. His great devotional paean to the light and landscape of the far, ...

White Women Were Avid Slaveowners, a New Book Shows  The New York Times

In “They Were Her Property,” the historian Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers uncovers “hitherto hidden relationships among gender, slavery and capitalism.”

'Spies Of No Country' Offers Nuanced Understanding Of Israel's Complexity  NPR

For half a decade, Matti Friedman has been working hard, and publicly, to dispel easy narratives about Israel. In his book about four spies, he aims to show that ...

Book Review: Mitchell S. Jackson's 'Survival Math' Is A Brilliant Memoir In Essays  NPR

The biggest challenge in describing Mitchell S. Jackson's Survival Math: Notes on an All-American Family is whether to be appropriately effusive and risk ...

The Truth Is Hard. But for a New York Times Lawyer, Defending It Is Fun.  The New York Times

In his review, Preet Bharara calls David McCraw's “Truth in Our Times” a behind-the-scenes look at the newspaper's legal battles with the Trump administration ...

What 'The Heavens'? This Extraordinary New Book Feels Like 5 Novels In One  NPR

Sandra Newman tells the story of a woman whose recurring dream feels increasingly real. The Heavens is historical fiction, time traveling fantasy, political ...

For many poor students, the Ivy League is culture shock  The Washington Post

Their joyous YouTube videos go viral: poor kids getting accepted into Ivy League colleges. We see them crying, dancing, screaming, and we assume these ...

Georgia O’Keeffe, Alfred Stieglitz and the artists they inspired  The Washington Post

Foursome,” by Carolyn Burke, looks at the tangled weave of personal and professional ambitions among two artistic couples.

Book Review: 'A Friend Is A Gift You Give Yourself,' By William Boyle  NPR

William Boyle's A Friend is a Gift You Give Yourself is a gem of idiomatic dialogue. Every character has a unique voice and every conversation is a polyrhythmic ...

Book Review: 'Man-Eaters Vol. 1,' By Chelsea Cain  NPR

Even if it didn't happen to be about preteen girls turning into enormous, slavering, murderous panthers, Man-Eaters would still be a remarkable comic. Though ...

White women’s long-overlooked complicity in the brutality of slaveholding  The Washington Post

George White spent his childhood in slavery in Virginia and had firsthand experience of the behavior of plantation “mistresses,” the counterparts of slave-owning ...

The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells review – our terrifying future  The Guardian

Enough to induce a panic attack ... a brutal portrait of climate change and our future lives on Earth. But we have the tools to avoid it.

Group Biographies Give Trailblazing Historical Women Their Due  The New York Times

From George Eliot and Mary Shelley to Joan of Arc and Coco Chanel, female icons from centuries past take the spotlight in three new books.

Frans de Waal's New Book 'Mama's Last Hug' Makes Case That Animals Have Emotions  NPR

In his new book, primate behavior researcher Frans de Waal writes that "emotions are everywhere in the animal kingdom, from fish to birds to insects and even ...

'Our History Is The Future' Puts Standing Rock In Broader Native American Story  NPR

In his new book, Nick Estes points a way forward, with solidarity and without sentimentality, to an idea of Indigenous land alive with ancestry and renewal.

'Long Live The Tribe Of Fatherless Girls' Is Compassionate, Without Being Apologetic  NPR

In exposing the bad and ugly of girlhood alongside the good, T Kira Madden has succeeded in creating a mirror of larger concerns, even as her own story is ...

'Say Nothing' Is A Panoramic History Of Northern Ireland's Troubles  NPR

Patrick Radden Keefe's new book begins with the 1972 disappearance of a 38-year-old widowed mother in Belfast, then spins into an epic account of Northern ...

Winter Soldier #4: …Run, NOW!  Comic Watch

Rj is a kid who has been alone most of his life, was brought in my Hydra to be a trained killer. The first target is Bucky Barnes. Bucky saves the kid; RJ is starting ...

In Y.A., Where Is the Line Between Criticism and Cancel Culture?  The New Yorker

Katy Waldman on recent controversies involving the subjects, framing, and *content* of young-adult novels, including “A Place for Wolves,” by Kosoko Jackson, ...

The ‘Enigma’ Who Is the Chief Justice of the United States  The New York Times

Joan Biskupic's “The Chief” examines John Roberts's life and his career on the Supreme Court.

Funny Man paints Mel Brooks as a credit hog and 'deadbeat dad': EW review  Entertainment Weekly News

Mel Brooks doesn't much care for critics, or “crickets,” as he calls them. “They chirp and make noise,” said the director of The Producers and Blazing Saddles, ...

Spring by Ali Smith review – luminous and generous  The Guardian

The third book in Ali Smith's seasonal quartet is her best yet, a dazzling hymn to hope, uniting the past and present.

Siri Hustvedt's Memories of the Future bursts with rage at the patriarchy  The Independent

At the tail end of the 1970s, a young writer with the initials SH moves from the wilds of Minnesota into a tiny apartment in grimy, violent New York, where she ...

The best recent crime and thrillers – review roundup  The Guardian

Kill [redacted] by Anthony Good; The Guilty Party by Mel McGrath; The Mobster's Lament by Ray Celestin; Casanova and the Faceless Woman by Olivier ...

‘Ten Caesars’ demystifies the past  Christian Science Monitor

Barry Strauss' more or less explicit model is the Roman historian Suetonius, who wrote 2000 years ago and whose book famously profiled 12 caesars instead of ...

The Radical Style of Andrea Dworkin  The New Yorker

Some of Andrea Dworkin's beliefs have fallen out of fashion, but her writing remains a model for enacting politics on the page, Lauren Oyler writes.

Oops! Famously Scathing Reviews of Classic Books From The Times’s Archive  The New York Times

“Shall we frankly declare that, after the most deliberate consideration of Mr. Darwin's arguments, we remain unconvinced?” ...

Yiyun Li: Where Reasons End | Bookworm | Book Reviews & Author Interviews | KCRW

In Yiyun Li's Where Reasons End, a mother discovers a place where she can talk to her son who committed suicide.

'Adventures Of The GST Man' India's First Comic Book On GST - Review  Live Law

A comic is the last thing that comes to one's mind while looking for a tool to help understand a new and complex tax law like Goods and Services Tax (GST).

William Gibson's 'Idoru': Tokyo sci-fi becomes full-blown reality  The Japan Times

The second novel in William Gibson's “Bridge” trilogy, sees its protagonist, Colin Laney, an intuitive recognition sifter of information patterns, in the *service* of a ...

How the Mind-Body Connection Is Rewiring Our Politics  The New York Times

In “Nervous States,” William Davies says profound uncertainty and heightened alertness have encouraged us to approach politics as a matter of instinct rather ...

Tony Stark Iron Man #9: With a Heart of Steel  Comic Watch

Dan Slott along with Jim Zub are working on a 9 cylinder engine in this extremely compact issue. Tony is stuck in a stiff and lightweight virtual reality version of ...

Shazam! Review  IGN

By Jim Vejvoda This is a spoiler-free advance review. Shazam! opens April 5 in the US and UK and April 4 in Australia. Shazam! is DC's most joyful and sweet ...

The Most-Read Book Reviews of 2018  Publishers Weekly

We review more than 8000 books per year, and these were the 10 most-read reviews of books published in 2018.

How The Times Avoids Conflicts of Interest in Book Reviews  The New York Times

Pamela Paul and two other editors of The New York Times Book Review explain how they use the section's long tradition as a “political Switzerland” to try to ...

Pet Sematary 30th Anniversary special edition Blu-ray review  Entertainment Focus

With the excitement building towards next month's hotly anticipated remake, there is no better time to reacquaint yourself with the original adaptation of Pet ...

How The New York Times Book Review Chooses Its Reviewers  New York Times

Stephen King, a recent Times reviewer, wrote back in 30 seconds and was a “dream” to edit. It's not always that easy.

Christopher Lehmann-Haupt’s Most Memorable Book Reviews  The New York Times

Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, the influential critic who died earlier this week, wrote some 4,000 reviews and essays during his three-decade tenure covering ...

EU uncovered - David Murphy reviews The Capital

The European Union impacts on life in Ireland as never before. But how much do we really know about how it works? The Capital by Robert Menasse uses ...

Book Review: 'Lost Children Archive,' By Valeria Luiselli  NPR

Valeria Luiselli's twist on the great American road trip novel follows a family with two children on a grim odyssey through the Southwest, a vision of a country ...

Book Review: 'Bangkok Wakes To Rain,' By Pitchaya Sudbanthad  NPR

Pitchaya Sudbanthad's novel, Bangkok Wakes to Rain, opens with a woman of indeterminate age ("She is a child or a few thousand years old. Would it ever ...

Book Review: 'Enchantée,' By Gita Trelease  NPR

Gita Trelease's new novel follows a young woman trying to support her family in Paris on the eve of the French Revolution, using trickery and a little real magic to ...

What's behind a recent rise in books coverage?  Columbia Journalism Review

If it occasionally feels like nobody reads books, anymore—that we are indeed witnessing the slow death of the literary novel, and the rapid decline of leisure ...

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