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Internet Service Provider or ISP is a company that provides access to the Internet.

Before choosing an ISP, it is important to assess your company's business and marketing goals. You should find out what your organization will be using the Internet for. Once you've determined this, you can contact ISPs that serve your geographic area and ask them about their services. Those questions below will help you better understand that your local ISP offers.

Technical Questions About Reliability

1. Does the connection work at all hours of the day?

2. When are you busiest?

3. Does the connection support the speeds/types of hardware/software you want to use? Have specific questions to ask them. Know your operating system and the software that you need to use. Does the provider support 56K? Does it use the U.S. Robotics' x2 or Rockwell/Lucent's K56flex standard or both of them?

Technical Support and Troubleshooting

1. Is support part of normal service or an added cost?

2. What are the hours of coverage for network operations?

3. Is telephone support available via a local call, 800 number, or long distance?

4. Is there technical help available via e-mail? If yes who answers the questions and how soon?

5. Is there help and/or manuals available online?

6. Is there a user-friendly interface to Internet resources?

7. What software is provided and/or required?

8. Are the Internet tools that you need (such as e-mail, telnet, FTP, Usenet/News, Gopher, WAIS, WWW, or Lynx) available?

Business Arrangements and References

1. Are free trial connections available?

2. What local and 800 phone numbers are available for you to use?

3. Can multiple users access the same billing account simultaneously?

4. Can multiple user IDs/mailboxes use the same billing account?

5. Are there surcharges for any types of connections or particular hours of the day?

6. What kind of contract or services agreement is required?

7. What options are available for billing and payments? Discounts for pre-payments?

8. Are there refunds for early termination or if service is not satisfactory?

9. Are there any options that will reduce (or increase) your costs?

10. Are group discounts available? (Start your own group!)

11. After placing an order, how long does it take to make the connection active?

12. Are there charges for file storage?

13. Is space for Web pages included?

14. If you travel and want to access the Internet while you are on the road, ask about accessing your ISP from the cities you visit.

15. How long has the provider been in business?

16. Can you get answers to your questions in writing?

17. Ask for names of two to three similar users and check with them regarding their experience.

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Survey says… Broadband internet service here is slow, unreliable or unavailable  Morgan Messenger

by Kate Shunney. Results of a survey about local broadband internet *service* were presented to the Morgan County Commission by a technology network ...

Rural Iowa needs broadband and housing, task forces tell governor  Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

DES MOINES — Rural Iowa needs more assistance from the state to address housing shortages and limited access to high-speed internet, three state task ...

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Albemarle County has entered into an agreement that will provide county members of the Central Virginia Electric Cooperative with broadband internet access ...

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The internet is getting faster due to some technological innovations.

Tipmont REMC acquires Wintek, takes a step forward on broadband internet goal  Journal & Courier

WEST LAFAYETTE — Tipmont REMC has taken another large step forward in bringing broadband internet to rural Indiana residents. As of January 1, the ...

Virginia Wants to Pump $250M into Universal Access Broadband  Government Technology

(TNS) — Gov. Ralph Northam announced Virginia's expanded investment in universal broadband access, something Northam believes gives the state an edge ...

Broadband Internet Market 2019 Growing Trends, Trade Survey and Growth Opportunities 2023  Journal of Industry

India Broadband Internet Market has been brewing up and impacting the international economy in terms of growth rate, revenue, sale, market share, and size.

Gov. Northam announces plan to expand broadband internet  WJHL-TV News Channel 11

Broadband internet expansion is on the way for Virginia.

Fredericksburg, Va., OKs Broadband Internet Expansion  Government Technology

(TNS) — The city council took more steps last week toward its goal of providing Fredericksburg with the fastest broadband Internet in Virginia. It unanimously ...

162 Million Americans Lack Regular Access To Broadband Internet, Study Finds  WBUR

A new study by Microsoft says 162 million Americans do not have access to broadband internet. That far exceeds the federal government's estimate. Advocates ...

What does rural Iowa need? High-speed internet and housing, task forces tell governor  The Gazette

DES MOINES — Rural Iowa needs more assistance from the state to address housing shortages and limited access to high-speed internet, three state task ...

CEMC considers broadband internet for nearly 99,000 households  Clarksville Leaf Chronicle

Cumberland Electric Membership Corp., better known as CEMC, is exploring the idea of bringing broadband internet *service* to its nearly 99,000 members ...

Internet, phone issues dialing down business at a bison farm in Harrison County  WTOV Steubenville

A couple in the age-old business of farming is facing a new-age struggle: problems with their internet. After months of trying to figure it out on their own, they've ...

Charter/Spectrum agrees to $174M settlement for defrauding customers on internet speeds

The New York Attorney General's office has announced Charter/Spectrum Cable has agreed to pay $174 million in a consumer fraud settlement over misleading ...

Broadband internet choices limited in Knox area, but options are growing  Knoxville News Sentinel

This story has been updated with additional detail on Charter/Spectrum internet prices and *service*. In the next few months the Lenoir City Utilities Board will ...

Who has broadband internet?  amNewYork

Three of the five New York City boroughs have rates of broadband internet subscriptions that are higher than the state and national average, according to ...

Broadband internet vs 5G  ITProPortal

We have tried to look at a few pros and cons of both to give you an idea of what to expect when the time comes to decide among the two.

U.S. internet speeds rose nearly 40 percent this year  Recode

Finally some good news: The internet is getting faster, especially fixed broadband internet. Broadband download speeds in the U.S. rose 35.8 percent and ...

State's lack of rural broadband may be underestimated  Meadville Tribune

HARRISBURG — A Penn State study of broadband access across the state, due out in January, will likely demonstrate that federal data about availability of ...

Microsoft expands broadband initiative to bring internet to 3 million people in rural communities  GeekWire In metropolises like Seattle, it's hard to imagine a day without internet. Urbanites are used to getting online for just about ...

El Dorado County embraces 'dig once' policy for broadband  Tahoe Daily Tribune

PLACERVILLE, Calif. — In an effort to streamline installation of broadband internet, El Dorado County supervisors nodded to the idiom, “kill two birds with one ...

Henderson Co. cities want input on expanding broadband internet service

Three Henderson Co. municipalities are seeking public input about the need for expanded broadband internet *service*, according to Hendersonville ...

Streets with UK's slowest and fastest broadband named  BBC News

A village street in Bamfurlong, Gloucestershire, has been named as the slowest for broadband internet, according to an annual survey. The study said homes on ...

Biddeford gets $15000 broadband grant  Biddeford Journal Tribune

Funds to be used to identify lack of high-speed internet *service* in low- to moderate-income neighborhoods. By | on December 19 ...

Almost half of US residents don't use broadband internet: study | TheHill  The Hill

Almost half the U.S. population does not use broadband internet, according to a new study from Microsoft researchers.

Greeneville Light & Power Board To Meet Friday  Citizentribune

The Greeneville Light and Power System Board will receive updates about to major ongoing projects Friday.

Sprint may tackle market for in-home broadband internet  FierceWireless

Over the past year, Sprint executives have repeatedly said the company does not have any plans to use 5G technology to get into the market for in-home ...

Pa's lack of rural broadband may be underestimated  Sharonherald

HARRISBURG – A Penn State study of broadband access across the state, due out in January, will likely demonstrate that federal data about availability of ...

An internet provider won millions for broadband expansion. Its target is rural Missouri.  Columbia Missourian

Wisper ISP Inc. will receive over $176 million from the Federal Communication Commission's Connect America Fund to spur broadband development in over 65 ...

Virginia governor proposes $250M broadband plan  StateScoop

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam announced Friday a proposal to spend $50 million on building universal broadband internet *service* in his upcoming budget, the ...

IIA: Broadband is Big Shopping Bonus  Multichannel News

The Internet Innovation Alliance says that the average family can save about $10500 per year by using broadband to comparison shop. It is even ...

Digital Divide Is Wider Than We Think, Study Says  The New York Times

New research from Microsoft says that far fewer people have broadband internet access than government statistics have shown.

Communities get gigabit internet service  Newport News Times

Wave Broadband, a leading provider of fiber and broadband services on the West Coast, announced recently that it has launched Wave's new Gig Speed ...

Report: SpaceX raising $500M to get Starlink satellite service off the ground  GeekWire

SpaceX is set to raise $500 million in new investment to boost the development of its Starlink internet satellite *service*, The Wall Street Journal reports.

O little town of Bethlehem, Georgia. How still we see your internet lie... US govt throws another $600m at rural broadband  The Register

Analysis The US government has added another $600m to the pot of money that is supposed to expand broadband internet access to rural areas of America.

Lakeland may rehire broadband consultant as high-speed internet service debate gets new life  The Ledger

LAKELAND — For the second time Lakeland is hiring a broadband consultant, this time to get deeper into details about building a city-owned retail internet ...

Microsoft Plans to Bring Broadband Internet to 3 Million Rural Americans  Cord Cutters News, LLC

Do you live in a rural area with limited internet options? Yesterday Microsoft announced plans to expand their wireless internet *service* to 3 million rural ...

Initiative petition reform, broadband lead Missouri Farm Bureau priority list  Buffalo Reflex

At Missouri Farm Bureau's annual meeting in early December, rural Missourians voiced strong support for initiative petition reform, broadband expansion, ...

In Comcast’s hometown, the chasm between internet haves and have-nots looks intractable, new census data shows

Nicetown-Tioga Library manager Debra E. Johnson sees daily the lack of computers and high-speed internet access in her impoverished corner of Philadelphia: ...

Editorial: Broadband Providers Overstate Coverage  Valley News

Can you hear us now? We have some shocking news. It appears the companies that provide cellphone and high-speed internet *service* routinely overstate the ...

Rural broadband is about to get $600 million in funding—but there’s a catch  The New Food Economy

The companies responsible for delivering access to information in rural America are blocking access to information.

Ferguson addresses broadband - Valley Times-News  Valley Times-News

For residents living inside city limits, fast, reliable internet can often be taken for granted. However, in rural parts of the county and Georgia, that same internet ...

Gov. visits lumberyard-run Internet provider | Local News  Centerville Daily Iowegian

PROMISE CITY — Local builders and avid do-it-yourselfers have long turned to Lockridge, Inc. for construction materials. Many residents are beginning to turn to ...

Hanshaw proposes creation of tech, infrastructure committee  Martinsburg Journal

CHARLESTON — West Virginia House Speaker Roger Hanshaw, R-Clay, on Tuesday said he will propose reforming the existing House of Delegates ...

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There's no modern home without a phone and internet connection – as well as cable, really – but which plan is the best? “Not all phone, broadband/internet or ...

The Opening Bell 12/19/18: Bringing Internet to Rural America and Premium Diabetic Goods  WGN Radio - Chicago

Bennett Wakenight stepped in for Steve Grzanich, as he spoke with Dr. Wallace Tyner (Professor and Chair of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University) ...

USDA: Offering new high-speed internet program for rural areas  KALB News

The USDA is offering up to $600 million in loans and grants to help build broadband infrastructure in rural America.

A year after net neutrality's repeal, the fight continues  CNET

Commentary: Reps. Pelosi, Pallone and Doyle say the FCC must investigate ISPs and punish unfair practices.

FCC proposes doubling speed requirement for rural broadband  The Verge

The Federal Communications Commission is looking to raise the minimum broadband speed standard to 25 Mbps, more than doubling the current requirement.

Rural and Lower-Income Counties Lag Nation in Internet Subscriptions  Daily Yonder

Rural Americans and low-income counties significantly lag the rest of the nation in broadband access, according to new findings from the U.S. Census.

Broadband Internet Service Expanding in Avery County Through LightLeap Program  High Country Press

By Tim Gardner. Avery County is getting Broadband Internet *Service* for many parts of its 247-square mile radius and many of its 17,797 residents with ongoing ...

FCC Weighing Model Legislation for State Internet Tax  Washington Free Beacon

The Federal Communications Commission is weighing model state legislation to tax broadband *service* providers.

25 Million Americans Lack Access to Broadband. Can Microsoft Help?  Digital Trends

A new report from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) says that 25 million Americans do not have access to broadband internet -- more than 19 ...

India ranked 111th in mobile internet and 65th in fixed line broadband speeds: Ookla  Gadgets Now

India has ranked 111 (out of 123 countries) in mobile internet speeds and 65th (out of 126 countries) in fixed line broadband internet speeds, according to the ...

Census data: Minnesota beats Wisconsin on high-speed internet access, too  Appleton Post Crescent

New data from the U.S. Census Bureau also show that poor, rural and non-white families in Wisconsin have a lower rate of fast web *service*.

DRIVE speeding up broadband access  Sunbury Daily Item

DANVILLE — A new groundbreaking high-speed broadband internet access is expected to serve about 90 percent of Montour County's population, DRIVE ...

Penn State study says most of Pa. lacks access to high-speed broadband | News

(State College) -- Statewide research from Penn State finds that there's a severe lack of connectivity to high-speed broadband internet for much of Pennsylvania.

Local news in Louisa County and Lake Anna  The Central Virginian

Members of the Louisa County Broadband Authority met on Dec. 5 to continue progress with their contractor, Mountain Valley Pipeline Company. Broadband ...

Native Americans On Tribal Land Are 'The Least Connected' To High-Speed Internet  NPR

Just over half of Native Americans living on American Indian reservations or other tribal lands with a computer have access to high-speed internet *service*, ...

Colorado Ranks in Top 20 for Fastest U.S. Internet Speeds  Government Technology

(TNS) — Broadband speeds across the country are rising rapidly, but Colorado isn't at the front of the pack when it comes having the fastest Internet.

Commission signs for grant to study broadband internet  Williamson Daily News

The Mingo County Commission approved a grant of $75000 for a study to improve broadband and internet *service* in the Gilbert area at its regular meeting ...

Maxar's SSL Awarded Contract to Provide GEO SmallSat for Mobile Broadband Company  PRNewswire

SSL expands offerings with innovative geostationary satellite for Ovzon's high performance network PALO ALTO, CA, Dec. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ - SSL, ...

Uzbekistan improves its broadband internet speed rating  Trend News Agency

Baku, Azerbaijan, Dec. 17. By Fikret Dolukhanov – Trend: Uzbekistan improved its position by one place in the updated rating of countries in terms of broadband ...

FCC offers $67 million more per year for rural broadband programs  Engadget

The Federal Communications Commission announced today additional funding to its Connect America Fund dedicated to expanding broadband internet *service* ...

County board opens the door to broadband  Watertown Daily Times

JEFFERSON -- The Jefferson County Board of Supervisors' approval Tuesday of an ordinance related to broadband internet is expected to open doors to rural ...

Purdue works to flip switch on rural 'Internet darkness'  Purdue Agricultural Communications

For those with broadband Internet, it often seems as if we are inundated with streaming movies, social media and the occasional entertaining cat video.

Ralph Thomas becomes third candidate in race to replace Rep. Halsey Beshears

Life-long Wakulla County resident Ralph Thomas has entered the race to replace state Rep. Halsey Beshears, R-Monticello, in the House District 7 seat.

Internet speeds lag in Oregon’s rural areas  Bend Bulletin

Portland residents enjoy some of the nation's fastest internet speeds, but newly released Census data shows rural parts of the state continue to lag way behind.

Oregon Cities Enjoy Fast Internet. Rural Areas Not So Much  Government Technology

The Census data shows that cities like Portland still have a sweeping advantage over rural parts of the state when it comes to access to fast, reliable connectivity.

New Data, Old Divides  Benton Foundation

On December 6, the U.S. Census Bureau released the 2013-2017 American Community Survey (ACS) five-year estimate including data on internet subscription ...

Liberty Global: On Sale  Seeking Alpha

Liberty Global is on sale for at least seven reasons I can think of. I think Liberty Global is better competitively positioned than most investors think. Libert.

CenturyLink Forced Utah Customers to View Ad to Get Internet Access  PCMag

Residents in Utah have been complaining about the pop-up messages, which required customers to click through a notification to get their broadband access ...

The Rural Broadband Gap: After a Year of Progress, Challenges Remain  PrecisionAg

Nobody ever said farming was easy, but 2018 was a particularly difficult year for many in agriculture: trade tensions, uncooperative weather during harvest, and ...

Lumos Network broadband coming to King William schools, county offices in January  Virginia Gazette

High-speed broadband will be up and running for King William County Public Schools and county offices beginning in January. The Lumos Network broadband ...

Lack of Backup Makes Montana’s Telecom Backbone Vulnerable  Government Technology

(TNS) — When an accidentally damaged fiber optic cable cut out Internet, landline and cell *service* — including 911 *service* — in the Bitterroot Valley last week, ...

AT&T First To Launch 5G Network In San Antonio  Texas Public Radio

AT&T is coming in just under the wire on fulfilling a promise it made in September to launch a mobile 5G network.

Tipmont merging with Wintek | News  Journal Review

LINDEN — Tipmont REMC is acquiring Lafayette-based web provider Wintek Corp., allowing the two companies to bring high-speed internet to rural homes ...

Internet Access Rates Remain Uneven in the US

Newly released information from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that access to digital information via broadband internet connections is widespread but that ...

Hungary Telecoms Market Report 2018 Featuring Deutsche Telekom, Digi, Invitel, Telenor Hungary, UPC Hungary & Vodafone Hungary  GlobeNewswire

Dublin, Dec. 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Hungary Telecoms Market Report 2018" report has been added to's offering.

Bringing internet to the masses and investing in telecoms at Startup Battlefield Africa  TechCrunch

Despite a year-end goal of 30 percent broadband internet penetration in Nigeria, the country is unlikely to hit that target. As of 2017, internet penetration in ...

Business, education, health care at top of mind as rural broadband expansion inches forward  Peoria Journal Star

First of two partsWhen nearly 300 Americans submitted comments this summer on the USDA's pilot plan to bring high speed broadband internet to rural America, ...

Microsoft's Rural Broadband Plans Chugging Along  Redmond Channel Partner

Microsoft President Brad Smith recently described the company's progress with its plan to improve broadband Internet access in underserved and rural areas of ...

Gartner: 5G private networks could emerge as operators focus on consumer broadband  RCR Wireless News

Gartner says the initial focus on consumer broadband could delay network investments which benefit enterprise use, leading to 5G private networks.

New innovations bringing broadband to Native American and rural populations  The Missoulian

Nowhere is the lack of broadband internet more pervasive than on our nation's Indian reservations. According to the latest statistics from the Federal ...

Comcast offers discounted Internet to town in Massachusetts; town says no

Comcast offered to bring widely-available cable broadband Internet access to a tiny Massachusetts town at, a discount. The town said no, thanks.

Microsoft, Native Network Team Up to Bring Broadband to Flathead Reservation  Flathead Beacon

Microsoft Corp. and Native Network, an organization that helps tribes connect with modern communications technology, are looking to provide broadband ...

Jasmine Broadband Internet Infrastructure Fund (JASIF) Is Yet to See Trading Action on Dec 19  D Minute

Shares of Jasmine Broadband Internet Infrastructure Fund (BKK:JASIF) closed at 10.1 yesterday. Jasmine Broadband Internet Infrastructure Fund currently has a ...

Opinion: U.S. must stop bickering and close the broadband gap  The Mercury News

Broadband, sometimes called the “Fifth Utility,” has become a critical part of 21st century life – equal in importance to electricity, natural gas, water, and ...

DIY Internet Access Gets a Reboot From Grassroots Co-Ops  WIRED

Efforts to bring broadband connections to small communities signal the potential to reboot the spirit of the web.

Government-owned broadband is costly — try these alternatives | TheHill  The Hill

It's understandable that people want better, faster and cheaper internet, but government does not do a good job operating these networks.

Microsoft is teaming up with internet providers to bring connectivity to remote areas  Quartz

Many towns in Michigan's Upper Peninsula don't have reliable internet—or any at all. An old technology could help change that.

Live in the Knoxville area? Here are the broadband companies, their services and costs  Knoxville News Sentinel

Six major broadband providers serve parts of Knox or adjacent counties. The News Sentinel requested *service* area maps from all six, but only two provided ...

North Carolina Communities Draw Up Internet Service Wishlist  Government Technology

A series of meetings is being hosted to flesh out what residents of Henderson County require when it comes to their high-speed Internet connections.

County looks to bring broadband to rural communities | News  Franklin News Post

Franklin County approved plans Tuesday that could provide broadband to rural communities in Snow Creek, Ferrum and Windy Gap. The projects are part of an ...

Official Calls for Fiber Partnership in Blue Earth County  Government Technology

Though most Internet *service* in the Minnesota county meets state goals, Commissioner Vance Stuehrenberg said *service* will need to keep improving if the ...

Almost 700,000 UK homes stuck with slow broadband  The Guardian

Almost 700,000 “forgotten homes” across the UK are unable to get sufficiently fast broadband to meet a typical family's needs, such as watching Netflix, ...

SD-WAN Can Reduce WAN Costs by Half | Insight for the Connected Enterprise  No Jitter

I've seen enough business case proposals and implementations of SD-WAN to be able to put a stake in the ground that SD-WAN can cut WAN costs in half.

Study to address internet access, needs | Education  Times Daily

FLORENCE — The need for high-speed or broadband internet in rural Lauderdale County has been on the mind of Commissioner Brad Holmes from the day he ...

Rip-off broadband: Millions of people wasting money on overpriced contracts  ZDNet

Ofcom launches broadband pricing review and plans to force companies to alert customers to best deal available.

Gigabit? More like, you can gigabet the US will fall behind on super-fast broadband access  The Register

America is going to fall drastically behind the rest of the world, particularly China, when it comes to high-speed broadband internet access, according to a new ...

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