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Aim For Your Star

"Aim for your star, no matter how far, you must reach high above and touch your life with love, you must never look back, but charge on! Attack! See your goal your star of desire, see it red hot, feel it burning, you must be obsessed with it to make it your true yearning, be ready my friends for when you truly believe it, you will certainly achieve it and by all of God's universal laws you will always receive it!" Bob Smith (American editor, author, founder of Orison Swett Marden Foundation)

Are you disappointed, discouraged and discontented with your present level of success? Are you secretly dissatisfied with your present situation? Do you want to become a better and more beautiful person than you are today? Do you want weight loss, or an end to food obsession? How about inner peace?

Yes, you can have what you want! Of course you can. But accomplishing your goals while at the same time feeling inner peace means doing things differently than you've done them before. For example, if you been on every diet in the world and they haven't worked, what makes you think the next diet is going to be the answer? The diet isn't the problem. And there is immense beauty in the goal of what you wish to create. What might be out of alignment is how you are setting about reaching your goal. For today's insight, I would like to boil down the new process to one word: Excitement.

Feeling excited about your goal, right now, is what is needed. Complaining about your situation doesn't help you achieve success. Justifying your situation doesn't help you achieve success. Blaming someone, or blaming yourself, doesn't allow you to achieve success. Neither does feeling guilty, angry, depressed or sad. Instead, feeling excitement about achieving your goal is the ticket to success. Below are six new ways to think about Aiming For Your Star while creating what you want with Excitement:

1. You can have what you want, but it's probably not going to happen instantaneously. So step number one would be acceptance. Accept where you are right now. Look in the mirror and give up the fight. Acceptance says, "Yes, this is where I'm at right now. I created this situation, this body, with my own thoughts and actions. I accept responsibility. Accepting responsibility means I stand proud in every decision I've made up until this point. I no longer beat myself up for mistakes made in the past, or mistakes made one minute ago. I breathe, accept, release and relax. I support myself in my creation of my body. I am free in this moment to love who I am, to love this body, to love my decisions, and to make new ones."

2. Achieving your goal is going to take some effort. The biggest effort involved? Learning to get excited about what is wanted. Excited effort directed FOR what you want. Even when you "re-lapse", especially when you "re-lapse," learn to get excited again. Quickly. Dwelling on your failure, flogging yourself with criticism, and feeling dark isn't going to help you one bit. When you fall short of your expectations and realize that what you wanted to happen didn't, re-group and get excited again. Let go of old oppressive thoughts and actions where you tell yourself you've already blown it so the day is completely shot. No it's not! Get excited!! Find a way to elevate yourself. Take a higher road. Look in the mirror into your own eyes. Tell yourself, oops! You still love yourself. The world didn't end. You don't have to wait until Monday to begin your path again. Rally your inner power when at your lowest points by getting excited again about what you want. Direct your efforts towards being in vibrational alignment with what you want. Nothing in the universe can prevent a man or a woman who wants to know Love - who wants to rise to the next level - from reaching it, because the entire universe is set up for the purpose of realizing this intention.

3. Let yourself dream. Dream big or just begin small. It doesn't matter. For your life to work on the high level that you say you want it too, there's no getting around doing the work it takes to get there. And the most important work . . . taking the time to dream. Start dreaming! It's possible to have what you want! You can become the person you have always wanted to be! If you don't dream it, no one else will. The very act of dreaming about what you want puts your attention on it. Now just add a little excitement and watch what begins to show up.

4. Set up your life to support your dream. This involves some action. Inspired action that serves to make you feel good and acknowledges your feeling good. Use your journal and write down your goal each day. Add colors and stars and stickers! Make the time to sit with your dream and feel it alive in your body. Allow yourself to feel how exciting it is to already have what you want. Create a dream board and cover it with pictures, symbols, and words of what you want. Look at it for 5 or 10 minutes when you first get up and again before you go to bed at night. Keep a nightly list of the action steps you took on your dream. Acknowledge the steps you are taking, no matter how teeny-tiny. It doesn't matter. A step is a step. And success builds on success. What does matter is you decided to feel good about creating what you want.

5. Focus more on your desire than on your doubt. How do you do this? Make a decision. Decide that once an hour, for ten seconds, you are going to fill your mind and body with the excitement of your desire. Decide that each time you notice your doubt, you will stop and fill yourself with your desire. Say no to feeling bad. Allow yourself to enjoy the process of creating what you want. The feeling good happens now, in this moment, because you allow yourself to feel good. It does not magically appear at the end of your goal. Enjoy the process and the journey of achieving your goal.

6. Provide lots of positive, inspiring, uplifting, fun, excited self-talk. Don't worry that you haven't yet reached your goal. Or that you haven't even started your goal. Or that you've got tons of evidence supporting why you can't have what you want. Let go of perfectionism which is really just inner criticism that what you've done just isn't good enough. Decide you are good enough to have what you want and decide you can feel good in the process. You think you are supposed to hurt and feel sad and angry each time you make a mistake. But what gift does that give you? How does that help your future and your life? It does not. Choose thoughts that uplift, encourage and bring joy. Allow feeling good to flow into your body on a regular basis.

Create from your heart and not so much from your head!

Copyright 2005, Dr. Annette Colby, all rights reserved.

Dr. Annette Colby, RD
Nutrition Therapist & Master Energy Healer
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