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The Power of a Scope

We all know the power of a scope if you need to focus in on a target and hit it. We all need to develop and truly understand the power of the human mind's scope. All of us have inside of us the potential to be as powerful as the most high-tech laser scope available today. A scope is designed to focus in on a target without getting distracted or losing focus in order to hit its target right on the bull's eye. Now remember that all mechanical scopes are programmed by human technology and if we can do it for machines, we can do it for ourselves.

As you are progressing each day on your journey to your ultimate outcome in life, you need to stay 110% focused on your target. You need to focus in on your WHY in life and not be distracted by all the other negative noise we all hear each day in this negative world. You are 1000% more advanced in your focus just by reading this article today, because most people stop personal development as soon as their formal education stops. I always say formal education will get you a job, but self-education will enable you to design a life you want to live!

Your personal scope in life can be finely tuned each day based on the people you associate with along with your personal commitment to personal development. As you develop your mind, you will be able to stay focused on your target and hit it right in the bull's eye. I am a true believer in the daily focusing of your sniper, which is a minimum of 15 minutes of personal development per day. This can be done by listening to audiotapes or by reading written materials, which will empower you and improve your results.

I personally invest 30-45 minutes each day for my own personal development in life. The outcome of your internal scope in life is ultimately determined by how you fine-tune it each day. You need to ask yourself an honest question, "Am I doing all I can do to hit my target (your WHY) in life by enhancing each and every day the input to my human scope?" If the answer is "no", then take action today and decide to change your destiny!

Find Your WHY and FLY!

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