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Words That Inspire - PEACE


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How might your PEACE impact the world?


State of tranquility or quiet, freedom from civil disturbance, a pact or agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war.

What it REALLY means:

The feeling of contentment with your life at present; your state of being when things feel comfortable, at ease, light; time in which you feel centered, calm and well.


Creating PEACE lessens worry, increases pleasure and enhances your 'here and now'. More PEACE in your life allows for more enjoyment and appreciation of your life.

Questions that INSPIRE:

? Describe your most recent experience of PEACE. How did it feel?

? What can you do, think or experience differently to bring more PEACE in to your life?

? How does greater PEACE impact you and your life?

? How might your PEACE impact the world?

? Does PEACE conflict with excitement and adventure?

? Can you have PEACE amongst chaos? How?

I would love to hear your answers and comments. Take 45 seconds to reply to these questions at contact info below. I will keep all responses confidential and reply directly to you.

*(Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, 1977, G. & C. Merriam Co.)

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Julie Cohen, PCC, is a Career and Personal Coach. She supports her clients to achieve greater career satisfaction. Formerly an Internal Executive Coach at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young LLC, she was part of the design team responsible for developing and implementing a national coaching program. Julie brings over fifteen years experience in corporate, non-profit and entrepreneurial entities to her work as a human development professional. Julie has a BA in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and a MS in Counseling from Villanova University. She is a graduate of Corporate Coach University International's and Coach University's Training Programs, is a Past-President of the Philadelphia Area Coaches Alliance and a member of the International Coach Federation. She can be reached at or

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