Coffee Information

Coffee Information

Live the Life of a Civil War Soldier When you Drink your Mornin Coffee

Civil War soldiers, Confederate and Union, used to make their coffee in pots. But on the march, they just usedtheir boilers.

A Little Secret Your Dentist Doesnt Want You To Know

Most dentist, particular those who specialize in cosmetic dentistry love it when you drink coffee & tea. Why? Your making them wealthy! Because all coffees and teas contain tannic acid.

Russian Tea drinking - The beginning

It is believed history of Russian tea drinking tradition have began at 1638.That year, Russian Czar, Michael Fedorovich, granddad of Peter the Great, got special, diplomatic gift from Altyun-Khan, ruler of Mongolia.

There is More to Motivation Than Meets the Coffee

The stress of unemployment can really take a toll on ones confidence and state of mind. For some individuals, it could lead to depression, for others - a mere lack of motivation and feeling of hopelessness.

Caffeine & Low Birth Weight Babies

These studies begin to point the way to the more permanent damage that coffee drinking can inflict on the unborn. The use of caffeine during pregnancy has been widely studied.

Why Your Cup of Coffee in the Morning May Keep You Up All Night

One of the most common complaints among coffee drinkers is that the caffeine can disturb their sleep. This result has been known for thousands of years and is, in fact, one of the reasons why many drink coffee in the first place: to stay awake.

Woman Dies from Caffeine Overdose and Expert Calls for Action in New Book and FDA Petition

An autopsy released this week has found caffeine to be the cause of death for a woman from New Mexico. The incident took place in June 2004 after she was admitted to a hospital after a fight with her son.

Coffee - How to Buy, Store, and Grind it for the Perfect Cup

In the early days of the coffee craze, before the first Starbucks arrived in my town, I owned a tea and coffee house for several years. At the time, espresso was something new for most people, and a lot of my customers had questions.

Coffee Grinders Jumpstart Your Java

All the experts agree. People who want the best flavor in their coffee use coffee grinders.

Coffee Club Membership Is A Joy For Coffee Lovers

Coffee club membership is a joy for coffee lovers The coffee club concept is relatively new but is taking the world by storm. Reward yourself or your friends and relatives with coffee clubs by joining up and saving loads.

Italian Roast Coffee For An Authentic Espresso

One of the things people think of with Italy is it's coffee. In fact Italian roast coffee is perfect for bringing a touch of Europe to your home.

Cappuccino Secrets: Creating the Perfect Foam

Here is an article that tells the secret of creating the perfect foam with steamed milk for making a wonderful cappuccino. As you'll see creating the perfect foam isn't as easy as it may seem .

Iced Coffee Recipes for Enjoying Chilled Espresso, Thai Iced Coffee And Many More Variations

There are many refreshing iced coffee recipes available, and we have selected some of the most interesting for you. However, my favorite of all it the traditional Italian iced coffee recipe which uses freshly made espresso, a cocktail shaker and ice cubes.

Try the Tradition of Turkish Coffee and Taste the Difference

The Europeans got their first taste of Turkish Coffee, and coffee in general from the Ottoman Turks, who brought coffee to the West. They were great coffee drinkers, both at home and in public houses, the forerunners of our cafs, which started to spring up across the Islamic countries.

Mocha Coffee: Learn About the Source and Try Our Recipes for Making Great Mochas

Depending on how we look at it, mocha coffee may be the tall drink made of coffee, cocoa and milk, often served with cream or, on the other hand mocha coffee may refer to the source.Yemen is the source of true Mocha coffee.

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Coffee Bean Prices Are Set to Surge: Should Starbucks Investors Be Worried?  Motley Fool

Starbucks' (NASDAQ:SBUX) core input -- coffee beans, of course -- might get notably more expensive soon. A group of nine commodities analysts and traders ...

There's a chemical in coffee that may cause cancer, but researchers have found a way to reduce your risk  Business Insider

California and Europe are cracking down on a potential cancer-causing chemical in coffee.

Cold brew has an unexpected health benefit over regular coffee, according to a personal trainer  INSIDER

You'd be forgiven for thinking iced coffee and cold brew are one and the same — but you'd be mistaken. While iced coffee is simply regular coffee that has been ...

Plano East special ed students become baristas for Panther Perks Coffee  FOX 4 News

High school students in Plano are learning life skills and bringing smiles to the school staff.

JAB upends coffee trading  The Economist

BRAZIL, GUATEMALA or Kenya are the sorts of exotic locations that most people would associate with the cup of coffee that kickstarts their day. But increasingly ...

Coffee-soaked, boozy dessert awaits  Concord Monitor

With its boozy, coffee-soaked ladyfingers and sweet, creamy filling, it's no wonder tiramisu is Italian for “pick me up.”Instead of making a custard filling, we simply ...

11 Best Coffee Shops in Vancouver  Condé Nast Traveler

Our top recommendations for the best coffee shops in Vancouver with pictures, reviews, and details. Find the best spots for coffee and espresso, including fun, ...

Smell the Coffee: How to eat fried earworms  Charleston Gazette-Mail

There's a danger in our house. If you accidentally slip and reveal a weakness, there's almost certain to be some sort of torture ahead.

How to make your own custom coffee liqueur  Seattle Times

Ditch the tiki-torch-sweet Kahlúa and Tia Maria White Russians for home-brewed boozy, caffeinated creations.

Coffee Design: Huckleberry Roasters In Denver, Colorado  Sprudge

Everyone knows that feeling. There you are, just a child alone in the world, learning who you really are. You go through the first eight years of your life wearing ...

Legislative Coffee set for Saturday  The Daily Nonpareil

Despite early predictions of the possibility of blizzard-like conditions for Council Bluffs and the surrounding area, Dan Koenig, president of the Council Bluffs ...

Stanley coffee shop helps Haiti  Gaston Gazette

Walk inside 1Mission Coffee Co. in Stanley and you'll hear the hiss of espresso machines, you'll smell freshly ground java, and you just might be spellbound at ...

Bucks and Colectivo offering special coffee blend  WTMJ

The Milwaukee Bucks... now in liquid form. The team and Colectivo Coffee are teaming up to introduce a special Bucks Blend Coffee. It will be featured as ...

Which coffee maker really delivers best-tasting brew?  KOMO News

If you love your coffee and want a really good cup at home, Consumer Reports says skip the single serve or pod machines and get yourself a good drip coffee ...

Coffee and Antioxidants: Everything You Need to Know  EcoWatch

Opinions on coffee vary greatly — some consider it healthy and energizing, while others claim it's addictive and harmful. Still, when you look at the evidence, ...

Woman escapes Manhattan attempted rape by throwing coffee in attacker's face  WABC-TV

Police are searching for the suspect in an attempted rape of a woman in Manhattan.

Crimson Cup helps its international coffee growers improve lives  The Columbus Dispatch

David Lopez is happy to see the changes in his hometown of El Socorro, Honduras — the jobs, the better wages, the new equipment for his coffee farm. But what ...

Power outage coffee: using Stanley's camping French Press at home  Boing Boing

During a recent power outage, deprived of espresso, I was lucky to have a Stanley French Press on hand. When the power went out at 3am and the various ...

Five on Food: Daniel Najarro of Green Joe's Coffee Company  Winston-Salem Journal

We asked five questions of Daniel Najarro, a barista at Green Joe's Coffee Company. Here's what he had to say:

New cafés expand Buffalo's coffee culture  Buffalo News

Over the past year, new locales have opened to deliver third-wave choices, single-origin brews, and a kaleidoscopic selection of teas that skew from usual Tim ...

Create a morning sanctuary with a well-ordered coffee station

These stations can be as simple or as fancy as you want; the point is to have everything in one place. |

Sharing the love: Waynesville's indie coffee shops think there's plenty to go around  The Mountaineer

The number of coffee houses in Waynesville is poised to double in coming weeks, but thanks to America's love affair with caramel lattes and peppermint mochas ...

Fourth Dimension Coffee Co. brings roasting, craft coffee to downtown Pontiac  The Oakland Press

There's a new coffee company on the block in downtown Pontiac co-owned by two longtime friends and craft coffee lovers.

The Bucks and Colectivo team up for a new coffee brew

A slam dunk? An alley-oop? Choose whatever basketball writing cliche you want for this news: Colectivo and the Milwaukee Bucks have teamed up on a new ...

New Keurig machine makes cocktails instead of coffee

So instead of that mocha coffee, you can reach for a margarita just like that!

Swalwell bypasses coffee inside Trump Tower, tweets about it  Fox News

Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., got a different kind of roast after sharing how his trek to get a cup of coffee on Wednesday involved bypassing a café inside the ...

Fortnite Sundial, Oversized Cup of Coffee, Giant Dog Head locations

Finding the Sundial,Oversized Cup of Coffee, Giant Dog Head locations is the objective of one of Fortnite's many Weekly Challenges. Completing it will give you ...

Bikini-clad baristas too steamy for some customers at coffee shop  KTRK-TV

The Pink Pantherz drive-by coffee shop is stirring controversy with its bikini-clad baristas.

Hometown Eats: The Coffee Grinder in Pulaski  WDBJ7

PULASKI, Va. (WDBJ7) If you're not looking for it, it is easy to miss. But for those living in Pulaski, The Coffee Grinder has become a popular hangout spot to get ...

Chip & Joanna Gaines' New Coffee Shop Is On The Way — Here's What We Know So Far  Bustle

Fixer Upper fans and coffee fiends, unite! HGTV stars and IRL spouses Chip and Joanna Gaines are opening a coffee shop in Texas. While the details are still ...

Travelers Rest's TruBroth to offer Vietnamese-style coffee and nutrient-rich bone broth  Greenville News

The husband-and-wife team behind the Vietnamese coffeehouse concept plan to open it in Travelers Rest in March.

Florida man attacked by aggressive coyote, fights off with coffee cup  Fox News

A Florida man who was out for a walk with his dog was confronted last week by an aggressive coyote who attacked him and his pooch and forced him to use his ...

Keurig has machine that makes cocktails instead of coffee

The machine also requires CO2 tanks, which will go for around $7 each.

Plaza Colombian Coffee Shop and Restaurant Is Opening in South Austin  Eater Austin

South Austin is getting a new Colombian bakery and coffee shop with Plaza Colombian Coffee, set to open in the Dawson neighborhood at 3841 South ...

Cops with Coffee  The Daily Toreador

Local police officers talked with students about issues facing students today at the department of Risk Intervention and Safety Education's Cops with Coffee ...

Coffee With A Congressman In Tobyhanna

Congressman Matthew Cartwright met informally with constituents.

Latest location of California bikini-barista coffee shop encounters criticism: 'Just disgusting'  Fox News

The opening of a new bikini-barista coffee stand in California's Bay Area is drawing the eyes — and also the ire — of nearby residents.

Auburn coffee shop owner says 'white supremacist' yelled at customers

A coffee shop owner in Auburn said an armed man came into her business and “aggressively” screamed racist chants at customers. Sarah Barnett Gill, the ...

2 Golden Girls And A Coffee: The Cause Marketing Campaign Feeding Homeless LGBTQ Teens  Forbes

The spirit of generosity from two of "The Golden Girls" connects the Ali Forney Center, Cultivo Organic Cold Brew coffee and Fairway Market in a cause ...

New indie coffee shop and roaster in East Dallas takes beans seriously  CultureMap Dallas

A new independently owned coffee shop has opened just down the street from the Dallas Arboretum, from a family who knows good coffee. Honduras *Fresh* ...

This energy drink uses coffee, coconut oil, and lactose-free whey to keep caffeine jitters and sugar crashes at bay — and it actually tastes good  Business Insider

These three brothers are reinventing the classic energy drink with all-natural ingredients that give you a healthy energy boost.

Police investigate shooting following collision at Brimhall and Coffee roads  KGET 17

One person is under arrest following a shooting and causing a collision at Coffee and Brimhall roads on Thursday afternoon.

Maria Sharapova Is Sure That Australians Make the Best Coffee  Grub Street

Maria Sharapova spent the week trying not to eat what was left of the Russian confection she had gotten for her mom. “I bought three packages and only one ...

Rep. Eric Swalwell takes a pass on coffee at Trump Tower, hilarity ensues  Hot Air

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) tried to own President Trump while walking past Trump Tower in New York but it quickly backfired. Walking in the snow, Swalwell ...

This Hybrid Coffee Cup and Water Bottle Lets You Drink Both Beverages from One Lid  Food & Wine

A new Kickstarter wants to make it easier to carry both water and coffee at the same time.

Intelligentsia Coffee Opens a Sweet New Coffee Bar on the Hollywood Walk of Fame  Eater LA

Speciality coffee shows absolutely no signs of slowing down in Los Angeles, despite its proliferation across the city. From one-off small businesses like Highlight ...

Health officials order Lansing coffee shops to pull cannabis derivative from shelves  Lansing State Journal

The Ingham County Health Department has warned the Crafted Bean and Strange Matter Coffee to stop selling cannabidiol, a cannabis derivative.

Wichita restaurant hires new chef, takes another pass at getting its food menu right  Wichita Eagle

A new menu at Reverie Coffee Roasters features sandwiches made with coffee-rubbed pork loin and hearty breakfast sandwiches.

Alabama coffee shop owner says man yelled pro-Nazi slogans at customers | TheHill  The Hill

The owner of an Auburn, Ala., coffee shop said a man came into the business and delivered a "racist monologue" at customers this week.

Buzzer beater lifts Brunswick over Coffee | Local Sports  Brunswick News

Sheydan Baggs wasn't ready to close the book on his high school career. Joyful Hawkins' buzzer beater ensured the senior guard wouldn't have to.

Latest bikinied barista coffee outpost in Campbell drawing criticism, support  The Mercury News

The newest location of the drive-through Pink Pantherz Espresso chain — where the baristas are all women and typically wear bikinis or lingerie — opened last ...

UCPD hosts Coffee with a Cop to facilitate dialogue with the Westwood community  Daily Bruin

University police and Westwood community members said they wanted to create a more open dialogue with each other at an event Thursday. Coffee with a Cop, ...

Coffee shop opens in New Bern  WNCT

New Bern, N.C. (WNCT) - A new coffee shop opened on Broad Street in New Bern this week. The family owned and operated business is a dream come true for ...

JAB Holdings Are Heading Towards A Coffee IPO  Sprudge

Acorn Holdings, the coffee portfolio for Luxembourg-based JAB Holding Co, is expected to go public soon.

Ease Back With These Infused Teas and Coffee From Colorado  Leafly

Feel relaxed and at ease after hitting the slopes this season with Colorado's comforting infused teas and coffees.

Lithuanian Acorn Coffee - Gastro Obscura  Atlas Obscura

Ground nuts provide the base for this warm, caffeine-free drink.

Stumptown Coffee Has A Professional Skateboarding Team  Sprudge

Stumptown has released a limited edition coffee and cold brew in conjunction with the newly formed Skate Team.

Republik Coffee in Tysons Receives Eviction Notice  Tysons Reporter

The Tysons branch of Republik Coffee, which opened last June near Tysons Galleria, could face eviction within the week. The coffee bar occupies a high.

Pets of the Week: Manda, Ziggy Coffee, and Chase are ready for adoption  Long Beach Press Telegram

Manda is an affectionate and loving girl who wants nothing more than to curl up in your lap and receive all the love you have to give! Her favorite hobby is sitting ...

Veterans share coffee, stories at new Jefferson City VA clinic  Jefferson City News Tribune

Jefferson City's new VA clinic, which opened Jan. 28, celebrated a grand opening with more than 50 veterans Thursday.

Nestlé, Coca-Cola Get Boost From Coffee, But It Can't Wake Up Every Company's Sales  Forbes

Have a craving for coffee? You're not the only one. Nestlé wants us to know it's a lot more than chocolate. In addition to Nespresso and Nescafe, the company ...

More Magnolia! Chip and Joanna Gaines Are Opening a Coffee Shop

The former Fixer Upper stars plan to break ground next month.

Changing Structures Challenges You To Rethink Coffee  Sprudge

Changing Structures takes place Thursday, February 21st at Broadcast Coffee in Seattle.

'Coffee with a Cop' initiative launched in Inverness  BBC News

The new scheme in Inverness offers the public the chance to raise concerns with a community officer.

More eats in Historic Filipinotown | Coffee brewing on Temple street | Fusion sandwiches in Eagle Rock  The Eastsider LA

BY CECILIA PADILLA-BRILL. Here's your weekly roundup of dining and shopping news. Another eatery by the name of HiFi Kitchen has been added to Historic ...

The Coffee Factory is Pioneering Premium Coffee on West Side Avenue  Jersey Digs

Jersey City's newest coffee shop, The Coffee Factory, is on West Side at Fairview Avenue, serving specialty coffee seven days a week.

Denver's top 3 coffee roasteries to visit now  Hoodline

In the mood for a pick-me-up? Check out Denver's most popular coffee spots.

Coffee for Overachievers: A Comprehensive Guide to Better Brew  Wall Street Journal

A new generation of java obsessives is ditching Starbucks and embracing the next level of joe. Here's a guide to their world—from latte-art rivalries to brew tips, ...

Here’s Your First Look Inside Ralph Lauren’s New Parisian Coffee Shop  Highsnobiety

Making it through a packed Paris Fashion Week schedule just got a little easier, thanks to Ralph Lauren's new Parisian pop-up coffee shop on Boulevard ...

Manitowoc coffee truck coming to area farmers' markets in summer | Streetwise  Herald Times Reporter

Katreena Powell plans to serve fair trade products and to raise awareness about social injustice through her business.

Brimfield police announce 'Coffee with a Cop' event  Akron Beacon Journal

The Brimfield Police are inviting the public for a "Coffee with a Cop" event on March 2 at Panera Bread, 4031 Cascades Blvd. between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. The ...

King Cronic Expands to New Businesses, Vapes and CBD Coffee  Nisqually Valley News

About a year after Tim Cronk opened King Cronic, he is expanding to open a vape shop next door with a CBD espresso stand inside.

Magnolia to branch out with downtown coffee shop  Waco Tribune-Herald

After winning the hearts of shoppers at Magnolia Market at the Silos and the brunch crowd with Magnolia Table, Chip and Joanna Gaines are moving into the ...

Bernie's Coffee Shop Is Back in Action for the 2020 Campaign  LA Magazine

Its official name is Johnie's Coffee Shop, but it's been Bernie's Coffee Shop since 2016. In the summer of that fateful year, supporters of the quixotic candidate ...

Lavish Boutique and Coffee Bar in Jasper to be on season 10 of ABC's 'What Would You Do?'

The ABC series “What Would You Do” will feature an episode in Alabama at Lavish Boutique and Coffee Bar in Jasper.

Bali's new Starbucks flagship store has its own coffee farm and valet parking  CNBC

The Starbucks Reserve Dewata in Bali feels more like a luxury hotel than a coffee shop.

Bourbon Coffee to Open in Boston’s West End  Eater Boston

A Cambridge cafe with roots in Rwanda will open a second location in the area, taking over for Boston Common Coffee Co. on Canal Street in the West End, ...

'New York-style' coffee shop coming soon to Hellertown’s Main Street  Allentown Morning Call

The Coffee Shop, serving custom coffee, sandwiches, baked goods and more, is set to open March 4 at 650 Main St. in Hellertown.

New Hopkins Shop Will Serve The Trinity of Great Literature: Books, Coffee, and Beer  Eater Twin Cities

On Thursday, February 28th Cream & Amber will open its doors at 1605 Mainstreet in downtown Hopkins. The new and used bookstore will house a diverse ...

Golden hosting town hall and coffee at SOU  Ashland Daily Tidings

Ashland -- Sen. Jeff Golden is inviting the public to a "town hall-style coffee" to discuss student-focused issues that are facing the district. The event, hosted by ...

DRINK COFFEE, DO GOOD: Cypress coffee shop making big difference in Rwanda  KTRK-TV

Within the Boardwalk at Towne Lake in Cypress, you'll find a quaint little coffee shop that's giving back in a big way.

Study finds coffee is linked to youthful skin and longer life | Ladders  Ladders

As far as DNA integrity is concerned coffee is usually more beneficial than water. A new study finds it has some amazing effects.

Environmental psychology: How do you feel about that coffee to go?  DW (English)

DW's Hannah Fuchs likes to think she's pretty responsible about her environmental impact. But the guilt induced by a take-out coffee got her asking why even the ...

Beloved Dayton bakery takes its coffee to the ‘next level’

Ashley's Pastry Shop in Oakwood has partnered with Rooted Ground Coffee to sell the locally roasted coffee in its shop. A freshly brewed 12-ounce cup costs ...

Coffee shop owner warns that 'racism is alive and well' after 'white supremacist' disrupts her business  Yahoo Lifestyle

Gill assured that nobody was hurt during the incident. But said it will take some time for her employees to feel safe at work again.

Starbucks to Kill Off Fake-Independent Store Roy Street Coffee  Eater Seattle

Starbucks is reportedly closing down its “independent” Capitol Hill coffee shop, Roy Street Coffee and Tea this spring. According to Capitol Hill Seattle, the ...

Man shouts Nazi slogans, flashes gun at local coffee shop  The Auburn Plainsman

Police briefly investigated an incident Tuesday evening at a coffee shop in Auburn during which eyewitnesses said a white man who appeared to be in his ...

The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Friday, February 22  Cartilage Free Captain

Hi, all! Full disclosure: Today's ramble is full of my takes on the Oscar nominees, but here's a rejected topic, if you want to participate: Pick a movie or two that you ...

Is pre-ground coffee or home-ground coffee better?  Quartz

For coffee, oxygen is the enemy. The rich, tantalizing smell of freshly ground beans is also the scent of flavor dispersing. “That aroma of coffee is the volatile oils ...

Roastology Coffee coming to Cary Street in the Fan District

Charlie Diradour, president of Lion's Paw Development, announced Wednesday that Roastology Coffee is going into a vacant warehouse space at 2701 W.

Kids donate their dollars to non-profit coffee shop that was burglarized  KCBD

Burglars made off with $1400 intended to be donated to the less fortunate from The Tova Coffeehouse last Sunday night.

Where To Drink Coffee In Hong Kong's Sheung Wan Neighborhood  Sprudge

A coffee guide to the Sheung Wan neighborhood in Hong Kong, China.

What Happens to Your Body When You Give Up Coffee?

Here are seven effects on your body that might occur when you give up coffee.

Coffee roaster brewing café on Cary St. corner  RichmondBizSense

The Fan is getting another coffee shop, this time by way of a Southside transplant. Roastology Coffee has signed a lease for the building at 2701 W. Cary St. The ...

With tacos and biscuits, Revelator Coffee cooks up a new cafe in Mid-City  The Advocate

The coffee will start pouring again at a longtime café space in the American Can Apartments in Mid-City, though this time it comes with a menu of Latin dishes ...

The Cuisinart cold brew coffee maker is $50 off at Best Buy  Mashable

Save money and time with this cold brew coffee maker.

Coffee Cart is helping educate Midstate students  ABC27

An elementary teacher is getting creative by teaching students in a unique way. They're using coffee and donuts to help students learn math, social and ...

Swalwell Gets Roasted for ‘Brave’ Choice to Avoid Trump Tower Coffee by Walking a Few Blocks in the Cold  Independent Journal Review

There is criticism toward Democrat Sen. Eric Swalwell's (D-Calif.) visit to the big apple — the "Starbucks martyr" — following his New York City broadcast of ...

Tiki Loco Brings White Rock Coffee and Vegan Tacos to Deep Ellum  Dallas Observer

Tiki Loco, an offshoot of White Rock Coffee, brings vegan tacos, Hawaiian food and Tex-Mex to deep ellum.

Missing Colo. Mom's Fiancé Asked Nurse to Steal Drugs and Poison Coffee: 'Get Rid of Kelsey'

Colorado prosecutors allege Kelsey Berreth's fiancé asked his longtime friend, a nurse, to steal powerful drugs so they could poison the coffee of the missing ...

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