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Calls-To-Action: Making Them Fit Makes All the Difference

It was going so well, so what happened? Many copywriters get off to a wonderful start: The headline is compelling, the body copy is benefit-filled, but then comes the call-to-action and the whole thing falls apart. Why? It could be a dozen different reasons, but one of the most common I've seen is that the call-to-action doesn't fit the target audience.

Call-to-action statements (those final words that inspire your customers to take an action - usually to make a purchase) are not universal. Just like your headline, your sub-heads, and your body copy, calls-to-action need to be as specific as possible. They need to "match" the style of your audience.

To me, an effective call-to-action is more than just the simple "order today" or "click here now" phrase. Yes, those play a part, but it takes more than that to motivate buyers.

Let's look at an example or two of powerful calls-to-action and see what makes them tick.

Langtry Manor (

This site represents an old English manor that is available for (among other things) weddings and receptions. Their branding positions them as a very upscale, exclusive, highly sought after location for brides around the world to be married.

After going over the benefits of using the inn for a wedding and/or reception, the call-to-action comes into play. Notice how there is more than the simple "contact us today" statement.

Because of the historically romantic setting and immense popularity of Langtry Manor Hotel among brides worldwide, our schedule becomes filled quickly. We recommend you contact us for additional information or to arrange for a viewing of the hotel as soon as possible. This will help to guarantee a reservation for your preferred date.

See how the call-to-action fits the audience? The copy doesn't stop in the middle of romancing the bride in order to scream, "Dates are being booked as we speak! Call us today before your wedding date is gone forever! Don't let some other bride get the jump on you! Pick up the phone now!" This audience would run for their lives if they read that copy.

Tai Chi Flow (

This site actually had three calls-to-action (CTA), one for each segment of their target audience. See how each CTA struck a nerve with a specific group.

The ancient masters practiced Tai Chi faithfully and lived a life filled with peace and wellness. The moment you order your Tai Chi Flow for Everyone video you'll vow to never be without it again!


Your child will receive the same benefits you receive, but through a video created especially for him/her. Teachers, moms, and dads agree, Tai Chi kids share some pretty amazing qualities. Order Tai Chi Flow for Kids today.


Designed according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists guidelines, Tai Chi Flow for Pregnancy is the safe way to receive the benefits of an aerobic workout? even if you are sitting down. Order Tai Chi Flow for Pregnancy today.

Each CTA appeals to the specific wants/needs/desires of that individual segment.

That's what effective calls-to-action are all about. You don't lose your connection with the audience at the end. Instead you maintain that emotional bridge all the way until they click the buy button.

In your CTA, tell your customers why they should buy. Let them know what will happen when they buy. Give them some end results to look forward to. And do it all with the same consciousness you had when writing the rest of your copy. When you do, you'll find your sales process goes more smoothly and your conversions reach higher rates.

by Karon Thackston 2004

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Tired of endlessly searching the 'Net in hopes of finding the latest copywriting techniques? Need an up-to-date directory filled with the best ways to learn copywriting? Visit today for the widest collection of the most popular copywriting resources available.


Tired of endlessly searching the 'Net in hopes of finding the latest copywriting techniques? Need an up-to-date directory filled with the best ways to learn copywriting? Visit Learn Copywriting today for the widest collection of the most popular copywriting resources available.

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