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Find the Artist Within

Can anyone be an artist? People admiring my work often say, "I could never do that!" I say, "Yes, you can!" Eight years ago, during a very difficult time in my career in finance (Downsizings, layoffs - let's not talk about it, OK?), my company sent me to a development workshop for female executives. I came out of a particularly thought-provoking discussion group and penned the following very prophetic free verse.

Why Do We Need Creativity?

Creativity is central to the management of our individual lives, but in modern times few people are able to access this as a resource. Alan Watts writes in The Wisdom of Insecurity:"We have allowed brain thinking to develop and dominate our lives out of all proportion to 'instinctual wisdom'; which we are allowing to slump into atrophy.

7 Techniques to Supercharge your Creativity and Solve your Problems

Do you ever encounter problems, challenges or obstacles in your business? If you answered 'no,' then you can stop reading and continue to rake in the fortune you must be making. For the rest of us, the answer of course is 'yes.

Telling It Like It Is (Or Can Be)

When you hear, "tell me a story," does your mind suddenly go blank? Don't panic. The good news is, you're already a natural storyteller! Surprised? You shouldn't be.

12 Ways To Boost Your Creativity At Work

As workplaces continue to rightsize and downsize, we all find ourselves doing more with less. How do we stay ahead of the workload while staying sane? The key is to put your creativity to work for you so you can do more with less and shine like never before.

Unlock Your Creative Secret Weapon

It seems like this week a ton of people have been asking me how they can become more creative. I even had one client jokingly accuse me of being in cahoots with the Devil in trade for my creativity.

20 Ways to Keep Your Writing Inspiration and Creativity High

When stressed or blocked it is wise to make a change so thatwe don't stay in that place. Yet, many times we forget someof the simple things that we can do for ourselves, quicklyand easily to bring our inspiration back and increase ourcreativity.

Break An Egg For Creativity

In 1420, the dignitaries of Florence held a competition.They offered the enormous prize of 200 gold florins to the architect whose genius could span the unfinished dome of the Florence Cathedral.

Top Ten Ways To Jump-Start Your Creativity

1 - Take A Tour of the Great Outdoors Consider a hike in the mountains, a stroll beside the river, a run along the beach, a jog through the park or a walk around the city.2 - Soak Up Your Surroundings like a New Sponge Open your mind to the unknown and grasp the little details often overlooked in every day life.

Creativity And You

95 percent of what we know about the brain, we have learned in the last 20 years. So, your beliefs about creativity were probably shaped by faulty information.

Riches Through Creative Thinking!

When solving problems after you have exhausted the normal means of coming up with the solution, think in terms of unorthodox methods. Vary your thinking and try to solve the problems by creating something completely new and irrelevant.

3 Clever Creative Strategies!

I've got a confession to make..

Rejuvenate & Re-Fuel Your Inner Drive

I believe that as solo-entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives we all need a pat on the back. Give yourself commendation.

How To Increase Creativity... Set Deadlines!

Deadlines are something all of us face from time to time. We face deadlines whenever we set even a small goal and commit to accomplish it.

Three Ways Journaling Can Boost Your Creativity and Your Business

I have a friend who has struggled with her creativity for a long time. She's extremely uncomfortable thinking of herself as "creative.

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By using econometrics, Audi has found ads that cut-through are three times more efficient at driving orders, making creativity “really key” for the business, ...

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Innovation sounds scary, but everyone has the power to think differently, according to three keynote speakers who opened the 2019 ASAE Great Ideas ...

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Podcasts can educate us on a variety of topics, but they don't have to last an hour or more to have an impact on the way you perceive the world. Here are five ...

Creativity Is Like a Muscle. Here's How to Make Yours Stronger  Inc.

What are some common misconceptions that people have about creativity? originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering ...

How Adobe Enables Creativity Through Diversity, Psychological Safety & Values  Forbes

Adobe's Mala Sharma says creativity and innovation at work require three things: values, programs, and leadership. Her story will inspire you.

Great Strategy Requires Creativity  Harvard Business Review

I've noticed that business school students often feel frustrated when they're taught strategy. There's a gap between what they learn and what they'd like to learn.

Quietness better than background music for creativity  Medical News Today

A study finds that listening to music can significantly impair performance on tasks that need creativity compared with doing them in a quiet environment.

The Creativity of ADHD  Scientific American

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the ...

NBA's 'sneaker kings' using new rules to express passion and creativity  Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports NBA writer Alex Wong sits down with the league's unofficial sneaker kings to discuss quantity, quality and creative expression.

Study: Listening to music can 'significantly impair' creativity  Reading Eagle

Scientists hypothesize that music disrupts our verbal working memory, which can make it difficult to finish a task.

THEATER REVIEW: ‘Lion King’ brings creativity, spectacle and spirit to Van Wezel  Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Sarasota area audiences who have waited years for a chance to see Disney's musical “The Lion King” in their hometown theater are being treated to the kind of ...

Kaleidoscope of creativity  SunStar Philippines

CREATIVE talent comes in numerous forms similar to different paint colors on an artist's palette. This scenario is evident in the University of San Carlos' School ...

Ralston Middle School students share creativity with other states through mural  Omaha World-Herald

The Traveling Mural Project, which originated at a school in Iowa, gives students in different states the opportunity to come together despite distance.

How the modern office is killing our creativity  Financial Times

On a wintry afternoon in February, a veteran British adman named Roger Mavity walked into a drab meeting room at the Financial Times to tell a bunch of ...

The Mount Pleasant cardboard box sled derby brought out the creativity in participants  YourErie

It was the perfect day to go sledding at Mount Pleasant in Edinboro. The Mount Pleasant Cardboard box sled derby took place on the ski hill.

Acer 'Next' Event To Focus On Creativity, So Bad News For Chromebooks  Android Headlines

Acer has now unveiled the date of its annual next@Acer event, set to take place on April 11 in New York. The company hasn't provided any details about what ...

In Forrester’s Media Agency Wave, Creativity And Agility Lead The Pack  AdExchanger

In its first-ever Wave evaluating media agencies with under $20 billion in billings, released Thursday, Forrester recognized agencies that leverage their buying ...

Earth Day 'Trashion Fashion' show combines waste, creativity - The Fergus Falls Daily Journal  Fergus Falls Daily Journal

You have read 1 of 10 articles. Log In or Subscribe. The Kaddatz Galleries, Otter Tail County Solid Waste, The Spot and Springboard for the Arts are teaming up ...

Creativity on display at Odyssey of the Mind  Times Herald-Record

GOSHEN — The structure flew through the air with the greatest of ease — appropriate for the carnival theme. It arced high (extra points for good air) but curved ...

Firms need to marry tech with creativity to achieve optimum results: Adobe’s Belsky  Livemint

Belsky cited the example of vacation rental company, AirBnB, that was successful in beating the competition because they had better photography.He pointed to ...

Tapestry: Building Its Brands Around Creativity | Sponsored Feature  The Business of Fashion

NEW YORK, United States — Tapestry describes itself as a global house of brands which empowers each distinct business to develop its own authentic identity.

The 6 Best Ways To Inspire Creativity Within Your Team  Forbes

Inspiring creativity within your team isn't a luxury. It's imperative if you want to boost employee productivity and stay top of mind with your customers.

Creativity in students  The Nation

To build creativity in students is essential to their lives. This means to create any situation where students are encouraged to write in their own words, using ...

9 Tips for Reigniting Your Marketing Team's Creativity  Entrepreneur

Being creative 24/7 can be hard, so it stands to reason that your marketing team is not going to be able spin up amazing campaigns every time on demand.

Launch into a new season of creativity with Artistry on Main's Spring into Art Show this April  My Buckhannon

BUCKHANNON – The first day of Spring – March 20 – is fast approaching, and along with it, Artistry on Main's Spring into Art show. Artistry on Main has ...

Mackay: Don't let the naysayers stifle your creativity  Star Tribune

Creative ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, at any time. Those ideas often involve taking a risk or challenging conventional thinking. And that can be ...

Listening to music can 'significantly impair' creativity, study says  Chicago Tribune

Do you listen to music while working? It could be affecting your creativity, according to a new report.

Creativity: how collaborating can help us change the world  The Drum

Can creativity change the world? The Drum and Accenture Interactive will bare all, delving deep into the evolution of the creative industry through technology ...

Listening to Music Impairs Creativity  Pacific Standard

New research suggests that background music, with or without lyrics, "consistently disrupts creative performance."

The Creativity Code by Marcus du Sautoy – review  The Guardian

A wide-ranging study claims that, whether in mathematics or the arts, computers won't create anything of value unless they acquire consciousness.

Celebrate community creativity at Panoply Arts Festival 2019  WHNT News 19

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Arts Huntsville invites the community to step back in time and journey through space at Panoply Arts Festival 2019. Panoply Arts Festival is ...

The Creativity Quotient  ATD

When you integrate curiosity, improvisation, and intuition into your leadership practice, you develop your creativity quotient.

For artists fame is more about social networks than creativity  Quartz

Andy Warhol's thoughts on fame are, well, famous. The line, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes,” which is often attributed to the pop ...

Harvey Mackay: Be bold and encourage, celebrate creativity  Albany Times Union

Creative ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, at any time. Those ideas often involve taking a risk or challenging conventional thinking. And that can be ...

Science: Listening to music while working impairs creativity  Digital Journal

Should you listen to music while you are working? For many this is down to individual preference, and many find music helps develop the muse. New research ...

Makerfest in Mokena celebrates creativity  Chicago Tribune

Each Makerfest exhibitor brings projects or hands-on displays to share with attendees.

From creativity to criticism: what these artists teach us about success  YourStory

In our final photo-essay on the Whitefield Art Collective, we showcase more of the installations along with artist insights on creativity, career, and community.

Music Wrecks Your Creativity, an Incredible New Study Says  Inc.

Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. We've all done it. We've all got through high school and ...

The Secret to the Bauhaus's Creativity? Being Weird  CityLab

Many imitators of the famous art school's output have missed the surreal, sensual, irrational, and instinctual spirit that drove its creativity.

University of Connecticut professor teaches on psychology and creativity  The Crimson While

James Kaufman, a psychology professor at the University of Connecticut, will be teaching a masterclass on the psychology of creativity over Skype on ...

Creativity without limits  The Sun Daily

PHOTOGRAPHY is one of the 21st century greatest technological inventions, and it is not hyperbole to keep the significance of the evolutionary medium ...

Listening to background music may hinder rather than enhance creativity, study suggests  MinnPost

The commonly held belief that listening to music enhances creativity has been debunked — or at least challenged — by new research from a team of British ...

Ask The CMO: Jason Heller On How Data And Creativity Must Work In Lockstep To Drive Business Growth  Forbes

We live in an age of digital transformation. Many look at transformation through two distinct lenses: marketing and technology. Few however, have the vision to ...

Arcata celebrates creativity  Eureka Times Standard

Arts! Arcata, Arcata Main Street's monthly celebration of visual and performing arts, will be held tonight from 6 to 9 p.m. at various locations in Arcata. Some of ...

Cultivating creativity in Cape Breton | Living  Cape Breton Post

Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design, Cape Breton Partnership presenting “Growing A Creative Economy: A Conference for Creativity, Collaboration and ...

Defining Creativity  WOSU

Creativity isn't something that can be taught. Instead, it's intuitive, as psychologists define creativity as the ability to solve problems or create.

Managers Who Listen Boost Staff Creativity  Breaking Israel News

One would think bosses would have the common sense to pay attention to their employees' suggestions and grievances, but many managers either lack the ...

Creativity demands space  Deccan Herald

New-age education practices foster student-teacher relationship to make learning more effective and meaningful, explains Tarun Bhalla.

Women leaders help drive creativity and innovation

Each year we reflect upon the Top 25 Women in Healthcare award recipients and their accomplishments. What sets this year's honorees apart are their diverse ...

Creativity Is Taking Over  Hamptons Independents

Approximately 600 people gathered at the Southampton Arts Center on February 9 for the opening reception of “Takeover! Artists in Residence.” The new exhibit ...

"We're killing our capacity for creativity"

Twitter VP Bruce Daisley explains why checking emails outside of work and the misuse of open plan offices is creating so much stress.

Algeria: how millennials used humour and creativity to force Abdelalziz Bouteflika to stand aside  The Conversation UK

Algerian citizens protesting against their president, Abdelalziz Bouteflika, have been heard. The 82-year-old politician officially announced on March 11 that he ...

Listening to music may hinder your creativity, new study suggests - The Jakarta Post  Jakarta Post

Creativity is an important quality at work as well as in our personal life. Going against the belief that listening to music enhances our creative thinking, a recent ...

San Antonio school trying to ‘flip the script,’ foster entrepreneurship and creativity  San Antonio Express-News

Are entrepreneurship and traditional education totally at odds? Can practical business skills only be learned on the job? Or can we teach this at school? And if ...

'World of Dance' 5th Judge: J.Lo Moved by Tap Routine, Duels Bring Out the Best Leading to Upsets Galore  TooFab

"World of Dance" blows its own expectations as the Upper Division proves Qualifier rankings mean nothing when it comes to the Duels.

In Chicago, Science and Industry Also Means Art and Creativity  Next City

In 1970, Black Aesthetics, a group of community artists and residents from Hyde Park, located on Chicago's South Side, approached the Museum of Science and ...

New Study Suggests Background Music Might Actually Be Hurting Your Creativity  Travel+Leisure

Think listening to music boosts your creativity? Think again.

No shortage of creativity at Rock 102's Cardboard Cup  News Talk 650 CKOM

It might be the most fun a person can have on a slab of cardboard as hundreds of people turned up the Rock 102's annual Cardboard Cup at Optimist Hill on ...

02F: Festival celebrates women and creativity  Eureka Times Standard

Playhouse Arts will present the third annual “02F: Zero To Fierce Festival” from March 4 to 10. This weeklong event is centered around International Women's ...

Shrooms can improve your creativity up to a week after use, research finds  Dazed

New research has found a major ingredient in magic mushrooms can improve your creativity for days after you take it. Scientists have been looking into the ...

Review: Blackstone's Indian-meets-Chipotle mashup lacks flavor, creativity of other Omaha options  Omaha World-Herald

Thanks for subscribing to the Omaha World-Herald and supporting local journalism. As a subscriber, you have exclusive access to articles that carry the ...

Inspiring Creativity And Bold Solutions  Texas A&M University

Cecilia Conrad, managing director at the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, will deliver the keynote address for the first President's Excellence ...

Willie Miller: Creativity key to Aberdeen’s woes at Pittodrie  Aberdeen Evening Express

Saturday's 1-1 draw with Livingston means the Dons have only won once in nine games at Pittodrie. In the league it is six matches without a victory, stretching ...

Questlove discusses importance of boredom, creativity  The Daily Princetonian

Boredom can help generate creativity, according to Ahmir Khalib Thompson, known professionally as Questlove. On Friday, Feb. 15, Questlove spoke with ...

The Simple Mistake Many Photographers and Videographers Make That Kills Creativity  Fstoppers

Many photographers and videographers often hit points in their careers where they're suddenly dissatisfied with their work and unsure of where to go to next.

BBDO's Dani Richa On Creativity, Awards & Purpose - AM Marketing, Media, Advertising News in  Arabian Marketer

Bagging 47 awards, Impact BBDO was crowned Agency of the Year at the Dubai Lynx International Festival of Creativity 2019. These comprised 31 awards for ...

Back to the drawing board: why pharmacists should embrace creativity in patient interactions  The Pharmaceutical Journal

When almost half of patients are unable to understand health information, pharmacists should employ a creative and humanistic approach to discussing ...

Forward Madison’s new kits turn the creativity up to full-mingo  E Pluribus Loonum

There are some boring soccer kits out there. Actually, there are a lot of them. Then there are some that stick out — in a very good way. On that note, Forward ...

Pollock Prize for Creativity Goes to Todd Williamson -  ARTnews

The Pollock-Krasner Foundation has awarded artist Todd Williamson the Pollock Prize for Creativity, which comes with $50,000 in funds that will support his solo ...

Celebrating female creativity: New art exhibit opens at Darden  University of Virginia The Cavalier Daily

A new exhibit opened Feb. 28 at the Batten Institute at the Darden School of Business entitled “Celebrating Creativity: Works by Local Women Artists.

How to Develop Creativity Inclusively in Your Organization  The Content Standard by Skyword

Learning how to develop creativity throughout your organization impacts every level of your brand's activities. Here's how to improve creativity at scale.

Studio 105 Teaches Creativity

A chocolate doughnut is today's inspiration at Studio 105. Sandwiched between two teaching artists at the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning's new Glenville ...

AMDT to host Festival of Creativity for the second consecutive year

AMDT School of Creativity, Sri Lanka's highly renowned institute for Creativity and Arts launches their “Festival of Creativity” for the second consecutive year, ...

Creativity, a priority in national agenda  New Straits Times

A KEY ingredient that constitutes a strong nation lies in the hands of its well-informed citizens. This implies that a populace is knowledgeable, well-developed ...

Leaders in Learning — Student film festival helps kids learn about creativity  KMVT

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Students from Shannon Youngman's 5th grade class at Oregon Trail Elementary got to feel like Steven Spielberg Wednesday ...

Artists Can Become Famous Through Connections and Not Their Creativity  Fstoppers

Artists strive not only to share their creative works but many also want to be known for their talents. Research is now finding what makes an artist known to the ...

Weekend preview: Explore creativity in all its forms  Kitsap Sun

Events this weekend celebrate paper arts, vintage style, women artists, local theater and more.

Could daydreaming be the path to greater creativity and mental health?  Sydney Morning Herald

When we were growing up, my brother, sister and I regularly played a game we had invented called the "Swiss Machine", which involved us spinning around for ...

Over 2 million people have taken LinkedIn's most popular online course—here's the skill they're learning  CNBC

In January, LinkedIn analyzed hundreds of thousands of job postings in order to determine which skills companies need most in 2019. They found that ...

Catskill students get steeped in creativity with visiting artist  Hudson Valley 360

Ruby Silvious, a local artist who travels internationally to show her artwork, visited Catskill High School to give a demonstration of her work with repurposed ...

Tasty Cities Worth Visiting for Their Culinary Creativity

If you're looking for a new travel experience or new culinary destinations, these tasty cities might be worth a visit.

Video: Episode 2 of Anthill's 'In the Blink' - On Creativity with Brett Rheeder

Brett Rheeder draws lines on a landscape like a painter's brush on canvas. Learn how creative expression shapes Brett's Utah segment for Anthill's new feature ...

Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival returns this month  7x7

Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival returns to San Jose and Redwood City March 5th for a stunning 13 days featuring 600 unique experiences in the genres of ...

​'Creativity of necessity'  High Plains Reader

Thielen's work captures the heart of midwestern culture.

Mood Boards Can Help Unlock Creativity—Here’s How to Make Your Own  Artsy

A mood board can be a low-stakes creative project that requires little time and few supplies. It can help you start a new project or deal with creative block.

In The Gig Economy, Small Agencies Are Ideally Suited To Remain Creative And Thrive  Forbes

With less money to spend, major companies are shifting from retainer arrangements and have begun hiring multiple agencies to partner with and parceling off ...

Video: Student talent and creativity take the stage on Sangai Asia Night  Bates News

Seeing all the Asian cultures come together and celebrate each other's art” — that's Sangai Asia Night at Bates.

Sweet creativity: Duluth's Snazzy Cakes can prepare a custom...  Duluth News Tribune

Upon entering the kitchen of Snazzy Cakes, a custom cake shop owned by Duluthian Lyndsay Smitke, you feel you have entered an artist's studio. In this ...

Join Campaign US to talk trust and creativity at SXSW  Campaign US

The UK Creative industry takes over a day at SXSW to debate how creativity and advertising - and more trust in trust itself - will save an increasingly ...

a new study finds shrooms boost creativity for up to a week  VICE

The magical fungus is considered the "safest drug" and can also improve empathy.

Listening To Music While Doing Work 'Significantly Impairs' Creativity  Study Finds

Listening to your favorite band while chipping away at a presentation for work or your memoir may not lead to your best stuff. While it's often thought that having ...


(MENAFN - GetNews) Alan King (Alan Cheung) The AKINGS is a fashion and lifestyle brand that was conceived and brought to life by.

OKC students asked to tap into creativity for 'Fix a Leak' poster contest

Students can tap into their artistic talents for the inaugural water conservation poster contest celebrating “Fix a Leak” week, March 18-24. Kindergarten through ...

Feigenbaum Forum on Innovation and Creativity  Union College

Three entrepreneurs who are addressing important challenges through creative social enterprises will headline the fourth annual Feigenbaum Forum on ...

Celebrate kids' creativity at Kent Kids' Arts Day on Saturday, March 9  Kent Reporter

Have fun doing art and celebrate National Youth Arts Month by bringing kids, creativity and diversity to the community at the 30th annual Kent Kids' Arts Day, ...

3rd Annual D.H. Lawrence Lecture, 'MY D.H. Lawrence: When Creativity Gets Contagious'  UNM Newsroom

The 3rd Annual D. H. Lawrence Lecture presents Marianna Torgovnick, professor at Duke University and director of the Duke in NY Arts and Media Program in ...

Memories of Dubai Lynx, a Cannes Lion marketing festival in the desert  The Drum

Two weeks ago, the old rules of marketing were abandoned as speakers and the audience helped reinvent it all at the Dubai Lynx, the two-day marketing ...

Column: Creativity is valued in District 518 schools  Daily Globe

By Kelly Knips, District 518. WORTHINGTON — The creativity continues to flow throughout the art classrooms in District 518. Students are working hard to “think ...

Letter to the editor: 'Hear Here' program at Merrill showcases the creativity, diversity that help Maine thrive  Press Herald

I'd like to comment on the Feb. 18 article about Gov. Mills “looking ahead” from the “turbulence” of the previous administration (Page B1). But first: As a crew ...

Blair fifth-graders use creativity to construct snow creatures  Blair Enterprise Publishing

Some fifth-graders at Arbor Park Intermediate School showed off their creativity last week as they created creatures, forts and planes made out of snow.

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