Credit Information

Credit Information

19,178 Identity Theft Victims Per Day - Are You One Of Them?

Identity theft statistics are shocking. And we are told that it will only become worse, before it gets any better.

Credit Damage: Getting Compensated for Your Loss

Until recently lawyers for victims of credit damage had little possibility to collect for damages beyond medical treatment, lost wages and property loss. Insurance companies threw up their hands in sympathy, claiming victims can only be compensated for what can be measured - tangible goods and services.

3 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score by 50 Points In Less Than 30 Days

In Less Than 30 Days."What can you do to increase that set of three numbers on your credit report that can be so important with your financing?"I came across this question as I was surfing discussion groups the other day.

To Repair Credit Is No longer Satisfactory - Learn How To Earn A Millionaires Credit In 30 Days...

To repair your bad credit does not necessarily mean that you now have a good credit, absolutely not. When most people have bad credit, they either purchase a credit repair book or seek a credit expert help.

4 Steps to Creating Good Credit

As a consumer you've learned the importance of establishing a good credit rating with your lenders. Whether you are shopping for a new home or auto, or searching for the best deals on insurance, your credit worthiness will be judged by your credit rating or credit score.

Beware of Falling Minimum Payments

If you opened a credit card statement recently and were pleasantly surprised to find that your minimum payment due was lowered, don't be so quick to "jump for joy". What may appear as a small boost to your monthly budget is actually the rock that can weigh you down in debt for a lifetime.

Convenience Can Be Costly

You've just opened your credit card bill and attached to your statement you find a "convenience check" included. It may already be filled out with a dollar amount such as $300, $500, or even $1,000.

Credit Repair Scams

"Erase Bad Debt !""Remove Negative Items From Your Credit Report"You've probably seen these headlines and others just like it promising to clean up or "fix" bad credit. For someone who suffers from a bad or poor credit rating, these headlines are certainly an appealing offer.

Debit Card vs. Credit Card, What Are The Differences ?

Ah, the "good old days". If you are a baby boomer, like me, then you probably remember how important it was to rush to the bank on payday.

How Healthy Is Your Credit

There's only one way to discover the "health" of your credit. You need to examine your credit report.

Top 5 Credit Misconceptions

We have all heard the rumors?from neighbors, relatives or friends. There are a wide variety of myths floating around about what you should and shouldn't do to improve your credit reports and credit scores.

Your Guide On Choosing a Credit Card To Suit You

Reach into your wallet or purse, pull out a card, swipe, and you're done. It is very easy to use a credit card.

4 Steps You Can Take If Your Online Credit Card Application Has Been Refused

Help! I've Been Turned DownYou received an envelope in the mail with a great offer for a low interest credit card. You read all the details, even the boring small print and decided that this card fit your needs to a tee.

7 Surefire Ways To Repair Bad Credit

Do you have a poor credit rating? If so, you are one of tens of thousands of Americans with the same problem. In fact, it seems that this has become a national 'disease.

5 Surefire Ways To Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Do you have enormous credit card debt? You are certainly not alone. According to research, the average family in the United States has $7000 in credit card debt and pays about $1000 in interest each year! Throw in a late payment or two, or an over-the-limit charge, and that number skyrockets.

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Concerned that government is rigged in favor of the rich? End this tax credit.  The Washington Post

Some government foolishness has an educational value that compensates for its considerable cost. Consider the multibillion-dollar federal electric vehicle tax ...

Why Credit Suisse says tech stocks are actually defensive (hint: it’s the cash)  MarketWatch

A shortened week for stocks is coming to a close, with U.S. investors off Friday and much of Europe out of action as well. While many eyes will turn to the ...

2019’s Best Credit Cards for Low Credit Scores

Imagine you're preparing for a job interview. You choose your best interview clothes, spend time in front of the mirror to look your best, and may even do some ...

How to Request a Credit Card Fraud Alert News

A credit card fraud alert can give you protection from identity thieves. Learn more about what it does, when you should request one and how to do so.

Police Ask for Information After Stolen Credit Cards Used in Stores

Police are asking for help in finding a woman they say used four stolen credit cards to buy $10,000 in merchandise in February and March. The woman stole two ...

Experts aren't all impressed by Apple's new credit card, but here's why it could be a good choice for you  CNBC

Some experts are "underwhelmed" by the new credit card that Apple plans to roll out this summer. But it may still be a good option because of its cash-back ...

Apple’s got a credit card, and now T-Mobile is launching a checking account  BGR

Tech companies and telcos, all of a sudden it seems, have decided to start making money by getting into, well, money. The same way Apple just last month ...

DeVos to pitch tax credit plan in Kentucky  Politico

Federal data shows lower crime in schools — Dems seek public *service* loan forgiveness changes in government funding talks.

NY Farm to Food Bank Tax Credit Aims to Help Those in Need  Natural Resources Defense Council

Over the past several years, New York State has emerged as a national leader on the problem of food waste. Just two weeks ago, Governor Cuomo and the New ...

Cash or credit? Why going cashless might bust your budget  Boston 25 News

With credit and debit cards, and services like Venmo and Apple Pay, cash seems a little passé these days, but there could be a hidden cost to all this ...

Canada is launching a tax credit for electric vehicles. Tesla's cars are too expensive to qualify.  INSIDER

Cars with six or fewer seats must cost less than $45000 CAD. Tesla's cheapest car in the country starts at $53700.

I've opened more than a dozen credit cards and figured out exactly how opening a card for the bonus affects my credit  Business Insider

Figuring out the right mix of credit cards to optimize your finances can be difficult. Figure out whether a new credit card can help or hurt you.

GCS members can access credit scores for free

GCS Credit Union is offering members free access to their FICO scores, including information on the top factors affecting their scores. Scores update quarterly ...

Man accused of using stolen credit card, stealing package  WBRZ

A man is facing multiple charges following three separate incidents in Baton Rouge.

YouTube Premium now giving US users $2 in free monthly Super Chat credit  9to5Google

If you're a YouTube Premium subscriber, you could have received $2 in free Super Chat credit to help support YouTube *content* creators on their next live stream ...

Child tax credit: Democrats in the states can cut child poverty

2019 has been a banner year for Democratic anti-poverty plans. Just in the past couple of weeks, Senate Democrats have rolled out a plan to expand tax credits ...

Credit Repair Companies Offer To Fix Your Credit For A Fee. Are They A Scam?  HuffPost

Plus, should you ever pay to have your poor credit fixed?

Northern Credit Union announces locations of Dexter and Croghan relationship centers

WATERTOWN, NY – Northern Credit Union is excited to announce finalized lease agreements to open new relationship centers in Dexter and Croghan.

'Middle-class Joe' cozied up to credit card companies and made filing for bankruptcy harder  Washington Examiner

Former Vice President Joe Biden bills himself as one of the regular guys and gals, but as a Democratic Senator from Delaware, he cozied up to credit card ...

Santander and Credit Agricole to Create $3.78 Trillion Custodial Bank  Wall Street Journal

Spain's Banco Santander and France's Credit Agricole are to combine their custody and asset-servicing operations, creating a $3.78 trillion custodian business ...

Essential Properties Realty Trust, Inc. Announces Expanded $600 Million Unsecured Credit Facility  Associated Press

Press release *content* from Business Wire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

China reportedly monitors what civil servants do outside work as the country rolls out its ambitious social credit system  INSIDER

China's social credit system aims to track, reward, and punish citizens' behavior. The Communist Party is also cracking down on members' loyalty.

Is a travel rewards credit card right for you? Think carefully.  NBC News

They're not for everyone and unless you choose wisely, they could cost you money. Here's a better way to reap the benefits of a travel rewards credit card.

Crooks targeting ATMs with skimmers at credit unions  WXYZ Detroit

REDFORD, Mich. (WXYZ) — Redford Police are alerting the public about skimming devices hidden on ATMs at some area credit unions, allowing the thieves to ...

Patient Fed improves corporate credit spread outlook  Reuters

NEW YORK, April 18 (LPC) - The outlook for global corporate credit spreads improved in the first quarter by the most in nearly four years, with little change ...

Santander suspends issuing new credit cards due to overcharges  Boston Business Journal

Santander Bank has confirmed to the Business Journal that it suspended issuing new credit cards in March after it charged some customers a higher interest ...

Credit union to buy former Whirlpool building  Herald Palladium

ST. JOSEPH — United Federal Credit Union announced Wednesday that it bought the former Whirlpool Corp. office building along Hilltop Road in St. Joseph.

Brex, the credit card for startups, raises $100M debt round  TechCrunch

Brex, widely known for its billboards littered across San Francisco, has secured a $100 million debt financing from Barclays Investment Bank . The company ...

Perez: Credit card skimming at gas pumps is a rapidly growing problem  Rio Grande Guardian

Texas strives to be number one in everything, but credit card skimming should not be one of them. Credit card skimming at gas pumps is a rapidly growing ...

Why has China restricted the sale of over 26 million plane and train tickets?  South China Morning Post

System aims to pressure citizens to avoid bad behaviour, with 13.49 million individuals classified as untrustworthy by the of March.

How a little-known alliance in Texas has boosted small credit unions  Credit Union Journal

A surcharge-free ATM network among credit unions based in Central Texas has helped raise the profile of small CUs there – and some say it's a strategy ...

Ayden woman faces 24 charges for allegedly stealing and using credit cards  WNCT

AYDEN, N.C. (WNCT) - An Ayden woman was arrested and charged for allegedly stealing credit cards from a home and using them to make purchases.

“Alternative” credit bureau Credit Kudos secures £2.2 million  ImpactAlpha

ImpactAlpha, April 18 – Numerous financial tech companies are using alternative credit scoring metrics to drive financial inclusion and lower borrowing rates for ...

Bored With Shorting VIX? New ETF Offers a Credit-Volatility Bet  Bloomberg

The short-volatility complex is coming to corporate debt ETFs. An exchange-traded fund that will test appetite for credit volatility as a standalone asset class ...

U.K. Credit Card Default Rate Jumps at Start of 2019, BOE Says  Bloomberg

U.K. credit card defaults have risen to the highest level in almost two years, according to figures from the Bank of England.

Legalize marijuana banking and credit cards, Menendez says  New Jersey 101.5 FM Radio

Legislation would remove the fear of federal retaliation for banks that do normal business transactions with legal marijuana businesses.

Arrest warrant issued for waitress who stole patron’s wallet, used credit cards in Cumberland County  WPMT FOX 43

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa.-- A woman is wanted after stealing a patron's wallet, whom she had served as a waitress, and using credit cards at various ...

Gas tax credit eyed to offset cap-and-trade impact at the pump  Mail Tribune

For months, the conversation around Oregon's proposed carbon program has revolved around how it will impact industrial polluters. On Monday, a public ...

Jasper County panel to take out line of credit  Joplin Globe

CARTHAGE, Mo. — Members of the Jasper County Commission have agreed to seek a $300000 line of credit in case money is needed in connection with ...

ATM theft operation leads police to credit card cloning workshop in Oakland County apartment  WDIV ClickOnDetroit

A massive ATM theft operation involving three men and banks across Metro Detroit led police to uncover a credit card cloning workshop set up in an Oakland ...

Can you combine gift cards and credit cards on PlayStation Store?  Android Central

Best answer: Yes! You can use gift cards and credit cards together on the PlayStation Store by using PlayStation Network gift cards (PSN cards) or by adding ...

Two make credit cards with stolen IDs — and pump 110 gallons of gas, cops say  Sun Sentinel

Yasser Rivera, 35, and Hugo Leyva, 46, both of Miami are accused of using counterfeit credit cards with stolen identities to fill a modified truck with over 100 ...

WANTED! Police search for woman accused of using stolen credit cards  KCCI Des Moines

Police in Clive are searching for a woman accused of money laundering and using stolen credit cards. The Clive Police Department announced on Facebook ...

Deputies bust scammers buying four-wheelers with stolen credit cards - Magnolia State Live  Magnolia State Live

Adams County Sheriff's Office deputies said they have one person in custody and are searching for three more people they say are involved in a scam using ...

Best Downgrades Credit Ratings of Alabama-Based Alfa Insurance Group Members  Insurance Journal

AM Best has downgraded the Long-Term Issuer Credit Ratings (Long-Term ICR) to “a” from “a+” and affirmed the Financial Strength Rating (FSR) of A ...

Credit card skimmers found on three gas pumps in southwest Houston

HOUSTON — If you've purchased gas in southwest Houston recently and used a credit card, you'll want to check those statements closely. Three skimmers were ...

I'm getting married. Will my fiancé's bankruptcy impact my credit?

Q. I'm close to marrying a guy who had a bankruptcy two years ago. He seems to have it together now - money-wise - but I know the bankruptcy could hurt my ...

GameStop will let you return a game for full credit within 48 hours  The Verge

GameStop is launching a new promotion that will allow customers to return a game for full store credit within 48 hours of purchase. The program, as circulated ...

Sexy impact munis, Acumen's off-grid energy fund, rural childcare, alt-credit in the UK, flexible Opportunity Zone regulations  ImpactAlpha

Greetings, Agents of Impact! Featured: Returns on investment podcast. Impact investors start to make stodgy municipal bonds sexy (podcast). Hidden within the ...

KBRA Credit Profile (KCP) K-LOC Index: March 2019  Business Wire

Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA) releases its KBRA Credit Profile (KCP) K-LOC Index for the month of March. K-LOC Index The KBRA Loan of Concern ...

Default rate on UK credit card debt at highest for two years  The Guardian

Banks are expected to cut back on unsecured lending, sending default rate down.

Peoria man gets a surprise credit card bill for $15000  Peoria Journal Star

PEORIA — In the mail, a Peoria man was surprised to find a new credit card in his name, with an amount due of $15000.Monday, Peoria police were contacted ...

Game of Thrones Season 8 Opening Credits: What It All Means  TIME

Here's everything that we can tell from the opening credit sequence of 'Game of Thrones,' from its depiction of the Wall to Winterfell.

Man stole $374,000 from USPS customers in one Fort Worth ZIP code, feds say  Fort Worth Star-Telegram

A Fort Worth man is accused of making $374000 worth of purchases using stolen credit cards that he purchased from a USPS carrier who delivered packages in ...

Film tax credit clears Senate, awaits House action  Great Falls Tribune

A bill that would provide film tax credits was spared from the cutting room floor and passed Wednesday out of the state Senate.

WillScot to Participate at the Credit Suisse Extreme Services Conference  GlobeNewswire

BALTIMORE, April 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WillScot Corporation (“WillScot”) (NASDAQ: WSC), the specialty rental services market leader providing ...

In Iowa, Sen. Cory Booker explains new tax credit plan  KCCI Des Moines

Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker on Tuesday outlined details of his plan to lower the annual tax bill for almost half of American taxpayers.

Suspect wanted for unlawful use of credit card at GameStop  KGET 17

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) -- A man is wanted for unlawfully using a credit card at a South Bakersfield store.

Fayette County traffic stop leads to seizure of multiple credit card skimmers  KEYE TV CBS Austin

A traffic stop in Fayette County last week took multiple credit card skimmers off the streets, according to Sheriff Keith Korenek. While conducting a traffic stop on ...

Pennsylvania Man Sentenced for Stealing Credit Cards at Plaza Frontenac  KTRS | St Louis News and Talk Radio | The Big 550 AM

30-year-old Alfred Ford Jr. of Norristown, Pennsylvania appeared in U.S. District Court Wednesday. According to court records, in 2017 and 2018 Ford stole ...

How to Sidestep the Potential Pitfalls of Travel Credit Cards  NerdWallet

If you're not careful, that quest for a "free" trip can actually wind up costing you. Here's how to avoid the most dangerous land mines.

Electric car tax credits subsidize inequality | TheHill  The Hill

Should the federal government subsidize electric car purchases by providing an electric vehicle tax credit? I think not, and neither do most voters. Why?

At least 35 victims of credit card fraud reported at Madera gas stations

At least 35 people have fallen victim to credit card fraud in Madera at two gas stations, according to authorities.

President Trump just took credit for revitalizing Bethlehem. Bethlehem's mayor begs to differ.

On Twitter Tuesday night, the president called it "the now thriving (Thank you President Trump) Bethlehem, Pennsylvania" while sounding off about the Bernie ...

Crime Stoppers: Pub at Novo stolen credit cards  WBKO

The Bowling Green Police Department is investigating a theft from the Pub at Novo and the fraudulent use of credit card.

SG Credit Partners Provides $5MM Acquisition Financing to Oilfield Service Provider - News  ABL Advisor

SG Credit Partners (SGCP) provided a $5 million credit facility to an oilfield *service* provider that specializes in pipeline construction and the fabrication of ...

New Bank Credit Facility Increases Financial Flexibility for Six Flags  Associated Press

Press release *content* from Business Wire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

Booker proposes broad expansion of middle-class tax credit | TheHill  The Hill

Sen. Cory Booker (N.J.), a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, on Monday proposed a broad expansion of the earned income tax credit (EITC), which ...

Grieder: Texas’ Republican leaders deserve credit for acknowledging fiscal reality  Houston Chronicle

The Republican leaders of Texas would like to raise your taxes. To be fair, they probably wouldn't put it quite that way. And Republican leaders more generally ...

Neighbors used elderly woman's credit cards for shopping spree, police say  WPXI Pittsburgh

An elderly woman was taken advantage of by her Westmoreland County neighbors, according to police.

Syrian fuel queues grow, report cites Iranian credit freeze  The Jerusalem Post

A front page story in al-Watan newspaper, which is close to the Syrian government, said the government "wanted to present the picture as it is."

Here's how you can get free virtual numbers for any credit card  iMore

Apple Card is coming with some of the best security on the market with Virtual Account Numbers and a dynamic CCV, but you can already get these ...

Beware of credit card skimmers at local gas stations  Bakersfield Now

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - Filling up on gas this spring and summer could cost you more than you bargained for, if you're not careful. "A lot of identity ...

Here's one easy way to pay less to your credit card company  CNBC

Want to pay less to your credit card company? Make a phone call. While most cardholders have not requested a break on either interest rates or fees recently, ...

LCSO investigating credit card theft  WCTV

The Leon County Sheriff's Office is looking for two people believed to be involved in a credit card theft.

Canada's disability tax credit is valuable, but qualifying for it can be a huge challenge  Financial Post

Jamie Golombek: A tax case decided earlier this month provides us with yet another example of how difficult qualifying for the DTC can be.

This is how America's housing affordability is impacting credit quality  HousingWire

It's official, the era of unusually affordable housing has ended. Well, according to a recent Moody's Investors Services analysis. The organization claims that ...

Woman accused of breaking into vehicle, using stolen credit cards for mall shopping spree  WMC

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Memphis police say a woman went on a shopping spree at Wolfchase Mall with credit cards stolen during a car break-in. On Monday ...

College students who use credit cards now carry 5 on average—here's why experts aren't worried  CNBC

Among those who have at least one credit card, college students now have an average of 5.2, a new report shows. That's higher than the 4.4 cards held last year ...


Get instant alerts when news breaks on your stocks. Claim your 2-week free trial to StreetInsider Premium here. The information in this preliminary pricing ...

Suspect wanted for using stolen credit cards in Palm Beach County  WPEC

Palm Beach County deputies are searching for a woman accused of using stolen credit cards throughout the Lantana and Lake Worth areas. The incident ...

Down East Credit Union robbery suspect's bail set for $50000  Bangor Daily News

Ronald Tilley, who is accused of robbing Down East Credit Union in Bangor late last month, made his first court appearance Tuesday, where his bail was set for ...

Cross-border credit reporting is at last becoming a reality  The Economist

THE WINDOW to submit applications for an H1B visa, a golden ticket for foreigners wishing to work in America, closed on April 5th. Soon the 85000 winners will ...

Credit Suisse Seeks to Seize Oil Trader's Three London Homes  Bloomberg

Credit Suisse Group AG has already taken Nigerian oil trader Igho Sanomi's private jet. Now it's coming for his London apartments.

Man wanted for stealing credit cards from lockers at Chesterfield gyms  WTVR CBS 6 News

Police are seeking a man accused of stealing credit cards from lockers at two Chesterfield County gyms earlier this month.

Minnesota credit unions roll out residential solar loan program  Energy News Network

The solar loan program aims to fill a financing gap for residential installations in Minnesota with discounted rates.

Here's What Happens When You Pay Your Taxes With a Credit Card  The Motley Fool

When you owe money to the Internal Revenue *Service* (IRS), you have a few options for making your tax payment. You can use IRS Direct Pay to have your ...

There's an easy way to save hundreds of dollars on your credit card bill—but only 20% of people have tried it  CNBC

It's possible to save hundreds of dollars on your credit card bill from making just one call — yet few Americans do it. More than eight in 10 cardholders who got ...

Amstel Gold Race takes more credit than deserved in increased prize money for women

On April 9, the Amstel Gold Race organisation announced that it would double the prize money for their women's race and substantially increase participation ...

4 biggest mistakes most people make with credit-card rewards  MarketWatch

The travel perks and large bonuses these cards offer are popular, but many people aren't getting their money's worth.

3 arrested at Bethalto credit union after police find drugs and cash in vehicle

BETHALTO, Ill. ( -- Bethalto Police arrested three people Thursday outside the First Mid America Credit Union on E. Bethalto Blvd. after discovering ...

YouTube Premium users getting $2 in free, monthly Super Chat credit 2019/04/17 6:54pm  Android Police

YouTube Premium subscribers have started receiving $2 in free Super Chat credits to support their favorite creator during a livestream. The company has... by ...

Earned Income Tax Credit: Senate Democrats propose big expansion

It would create a real child benefit for the first time in US history.

Credit Suisse: 'We Remain Positive On Gold Prices In 2019'  Kitco News

Market Nuggets compiles all of the day's top expert analysis on the gold market. They offer a short synopsis of bank forecasts, and the outlook of famed ...

Passaic Sheriff: Probation Violator Nabbed With Dozens Of Bogus Credit, Gift Cards, More  Daily Voice

Two Passaic County sheriff's detectives who tracked down and arrested a Paterson man wanted on a probation violation found him carrying 19 bogus credit ...

Bipartisan senators offer bill to expand electric vehicle tax credit | TheHill  The Hill

About three times as many Americans could benefit from tax credits for electric vehicles under legislation introduced Wednesday by a bipartisan group of ...

Liberty Mutual to Acquire AmTrust's Surety, Credit Reinsurance Business  Insurance Journal

Liberty Mutual Insurance said it has agreed to acquire the global surety and credit reinsurance operations of property/casualty insurer AmTrust Financial.

Credit union offers assistance to workers displaced by Georgia-Pacific closure in Coos Bay  KVAL

COOS BAY, Ore. - A local credit union wants to help workers who will lose their jobs with the closure of the Georgia-Pacific plant in Coos Pay this year.

Sheriff: Paterson man arrested with stolen credit cards, driver's license  Paterson Times

A city man wanted for several active New Jersey Superior Court warrants was arrested on Tuesday with stolen credit cards and someone else's driver's license, ...

Woman accused of stealing credit card from coma victim  WBRZ

A woman is facing multiple charges after police said she stole money from a person who was in a the hospital.

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