Customer Service Information

Customer Service Information

Take Care of Yourself Before You Take Care of Your Customer

One of the most important questions people ask when they are focused on improving their quantity and quality of business is: "What is my competitive advantage? What makes me unique, memorable, special? what truly sets me apart from the rest?" While there are no definitively right answers to that question, most people come to some conclusion that customer service is a critical component of your competitive advantage. For most businesses, the service they offer can vary from exceptional to not so hot, depending upon circumstances.

You Bever Know Who Youre Serving

You Never Know Who You're Serving when customers turn irate.I think of myself as a reasonable person.

Clients... and 38 ways to communicate with them

As Alan Weiss (guru to the savvy consultant) says: "It is actually difficult to contact clients too much. It is easy to fail to contact them frequently enough.

Customer Service - A Lost Art?

Is customer service a lost art? Before you answer that question, take a moment and think about the last few times you have gone shopping or out to dinner. Okay, now that you have really thought about it, is your answer any different? Why is it that when we actually DO receive excellent customer service that it makes such an impression on us that we usually choose to go back? Why - because the occurrences are so few and far between!!! As a home business owner, it is imperative to my business that customer service is ALWAYS a top priority.

Is your Online Business Customer-Friendly?

Customer service is increasingly seen as one of the most valuable uses for a commercial World Wide Web site. Your Web site is available on a 24 hour, seven days a week basis.

Customer Service A Chickens Way

Anyone who knows me knows my favorite fast food restaurant is Chick-fil-A. Aside from the fact their chicken is especially good and I can always get sweet tea, I have a valuable business reason for eating there - they serve up amazing customer service.

Make An Action Plan To Improve Customer Service

Customer Service is a critical factor for keeping your clients coming back and ensuring they'll refer you to others. Growing your business will be a difficult task at best if you don't perform, meet and exceed your client's expectations, and provide service that creates customers for life.

Losing Angry Customers

This article offers five ways to help you deal with angry customers. While the goal of all businesses is to have only happy customers, we also have to be realistic and realize sometimes we are going to anger a customer.

Create Win-Win Deals With Your Competitors

In the competitive world of the 20th century, we generally viewed competitors as the enemy. And a competitor was anyone who sold to the same target audience as us - even if they sold a different item.

Making The Most Of Newsletters

Newsletters can be wonderful tools for communicating with your customers or prospects. Because of their format, they're often infused with more credibility than traditional brochures.

Customer Service Tips for Mail Order Businesses

Can we be too good to our customers? No way! Our customers are the backbone of our business! They're right no matter what! But I'm sorry to disagree with you. As small, honest and legitimate businesses - we have a tendency to place our product quality above money.

Becoming A Solution To Your Customers Problems

Those of us in home based and small businesses are in effect selling our product. So becoming an effective salesperson is very important.

Cultivating the Trust Factor

In today's highly competitive economy, it is difficult to maintain a significant market advantage based on your professional skills alone. Developing a trusting relationship with your clients is key to your success.

The 7 Principles of Business Integrity

If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don't have integrity, nothing else matters.

Breaking the Ice and Winning Over the Client!

Wherever you turn these days you'll find articles covering every business strategy and tactic available to man, from how to make a great presentation to strategies for success all the way to negotiations and prospecting and getting a client to commit. But hardly anyone touches on the subject of breaking the ice with a new client and winning them over.

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Here is Amazon's customer service phone number  Fast Company

We can never find Amazon's secret customer *service* phone number in the app or website. So we're making it easier for you here.

Ada nets $19 million Series A to grow its customer service chatbot  TechCrunch

Ada is on a mission to build chatbots powered by artificial intelligence. The company today is announcing a $19 million Series A that will go far in helping it ...

RiverLink gets new adviser, cuts customer service hours  WDRB

The actions came during the annual meetings of the toll system's oversight boards.

Customer service websites for 25 major retailers: your feedback can help businesses, according to study  ABC15 Arizona

Holiday shopping has changed in recent years, with certain brick and mortar stores like Toys ”R” Us going away and others fighting to stay alive in a world of ...

Debunking Customer Service Myths | Insight for the Connected Enterprise  No Jitter

The key to a good customer care and engagement is simple, once you understand what consumers do and don't want.

Ten Customer Service/Customer Experience Predictions for 2019  Forbes

Business is moving faster than ever. We're in a boom time for innovation in every area of business.

Customer Service Edge Cases. To Empower or Not to Empower?  Customer Think

Have you noticed the change in professional sports television viewing over the past few years where it's become standard for a rules official, oftentimes a former ...

Customer service defines brands (Milwaukee)

How is your business perceived in the marketplace?

Handyman Matters Named One of America's Best Customer Service Companies by Newsweek  Business Wire

Handyman Matters, a leading home repair and improvement organization, recognized as one of America's Best Companies for Customer *Service* by Newsweek.

The future of AI in Customer Service  CIO

AI improves customer *service* and accelerates business outcomes, including improving the bottom line, by automating simple tasks that don't require human ...

Allstate Elevates Use of Aerial Imagery to Enhance Customer Service  PRNewswire

NORTHBROOK, Ill., Dec. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Allstate customers who leave town ahead of a hurricane or wildfire may now have access to images of their ...

Success Secrets From The World's Best Service Business  Forbes

Technological disruption is not what determines a company's success, but whether it is able to integrate new technology with in-person interaction.

Be impeccable with customer service and stand out, online or off  USA TODAY

Not long ago, I was wandering through a used bookstore and happened upon an old article in a magazine from the 1950s about customer *service*. Treasure ...

STC Closes All Customer Service Branches for A Day to Boost Digital Channels Usage  The Fast Mode

The Saudi Telecom Company (STC) announced that today (Wednesday, December 19th) will be the official Digital Day in the country and will close all of its ...

How Important Is Customer Service To Success In Business?  Forbes

What is the relationship between customer *service* and business success? originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering ...

Almost 50% of Brits believe department store customer service has deteriorated  Retail Gazette

Almost half of UK shoppers believe customer *service* levels within department stores have deteriorated in the past decade, although the same amount of people ...

How AI Will Make Customer Service Reps Better At Their Jobs  Forbes

Good customer *service* differentiates companies and directly ties to top-line revenue. We may only think about these roles when we have a truly terrible or utterly ...

AI (Artificial Intelligence) And The Customer Service Experience: 3 Key Principles  Forbes

AI (artificial intelligence) is here to stay in the world of customer *service* and the customer experience. So, to move your comfort level forward, here are three ...

Natalie Baris of Red Jacket Orchards wins customer service award  Finger Lakes Times

GENEVA — Natalie Baris has an upbeat personality, pays attention to details and is dedicated to customer *service*.

China’s Tesla challenger Nio ‘not worried’ by tariff cuts  South China Morning Post

Nio reported sales of more than 2059 units of its ES8 model in October, outshining Tesla whose sales on the mainland totalled 211 vehicles for the monthTesla ...

Five Customer Service Objectives Every Business Needs  Market Business News

This article takes us through five customer *service* objectives that every business enterprise needs. Customer services is critical for success.

HVAC Contracting: Providing Customer Service Versus Creating a Customer Experience  ACHR NEWS

Let's start with a scenario: You wake up in the morning, ready to start your day with a nice hot shower. You turn your water on, waiting for it to warm up.

It's Time For Businesses To Change The Way They Think About Customer Service  Forbes

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The illustrated 2018 customer service fail awards – exclusive personal edition  Diginomica

I've been holding out on you. On the downlow, I've been saving a few customer *service* fails that (mostly) haven't been used in hits and misses. So without ...

Airlines Deserve A Lot Of Customer Service Criticism But Hyping Their Little Screw Ups Helps No One  Forbes

There's much for which airlines these days can be fairly, even harshly criticized: cramped seats, reduced or eliminated *service* items, frequently impersonal and ...

NCC targets improved customer service operations  Guardian Nigeria

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has commenced the review of its customer *Service* Level Agreements (SLAs) for the resolution of consumer ...

Want Faster Airline Customer Service? Try Tweeting  The New York Times

Tired of endless phone trees and long hold times? You may find that using social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook is a better way to get attention from ...

Oldham News | Local Sport | OCL are tops for customer service  Oldham Chronicle

Oldham Community Leisure (OCL) has been awarded a Silver Customer Engagement Award for dedication to its customers.

China's first web-only bank hopes A.I. and robots can improve customer service  CNBC

Tencent's WeBank hopes artificial intelligence can improve customer *service* through the use of virtual robots powered by technologies such as facial ...

Eir customer service  Irish Times

AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to Email App Share to LinkedIn Share to Pinterest Share to Reddit Share to Google+ Share ...

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From A Bad Customer Service Experience  Forbes

Mistakes are inevitable. It's how you respond to the mistake that counts.

The Effects of Underpaid Customer Service Employees  Customer Think

Too many companies assume that they can afford not to pay their customer *service* employees a fair wage. After all, these hourly workers tend to have a high ...

Stanley, Melanie and Courtney: How Vistra customizes customer service  Houston Chronicle

Vistra Energy may call you by your name, but to the Irving-based retail electric provider, you're Stanley, Melanie or Courtney. Vistra, the parent company of TXU ...

3 Key Tips to Improve Customer Service  Contracting Business

Technicians, contractors, and business owners face similar issues when it comes to customer *service* in today's increasingly competitive market. How do you ...

Restaurants Turn To Tech For Old-Fashioned Customer Service

Retail news: Restaurant and social house Tang & Biscuit has call buttons from a company called Tablee that diners can press to ask for *service* from staff.

Mister Robert looks toward another 60 years of quality, customer service  Norman Transcript

Norman has seen a lot since 1958. Its population was a third of what it is now, and that was a whole eight OU presidents ago. But at least one thing remains: ...

Customer Service Hours Extended Ahead of ACA Deadline  ABC NEWS 4

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina customer *service* representatives are working longer hours fielding calls during the final week of the Affordable Care Act ...

Encourage Excellent Customer Service  Business News Daily

Customer *service* is a critical part of any business. According to Forbes, consumers trust and spend more money on brands because of better customer *service*.

The Public Sector Can Teach Us a Lot About Digitizing Customer Service  MIT Sloan

Australian social *service* agencies are taking the lead in using bots to improve services.

How to make customer service actually respond to you  Popular Science

You probably know the basic steps to getting good customer *service*: Be polite, keep your requests reasonable, and ask for a manager if things don't go your ...

How Better Customer Service Leads to Better Sales  MarTech Advisor

Good customer *service*, just like good customer experience, can impact sales performance. Find out how the two are interconnected.

Jackson hosts 2-day customer service event for water bill problems  WLBT

The City of Jackson along with Working Together Jackson helping citizens keep their water flowing with a two-day customer *service* event.

Be Warned: Customer Service Agents Can See What You're Typing in Real Time  Gizmodo

Next time you're chatting with a customer *service* agent online, be warned that the person on the other side of your conversation might see what you're typing in ...

How Customer Service Will Evolve and Transform in 2019  Customer Think

With customers interacting with brands across multiple channels and in more sophisticated ways, the role of customer *service* is becoming increasingly important ...

Customer Service, Partnership Support A Healthier Start in Life

Getting out into our nation's communities and witnessing the impact federal nutrition programs have on lives leaves a lasting impression. On a recent trip to ...

Building an Ecommerce Business, Part 8: Customer Service  Practical Ecommerce

Startups and seasoned merchants alike can run into hiccups with managing customer *service*. Is it better to do it in-house or to outsource? Should you hire ...

Zappos Touts Its Customer Service in Bright, Poppy Brand Campaign From Plan A  Adweek

Zappos loves to tell stories about its customer *service*. The company is once again using its marketing to do just that with a colorful new brand campaign touting ...

Sarment Intelligent Services Launches Sentiment Analysis AI Module to Provide Advanced Customer Service  Directors Club Newswire

Sarment Intelligent Services, a lifestyle *service* provider that serves the High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth communities, is launching a new artificial.

Some American Airlines Flight Attendants Aren't Offering a Customer Service Basic (and Maybe They're Right)  Inc.

Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. You might not feel all that happy when you're on a plane.

Why Retail Employees See Tablets as Big Help in Customer Service  eWeek

Tablets have been a major hit with both consumers and enterprises since the first Apple iPad hit the market in 2010. In only eight years, sales of Apple, Samsung ...

Terrible tales from the holiday customer service desk  The Week Magazine

Even before her holiday gift show ended at 5 p.m., the phone lines for the luxury goods magazine where I worked were jammed with people clamoring to order ...

Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatches Helping HSBC With Customer Service  eWeek

In a pilot program, bank employees in a multistory New York City branch are using Samsung Gear S3 smartwatches to coordinate *service*.

NCC Begins Review of Telecoms Customer Service Agreement  THISDAY Newspapers

Emma Okonji. The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has commenced the review of its customer *Service* Level Agreements (SLAs) for the resolution ...

Getting Chatty: Aeromexico's Chatbot Is a Customer Service Hit  APEX Media

The latest from the Airline Passenger Experience Association, sharing aviation and passenger experience news from around the world.

Engaged Employees Deliver Better Customer Service - Promising Practices - Management

Leaders know that achieving their organization's mission depends on whether employees are engaged and energized to come to work every day. That's why I ...

Google should start a customer service line, Democratic congressman says  The Week Magazine

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) has a few personal problems with the Google "apparatus." When Google CEO Sundar Pichai appeared before the House Judiciary ...

The Amazing Ways TD Bank, Canada's Second-Largest Bank, Uses Big Data, AI & Machine Learning  Forbes

TD Bank is Canada's second largest bank, and the 10th largest bank in North America. Its focus is on retail banking and it employs over 26,000 people.

TechSee nabs $16M for its customer support solution built on computer vision and AR  TechCrunch

Chatbots and other AI-based tools have firmly found footing in the world of customer *service*, used either to augment or completely replace the role of a human ...

consistent customer service brings HVAC success  Contracting Business

Tom Casey, CEO of Milford, Conn.-based Climate Partners, never considered another field other than HVAC contracting. He represents the third generation of ...

The Earth Isn't Flat, And Neither Is Business: How To Service Clients Around The Globe  Forbes

These days, more businesses than ever are claiming to be "international." But what does that mean, really? Is becoming an international business a simple ...

Parksville mattress shop carries Torch for customer service  Parksville Qualicum Beach News

Latest BBB recognition shows the Golden Rule is just good business.

Chatbots: Your Private Investigators in Customer Service  Business 2 Community

Was 2018 the year of the chatbot? Or at least the year they started to become a lot more commonplace in customer *service*? They've become such a routine ...

Customer service and bargain-hunting are helping stores attract in-person shoppers  News 5 Cleveland

While Jerry Masisak walks through Great Northern Mall in North Olmsted, he reflects back on the Golden Rule of retail he learned while working in and owning a ...

Forethought Raises $9M Series A To Let AI Augment Customer Service  Crunchbase News

Back in September, a crew of startups hopped on stage at TC Disrupt to convince investors that they are the next big disruptive technology. The team behind ...

Customer Service Messaging: From Mess to Mastery  Customer Think

The stats are staggering—1.3 billion users on Facebook Messenger, which continues to add 100M users every 5-6 months. According to CTIA, 1.5 trillion text ...

New in El Al Airlines: Customer Service Also on WhatsApp  PRNewswire

TEL AVIV, Israel, December 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- El Al (TASE: ELAL) announced the introduction of WhatsApp to its customer *service* system. The company ...

Learn to Become a Salesforce Whiz With This $30 Complete Training Bundle  Entrepreneur

For the secret sauce behind 150,000 companies' customer *service* success—including 83 percent of Fortune 500 firms—look no further than Salesforce, ...

Online customer service agents are watching what you type  Boing Boing

When something goes wrong with a product you own or a *service* you pay for, it's reasonable to expect quick, effective customer *service* from the company ...

Customer Service Representatives - Austin Daily Herald  Austin Herald

Are you looking for a great career opportunity? Do you enjoy providing great customer *service*? Cooperative Response Center is the career for you! CRC in ...

That customer service agent you’re chatting with might be watching you type in real time  BGR

Big Brother is watching you, and so it seems are many customer *service* agents you chat with online. Apparently, they can see what you type in real time ...

5 components of emotional intelligence in a human-AI customer service  TechRadar

Emotional intelligence is an essential skill in the customer *service* functions with the productivity and efficiency of the role is directly tied to the quality of ...

A Look at the Future of Chatbots in Customer Service  ReadWrite

Businesses are increasingly turning to chatbots to automate their customer *service* operations - can bots fully replace humans in the immediate future?

Retailers test Facebook-style profiles to improve customer service  DigitalCommerce360

Some are testing new “Customer 360” software from Salesforce and upstart rival Freshworks that lets them build a Facebook-style profile of each shopper, the ...

Prepare for happy resolution, not war, in customer service  Arvada Press

'Tis the season. And with the season, many of us will have a chance to engage with customer *service*, or maybe better stated as having customer care ...

Buffalo airport celebrates top customer service ranking  Buffalo News

Officials of the Buffalo Niagara International Airport on Wednesday decorated their Cheektowaga facility with one of the aviation industry's most prestigious aw…

Job openings: Wisconsin Public Service hiring for 13 customer service jobs  Green Bay Press Gazette

Wisconsin Public *Service* seeking 13 people for customer *service* jobs in Green Bay.

17 Ways to Tell if Customer Service is Your Purpose in Life  Customer Think

Our “purpose” is the thing, item, or person we keep coming back to even after we've lost our way. Through good times and bad, we find ourselves surrounded by ...

Zoho customer service tools get AI, analytics updates  Computerworld

The company's Zia AI assistant is being rolled out in new areas and now provides email 'sentiment' analysis to Zoho Desk.

Do You Value Your Art Over Customer Service?  Fstoppers

If you've run a photography business for any amount of time, I can almost guarantee that you've come across clients who make requests you don't want to fill.

Customer Service Chat Services See Everything You Type, Whether You Send it or Not  Lifehacker

In the latest (or, really, most recently unearthed) instance of the internet being creepier than most users realized, it has come to our attention that the text box you ...

Newsweek survey highlights LifeWay customer service  BP News

LifeWay Christian Resources is No. 1 for brick and mortar bookstores on Newsweek's list of America's Best Customer *Service* 2019.

4 Embarrassing Online Reputation Mistakes Businesses Are Still Making  Forbes

Online reputation management is all about cleaning up, protecting, and improving what people find about you online. That process is by no means simple; ...

Building a dealership on customer service  Automotive News

For Corina Diehl, becoming a dealer was trial by fire after her husband's unexpected death in 2007. In an interview, she reflects on stair-step incentives, the ...

InvestorPlace Customer Service

The InvestorPlace Customer *Service* Department is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

El Al Airlines: Customer service also on WhatsApp  Travel Daily News International

After enabling messages via SMS and Facebook, El Al is launching a customer *service* response on WhatsApp. Chief Digital & Information Officer, Shahar ...

A dozen reasons your customer service agent retention might be faltering  Customer Think

I recently attended the ICMI Contact Center Demo conference. While I was there representing my company ServiceNow at the vendor expo, I had the opportunity ...

KIRBY: Customers need to practice customer service  The Augusta Chronicle

“Egotist – A person of low taste more interested in himself than in me.” — Ambrose Bierce. I've noticed an upbeat sense of customer *service* in recent months.

Start a post, then delete it? Many websites save it anyway.  Washington Post

Facebook and other websites save the photos, text and other information you provide, even if you change your mind. Experts worry that means users could ...

Public utilities department likely to raise customer service fees  Casper Star-Tribune Online

Casper's Public Services Department might raise its customer *service* fees for special services, like a fire hydrant flow test or the installation of a new water tap or ...

Customer Service Inspiration from my Bookshelf  Customer Think

This article was originally posted on the ICMI Blog during National Customer *Service* Week on October 2, 2018. Click here to read the original post. Can we all ...

Businesses using facial recognition to improve customer service, prevent crime  SecurityInfoWatch

Retailers expected to begin using technology to stop criminals and shoplifters.

The 73 year old lady and an unexpected customer service lesson  Customer Think

As a precursor to the show, James asked me to collect 3 different articles in the week approaching the interview that I had noticed and that had interested me.

O2’s customer service staff hailed for their good humour during outage

If you thought you had a tough day at work on Thursday, spare a thought for the poor souls responsible for running the O2 Twitter account.

This is why Sears' problems are a customer service disaster  Elliott

The end of Sears is turning into a real customer *service* disaster. Sears' problems are piling up faster than I can answer them.

Keller Williams, top Newsweek customer service rankings

Keller Williams has been crowned the top real estate agency for customer *service* in Newsweek's new survey, America's Best Customer *Service* 2019, while ...

T-Mobile Customer Service Reps Use AWS to Predict Why You’re Calling  SDxCentral

T-Mobile is using Amazon Web Services, AWS, machine learning technology SageMaker Ground Truth for customer *service* calls.

PERRY: On this Small Business Saturday, customer service sets Decatur businesses apart  Herald & Review

FORSYTH — Santa's elves aren't limited to the North Pole.

Predictions Series 2019: Embrace Context-Aware Technologies for Customer Service  MarTech Series

Today, we have Anand Janefalkar, Founder and CEO of UJET, driving the chat on the role of technology in Customer *Service* and CX industry.

A customer service nightmare with Google Fi  TalkAndroid

Google Fi is a pretty good deal, on the surface. It's a cheap, flexible carrier plan that utilizes some fancy newer technology, and it's clearly been somewhat ...

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