Customer Service Information

Customer Service Information

Take Care of Yourself Before You Take Care of Your Customer

One of the most important questions people ask when they are focused on improving their quantity and quality of business is: "What is my competitive advantage? What makes me unique, memorable, special? what truly sets me apart from the rest?" While there are no definitively right answers to that question, most people come to some conclusion that customer service is a critical component of your competitive advantage. For most businesses, the service they offer can vary from exceptional to not so hot, depending upon circumstances.

You Bever Know Who Youre Serving

You Never Know Who You're Serving when customers turn irate.I think of myself as a reasonable person.

Clients... and 38 ways to communicate with them

As Alan Weiss (guru to the savvy consultant) says: "It is actually difficult to contact clients too much. It is easy to fail to contact them frequently enough.

Customer Service - A Lost Art?

Is customer service a lost art? Before you answer that question, take a moment and think about the last few times you have gone shopping or out to dinner. Okay, now that you have really thought about it, is your answer any different? Why is it that when we actually DO receive excellent customer service that it makes such an impression on us that we usually choose to go back? Why - because the occurrences are so few and far between!!! As a home business owner, it is imperative to my business that customer service is ALWAYS a top priority.

Is your Online Business Customer-Friendly?

Customer service is increasingly seen as one of the most valuable uses for a commercial World Wide Web site. Your Web site is available on a 24 hour, seven days a week basis.

Customer Service A Chickens Way

Anyone who knows me knows my favorite fast food restaurant is Chick-fil-A. Aside from the fact their chicken is especially good and I can always get sweet tea, I have a valuable business reason for eating there - they serve up amazing customer service.

Make An Action Plan To Improve Customer Service

Customer Service is a critical factor for keeping your clients coming back and ensuring they'll refer you to others. Growing your business will be a difficult task at best if you don't perform, meet and exceed your client's expectations, and provide service that creates customers for life.

Losing Angry Customers

This article offers five ways to help you deal with angry customers. While the goal of all businesses is to have only happy customers, we also have to be realistic and realize sometimes we are going to anger a customer.

Create Win-Win Deals With Your Competitors

In the competitive world of the 20th century, we generally viewed competitors as the enemy. And a competitor was anyone who sold to the same target audience as us - even if they sold a different item.

Making The Most Of Newsletters

Newsletters can be wonderful tools for communicating with your customers or prospects. Because of their format, they're often infused with more credibility than traditional brochures.

Customer Service Tips for Mail Order Businesses

Can we be too good to our customers? No way! Our customers are the backbone of our business! They're right no matter what! But I'm sorry to disagree with you. As small, honest and legitimate businesses - we have a tendency to place our product quality above money.

Becoming A Solution To Your Customers Problems

Those of us in home based and small businesses are in effect selling our product. So becoming an effective salesperson is very important.

Cultivating the Trust Factor

In today's highly competitive economy, it is difficult to maintain a significant market advantage based on your professional skills alone. Developing a trusting relationship with your clients is key to your success.

The 7 Principles of Business Integrity

If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don't have integrity, nothing else matters.

Breaking the Ice and Winning Over the Client!

Wherever you turn these days you'll find articles covering every business strategy and tactic available to man, from how to make a great presentation to strategies for success all the way to negotiations and prospecting and getting a client to commit. But hardly anyone touches on the subject of breaking the ice with a new client and winning them over.

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Why restaurant customer service has been getting worse around Indianapolis  Indianapolis Star

Low unemployment rates and a growing number of new restaurants have operators fighting for workers. And Indianapolis diners are seeing the fallout.

Combine Chatbots and RPA Bots for Better Customer Service  CMSWire

Although enterprise interest in bots seems to be at an all-time high, Gartner reports that 68% of customer *service* leaders believe bots and virtual assistants will ...

NID customer service office will be closed during the afternoon of Wednesday, April 24  YubaNet

GRASS VALLEY, Calif. April 23, 2019 – The Nevada Irrigation District (NID) customer *service* office will be closed during the afternoon of Wednesday, April 24 to ...

Use chatbots for better customer service (yes, really) | NCET Biz Tips  Reno Gazette Journal

We live in a time where we expect immediate results. But it's unreasonable for most businesses to have employees at all hours to answer questions.

A Customer Service Nightmare  Mesquite Local News

Retail stores have their hands full, as most don't employ enough staff to help their customers. Shopping stores like Macy's or JCPenny's also share similar ...

Utilities Survey says manual processes inhibit customer service, outage response  WaterWorld

DENVER, CO, APRIL 23, 2019 – A new survey of 200 utility providers found that 65 percent lack timely, accurate information from their *service* providers that ...

Transforming Utility Customer Service: Innovative Solutions for Customers and the Grid  Electric Light & Power

First in a series exploring both grid-scale and behind-the-meter solutions and the implications for customers. This first article sets the stage by providing the ...

IT Science Case Study: Improving Customer Service with Better Data  eWeek

Here is the latest article in an eWEEK feature series called IT Science, in which we look at what actually happens at the intersection of new-gen IT and legacy ...

Streamlining Calls Results in Better Customer Service  PrecisionAg

As the spring season picks up, many ag retailers will begin to recognize flaws in their system and opportunities for improvement. Chief among them is ...

Why Anxious Customers Prefer Human Customer Service Daily

Self-*service* tech is a bad idea in stressful situations.

11-year-old entrepreneur: Lemonade Day teaches business skills and customer service, but 'just have fun'  The Advocate

At 11 years old, I am the co-owner of 504 Lemonheads, a company that I started with my cousins seven years ago at the age of 5. As a sixth.

Amazing customer service letter from 1999 had a dollar coin taped to it to refund customer  Daily Mail

An incredible letter from a Telstra customer *service* representative 10 years ago has sparked mass praise from social media users. The letter from the phone ...

Utility customer service offerings get digital upgrades  Utility Dive

Bidgely and Oracle unveiled analytics tools designed to help utilities bring the customer experience into the era of big data.

Customer service key to Quantum PC honors

When your kids or grandkids can not come to visit you and address your computer issues, the staff at Quantum PC does not mind being considered as an ...

Salesforce and Google want to build a smarter customer service experience  TechCrunch

Anyone who has dealt with bad customer *service* has felt frustration with the lack of basic understanding of who you are as a customer and what you need.

BankDhofar First in Oman to Introduce NCR's Financial Kiosk  Associated Press

Press release *content* from Business Wire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

Customer Service Expectations Are Rising - Is Your Business Keeping Up?  Forbes

The quality of your customer *service* can make or break your business, according to a new survey. Find out what your customers want and how to meet their ...

Samsung Launches 'Connected Care – Anytime, Anywhere' to Enhance Customer Care Training and Service  Samsung Newsroom US

Samsung opens new Technical Training Center in Little Ferry, NJ; From L to R: Michael Lawder, Steve Kim, Joe Stinziano, Y.H. Eom, M.H. Lyu, Dave Das ...

New Orleans S&WB to create 'chief of customer service' job; here's how it will work  The Advocate

The New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board, often the target of customers' ire, is planning to create a new top-tier position to focus on customer *service* — part of ...

Three Customer Service Practices Middle East Organizations Need to Change  Global Banking And Finance Review

By Mark Ackerman, Regional Director, MESAT & EE, ServiceNow In today's subscription economy, customers' expectations are heightening.People don't want.

New Zealand startup moves headquarters to Portland

AskNicely now employs 35 in Portland, working in customer *service*, sales, finance and human resources. It employs another 15 in Auckland.

As labor and delivery nurse, Jesse Wing brings comfort to new mothers, babies through empathy, service  Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel

Jesse Wing, 34, will receive the Customer *Service* Stardom award at the Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce's banquet on April 25.

The Opportunities Automation and AI Create for Humans in Customer Service  Business 2 Community

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay. skip. Ads by Hooly. Though automation and artificial intelligence (AI) have existed in some form or another for many years, ...

K2D Foods Recalls Raw Ground Beef Products Due to Possible E. coli O103 Contamination

EDITOR'S NOTE: FSIS and our public health partners, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state public health officials, are ...

Attention Customer Service Leaders: Let's Get Strategic  Forbes

We've seen time and again that the high-growth brands and unicorns of 2019 have embraced digital transformation with a key focus on elevating the customer ...

You can return Amazon items at Kohl's stores starting in July  WCPO

All Kohl's stores will be accepting free unpackaged returns for Amazon customers starting in July.

Why Conversations Are Key To Successfully Managing A Contact Center  Forbes

Contact centers are the next big thing. Small businesses are either outsourcing to contact centers or operating them. If you outsource this *service*, it helps to ...

Squelch raises $12 million to unify customer service software with AI  VentureBeat

Startup Squelch announced that it's raised $12 million in funding for its eponymous cloud-based, AI-driven customer *service* platform.

Chat and chatbots help Spark cut customer service costs  Computerworld New Zealand

Since mid 2017 Spark has reduced its customer *service* costs by 25 per cent and call volumes to its contact centre by 33 per cent through the use of human ...

Sylvia A. Carroll, 73, former customer service representative  The Philadelphia Tribune

Sylvia A. Carroll, a former customer *service* representative for Prudential Health Insurance, died on Thursday, April 4, 2019. She was 73.

Findlay Chevrolet’s Smith thrives on good customer service  Las Vegas Review-Journal

Findlay Chevrolet fixed operations director Tony Smith knows firsthand that the *service* department is a key component of the car business.

Southwest blasted for poor Max 8 customer service: 'They're kind of just saying, 'Too bad''  USA TODAY

Southwest Airlines has legions of fans and sits atop countless industry rankings for its vaunted customer *service*. The airline has more than 2 million Twitter ...

Colorado satellite technician faces charges for hugging customer

A Colorado satellite technician is facing felony charges for allegedly taking friendly customer *service* to a new level.

Verizon partners with Google to make YouTube TV available to customers where and when they want it  Verizon Communications

Verizon wireless, 5G Home and Fios broadband customers enjoy choice of premium *content* and services. NEW YORK – Today, Verizon and Google ...

From Customer Service To Client Experience: A Shift To Determine Winners And Losers In Business  Forbes

As technology and competition disrupt industries, *service* is starting to separate winners from losers and ushering in what some have called the “age of the ...

Biggest phone firms beaten by small rivals on customer care  The Times

Britain's largest mobile phone operators offer poorer customer and technical support than their smaller rivals despite being more expensive, a large survey has ...

This CEO's Unlikely Mission To Revolutionize Customer Service In Healthcare Billing  Forbes

Customer *service* has a particular opportunity shine when it's delivered at stressful moments, such as those that are often encountered in healthcare. Jayson ...

Taking the Pains Out of Healthcare Customer Service  No Jitter

Healthcare providers looking to improve quality and generate labor savings have plenty of low-hanging fruit to pick off the digital spectrum to get started ...

The Key Component to Customer Service  KMWorld Magazine

It's the smaller things that make a big difference, and while this sounds a bit cliché, in the world of customer *service* it still continues to be true. Poor customer ...

Customer service is poised for an AI revolution  ZDNet

AI is viewed by customer *service* decision makers and agents alike as a boon to the customer and employee experience. AI adoption is nascent, but it's set to ...

Learn the ABC's of customer service  Albany Times Union

Whatever business you are in — manufacturing, retail, health care, travel, high tech — you must realize that first and foremost, you are in the *service* business.

New metrics are redefining customer service success  ZDNet

In a digital, hyper-connected, and knowledge-sharing economy, customer *service's* definition of success is changing, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are ...

How Vitalis Brings Whole Team Customer Service to Cannabis Extraction  Leafly

Here's how the team at Vitalis Extraction ensures every employee is ready to help their customers succeed.

Better customer service is the key to easy living  The National

Good leaders respond quickly to the needs and frustrations of their people.

As Brick And Mortar Stores Automate Their Customer Service Suffers  Forbes

As stores replace human staff with brittle automatic touchpoints, this increasing overreliance on automation risks pushing their remaining customers to their ...

101 Customer Service Statistics for a Better Customer Experience in 2019  G2 Crowd

G2 gathered more than 100 of the most vital customer *service* statistics to help businesses better understand how crucial a great customer experience is. This list ...

5 Customer Service Rules to Boost Your Profit by 18 Percent  Entrepreneur

By 2020 customer *service* and experience will overtake price as the essential brand differentiator. Eighty-six percent of buyers are willing to pay more for ...

A Secret Of Customer Service: Improve A Customer's Day A Little, Every Single Day  Forbes

It's easy to picture great customer *service* as involving dramatic solutions to customer problems: the personal delivery of mislaid jewelry (as in this story from ...

Customer Service Software Market : In-Depth Market Research Report 2018 – 2028  Market Research Gazette

Customer *Service* Software Market: Introduction. The increasing need for real-time problem solving and strong relationship building with customers are fueling ...

Infographic: 8 Ways AI Improves Customer Service  CTOvision

Customer *service* is an important part to any organization and ensuring that customers get the best experience is paramount. AI technologies have been able to ...

Hometown News: Water and Sewer employee honored for 30 years of service  Forsyth County News Online

During the April 18 Forsyth County Board of Commissioners' meeting, Mary Ann Darnell, who is the Water & Sewer Department's customer *service* ...

Amazon Now Delivers Packages Inside Your Garage  Fortune

Amazon will let Prime members with Amazon Key get packages delivered inside their garages, in partnership with Chamberlain Group (CGI).

The 1 Brutal Difference Between Apple and Google, as Revealed in a Hilarious Customer Story  Inc.

Some tech companies will never get what they need to get.

Services set for Lee County Commissioner Larry Kiker, dead at 67  The News-Press

Kiker, age 67, had been suffering from lymphatic cancer and had been undergoing chemotherapy and other treatment for the past several months.

NSW, meet your Customer Service Minister. Here's what he'll do for you  The Age

When NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced Victor Dominello would be the Minister for Customer *Service* in her revamped cabinet, some laughed, others ...

Leon’s: 86 years of customer service  Lincoln Journal Star

Why shop at Leon's Gourmet Grocer? Here are three great reasons:

Health customer service center to open in San Antonio; bringing hundreds of jobs  FOX 29

Hundreds of new jobs are coming to San Antonio with the opening a health and safety customer *service* center. GreatCall, Inc. , announced it will open a new ...

Kimmel Rolls Out Customer Service Hotline to Clear Up ‘Game of Thrones’ Confusion (Video)  TheWrap

On Monday's “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Kimmel rolled a fun video that offered a solution to the problem of keeping all the plot threads from eight seasons of “Game of ...

4.1.19 Best customer service companies; Health insurers tracking you; Where scams happen most  Boston 25 News

Clark discusses which companies have the best customer *service* across all sectors; Health insurers might be buying up data on you to know your health risks ...

Archer named communications and customer service manager for city  Davis Enterprise

Former Davis school board trustee Barbara Archer has been hired as the city's new communications and customer *service* manager. Archer, who served on the ...

Customer service with a smile  The Gazette

CEDAR RAPIDS — The digital age whisks Matthew Van Maanen wherever he's needed each day — Spain, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, somewhere in the ...

JetSuiteX to launch $99 flights between Oakland and Seattle’s Boeing Field in July  GeekWire

JetSuiteX says it's starting air *service* between Seattle's Boeing Field and Oakland International Airport in July, with flights that combine the convenience of ...

Customer Service Software Market 2019 – Fresh desk, Marketing 360,, PhaseWare, Front, Cayzu, ConnectWise, Really Simple Systems, PlanPlus Online  Investor Strategy

Customer *Service* Software is a *service* that provides services to customers before, during and after purchase. The perception of the success of this interaction ...

Up Where Expectations Soar: Customer Care in the Age of Entitlement  Business 2 Community

Admit it, you love it when you're handed that Starbucks beverage with your name spelled neatly and correctly on the side. Maybe that's where it all started: that ...

Why biometric verification is poised to revolutionize customer service  Retail Customer Experience

Chris McGugan, senior vice president, solutions and technology at Avaya, shares insight on the value of voice biometric analytics and biometric verification in ...

'SNL' Unearths the Horror of Customer Service Using 'Us'  GQ

'SNL' parodies both customer *service* and the horror movie 'Us' in a commercial about identity theft.

The Human Element: Integrating Technology And Data Into Your Customer Service Model  Entrepreneur

Yes, having an AI-powered model for shopping recommendations in e-commerce is great. But, CRM is much more than just tech. With surveys and chat-bots ...

"Capital Bikeshare customer service is now supported by Lyft"  PoPville

“Dear PoPville,. Not sure if you are aware of this, capital bike share is now supported by lyft. Try finding a phone number for support in the app. I'm not a big fan ...

Small insurance brokers should double-down on old-fashioned customer service  Insurance Business

Useful tool as larger firms use M&A to boost growth.

Job: Sales / Customer Care – The eBike Store

Job Title Sales / Customer Care. Company / Organization The eBike Store (809 N Rosa Parks Way). Job Description Seeking knowledgeable bicycle sales ...

Uber tries to fix customer-service woes  The Takeout

It's rumored that Uber is about to go public, which accounts for some recent sprucing efforts by the company. (I mean, you vacuum the house before an open ...

How a Customer Service Representative Might Have Saved a Marine Sniper in Battle  The National Interest Online

Don Cook, a Marine veteran who's been maintaining M107s for more than two decades, told National Geographic in 2011 that he one day received a call to ...

How to Engage Remote Customer Service Teams  Customer Think

Last month, Amazon announced plans to hire more than 3,000 customer *service* representatives. These roles would offer $15 an hour for pay, provide overtime, ...

T-Mobile tests customer service center in Kingsburg, bringing 1,000 jobs to Fresno County  KFSN-TV

According to the company's news release, it will make T-Mobile one of the largest employers in the county.

Cuts Clothing sews up automated online customer service  Chain Store Age

Specialty vertical apparel retailer Cuts Clothing is applying artificial intelligence (AI) to its e-commerce customer experience. Cuts, which manufactures and sells ...

Specialty retailer stays in fashion with seamless in-store customer service  Chain Store Age

Milan, Italy-based Twinset is empowering store associates with Oracle Retail POS technology on tablets. Twinset, a specialty vertical retailer of women's apparel, ...

Using Payment Processing Systems for Better Customer Service

The decision on whether or not to integrate payment processing systems into their daily operations is one of the most crucial decisions a small business can ...

Union Park acquires Maier's Shell customer service business

Union Park Automotive Group announced it acquired Maier's Shell *Service's* customer *service* business. Located on Marsh Road in north Wilmington, Maier's ...

Walmart to remodel 21 California stores, expand customer services and technologies  OCRegister

Walmart plans to spend $145 million in California this year on new store construction, upgrades to 21 stores and an expansion of customer-focused services and ...

Retiring telephone operators say technology changing course of customer service industries  WWMT-TV

As technology continued advancing, it ended an era for two telephone operators at Whirlpool Corporation. Friday, both operators retired from the global ...

Republic Services rates to climb as customer service complaints continue  The Dominion Post

MORGANTOWN — Morgantown City Councilor Jenny Selin said her 4th Ward constituents are tired of paying for inconsistent *service* from trash and recycling ...

Horry County students Beijing-bound after weather and customer service confusion forces overnight delay  WMBF

DALLAS, TX (WMBF) - After a myriad of weather delays and customer *service* confusion, a group of Horry County music students and chaperones stuck in travel ...

Unbabel supports easyJet to create international customer service 'super agents'  IT Business Net

90 million-passenger airline adopts Unbabel's unique translation platform to serve new geographies and customer bases and saves up to 76% compared to ...

Ascension Funeral Home wins 2018 Excellence in Customer Service Award  Weekly Citizen

"Ascension Funeral Home has been recognized as a leader in delivering exceptional customer *service* and has raised the standard for other funeral homes ...

Michael Perry: Feeling the love from customer service

I went ahead and spent good money on a pair of chore boots this week, high-top rubberized trompers with a cinch strap at the calf. Halfway through the first day.

Renovations for Wondai Customer Service Centre and Library  South Burnett Times

Council has announced the Wondai Customer *Service* Centre and Col Morris Library will be closed from Monday, May 13.

Welch: Customer service key to building business | Business-farm  Tahlequah Daily Press

Satisfied and repeat customers are the keys to successful businesses, and most customers base their views on the customer *service* they received or the ...

CustOps: The New Customer Service  Business 2 Community

Photo by from Pexels. A first- (or faster-) time-to-market has been a longtime mantra of most companies. Be it first with a new product or first with ...

SunPass customer frustrated with lack of transparency, customer service  ABC Action News

One St. Pete Beach man says he has hundreds of dollars in unresolved tolls but it's not for lack of trying.

Local homebuilders receive provincial customer service awards  Windsor Star

Two Essex County homebuilders have received provincial awards for excellence in customer *service*.

Probrand uses Mercato Solutions to deliver improved customer service  Technology Record

Probrand is a technology services provider that offers customers IT products, solutions, cloud, managed and digital services. The firm has always prioritised ...

GE On Wing Support Expanding To Provide Increased Customer Service  Aviation Week

GE Aviation's On Wing Support center in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky (KY) USA region is expanding to meet the growing demand for its engine repair ...

Why You Should Work in Customer Service  Daily Nexus

Anabel Costa argues that no job experience is insignificant where your career is concerned.

Common B2B Mistakes, Part 2: User Management, Customer Service  Practical Ecommerce

This post is the second in a series in which I address common mistakes of B2B ecommerce merchants. The first post addressed B2B mistakes in catalog ...

How Fortnite’s success led to months of intense crunch at Epic Games  Polygon

The popularity of Fortnite has been transformative for Epic Games. But the game's explosive growth led to months of intense crunch for Epic employees and ...

CRM Magazine Names Its 2019 Customer Service Leaders  Destination CRM

CRM magazine has named the recipients of this year's CRM *Service* Awards and highlighted them in its April 2019 issue. The CRM *Service* Awards, now in their ...

How to Provide Quality Customer Service with a Free Ticketing Software  Business 2 Community

Let me start with a question: How much importance do you give to customer *service* in your organization that's just starting up? I ask you this because, although ...

Findings from new research: Trends, hurdles, and best practices in customer service messaging  Customer Think

Driven by millennials and Gen Z consumers, messaging is fast becoming a popular channel for B2C customer *service*. We commissioned YouGov, a leading ...

100+ Examples of How Customer Service Pays Off  Customer Think

I just came back from a month in Fuengirola, Spain, a fishing village-turned-tourist-destination in Costa del Sol. Fuengirola features seven kilometers of beautiful ...

5 Tips to Disrupt Your Customer Service and Beat the Competition  Business 2 Community

We're currently in the middle of a transformation, where digital technologies are disrupting the way we conduct our business. Customers are still at the center of ...

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