Dating Information


Dating Information

Internet Dating - Its Not For Geeks

Six months ago an old school friend and I were chatting over coffee, putting the world to rights as women do. She was bemoaning her lack of success in meeting the "right sort" of men.

How To Choose a Dating Service

There are so many dating sites out there, hundreds if not thousands, how do you even begin to decide where to register and start your online dating experience? You could just pick one at random, create a profile, and sit back and wait for the other members to beat a path to your email inbox. Who knows, you could get lucky and it might work out first time.

Online Dating 101 - Online Dating Basics

Online Dating 101 by Kevin KogerFeeling like there's something that's just not quite there yet in how you're going about this whole online dating thing? Don't feel bad, chances are you're one of the many people who're still pretty new to this gig. Heck, internet dating has only been around for about eight years, so obviously no one out there can claim to have all the answers.

A Nice Guys Guide to Dating Success

Has it ever happened to you? Have you ever had the experience of liking a woman, being a perfect gentleman, and treating her like a queen, only to have her reject you in favor of someone else (possibly very handsome) who doesn't treat her right, or doesn't seem to care about her much at all? These kinds of men have been called "bad boys," "charm boys," or "players." When you are interested in women, do they tend to see you as a friend or "brother" rather than a romantic interest? Do women tell you you're "too nice"? If so, you are not alone.

CyberCheapskates and Net Gold Diggers

Did you know that has around twelve million members, but only a million or so of those listed have paid their dues? The most asked questions from Romance Clients? "Why don't they answer my emails?" Well, first off, you don't know and never will.

The Cyber Lothario

Are you writing to someone who is romancing you off your feet? Does this guy seem to know just what to say or write that gets you a step or two further down the garden path? Perhaps more dangerous than the notorious Internet rapists and murderers are the Cyber Lotharios. Maybe you know one.

The Magic of Flirting

Flirting is the way most people determine whether or not a member of the opposite sex is interested in them. Following is a quick outline on how you should go about the complex, sometimes fun, sometimes not so fun, task of flirting.


Co-Dependency is an unhealthy reliance on another person for every thought, action, and feeling. It consists of people who seem to be defined by another other person.

Finding a Safe Dating Site

Seems like everywhere we surf on the Internet nowadays we run across this little advertisement: 'Free online personals'. They are everywhere, they are dating sites, and more are opening up shop every day.

Have You Lost That Loving Feeling?

Would you like to discover Easy and Creative ideas to enhance & create romance ! Regain that In love feeling , that you once shared..

Married and Unhappy ...

Married women need to feel Love and Married men need to be desired by their partners period !! Put more love into your Life..

10 Fast Ways to Re-Igniting Romance

Research shows that people who put each other down and are hostile to each other are more likely to have serious problems . We tend to feel vulnerable our sence of protection has been broken, our love has diminished .

Do It And They Will Come: Pursuing New Adventures To Find Mr / Ms Right

Are you tired of the whole dating scene? Have you spent many hours (years) going to parties and events with the hope of meeting compatible and available singles? If so, now may be time to think about doing something different. Really different.

True Love And Chemistry: Exploring Myth And Reality

When you think about the qualities found in a true "soul mate" relationship, what one word comes up most often on the top of your list?Is it CHEMISTRY? Probably.Just the mention of this term conjures up powerful feelings and images for anyone who has ever been in or seeking a love relationship.

Hooking Up vs. Lasting Love: Its Your Choice

"hooking Up" - "friends with benefits" - "booty call"These terms have become all too familiar in today's dating world. Are they words that you can relate to? Have you lived them in some way? If so, how have you felt about the experience(s) both during and after? Chances are that you have mixed feelings at best.

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Tinder and Bumble Are Hungry for Your Love  The New York Times

Tinder and Bumble are desperate to convince you that you're not desperate. Dating, they promise, is fun, so fun, that when one date ends badly, it's a barely ...

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Unburdened of the pressure to settle down and fast, women experienced a wave of confidence and joy in their love lives.

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Fellow earth sign Taurus is a great match for a Virgo. You both respect each other's forwardness and work ethic. Water sign Cancer is another great match for a ...

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What should you do if your boss asks for inappropriate favors, like help with her dating app profiles? Workplace columnist Alison Green says you need to set ...

Indiana man sexually assaulted, robbed women he met on dating site: prosecutors  Chicago Sun-Times

A Hammond, Indiana man facing charges that he used a popular dating website to sexually assault and rob two women was denied bail Monday. Deangelos ...

Abby: Sparks fail to fly for mom dating perfect match  The Detroit News

Dear Abby: I have a close friend who is in her mid-30s. She's a wonderful, divorced, hardworking Christian mother of four who has finally ventured back to the ...

Cancer Man Personality Traits, Love Compatibility, and Dating Advice

Learn everything you need to know about being in a relationship with a Cancer.

Deputies: Man robbed near Slidell after using online dating service  FOX 8 Live WVUE

A man was robbed near Slidell after setting up a date using an online *service* then meeting one of the suspects to have breakfast, according to the St. Tammany ...

Man sets up meeting through dating site, gets robbed at gunpoint  WBRZ

Deputies have arrested two people who allegedly used a dating website to set up an armed robbery.

Akron police: Man tied up, robbed after meeting woman on dating app  WJW FOX 8 News Cleveland

AKRON, Ohio-- A man was tied up and robbed at his house in Akron Monday night. Police said the 42-year-old victim met a woman on a dating app and invited ...

The Bachelor’s Bibiana Julian Confirms She Is Not Dating Peter Kraus  Us Weekly

'The Bachelor' alum Bibiana Julian clarified her relationship status with Peter Kraus following romance reports — details.

This obnoxious dating trend could ruin the holidays for you  New York Post

Scrooging is the latest obnoxious dating trend that's ruining Christmas. The term, which was first coined by EHarmony, is the act of dumping someone before the ...

Nashville pair create new dating app to match interests  WSMV Nashville

The app pairs ticket holders with ticket seekers. If two people match, they can go to that concert, sports game, or any ticketed event in Nashville, together.

Do Trump Supporters Need Their Own Dating App?

After a disastrous date, one woman started an app with Trump supporters in mind.

Pensacola man robbed through dating app  NBC 15 WPMI

A Pensacola man says he was attacked, beaten up and robbed after using a dating app. The victim did not* want to be identified, but he says he met Rebecca ...

Olivia Munn Sparks Dating Rumors with Younger Man  Extra

Over the weekend, Olivia Munn sparked some romance rumors!

This Is What The Characters In You've Got Mail's Dating App Profiles Would Look Like  Refinery29

I've always thought You've Got Mail was ripe for the remake treatment — not because I think there are any actors who could embody Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox ...

Akron man arranges meeting on dating app, ends up getting robbed

The victim was tied up in his home by the four robbers.

Why Does This Right-Wing Dating App Have a Urologist On Call?  Splinter

Rejoice, for this Christmas season has birthed unto the world a new dating app: Righter, which has pledged to be an alternative to all the lib-addled dating ...

Gemini Man Personality Traits, Love Compatibility, and Dating Advice

Learn everything you need to know about being in a relationship with a Gemini.

Pensacola man beaten, robbed after meeting woman on dating app  WEAR

Scary is not the word. I was terrified. I have never been terrified like that,” said a Pensacola man who claims he was attacked and beaten after using a dating app ...

Obviously THE LAST JEDI's Throne Room Fight Scene Is About Online Dating  Birth.Movies.Death.

December 15th marked The Last Jedi's first anniversary. Possibly the Star Wars film to receive the most ire and scorn since the ill-advised prequels, its initial ...

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Modern Japanese dating habits, through the eyes of a medieval novelist  The Economist

A THOUSAND YEARS after completing the world's first great psychological novel, “The Tale of Genji”, its author, Lady Murasaki Shikibu, returned to Japan.

'Southern Charm' Stars Kathryn Dennis & Danni Baird Dating Relationship Is Bravo Fakery  Radar Online

'Southern Charm' stars Kathryn Dennis and Danni Baird are “in a relationship,” is Bravo fakery exclusively learned.

Ghosting Dating Definition - Are You Being Ghosted

How good are you at spotting when you're being ghosted while dating? Test your ghosting knowledge to see if you can tell when you're being ghosted or not.

Taurus Man Personality Traits, Love Compatibility, and Dating Advice

Learn everything you need to know about being in a relationship with a Taurus.

Joshua Harris rethinks his Christian bestseller, "I Kissed Dating Goodbye"  NPR

Joshua Harris wrote I Kissed Dating Goodbye when he was 21 years old. It became the bible of the evangelical purity movement, which promotes putting off sex ...

WillCalled: The New 'Tinder-Meets-StubHub' Dating App  Cheddar

By Tracey Cheek. After Ken Madson grew tired of swiping and scrambling to find a date to a Guns N' Roses show in Nashville, he didn't settle ー he made his ...

Christmas Tree Decorations Dating Back To The 1600s  KEYC

Jessica Potter with Blue Earth County Historical Society joined KEYC News 12 This Morning to talk about the traditions of Christmas trees and how people ...

Fox On Tech: Young singles navigate online dating in the Trump era  Fox News

There's no denying it: we live in a politically-charged atmosphere, and it's creeping out of the beltway and into other areas of everyday life - including dating!

Halsey Dating & Relationship History: Is She Single?

After 'The Voice' mentor Halsey and G-Eazy broke up again, fans have been wondering if they will get back together, or who she might date next.

Dating service tip helps capture of fugitive soccer coach  WKRG News 5

The extradition hearing for a Germantown man captured after 45 days on the run was scheduled for Monday.

Frederick Uncut: Modern dating part two  Frederick News Post

In part two of our two-part series on modern dating, two young Frederick-area women sit down with host Emma Kerr to get candid about the dating landscape ...

Dating as a widow is hard. As a young widow, it’s even harder.

I was at the cemetery when I decided to set up my first online dating profile. I was visiting my husband's grave nine months after his death, and I thought about ...

Say What?! Emily Blunt Never Saw An Episode Of ‘The Office’ Before Dating Her Now-Hubby John Kr...  Life&Style Weekly

Emily Blunt recently revealed that she never saw her now-husband, John Krasinski, on 'The Office' before getting together. Get the full scoop here!

Tinder and OkCupid have given up on finding you a soul mate. Their ads even admit it.  The Washington Post

We have reached a new height of dating-app fatigue: Even the online matchmakers have given up on finding you a soul mate. It's not that you're hopeless.

Blake Shelton Says He and Gwen Stefani Aren't 'Just Dating'  Taste of Country

At around the same Gwen Stefani is on the record as saying that she and Blake Shelton are in no particular hurry to get hitched, Shelton is asserting that their ...

Online dating to polyamory: the truth about relationships  BBC News

It's common belief that opposites attract, or that marriage makes people happier. But the truth behind these relationship stereotypes – and others – might surprise ...

Is Olivia Munn dating pro gamer Tucker Roberts?  Winnipeg Sun

Olivia Munn has sparked rumours suggesting professional gamer Tucker Roberts is her new man after stepping out hand-in-hand.The Predator star has been ...

Tapdat Is The New Dating App That Will Help You Get Straight To The Point & Cut Any Awkward Chats  Bustle

Online dating can be pretty exhausting. Putting in the time to swipe can be quite enough but then what do you do after you match with someone? You start the ...

This is the busiest day of the year for online dating sites  MarketWatch

Plus, whether you use Tinder, Match, eHarmony, Bumble or another dating platform, these are the top things you should do now to find love.

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In case you missed it — and it wouldn't be all that surprising if you did — Taylor Swift has found another romantic interest. But it looks like this one might be ...

30 Questions to Ask Yourself About Dating a Transsexual  The Good Men Project

People ask me all kinds of questions, sometimes in an appropriate way and sometimes not. I would love to put these questions together as a survey of attitudes ...

Man charged over Aberdeen break-ins dating back as far as 2000  BBC News

The 51-year-old was charged in connection with 13 Aberdeen break-ins, dating back as far as 2000.

Poppy on Her Secret Instagram, Online Dating, and Social Media Pet Peeves  W

A little more than three years ago, the petite, platinum blonde enigma known as Poppy uploaded her first post on YouTube: one minute and 22 seconds' worth of ...

Story Party Maui: True Dating Stories at Mulligan’s on the Blue in Wailea  MauiTime Weekly

'Story Party Maui: True Dating Stories' will go down at Mulligan's on the Blue in Wailea on Friday, December 21st. Story Party is a traveling event company that's ...

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Is Jennifer Aniston really dating her divorce lawyer? That's the claim in one of this week's tabloids. Gossip Cop looked into the situation and we've learned the ...

Man allegedly meets teen on dating site, faces rape charges  KPLC

OAKDALE, LA (KPLC) - Oakdale police have arrested a man for simple rape, according to Patrol Officer Tara Bass, with the Oakdale Police Department.

Can a Dating Coach Help You Find Your Soul Mate?  The Wall Street Journal

Dating coaches vary widely in their training and approach but the best ones aim to help you meet relationship goals.

All The Annoying Dating Trends We Need To Leave In 2018  Narcity

Dating in 2018 is hard. I always find myself wondering, how do people meet their significant others if it isn't through mutual friends or dating apps? It seems like ...

Nicki Minaj’s Complete Dating History: From Safaree Samuels to Kenneth Petty  Us Weekly

Revisit all of Nicki Minaj's romances since she became famous, from Safaree Samuels to her new beau, sex offender Kenneth Petty — photos.

Matt Is Dating Gia On 'Fuller House,' But DJ Isn't Mad About That For The Reason You'd Think  Bustle

If you thought D.J. officially choosing to date Steve instead of Matt would be the end of the hot vet on Fuller House, you're thankfully wrong. Matt is still on Season ...

Who is Carole Radziwill's Boyfriend? Real Housewives Romance Update | The Daily Dish  Bravo

Currently single city girl Carole Radziwill is just like the rest of us — she, too, faces the task of having to find that special someone online. And as it turns out The ...

Jennifer Hudson Dating History: Does 'The Voice' Coach Have a Boyfriend?

'The Voice' coach Jennifer Hudson has not had a public relationship with anyone since she and her ex-fiancé David Otunga split in 2017. Moves its Successful Awareness Campaign to Major Airport in Greater Houston to Help Bring Love to Festive Travelers in Texas  PR Web

New York (PRWEB) December 18, 2018 -- Timed perfectly for the Holiday season, global dating *service* has transferred its successful brand ...

Meet Slindir, the Awful New Dating App for ‘Healthy People’  Allure Magazine

Sick of Tinder? Get ready for Slindir. On top of instantly bringing to mind Slenderman, the latest dating app out of Silicon Valley is seriously problematic.

E! Orders ‘Dating #NoFilter’ Blind Dating Series For January Premiere  Deadline

E! has ordered 20 half-hour episodes of Dating #NoFilter, a new comedy blind dating series from Lime Pictures and All3Media America, for premiere next month.

Ariana Grande responds to rumours she's dating Ricky Alvarez again

Ariana Grande has responded to rumours she's dating ex-boyfrined Ricky Alvarez again, shutting down fans hopes of a reunion.

Charles Barkley, 'Inside the NBA' crew offers hilarious Christmas dating advice  For The Win

Do you get someone a present if you've been dating for only three weeks?

Chinese cave holds carbon dating 'Holy Grail' | Research  Chemistry World

Stalagmites in a Chinese cave have given scientists all they need to reconstruct the historical record of atmospheric radiocarbon (carbon-14) back to the carbon ...

Dating app Coffee Meets Bagel lightens up  CNET

Coffee Meets Bagel is getting a redesign. Coffee Meets Bagel. If you're using dating app Coffee Meets Bagel to find your next… whatever, you might notice some ...

The 6 Best Fitness Dating Apps For Active Singles  Women's Health

If you want a partner who loves fitness as much as you do, try one of these fitness-friendly dating apps that are perfect for active singles.

Two men apprehended after string of robberies using dating app, Jack'd

Talks via gay dating app lead to string of robberies causing police to intervene.

Use of dating website led to capture of fugitive soccer coach in Fla.  WHIO

Justin Smith, fugitive soccer coach was captured in Florida. Online dating led to his capture at a townhome in Fort Walton Beach, Rob Streck, Chief Deputy with ...

Hold up, does this mean Kourtney Kardashian and John Mayer are dating now?

2018 has thrown out some truly bizarre celebrity relationships, which is why we shouldn't be too surprised that people are asking questions about the connection ...

The Christian author who pushed for people to skip dating, including kissing and sex, before marriage has changed his mind and asked his publisher to stop printing his book  INSIDER

Joshua Harris, one of the most prominent leaders of the evangelical purity movement, has changed his mind on the topic, and asked his publisher to stop ...

List released of Jesuit priests facing accusations of sexual abuse of minors dating back to 1950  WITI FOX 6 Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- The Roman Catholic Jesuit province serving much of the eastern United States on Monday released the names of Jesuit priests who face ...

Are Lucas Hedges & Taylor Russell Dating? See the Kissing Pics!  Just Jared

Does Lucas Hedges have a new girlfriend?! The 22-year-old Oscar-nominated actor was spotted kissing Taylor Russell while attending the New York Knicks ...

Deepika Padukone on first meeting with Ranveer Singh: He was dating someone else, but flirting with me  Hindustan Times

Deepika Padukone has revealed that when she first met her future husband, actor Ranveer Singh, he was dating someone else, but that didn't stop him from ...

YouTuber Joe Sugg settles any rumors about dating his Strictly Come Dancing co-star

Two contestants on the popular British dancing competition, Strictly Come Dancing, made a terrific pair for performing routines, but it has been revealed that they ...

The Dating Site for Those Who Can't Get Laid Because of Their Love of Trump  The Daily Beast

Righter is meant for those people who support the president. Liberals may get sued if they try to join.

Grindr was the first big dating app for gay men. Now it’s falling out of favor.  The Washington Post

Jesús Gregorio Smith spends more time thinking about Grindr, the gay social-media app, than most of its 3.8 million daily users. An assistant professor of ethnic ...

Harshvardhan Rane confirms dating rumours with Kim Sharma, says of course he’s in a relationship  Hindustan Times

Harshvardhan Rane also says that Kim has always been supportive and praised him for his performance in his recent film Paltan.

Chris Pratt Just Made His Relationship with Katherine Schwarzenegger Instagram Official

Chris Pratt confirms he's dating Katherine Schwarzenegger with the sweetest Instagram post for her birthday.

2018 Craziest Dating Stats

The craziest dating trends and stats for 2018, including how many men would shave for sex, how many people get high on a first date, how many men were ...

How Christina, Tarek El Moussa Really Feel About Dating After Divorce  E! NEWS

It's been exactly two years since Christina El Moussa and Tarek El Moussa announced their split, and now, in their first joint interview since their breakup, the ...

Wait, Are Kourtney Kardashian and John Mayer, Like, Dating?

This year has brought some of the most random celebrity pairings known to man, and in case you thought it was over, LOL, you were wrong. Apparently, John ...

Kendra Wilkinson Jokes About Dating After Divorce: 'I'm Too Special to Put Myself Out There'

Kendra Wilkinson is putting herself first following her split from husband Hank Baskett.

Dating MY Dining Hall  Yale Daily News

With my first semester of college officially in its final stretch, I think I need to extend my greatest thanks to the place that keeps me going everyday: the Pauli ...

Donald Daters: a dating app for Republicans | Times2  The Times

Let's play a game.Go on then — I'm not actually doing any work this close to Christmas anyway.OK. Name your favourite niche dating app.So easy. Muddy ...

Treat your blind date to free Chipotle with dating app Hinge

Data from dating app Hinge shows mentioning “Chipotle” to your matches more than doubles your chances of scoring a date.

Trade conference in Utah is like 'commercial speed dating' for business

This week, the U.S. Commercial *Service*, the export promotion arm of the U.S. Department of Commerce, hosted a national conference in Salt Lake City in an ...

How Dating Sites are Using Tech to Make a Comeback  Billionaire365

Legitimate online dating sites all around the world are staging a comeback against competitors like the familiar hookup apps out there. While they have lagged ...

‘One of a kind’ royal tomb is 4,400 years old, Egypt says  USA TODAY

Officials in Egypt revealed they discovered a 4400-year-old tomb believed to belong to a senior official linked to the fifth dynasty of the pharoahs.

'When Do I Tell Them I Voted for Trump?': Right-Wing Dating App Launches  NBC4 Washington

For Trump supporters looking for love, Washington, D.C., can be an unfriendly place, the founder of a new dating app for conservatives says.

Report: Pensacola couple used dating site to set up armed robbery  WEAR

A Pensacola couple is behind bars after a report states they used a dating site to set up an armed robbery. Ellery Lamar Laster Jr. , 34, and Rebecca Lynn ...

'I Kissed Dating Goodbye' author: How and why I've rethought dating and purity culture  USA TODAY

Admitting I was wrong about the biggest accomplishment of my life hasn't always been easy, but it made me better at recognizing tribalism and dogma.

A 'dating' platform for banks and fintechs, Opinion News & Top Stories  The Straits Times

It won't be long before a small, obscure bank in Cambodia, Laos or another under-banked country will have access to the same cutting edge financial ...

Algorithms behind Tinder, Hinge and other dating apps control your love life. Here’s how to navigate them.  Chicago Tribune

Peak dating season approaches with the holidays, and millions of love lives hinge on the algorithms behind dating apps like Tinder, Hinge and Match.

Kim Kardashian’s Ex-Husband Kris Humphries Is ‘Casually Dating’ Someone New  Us Weekly

Back in the dating game. More than seven years after Kris Humphries and his now-ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, split, the former NBA star is giving romance another ...

Dating service tip helps capture of fugitive soccer coach wanted nationwide

Law enforcement said Smith had an ankle monitor that he cut off.

5 New Dating Apps To Try When You're Bored With Dating While dating apps still  Bustle

While dating apps still aren't the most popular way to meet someone, they're not too far behind traditional methods of finding love. Dating apps have become so ...

Dating In Your Prime - Hartford Courant  Hartford Courant

Many of us dating in the 1980s and earlier have waited by the phone all night for an MIA date to call, not knowing if we were being stood up or if a flat tire was ...

Police: Man robbed, beaten during dating app hookup; needs facial reconstructive surgery  WJLA

ASPEN HILL, Md. (ABC7/WJLA) - A young man looking for quick and easy sex on a dating app is now half blind and in need of facial reconstructive surgery.

Kendall Jenner Is Willing To Leave Calabasas For Love  The Cut

Appearing to further her family's tradition of bedding every professional athlete with even a hint of melanin, “Page Six” reports that Kendall Jenner, 23, is dating ...

Men accused of luring robbery victim on dating app arrested, deputies say  WKMG News 6 & ClickOrlando

Three men accused of using a dating app to lure their victim were arrested Wednesday.

My 15-Year-Old Daughter Told Me She’s Pansexual and Dating a Transgender Boy. I’m Struggling.  The New York Times

Dear Sugars,. I'm the mother of an amazing teenage daughter. Our relationship is close, but recently things have gotten complicated. She came out to us as ...

Millennial dating trends 2018: All the terms to know, from ghosting to orbiting  The Independent

It feels like a long time ago that ghosting first became “a thing”. Back then, it caused quite the stir, as singletons everywhere realised that this tricksy form of ...

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