Debt Relief Information

Debt Relief Information

Think for a Change

I'm not sure where it originated, but I've heard it repeated time and time again: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. As much sense as that statement makes, we often find ourselves addressing the same issue with solutions that are little more than rearranged expressions of previously failed solutions.

Christian Debt Consolidation - Feel Comfortable About Managing Your Debt

Many Christians feel uncomfortable with the notion of being in debt, and even more so when the debt has gotten out of control. Some say that it is not acceptable for Christians to owe any money, even for such necessities as a home.

How To Get Out Of Debt

If you have found yourself in a position where you are in serious debt and cannot think of a way out of the situation, then take a few minutes to read these few tips. Some may seem obvious but do put them into practise as they will help.

Debt Validation: Do you have to pay ?

It happens all the time. Debt collectors try to collect on debts that consumers have no knowledge of or never owed in the first place.

How to Negotiate Debt Settlements

Knowing how to negotiate debt settlements is the key to securing your financial future. Debt negotiation is the process where in you will contact your creditors and will appeal to them with an offer to pay off the amount you owe in easier installments that decrease the principal quicker.

Bank Like a Banker

The business of banking has changed dramatically over the last decade. Because the cost of doing business the old-fashioned way is no longer effective, banks are interested in changing their customers' behavior by encouraging electronic banking alternatives whenever possible.

Going Bankrupt in the World

It all starts by defaulting on an obligation: Money owed to creditors or to suppliers is not paid on time, interest payments due on bank loans or on corporate bonds issued to the public are withheld. It may be a temporary problem - or a permanent one.

Reduce Your Debt

Do you want to reduce your debt? Having trouble paying your bills? Getting dunning notices from creditors? Are your accounts being turned over to debt collectors? Are you worried about losing your home or your car?You're not alone. Many people face a financial crisis some time in their lives.

Currency Trading Fee Concept

Troubles with Global Economy; Do you see future problems with our global economic plans to make a one world system, where free trade and prosperity can rein the world over. Many world leaders have agreed a one-world system is best for all.

Budgeting and Debt Management

Debt management (specifically unsecured) is the first step to taking control of your money! Add a household budgeting plan and you've got a powerful tool for money management.Together, budgeting and debt management build financial security and independence.

What is Debt Settlement and How Does it Work?

Debt settlement involves negotiating with a creditor or creditors to pay off a percentage of your total debts at an agreed upon settlement amount. Often, people choose to utilize the services of a debt settlement company rather than attempting to do it on their own.

Assess Your Financial Attitude and Eliminate Your Debt Forever

Want to know if your attitude towards your finances is helping you or damaging your future? Take this Quiz and find out..

Why You Should Get Out of Debt Today?

The main reason for getting out of debt today, is because people with little or not debt have more control over their future:1. They have more discretionary income, meaning that you won't be living pay check after pay check as you probably are right now.

Bankruptcy: What You Need to Know

Personal bankruptcy is a legal way to give people with overwhelming debt a fresh financial start. Many people do not realize that there are five types of bankruptcy options available under the U.

Bankruptcy As An Option

If your financial worries are preventing you from sleeping at night, then you may have considered bankruptcy in hope of a little relief. Usually, consumers only turn to bankruptcy if there is no other hope for them to get out of debt.

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Here's What Has to Happen for Puerto Rico to Recover After Maria
Beyond food and water, common medicines, first aid, clothing, and other fundamentals, Puerto Ricans need debt relief. It is time for the U.S. to not only forgive Puerto Rico's fiscal debt, but pay off its moral debt to its southern neighbor. Adriana ...
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Washington Post

The Latest: Antigua pleads for debt relief after Irma - Washington Post
Washington Post
UNITED NATIONS — The latest on the U.N. General Assembly meeting (all times local):. 7:40 p.m.. Antigua and Barbuda's prime minister is pleading for debt ...

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The Latest: Antigua pleads for debt relief after Irma
Antigua and Barbuda's prime minister is pleading for debt relief to help rebuild from Hurricane Irma, which decimated the tiny island of Barbuda and forced the evacuation of its entire population. Prime Minister Gaston Alphonso Browne tells the U.N ...

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Thousands of private student loan borrowers will get debt relief
More borrowers could eventually receive debt relief. The trusts must conduct an audit of all 800,000 loans in its portfolio to see if it lacks the paperwork needed to prove ownership of other loans. If documentation is missing, the trusts must stop ...
Settlement Could Offer Student Debt Relief To Tens Of ThousandsBuzzFeed News

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Damaged by Hurricanes and "Vulture" Capitalism, Caribbean Islands Plead for Debt Relief
LeCompte told Truthout that Malzaire's letter requesting temporary debt relief for Antigua and Barbuda now applies to the bishop's own country of Dominica, which may have suffered some of the worst hurricane damage the Caribbean has seen this year.

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State backs $38.5M in debt relief for SUNY Poly - Times Union
Albany Times Union
Dr. Alain E. Kaloyeros,left, Senior Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering and SUNY chairman Carl McCall ...

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Demand debt relief for hurricane-hit islands
Over recent weeks, several countries in the Caribbean have been devastated by hurricanes. Some of those countries were already heavily indebted, often in part because of loans taken out to help with rebuilding efforts following previous disasters.


Greece hopes for debt relief as bailout program enters final 12 months
Greece wants nothing more than to avoid another bailout — which means it needs debt relief. And so far, that's the sticking point.

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First 20 Alfond Leaders receive $685K in student loan debt relief
Bruce Wagner, CEO of the Finance Authority of Maine, is on the advisory committee for the new Alfond Leaders student loan debt relief program that was launched in February. FAME and the Harold Alfond Foundation announced today the first 20 awardees in ...


House Passes Debt/Relief Package Despite GOP Frustration
The House passed legislation Thursday providing more than $15 billion in aid for hurricane recovery combined with three-month extensions of the debt ceiling and government funding, checking off three critical measures amid pressing deadlines.

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