Diabetes Information

Diabetes Information

Exercise - The Only Hope for Diabetes!

Why is it that the smallest paragraph in diabetes prevention magazines is about exercise? Exercise is probably the only hope for the diabetes crisis. If you have diabetes or some one in your family tree does, beware! You really have one choice, keep moving.

What Is Diabetes?

Your doctor may have recently advised you have diabetes. Or you are overweight and you have discovered you may be at risk of diabetes.

Get More Out Of Life While Managing Your Diabetes

When I was first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 21, I had not given the first thought to living a healthy diabetic lifestyle. As far as I was concerned, a healthy lifestyle was reserved only for fitness junkies and overweight moms.


The following information is for educational purposes only and is meant to complement any medical treatment, not to prescribe or diagnose any condition. Please consult with your doctor before starting any medical or nutritional program.

Type II Diabetes: Insulin-Dependent Diabetes

The term diabetes refers to higher than normal levels of sugar, or glucose, in the blood. Type II diabetes, also known as insulin-dependent diabetes, was commonly referred to as adult onset diabetes until recently when the name no longer accurately describes the population with this disease.

Type I Diabetes: Insulin-Dependent Diabetes

Type I diabetes is also known as insulin-dependent diabetes or juvenile diabetes. This form of diabetes is mainly found in children.

Double Diabetes -- Placing Your Kids at Even More Risk

In some medical circles it's called Type 3 Diabetes. Teenagers and young adults diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, if overweight or obese, can develop type 2 diabetes later in life.

Pancreas Transplants - A Solution For Type 1 Diabetes Sufferers?

Type 1 diabetes was formerly known as juvenile diabetes or insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. Type 1 diabetes matures quickly and symptoms are very visible.

Ascensia Breeze Glucometer Rated

Simple Testing Over and Over* simple and easy testing. Simple single-function buttons are easy-to-use and easy to understand* No more having to use individual test strips.

Diabetes, A Bad Omen Or A Fresh Start?

So you've learned that you've got diabetes. Well after the initial shock, you're stuck with dealing with the lifestyle changes that come with your diagnosis.

Diabetes the Silent Killer - The Iceberg Effect!

What sank the "Unsinkable Ship" the Titanic was not the tip of the iceberg, but the lurking 90% percent of the iceberg hidden under the surface. In the movie you see the captain steer the ship clear of the block of ice on top of the water, but underneath not known to the captain, crew or passengers, the razor sharp ice was splitting the steel bottom of the vessel like a stick of melted butter.

Tools to Manage Your Diabetes

It's estimated that in the US, over 18 million people over the age of 20 have diabetes. If you happen to have been diagnosed with diabetes, make sure you're getting all the right diabetes treatment supplies.

Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes affects the manner in which the body handles digested carbohydrates. If neglected, diabetes can cause serious health complications, ranging from blindness to kidney failure.

Revolutionary Lancet Device for Diabetic Glucose Testing

Now you can reduce the pain and inconvenience of testing. Unlike conventional lancing systems, the ACCU-CHEK Multiclix lancet device is the only 1 with a six-lancet drum.

Hyperglycemia, Diabetes, and Managing Blood Sugar

So, after a miserable 10 hours of blood tests it's confirmed you have hyperglycemia. Well now isn't the time to sit back and get depressed.

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Eggs are a good source of protein for people with diabetes. They contain little carbohydrate and may improve fasting blood glucose levels. Learn more about the ...

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Diabetes mellitus is associated with various health problems including decline in skeletal muscle mass. A research group led by Professor Wataru Ogawa at the ...

Canada Eases Pilot Diabetes Restrictions  AVweb

Canada has dropped its ban on pilots with pre-existing Type 1 diabetes becoming commercial pilots. In 2001, the agency made pre-existing insulin-dependent ...

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on Feb. 21 formally announced the immediate end of its exemption process for the medical certification of ...

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TYPE 2 diabetes sufferers are advised to eat healthily in order to control the condition, but everyone deserves a treat every now and then. Burgers are generally ...

Cellular sickness linked to type 1 diabetes onset  Medical Xpress

A UC San Francisco study of human and mouse pancreatic tissue suggests a new origin story for type 1 (T1) diabetes. The findings flip current assumptions ...

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A Grover Beach girl with diabetes cried tears of joy Saturday as she was named an honorary player on the Cal Poly women's basketball team. Natalia Xavier, 12 ...

Dramatic ACA Effect Seen in Insurance for Adults with Diabetes  Michigan Medicine

U-M researchers show more adults with diabetes covered after ACA provisions for pre-existing conditions and older adults began.

To Your Health: Splenda unlikely to raise diabetes risk  The Detroit News

Dear Dr. Roach: I'm a 75-year-old man in good health and not obese (my BMI is around 20-21). I like coffee, and drink four or five cups a day. But I like it with a ...

New Moms Struggle To Receive Postpartum Diabetes Tests  St. Louis Public Radio

Pregnancy triggers a cascade of changes in a woman's body, including, in some cases, a special form of diabetes. Gestational diabetes — which causes high.

New Moms At Risk For Postpartum Diabetes Often Aren't Tested  St. Louis Public Radio

Pregnancy triggers a cascade of changes in a woman's body, including, in some cases, a special form of diabetes. Gestational diabetes — which causes high.

AbbVie's cancer drug Venclexta blocks diabetes in mice by targeting beta cell 'senescence'  FierceBiotech

Diabetes researchers have long believed that the disease starts when the immune system attacks insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. But that theory ...

Diabetes and Alzheimer's: What's the link?  Medical News Today

Although scientists have linked Alzheimer's and diabetes, the exact connection has been difficult to unpick. A recent study now gives further insight.

What Is Diabetes And How Do We Treat It?  ScienceAlert

Diabetes is an inability to maintain healthy levels of glucose in the blood, giving rise to numerous symptoms that can affect the entire body and can lead to ...

Early Signs of Diabetes  U.S. News & World Report

Frequent urination, extreme thirst and dental problems could be early signs of diabetes.

Caladrius refuses to give up on Tregs for diabetes  Vantage

After a trial failure last week, Caladrius Biosciences has not abandoned hope for its T regulatory cell therapy in type 1 diabetes, but funding might become a ...

Walnuts, Almonds Help the Hearts of Those With Type 2 Diabetes  U.S. News & World Report

By Serena Gordon HealthDay Reporter. (HealthDay). TUESDAY, Feb. 19, 2019 (HealthDay News) -- If you have type 2 diabetes and you want to do your heart a ...

New Breakthrough Study Targets the Cause of Muscle Loss in Diabetes Patients  Interesting Engineering

Diabetes causes a host of health issues including skeletal muscle loss. This new study may provide an answer to why this happens in patients.

Eating Tree Nuts Tied to Lower Cardiovascular Risk in Those with Diabetes  dLife.com

Incorporating tree nuts into your diet may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in people with Type 2 diabetes, this according to researchers from Harvard ...

Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix recognized for diabetes care  AZ Big Media

Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix has earned The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval® for Advanced Certification in Inpatient Diabetes Care.

Warsaw team makes waves in the fight against diabetes  The First News

A Polish team of scientists have won international recognition for making surgery on diabetics safer. A team led by Doctor Michał Wszoła at the Foundation for ...

10 best foods for diabetes: What to eat and avoid  Medical News Today

People with diabetes benefit from balancing certain food groups. In this article, we discuss some of the best foods to eat, as well as which types to limit.

Diabetes and CVD Have a Strong Link  Pharmacy Times

Diabetes and cardiovascular disease (CVD) are common comorbidities. More than 9% of Americans, 30.3 million, have diabetes, and it costs about $245 billion ...

Diabetes type 2 - the best Chinese and Indian takeaway swaps to prevent high blood sugar  Express

DIABETES type 2 risk could be lowered by making some diet or lifestyle changes. You could prevent high blood sugar symptoms and signs by making these ...

Reducing diabetes risk with a personalized diet  Medical News Today

Keeping blood glucose at a healthy level reduces the risk of developing diabetes. But until now, reducing high glucose levels has focused on limiting carb and ...

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Insulin injections are part of daily blood glucose management for many people with type 2 diabetes. Now, a new pill could spell the end for injections.

Special Report: High number of diabetic amputations in the Valley  KMPH Fox 26

Fresno County has more amputations than nearly any other county in California. A big part of that, is because the Central Valley is dealing with a diabetes crisis.

Behavioral therapy 'missing ingredient' for digital health success in diabetes  Healio

Digital health tools designed to improve disease management for patients with diabetes often have little effect on long-term health outcomes, likely due to an ...

Diabetes Classes at Marion Co. Public Health Department  KNIA / KRLS Radio

The Marion County Public Health Department is teaming up with a state Medicare organization to provide classes on how to manage diabetes. Telligen is the ...

Cone snail venom may improve diabetes treatment, U. study says  KSL.com

University of Utah Health researchers have been investigating the function of cone snail insulin, which they believe can be used as a faster-acting form of insulin ...

Could Diabetes Make It Harder To Get Pregnant?  Enterprise Echo

Health experts are issuing a warning this week that diabetes may be linked with infertility in both women and men. It is an important announcement since ...

Raising The Bar Mother says son's diabetes creates daycare dilemma Darcy Spears 1:20 PM, Feb  KTNV Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Finding affordable daycare in Las Vegas is a difficult task for any parent, but a local mother says things got even harder when businesses ...

Automated insulin dosing guidance to optimise insulin management in patients with type 2 diabetes: a multicentre, randomised controlled trial  The Lancet

Insulin therapy is most effective if dosage titrations are done regularly and frequently, which is seldom practical for most clinicians, resulting in an insulin titration ...

Exercise a healthy option for those living with diabetes  Big Spring Herald

Exercise - a common prevention method and often prescribed prescription for many health ailments. However, a little more than 45 years ago, exercise was the ...

Diabetes program aims to teach healthy living  Texarkana Gazette

A free seven-week program will be available to help families to live a healthy life with diabetes.

A new mouse model may unlock the secrets of type I diabetes  Science Daily

Finding new treatments or a cure for type I diabetes has been elusive in part because scientists have not had a reliable animal model that mimics the full scope ...

UnitedHealthcare Limits Insulin Pump Options for Kids With Type 1 Diabetes  Everyday Health

A decision by UnitedHealthcare to designate Medtronic as the preferred insulin pump provider for newly diagnosed pediatric patients with type 1 diabetes has ...

This Jagged Little Pill Could Make Diabetes Easier to Treat  WIRED

A tortoise-inspired, needle-carrying pill promises to let people swallow drugs that currently have to be injected.

Novo Nordisk and Abbott announce digital diabetes tie-up  pharmaphorum

Novo Nordisk and devices firm Abbott have announced a digital partnership that aims to make diabetes management easier.

OPINION EXCHANGE | The risk-reversal diet  Star Tribune

Unless we are willing to rethink our beliefs about food and sickness, Minnesota is headed for an accelerated worsening of health, with bills that will grow, grow ...

Diabetes, the costliest disease in the U.S., impacts African Americans disproportionately  Richmond.com

More than 30 million Americans have diabetes, a chronic illness that affects the body's ability to produce or use insulin and convert food into energy, according to ...

Increased nut consumption lowers CV risk in type 2 diabetes  Healio

Improved mortality rates and decreases in CVD among patients with type 2 diabetes were associated with a higher consumption of nuts, particularly tree nuts, ...

ICC to Present “Taming the Twin Epidemics: Heart Disease and Diabetes” at Health Expo on March 10  India New England

WALTHAM, MA–Indian Circle for Caring USA Inc., (ICC) will be participating Mega Health, Fitness & Wellness Expo at Burlington Marriott in Burlington, MA on ...

Video: What to Do When Your Blood Sugar Spikes With Diabetes  WebMD

Even if you have the right combination of diet, exercise, and medication, blood sugar swings can still happen. Here are a few simple things you can do right now ...

Bret Michaels on the challenges of life with diabetes: 'It motivates me to work harder rather than give up’  Yahoo Lifestyle

Rock musician Bret Michaels opens up about the challenges of having type 1 diabetes since he was six years old and how music is "therapeutic."

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Nearly 30 million Americans have diabetes, and around 600000 thousand of those are Alabamians. ABC 33/40 is taking a look at how hard our communities are ...

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Omron Healthcare UK general manager Charlie Fox discusses blood pressure monitoring and if new Omron tech could be the future of diabetes treatment.

Super Diabetes Conference was a success, moderated by Byron Brown  WJTV

The Super Diabetes Conference took place at the Jackson Marriott today.

Your Good Health: Splenda use won't raise risk of diabetes  Times Colonist

Dear Dr. Roach: I'm a 75-year-old man in good health and not obese (my BMI is around 20-21). I like coffee, and drink four or five cups a day. But I like it with a ...

Diabetes type 2 - the one exercise you should do after a meal to prevent high blood sugar  Express

DIABETES type 2 risk could be lowered by making some changes to your exercise for diet plans. You could reduce your chances of high blood sugar symptoms ...

Hygieia gets FDA approval for mobile app for diabetes care services  Crain's Detroit Business

Hygieia Inc., a medical device company based in Livonia, has won approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for a mobile app for its d-Nav insulin ...

Gastric Bypass Means Diabetes Remission For Many  WebMD

The surgery isn't necessarily a cure for type 2 diabetes. Some people who go into remission and appear to no longer have the disease can relapse and start ...

Heart-healthy living also wards off type 2 diabetes  Health24

There could be an added bonus to keeping your cardiovascular health on track – a heart-healthy lifestyle can also prevent type 2 diabetes, researchers say.

Breathable insulin growing as delivery option for those with diabetes  FOX 10 News Phoenix

(FOX 9) - One of the troubling medical trends is the increased number of people diagnosed with diabetes. The Department of Health now estimates that just ...

Charlyn Fargo Ware: Understanding Type 3 Diabetes | Your Health  Noozhawk

You've probably heard of Type 1 diabetes (mainly in children) and Type 2 diabetes (which occurs later in life), but now there is a Type 3 diabetes. It's the result of ...

Tips for Living With Type 1 Diabetes | Patient Advice  U.S. News & World Report

Figuring out how to manage Type 1 diabetes is a challenge for anyone. The disease strikes without warning, and the thought of its many potential complications ...

Type 2 diabetes: Sugar vs sweetener - what increases blood sugar the least?  Express

TYPE 2 diabetes sufferers are advised to cut down on the amount of sugar they consume in order to control the condition. It may seem sensible to replace sugar ...

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation researching type 1 diabetes  virginiafirst.com

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation organization is celebrating its success in finding treatments for type one diabetes.

Eatings nuts helps lower cardiovascular risk for those with diabetes • Earth.com  Earth.com

New research has found that eating more nuts could help improve heart health and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease for people with type 2 diabetes. Nuts ...

Human cells can change job to fight diabetes  Science Daily

For the first time, researchers have shown that ordinary human cells can change their original function. This may give new hope for type 1 diabetes patients.

Smart Watch Fights Flu and Diabetes, Helps Couples Get Pregnant  Voice of America

Scientists are helping patients fight flu, diabetes and other maladies with the help of a smart watch that monitors body chemistry for blood sugar, sweat and other ...

Program empowers communities to overpower diabetes  University of Wisconsin-Madison

From February through June, we will be highlighting the ways that UW–Madison changes lives for the better throughout the state of Wisconsin. February's theme ...

This sensor may help detect early stages of diabetes  Tech Explorist

Early detection of diabetes may become possible with a new sensor developed by Indian scientists to detect low levels of Retinol Binding Protein 4 (RBP4), ...

Twitter revealed a more positive attitude towards type 1 diabetes  ScienceNordic

The researchers analyzed more than 67000 twitter posts from a week in May 2018. They wanted to investigate how diabetes is referred to in social media.

'Master herbalist' on trial in diabetic boy's death  KTRK-TV

A man who touted himself as a "master herbalist" is on trial after prosecutors say he convinced the family of a diabetic boy to stop giving him insulin, leading to ...

Quality of overall diet is key to lowering type 2 diabetes risk  Science Daily

New research shows that a high-quality diet defined by low intake of animal foods such as red meat, and high intake of plant foods such as vegetables, fruits and ...

Can the eye help achieve islet transplant tolerance in type 1 diabetes?  Science Daily

Scientists show in experimental and preclinical recipients that islets transplanted in the eye can survive and function long-term without continuous ...

Can Gastric Bypass Surgery Cause Remission in Type 2 Diabetes?  Healthline

Researchers say a vast majority of patients lose weight and shed their diabetes diagnosis. Other experts urge caution, however.

Master herbalist case: Jury deadlocks on whether Morrow responsible for diabetic boy's death  KABC-TV

A jury has deadlocked over whether a Torrance "master herbalist" was responsible for a boy's death after convincing his parents to stop treating his diabetes with ...

Free Diabetes Self-Management Workshop - MyVeronaNJ  My veronanj

Are you a person with Medicare living with diabetes or know someone who is? Take control of your health through a free and fun five-week workshop series.

New Form of Ingestible Microneedle Formulation Could Make Living with Diabetes Easier  Evolving Science

Diabetes is a particularly difficult condition to handle on a day-to-day basis. This is particularly the case if the patient needs regular insulin therapy in order to ...

How Personality and Emotions Increase Diabetes Risk  Diabetes In Control

Depression and other negative emotions increase diabetes risk in postmenopausal women, study finds, with optimism correlated with lower incidence of type 2.

Early screening for gestational diabetes in pregnant, obese women may be unhelpful  UAB News

In light of new study results, guidelines for early gestational diabetes screening in obese pregnant women will need reassessment. Written by: Hannah Bae ...

Your personality could put you at greater risk for developing diabetes  Science Daily

It has been said that a good personality can help one succeed in life. But can it also guard against disease risk? A new study shows that positive personality ...

First Arizona Diabetes Action Plan and Report includes policy recommendations - State of Reform  State of Reform

The Arizona Diabetes Action Plan and Report, a collaborative effort from multiple state agencies and organizations, was presented to the Senate Health and ...

Recommendations for Reducing Diabetic Ketoacidosis With SGLT Inhibitor Therapy  Endocrinology Advisor

While the use of sodium-glucose cotransporter (SGLT) 2 inhibitors in patients with type 1 diabetes has shown clinical benefits in the reduction of glycated ...

Immune Response to Gut Microbes Linked to Diabetes Risk  The Scientist

While scientists have evidence that the composition of the gut microbiome is connected to a variety of autoimmune diseases, understanding how bugs in the ...

Deep learning-enhanced device detects diabetic retinopathy  Medical Xpress

(HealthDay)—A deep learning-enhanced device can accurately detect diabetic retinopathy (DR), according to a study published online Feb. 14 in Diabetes Care ...

FDA approves mobile app to enhance insulin management in type 2 diabetes  Healio

The FDA on Wednesday granted 501(k) clearance for the first mobile app designed to titrate individualized insulin doses for people with type 2 diabetes, ...

MIT’s insulin pill could replace injections for people with diabetes  TechCrunch

Insulin pills have long been a kind of Holy Grail for people living with diabetes. A research team at MIT believes it may have taken an important step toward that ...

Deintensifying Diabetes Drugs: Important Considerations  Medscape

This transcript has been edited for clarity. Jay H. Shubrook, DO. Jay H. Shubrook, DO: Welcome back to Everyday Diabetes: Practical Pointers for Primary Care.

Covering the Bases: Coverage of diabetes supplies split on Medicare plans  CapitalGazette.com

Medicare Part B (your red, white and blue card) covers your test strips and lancets that you use to test your blood sugar. The insulin and syringes you use to ...

Vitamin D could lower the risk of developing diabetes: Study demonstrates role of vitamin D in controlling glycemia  Science Daily

The benefits of vitamin D in promoting bone health are already well known. A new study suggests that vitamin D also may promote greater insulin sensitivity, ...

Scientists may have found a way to cure type 1 diabetes with stem cells  BGR

Stem cell research may be controversial but it's showing incredible promise in treating a number of long-incurable diseases. The latest target for scientists ...

Matthew Webber receives American Diabetes Association's Accelerator Award  ND Newswire

For parents of children with Type 1 diabetes, the threat of a hypoglycemic episode can keep them awake at night. Critically low blood glucose levels can lead to ...

First Interoperable Insulin Pump OK'd; Diabetes Scam; Linagliptin CV Outcomes  MedPage Today

The first interoperable insulin pump -- meaning it can work with a variety of other components to form a comprehensive diabetes treatment system -- was ...

The Danger of Diabetic Ketoacidosis  U.S. News & World Report

Diabetic ketoacidosis is a dangerous complication for people with diabetes. DKA occurs when the body lacks insulin for too long, causing blood sugar to spike.

Reprogrammed Human Pancreatic Cells Treat Diabetes in Mice - D-brief  Discover Magazine

The technique could help treat diabetes, as well as offer a path to dealign with other degenerative diseases.

Diabetes Moves Down the List of Priorities for Big Pharma  Bloomberg

While Sanofi and other Big Pharma companies rush toward cutting-edge therapies that unleash the immune system to fight cancer or potentially cure DNA flaws, ...

Free Clinic's diabetes program receives $8000 grant  The Columbian

Bagley Downs — The Free Clinic of Southwest Washington received an $8000 grant from Kaiser Permanente to care for uninsured patients living with diabetes.

Diabetes patient said he was left almost blind by delay in treatment from NHS Grampian  Press and Journal

Health chiefs were ordered to apologise to a diabetes patient who says he was left almost blind as a result of delays in treatment. NHS Grampian was also told to ...

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