Divorce Information

Divorce Information

7 Ways to Rediscover Your True Passion after Divorce

Going through a divorce is a very challenging time in a person's life. It is hard to adjust to being single again, as well as living "out of the habit" of being married, especially if you have been married for many, many years.

Dating Tips for Divorced and Widowed Moms

Dating is tough for just about everybody, but it's even tougher for people who are divorced and widowed. Along with the fears of being "out of practice," there are often children's feelings to consider.

Credit and Divorce

Mary and Bill recently divorced. Their divorce decree stated that Bill would pay the balances on their three joint credit card accounts.

There Is Life After Divorce

A married woman becomes a single woman for one of two reasons: death or divorce. The former is an honourable state, the latter is not.

Getting a Jewish Divorce in the UK

What is the Get?The Get is the Jewish form of divorce. The husband and wife must co-operate in obtaining the Get.

How to Select a Divorce Lawyer

Selecting a divorce lawyer to handle your family law case is a very important decision. The following are a few important criteria to help in finding the right divorce lawyer.

Divorce Advice: Getting Divorce Advice From the Right Source

Getting the right type of divorce advice depends on what type of divorce advice you want and what you want to use it for. When looking for divorce advice, it is smart to clearly define what you are seeking the advice for so you can be sure to look in the right places.

How To Identify What The Question Should I Get a Divorce? Means To You

Deciding about whether you should get a divorce or not is an agonizing experience to go through. If you are asking yourself "should I get a divorce?", you've been thinking about your relationship's state for a while or an isolated incident (an example is an extramarital affair) that occurred was so terrible, that you want to just chuck it all and start over with a new life!If you have been asking yourself "should I get a divorce?" for any length of time, you should figure out what is making you feel that way if you haven't already.

Extramarital Affair: Should You Get A Divorce Just Because One Of You Had An Extramarital Affair?

Having to deal with an extramarital affair can be a life-changing event, regardless of whether you stay married or not. Inescapable feelings can come over both people who live through an extramarital affair that will never be forgotten by either of them.

Reasons For Divorce; What Constitutes Viable Reasons For Thinking About Or Wanting A Divorce?

According to the Center for Disease Control's National Vital Statistics Report of 2002, 50% of first marriages ended in divorce and 60% of remarriages end in divorce. But, the Center for Disease Control also found that 96% of Americans express a personal desire for marriage, and almost three-quarters of Americans believe marriage is a life long commitment.

Surviving Divorce: What To Think About To Ensure Surviving Divorce

Surviving divorce can be a valid fear if you're contemplating getting a divorce. In order to ensure surviving divorce, you should first understand that your divorce decision shouldn't be taken lightly.

Five Christmas Survival Tips For The Divorced & Single Parent

For the over 50% of marriages that end in divorce, Christmas can be a hugely trying time.Since the season is one of the most stressful times of the year anyway, this onslaught of raw emotion to the divorcee can be overwhelming.

Divorce and Children: Things To Consider When Youre Staying Married Only For Your Children

All children are different and respond differently to divorce. Depending on the characteristics of the children - age, emotional maturity, happiness, resiliency to trauma - the easier or more difficult it will be for children to weather a divorce.

The Impact of Divorce on Families

As a licensed mental health professional, I work with many individuals, couples, and families who are affected by divorce. I see the devastating effects that breakups can have and am dedicated to helping people develop the skills to cope with experiences like divorce.

How to Recover From Divorce

As a licensed mental health professional, I work with many individuals, couples, and families who are affected by divorce. I have developed this list of survival strategies for people who are experiencing divorce.

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The pair filed for legal separation in December after nearly 20 years of marriage.

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After opening up about the "unhealthy dynamic" in her marriage to singer/songwriter Ryan Adams, Mandy Moore is putting her painful relationship past behind ...

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Theresa May is facing the latest challenge to her leadership as frustration among lawmakers grows. Talks with Labour aimed at finding a consensus on leaving ...

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Most of us are familiar with the old saying, "He who represents himself in court has a fool for a client." In a unanimous decision, the U.S. Supreme Court stated ...

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Nicolas Cage is dealing with his split from his wife of four days the best way he knows how: Karaoke.

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Q: We are married 11 years. No kids, two dogs. We are both attached to the dogs. We are going our separate ways. In the divorce, who will be awarded the dogs ...

Docs: Dog starves to death after couple files for divorce, moves out of trailer  WISH-TV

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) -- A dog was left behind to starve to death after a couple filed for divorce and moved out of their trailer in Greenwood, according to ...

4 Tax Strategies That Could Make a Divorce Settlement Easier  The New York Times

Divorce negotiations are never easy, and they became more complicated this year, thanks to the tax overhaul. Here are four tips for taxpayers to consider.

Anna Camp files for divorce from Skylar Astin  Page Six

Anna Camp officially filed documents to end her two-year marriage to Skylar Astin on Friday.

Why Adele and Simon Konecki Are Getting a $180 Million Divorce  Cosmopolitan.com

Why Adele and her husband Simon Konecki broke up and are getting a $180 million divorce after eight years together.

'The Conners' Star Michael Fishman's Wife Files For Divorce  TMZ

"The Conners" star Michael Fishman is getting divorced from his wife.

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Tim Heidecker's AM pop-inspired ditties have been a reliably amiable arm of the comedian's multi-faceted career, which, as of late, includes a killer role in ...

Mom accused of sex with daughters’ teen boyfriends had other ‘illegal’ secrets, divorce docs show  Fresno Bee

Court documents in the divorce of Eric and Coral Lytle, the Tulare, California, mother accused of having sex with her daughters' underage boyfriends, show she ...

Anna Camp Files for Divorce from Skylar Astin Just Hours After Announcing Their Split  PEOPLE.com

The two actors announced their split on Friday after two years of marriage.

Destination divorce parties are a new Las Vegas trend  Press Herald

In October 2015, Ariel Khawaja traveled to Cozumel, Mexico, to say “I do” before a group of 55 wedding guests. Three years later she corralled her two best ...

Wendy Williams breaks silence on divorce  CNN

Wendy Williams was her own hot topic on Monday.

Spokane Valley stabbing victim served divorce papers to suspect  KXLY Spokane

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - UPDATE: Authorities reported that the AMBER Alert was canceled after Ethan was located safely by law enforcement. The AMBER ...

Divorce Reforms May Make Breakups Easier for London’s Bankers  Bloomberg

London courts have long been home to some of the world's most expensive and acrimonious divorces. Celebrities and scores of wealthy bankers have been ...

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The Internal Revenue *Service* plans to add a question to Schedule 1 of the Form 1040 asking taxpayers who claim a deduction for paying alimony to provide the ...

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Judge Wrongly Accepted Sharia Divorce, Court Says - Lake Forest-Lake Bluff, IL - Judge Raymond Collins abused his discretion by accepting an Indian divorce ...

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Some fans of singer Britney Spears want her freed from a mental facility. TMZ has some details on what caused her downward spiral this time. Plus, Wendy ...

What I Learned About Marriage From My Parents’ Divorce  Fatherly

America's divorce rate did a surprising thing over the last decade: it fell. More surprising was that the fall was led by millennials, a generation that should, ...

Blowing £4k On My Honeymoon Was A Brilliant Use Of Money – Even After The Divorce  Refinery29

I'm a pretty frugal person, usually opting to save my cash and absolutely never spending money I don't have. Don't get me wrong: I like nice things too, and one ...

Bezos By Far: The 5 Largest Billionaire Divorces In History  Forbes

Forbes assembled a list of the largest billionaire disunions on record.

Wendy Williams files for divorce from husband of 20 years  The Washington Post

Wendy Williams has filed for divorce from Kevin Hunter, her husband of 20 years, according to a divorce filing obtained by The Washington Post. The host of ...

Author Megan Griswold Reveals What Divorce Taught Her About Love and Marriage  Parade

In her memoir The Book of Help: A Memoir in Remedies, now a Los Angeles Times best seller, author Megan Griswold documents all the New Age self care ...

Jeff Bezos's Divorce Shows Separations Can Be Amicable  Forbes

The Amazon founder's recent divorce proves that separations don't have to be ugly.

Four Lessons From The Jeff Bezos Divorce (You Can't Afford To Ignore)  Forbes

Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos' divorce offers several key lessons for anyone looking down the barrel of a high-asset divorce.

Beck’s Wife Did Not Know She Got Dumped Until Singer Filed for Divorce  The Blast

Beck's estranged wife must not have realized she had split up with her famous husband years ago, because she claims the two didn't break up until the day he ...

Skylar Astin's Wedding Ring Is Off After Anna Camp Divorce Filing  E! NEWS

Pitch Perfect couple announced their split on April 19.

Russell Westbrook Has Never Gotten Over His Divorce With Kevin Durant  Fox Sports Radio

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he believes Russell Westbrook's offense has deteriorated as the former MVP had the worst shooting season of his career.

Lynne Curtin Re-Files for Divorce from Estranged Husband Frank After Nearly 30 Years of Marriage  PEOPLE.com

Lynne Curtin and her estranged husband Frank Curtin married in 1990.

Wendy Williams Jokes She's Got a 'Double Date' After Filing for Divorce: 'Pick Me Up on Time'  PEOPLE.com

Wendy Williams' husband Kevin Hunter allegedly fathered a child with his mistress.

Dear Therapist: My Boyfriend Is Going Through a Divorce  The Atlantic

As he and his ex are nearing the end of their divorce process, I'm not sure how much I can actually trust him.

Conan Comedian Andy Richter and Wife Sarah Thyre Are Divorcing After 27 Years Together  PEOPLE.com

Andy Richter, Conan O'Brien's longtime sidekick, shares two kids with wife Sarah Thyre.

Dividing Your Home In A Divorce  Forbes

If you're going through a divorce, deciding how to divide the home you share with your spouse can be one of the more complicated conversations you'll have.

‘90 Day Fiancé’ Cast Update: Ashley Fuels Jay Divorce And Deportation Rumors  International Business Times

90 Day Fiancé” stars Ashley Martson and Jay Smith have not denied divorce rumors.

After finalizing divorce details, Jeff Bezos remains richer than everyone else on Earth  USA TODAY

In the midst of the world's most expensive divorce, Jeff Bezos still reigns as the world's richest person.

Michelle Obama is hopelessly out of touch with the reality of divorced families  Washington Examiner

My husband, a child of divorce, texted me after hearing Michelle Obama compare the Trump presidency to spending time with a divorced dad: "I had many great ...

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Advice: Contacting your ex-relatives is the compassionate thing to do; just make allowances for the awkward position in which they may then find themselves ...

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Find out the truth about the divorce rumors that are circulating about the marriage between William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman amid the college cheating ...

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Your stories about what it's like to go through a divorce.

House Approves Immediate Divorce in Domestic Abuse Cases  The Rio Times

The House of Representatives passed a bill that allows victims of domestic abuse to petition the judge for an immediate decree of divorce or the breach of ...

Former First Lady Michelle Obama Insulted Divorced Dads  Fatherly

In a recent address Michelle Obama compared to the Trump administration to a divorced dad who makes a child sick. Using divorce dads as a metaphor for bad ...

Why Divorce May Hurt Wealthier Kids' Education the Most, According to a New Study  TIME

A new study says divorce may shorten the academic career of kids from privileged families more than it does those from struggling families.

The 'Divorce Capital of the World' May Not Have That Title for Long  Fortune

Brexit looks like the world's worst break-up. But for cross-channel couples currently on the skids, the U.K.'s separation from the European Union may just be the ...

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Going through a divorce is a traumatic experience, and when it is finalized you may feel totally exhausted. When I went through a divorce many years ago, I was ...

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Talking about money is hard, and it's even more difficult post divorce, according to a new survey from CNBC and Acorns. Here's how you can set healthy ...

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If you are getting ready to go through a divorce, one of the best things that you can do for your own success (and sanity) is to work with a great divorce attor.

Divorce doesn't have to be a nightmare. Call in a coach.  Chicago Tribune

Could a divorce coach make the process a little more bearable?

Lauren Sanchez & Estranged Husband Appoint Private Judge to Handle Divorce  The Blast

Lauren Sanchez and Patrick Whitesell are not interested in their divorce playing out in the public eye, so they've moved the case out of the courts and into the ...

The reason behind Adele's $180 million divorce  Yahoo Finance

Adele and her husband, Simon Konecki, announced they broke up after being together for eight years. Here's why they split and are currently in a $180 million ...

Royals Who Got Divorced: Prince Charles and Princess Diana, Prince Andrew and Duchess Sarah, More  Us Weekly

From Prince Charles and Princess Diana to Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, relive the divorces of royals through the years.

Trump Fed Pick’s Divorce Records Are Put Under Temporary Seal  The New York Times

FAIRFAX, Va. — A Virginia judge on Monday temporarily sealed divorce records for Stephen Moore, President Trump's presumptive nominee for the Federal ...

Divorced R.I. couple battles over custody of dogs  The Providence Journal

PROVIDENCE — After 23 years of marriage, one issue brought a divorced Johnston couple to the Rhode Island Supreme Court: Visitation rights with the dogs.

Wendy Williams Gave Dating Advice to a Newly Single Fan Before Announcing Her Divorce  PEOPLE.com

Wendy Williams weighed in on a telling topic on Friday's broadcast of The Wendy Williams Show. The episode had been pre-taped Thursday, after Williams ...

Ankara's Syria-driven turn to Moscow could spur US-Turkey divorce - analyst  Ahval

The Turkish government's turn toward Moscow and controversial purchase of Russia's S-400 missile system has been driven by U.S. and Russian policies in ...

Angelina Jolie Officially Drops Pitt From Her Last Name Following Divorce  Entertainment Tonight

Angelina Jolie has gone her separate way from Brad Pitt in every capacity, including her surname. The actress, who had added Pitt to her legal name following ...

Divorce or break-up? How to consciously uncouple your digital life  USA TODAY

These days, former sweethearts find themselves tangled up in gadgets, passwords, and online accounts. Here are tips to separate your digital assets.

Ask Amy: Should we try a ‘nesting’ divorce?  East Bay Times

Ask Amy: I wonder if my mom should pay to lease my car. Plus: He just confessed to cheating five times during our marriage and I want out.

Teresa Giudice Works On Custody Deal Before Divorce Filing  Radar Online

RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned Teresa Giudice is already making preparations behind the scenes for a custody agreement before she's even filed for ...

They’re divorcing. They’re still good friends. How did the Weidners do it?  Philly.com

A new route for divorce — collaborative divorce — can dissolve a marriage in a year or less and can help eliminate the bitterness and cost of the process.

San Francisco Might Divorce PG&E But Not Wildfire Costs  Bloomberg

Taking over its power grid wouldn't insulate the city from risk.

What Was Wendy Williams' Final Straw in Divorcing Kevin Hunter?  The Cheat Sheet

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks. First, on the heels of even more infidelity rumors, Wendy Williams served her husband, Kevin Hunter, with ...

Angelina Jolie Officially Drops 'Pitt' From Her Name  elle.com

Back in 2016, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt (citing 'irreconcilable differences). Last week, it was announced that the Hollywood heavyweights are ...

UK to Pass No-Fault Divorce Law  theTrumpet.com

The United Kingdom has announced that it will pass a new law allowing no-fault divorce “as soon as parliamentary time allows.” It will remove the legal ...

Adultery, arrears and amends: Inside Trump Federal Reserve pick Stephen Moore's messy and very expensive divorce  CNBC

Court records from Stephen Moore's divorce paint President Donald Trump's nominee for the Federal Reserve Board as a brazen philanderer who openly talked ...

Full Frame 2019: 'Where We Belong' director discusses impact of divorce on children  Duke Chronicle

For its North American premiere, “Where We Belong” screened at Full Frame Documentary Film Festival earlier this month. The film gave viewers a raw look into ...

Why Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Are Single Again — But Not Divorced  PEOPLE.com

The two are stars are officially single again but that doesn't mean they've finalized their divorce settlement or child custody.

Yes, You Can Change Your Career During Your Divorce  Forbes

Divorce can have a powerful impact on your life and emotional well-being. Affecting finances, living arrangements, schedules and, if you are a parent, your ...

What Is at Stake in a Billion Dollar Divorce Like Jeff Bezos - High Profile Billion Dollar Divorce Settlements  TownandCountrymag.com

T&C does a deep dive into what the powerful and wealthy are willing to risk for their extra-marital dalliances.

Doctor suggests divorce to Tennessee couple to help pay their child’s medical bills: report  Fox News

In order to pay their son's extensive medical bills, a doctor suggested that a Tennessee couple should get a divorce.

Three Tips for Financial Wellness in Divorce  Park Cities People

Money is a central issue in every Texas divorce case. You will need to identify and divide property, allocate debts, and plan for your financial future. This can be ...

Woman celebrates divorce with 'divorced diva photo shoot,' says she hopes to empower others  Fox News

“Boy bye.” A recently divorced woman in South Carolina celebrated the end of her marriage with a “divorce diva photo shoot,” which pictured her stomping on ...

Lynne Curtin Has Filed for Divorce from Husband Frank Curtin — Again  Bravo

Lynne Curtin has filed for divorce from her husband, Frank Curtin, for a second time. The Real Housewives of Orange County alum filed new documents to ...

90 Day Fiancé's Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima Settle Divorce 9 Months After Marrying  PEOPLE.com

"Colt Johnson and Larissa dos Santos Lima have settled their divorce," Colt Johnson's attorney Shawanna L. Johnson told E! News.

A divorce for Wendy Williams may reveal money spent on alleged mistress  Page Six

A top divorce lawyer told Page Six what could happen if Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter divorce. Should they decide to officially split, the lawyer told us ...

States With The Lowest Divorce Rates Have These 7 Things In Common  Bustle

About 40 to 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce, according to the American Psychological Association. When it comes to causes of ...

Brexit black hole: Divorce implosion, deal, or election?  Reuters

The United Kingdom now has until Oct. 31 to leave the European Union but the British political elite is still squabbling over how, when or if to Brexit.

Divorce Rates Are Down, But There's a Catch  Mother Jones

In my Twitter feed, Brad Wilcox is pointing out that the divorce rate in the US is way down from its peak in the early 80s. And he's right: the annual divorce rate is ...

Divorce: The Forced Portfolio Colonoscopy And The Lessons I Learned  Seeking Alpha

Divorce is a brutal beast emotionally, physically and financially. This experience forced me to take a hard look at my portfolio to assess what holdings are tru.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Are Officially Kinda-Sorta Divorced  Vulture

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have completed step one of their bifurcated divorce. Both parties have their “single” status reinstated, but still have several months of ...

Michelle Obama's joke bolsters bias against divorced dads  Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

Michelle Obama's joke grist for bias against divorced dads- My friend Michelle Obama was joking when she said that what America is going through with ...

Married at First Sight's Jason Carrion Confirms Divorce After ‘Fairytale’ Love Story  PEOPLE.com

Jason Carrion and Cortney Hendrix quietly filed for divorce in February following a six-month separation.

Truth About Kate Middleton, Prince William ‘Divorce Talk’ Rumors  International Business Times

Kate Middleton and Prince William are allegedly in divorce talks amid the prince's cheating rumors.

I’m a Divorce Lawyer. This Was the Wildest Divorce I Ever Encountered  Fatherly

A divorce lawyer explains the wildest case she ever had to oversee — and what it can teach everyone going through a contentious divorce.

Anna Faris reluctant to ever get married again after Chris Pratt divorce  Fox News

Anna Faris isn't too eager to tie the knot after her second divorce.

Why the Divorce Rate is Going Down in the U.S.  Fatherly

The divorce rate has been in sharp decline since 2000. Here's the data that explains why, and what that means for the future of marriage in the U.S..

How to navigate Social Security’s benefits after marriage, death and divorce  PBS NewsHour

Your Social Security benefits can be drastically different based on your marital status, writes columnist Philip Moeller.

Why some couples are getting a 'sleep divorce' -- could it work for you?  WKMG News 6 & ClickOrlando

Sleep divorce is a concept that some say helps relationships.

Jeff Bezos & Wife MacKenzie Officially File for Divorce  Extra

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and wife MacKenzie have officially filed for divorce after 25 years of marriage, reports TheBlast.com.

‘The Conners’ Star Michael Fishman To Divorce Wife He Married At Age 18  The Inquisitr News

Michael Fishman and his wife Jennifer Briner have decided to end their 20-year marriage. The 37-year-old actor's wife filed divorce documents this week, and ...

Morning Coffee: Tales of vendetta for a JP Morgan analyst. Easier divorce for bankers  eFinancialCareers

Nearly everyone who's worked in equity research for long enough has this kind of war story – the time that a chief executive tried to get you fired. Daud Khan, a ...

'Grey's Anatomy': Are Jo And Alex Headed For Divorce?  The Cheat Sheet

Uh oh -- another couple on 'Grey's Anatomy' is in trouble. Will Alex and Jo Karev's relationship survive their latest feud?

Dubai court restores yacht to Russia tycoon, move disputed in divorce contest  Reuters

A $436 million superyacht belonging to a Russian billionaire at the center of one of the world's costliest divorce battles has been released by a Dubai court after ...

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