Exercise Information

Exercise Information

3 Steps To Starting a Successful Fall Exercise Program

Ah, the crisp cool breeze, the invigorating feel of the outdoors as the leaves start to turn colors, the sound of kids laughing on their way to school.Fall is the time for new beginnings.

Finding Time to Exercise

Exercising During Commercials I'm getting up an hour earlier these days. At first I said I'd never be able to do it: I was already sleep deprived rising at 6 AM how would I ever get up at 5 AM? I'd never be able to get to sleep earlier (this is still true), and a hundred other reasons why it wouldn't work.

Interval Training

Are you in an exercise rut? Do you want to kick your fitness level up a notch and increase your endurance? Would you like to add more intensity to you workout? Interval training is a good way to achieve all of these goals in a safe and systematic manner.Interval training is simply a matter of alternating high intensity exercise and low intensity exercise.

Top 10 Tips For Finding Time For Exercise

If you're like most people, finding time for exercise is difficult. Here are my "top 10" tips to help you in that quest.

Top 10 Reasons To Exercise In The Morning

If I had to pick a single factor that I thought was most important in a successful exercise or weight loss program, it would be to exercise first thing in the morning - every morning! Some mornings, you may just be able to fit in a 10 minute walk, but it's important to try to do something every morning. So why mornings?.

The Abs... More Important Than You Think

What comes to your mind when I say the word "abs"? Do you think of the infomercials advertising "6 second abs" or the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue? Most people focus on training their abs to look thinner or sexier. But, do you realize the importance of your abs in everyday activities? Most yoga instructors do.

Overcoming Resistance to Exercise

Are You Destined to Sit on the Couch?If someone mentions exercise do you think, "I hate to exercise. There's no way I'm doing that.

7 Ways To Guarantee You Stick To Your Workout Program

1. Begin Looking at Exercise Differently.

4 Exercises That Will Help You Change Your Body Faster Than Any Other Exercises You May Have Tried

1. Lunges with a barbell.

The Power Workout:

Scenario: I really want to get in shape, but I work all day and attend multimedia classes until 8:30. How do I find the time to exercise, and what are a few good exercises for beginners like me? Solution: Finding time to exercise is certainly a challenge.

Fitness the Goddess Way: Movement vs. Exercise

I was excited to hear the esteemed speakers at the Fall 2004 Omega Institute Conference. The "biggies" of the women's movement such as Gloria Steinem, today's best-selling authors and who's who of empowering women doing inspiring work were.

The New Lover Approach to Starting an Exercise Program

Approach a New Exercise Program Like a New LoverHow many times have you decided to get back to some type of exercise program? You've bought gear, new shoes, new clothes, whatever is needed. You've set aside some time, and off you go.

Mom, How F.I.T.T. Is Your Workout?

Moms don't have the time or desire to mess around with complicated workouts that don't get results. If you want real Mommy Muscle you need a plan that's based on principles not infomercials and advertising.

Arthritis Exercise - One Way to Relieve Pain & Stiffness in Your Joints (part 1)

Exercise can be very beneficial for arthritis sufferers, often relieving stiffness in joints, strengthening muscles thereby reducing stress on joints, keeping bone and cartilage tissue strong and healthy, and increasing flexibility. A recommended 30-minute minimum of daily activity is the norm.

Arthritis Exercise - One Way to Relieve Pain & Stiffness in Your Joints (part 2)

Even when you cannot make it out to walk or to an aquatics or yoga class, there are exercises you can do daily to improve flexibility, strength and conditioning when you suffer from arthritis. You can flex your legs while sitting in a chair facing forward, simply by moving your leg outward while keeping your foot on the floor and holding it there for a few seconds, then retracting it until your foot is behind you, then alternating to the other leg.

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