Ezine Marketing Information

Ezine Marketing Information

Why Your Newsletter Must Get A Personality Today!

Newsletters are becoming ever more popular. Not surprising - since all editors know that they are a tried and tested method for both disseminating information and subtly (and quite frequently blatantly) promoting any product or service.

Newsletters in Plain Text or HTML - Which Work Better?

A common question asked when you first set out to write an email newsletter is whether it should be a plain text email or HTML (web page style). This is an important consideration since your choice impacts on how many people read your newsletter and how they respond to it.

3 Steps to Creating Your Own Ezine to Increase Web Site Traffic!

What if I showed you a simple way to increase web site traffic that could sky-rocket your sales and make you an internet expert.Would you be interested?I sure hope so?First, you have to remember the primary reason people get on to the internet.

How To Create Your Very Own Client Newsletter

Using newsletters for business development improves your sales and marketing efficiency because they: Improve your prospecting by being more focused and personal than a newspaper ad; Generate referrals Ask your clients if there's anyone they can suggest who would appreciate receiving your newsletter, as it's much easier for someone to suggest an addition to your newsletter mailing list than to flat out give you a name to call; Build walls around present clients A newsletter keeps competitors away by repeatedly reminding your clients of your continued interest in them; Recover lost clients Many lost clients would like to revive their relationship with you, but don't know how, so add a personal note to a newsletter, and mail it to them; Enhance other practice-building techniques For example, when contacting a client you might mention something from a past issue that's applicable to his situation, and in seminars, speeches and client meetings, use appropriate issues of your newsletter as handouts or to explain certain points. Think of your client newsletter as an education tool, as well.

The Power of Newsletters

When discussing the possibility of creating a newsletter for one of my clients, he asked me, "How will a newsletter help me get sales?""Great question," I replied. Here's how:A newsletter is a form of contact, just like a phone call, visit or direct mail postcard.

How to Increase Your Opt In List by 322% in 28 Days

"The money's in your list" - how many times have you heard this statement? Plenty I'll bet..

The Secret Truth About Writing Great Sales Copy.

Did you know that most people find it difficult to write sales copy that works?You see there is this idea that sales is all about lies and that you have to be really tricky and clever with words to sell your product.This is absolute bollocks.

Increase Your Ezine Sign-up Rate By 500% or More Starting Today

If you're satisfied with a newsletter subscription rate of five to ten percent, then you don't need any of the information I'm about to share with you. If you're serious about converting up to 50%, or more of your website visitors into newsletter subscribers, though, then read on.

Ezine Advertising Strategy Exposed-16 Tips to Boost Your Profit

In my opinion, Electronic Magazine (Ezine) advertising is the greatest, untapped source of online advertising available today.The reason: Ezine Advertising (EA) matches your product or idea to people with similar interests.

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