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SMS Gaming - Text Paging Games that can be Played by Anyone

Using the Physical World as a Game Board: This is not a Kinky game! SMS stands for Short Message Service.

Just like our last article, this can be fun for teens and adults. You just have to do it on a different scale.

Pick a location approximately 4 square city blocks of a favorite area where your teen group or friends like to be. Spend an afternoon picking locations from that area and creating hints that can be text paged easily. Pick at least ten locations if not more and three to five hints for each location. Put the hints in order of hardest to figure out to the simplest, which will almost tell them where it is.

You can mix the Location Hunt game with a Scavenger Hunt! Once they find the correct location they now have to find something else at that location. Either physically getting something to bring back, taking a digital photo or taking a video to bring back as proof. And this can make for a fun experience at the end of the game when everyone involved shows back up at the starting point. The best way to play it is only send one hint at a time, this way they don't know the next location or what they are supposed to do when they get there. You can give a list out at the beginning of the game, but there is a little more mystery if they have no way to plan ahead.

If you have 15 or more people, set them up in groups. Only one page to one of the phones in each group. Send the groups in different directions, i.e.: One group might start with hint number 10, another group starts at hint 7, and so on. If everyone starts at 1 and goes straight through, they will end up following each other. This only keeps it fair. And if you have one location that's hard to find, and you give the first group that looks for it the easiest hint, when the next group is trying to find that location, you must give them the easiest from the beginning. That's really the only way to keep it fair.

You need to come up with a small prize for the first group to make it to the final location. For teens, you might come up with movie tickets for that night. For the adults, hmmm, a free round at the final location would be nice! Just about anything will do, it will give them something to fight for.

Depending on the age and ability of the individuals, they may begin to getting tired, if so you can always skip to the last location where the prize might be or just end the game when they find the next location. You might want to be ready with as many locations as you can think of. You can always use them on the next hunt.

Email me with any new or better ideas on "Creating your own breaks". Thank you.

This document is under Copyright through Infinite Data. You have permission to copy this document in its' entirety and make duplicates. You may not change, add, or edit anything within the document. Thank you for your help.

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