Game Information

Game Information

Go Digital and Groovy... and Save Trees!

Have you inherited your Dad's trading cardcollection - ie. pieces of printed cardboard that come with a piece of gum that looks like it tastes like cardboard too? Welltoday's trading cards have evolved to include, wait for it.

Mind Boggling Information About The Popular Bingo Game!

Have you ever considered mind boggling statistics of a BINGO GAME?The bingo game is the most popular online game in the world! Bing Crosby's nickname as a child was "Bingo" Screeno, a form of the bingo game, was played in movie theaters during the Great Depression The casino game, Keno, is based on the bingo game Most online bingo players also like to play online slot machines A majority of bingo game players have a pet, most notably a cat In 1929, the bingo game reached North America, and became known as "Beano" The bingo game became popular in Australia in the early 20th century. It was known as Housie The bingo game's origin can be traced back to 1530, to an Italian lottery called "Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia".

Counter Strike, The Beginner of Broad Band PC Gaming

This is the world of 21st century, the century of technologies. Every thing is fast now a days and as far as the Computers and games are concerned, they are at the top of all.

Virtual Wrapping Paper and E-Gifts- Is There Really An Online Santa?

The internet has proven to be an amazing delivery conduit for words, information, music, pictures and generally anything that can be turned into little 1s and 0s. As we approach the end of the year the question is asked "Can the Internet deliver my Christmas presents?" Now thanks to a remarkable innovation at www.

Create Computer Games - Get Started on Creating Your Own Virtual Worlds

I've always loved video games, ever since I first played them on a friend's computer in the afternoon after elementary school. There's something almost magical about the fact that we can move images around and interact with virtual worlds, a living fantasy presented for us to interact with however we please.

How to Write a Business Plan While Playing

BizTech 2.0 is an entrepreneur education program offering business assistance to students over 13.

Computer Traumas

It has happened! Computer games have started to control my life on and off the screen. No complicated games like Age of Empires, just the simple one of Tetris.

Malicious Advertising

Advertising is a necessary irritant in the world today. You can't drive down the street without coming across an ad, either a billboard suspended over a road or a large poster plastered down the side of a bus.

Great Games Youve Never Played

Do you know what you're missing?Some of the best computer games ever made are likely games you've never heard of. Created by individuals and small companies working in relative obscurity.

Guns Dont Kill People - Videogames Do!

"Ban these evil games", "Videogame violence corrupting our nation's youth", "video games stole my husband". It seems everyday that the media are making more and more claims about the evils of videogames.

$20 Buys a Lot of Game These Days

Watching the evolution of sports games has been like watching a retarded child grow up to become a handsome and brilliant Master of the Universe. Now I'm not saying ESPN's NBA 2K5 is the pinnacle of sports gaming, but I will tell you why it comes pretty damn close - especially for all of us basketball fanatics.

Another Title by Atari Released on StarForce Protected DVDs

"Atari has selected StarForce to protect their brand-new game called Race Driver 2", a supervisor from StarForce has stated today."Race Driver 2" is produced by Codemasters and distributed by Atari.

The Future of Submarine Games

In the last six months, the demise of sims has been pronounced in abundance. Print mags and sim webzines have been telling you sims are being cancelled left and right Jane's A-10: Cancelled.

Are You A PC Gamer And Want The Best Out Of Your Graphics Card?

IntroductionIn this article you will learn how to get the most out of your graphics card by installing new drivers and tweaking Windows. The guide is based around Windows XP Professional Edition but you can use the same guide to tweak other Windows operating systems.

Ingredients For A Great Game

There are millions of computer games out there on the market, how do you make your game best selling? What features have to be included? I have taken a look on previously best sellers trying to determine what makes a great game.Set the player in focusThe player wants to be in focus in the game, he or she wants to feel that he can control the outcome of the game.

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Study: Video Games Don't Hurt Boys' Social Skills  The Daily Beast

Good news for parents of boys who are obsessed with Fortnite: A new study suggests that playing video games won't stunt their social development.

Lillard has 50 and Blazers oust Thunder in 5 games  Star Tribune

After Damian Lillard hit his walk-off 3-pointer to send the Trail Blazers along in the playoffs, he waved goodbye to the Thunder bench.

Nintendo Removes Seventh Generation Games From Its Official Website  Nintendo Life

Wii U information page also taken down - Nintendo's American website has today removed all traces of certain video game ge...

The Division 2 and Sekiro Are the Best-Selling Games of March 2019  IGN

By Jon Ryan Last month's NPD (National Purchase Diary) report was released today, highlighting the top-selling games of March 2019 and the year so far.

OpenAI's 'Dota 2' bot won 7,215 games against humans in three days  Engadget

From the evening of April 18th through the 21st, anybody with an internet connection had the chance to play against OpenAI's Dota 2 bot -- the same one that def ...

"Where to donate used video games and console?"  PoPville

“Dear PoPville,. Just wondering if you would know of an organization, or could ask your readers, where to donate used video games and console. I would love ...

A secret Stranger Things game died before it was even announced  The Verge

Telltale's take on Stranger Things wasn't the only project that died with the studio. Indie developer Night School Studio had its own unannounced project — a ...

Best PS2 games: The greatest hits from Sony’s most beloved console  VG247

They were still making PS2s when Journey came out in 2012. The console outlasted not only the release of its successor, but almost long enough to pass the ...

Playing Video Games Can Actually Change the Brain  Interesting Engineering

Video games get a lot of bad press at times, but it appears gaming can alter the brain for the good. But it might come at a cost.

W.N.B.A. Games to Air on CBS Sports Network in New Deal  The New York Times

The W.N.B.A. and CBS announced a multiyear agreement on Monday that will significantly increase the number of games shown on national television.

Jim Price's absence on Tigers radio to reach 15 games; expected back May 3  The Detroit News

Detroit — Tigers radio analyst Jim Price will miss the team's nine-game, 10-day road trip, as he recovers from a virus which has slowed him much of the month.

China bans blood, poker and imperial history in latest video game crackdown

As anyone following the weird and wacky world of video game regulation will know, the games industry hasn't been having the best year in China.

Garnet Capture First Game, 4-2, as Second Game Called Due to Darkness Tied at 3-3

Robbins Extends Hitting Streak to Seven Games. CHESTERTOWN, Md. – Visiting Swarthmore downed host Washington College, 4-2, in the first game of a ...

Stanley Cup Playoffs 2019: Bruins take down Maple Leafs in another Game 7; Knights vs. Sharks in late game  CBS Sports

A pair of decisive Game 7s were on the NHL slate Tuesday, and the first saw the Bruins taking down the Maple Leafs in Boston ... again. The last three ...

Mortal Kombat 11 is a game nearly 30 years in the making  The Verge

The Mortal Kombat series has been around since 1992, but it's a franchise that has aged surprisingly gracefully. In fact, Mortal Kombat is arguably more popular ...

How Chess Games Can End: 8 Ways Explained

There are many ways to end a chess game. Sometimes the result is clear. However, there are situations when some players have questions about the result or ...

Is it Game Over for traditional PR?

At Reboot Develop last week, I gave a talk that I felt addressed a rhetorical question: Is traditional PR dead? Answer: Definitely yes. Long dead. Dead. Buried.

Video: Highlights From The Midwest Gaming Classic  Nintendo Life

The retro video game convention Midwest Gaming Classic celebrated its 18th year in Milwaukee, WI a little over a week ago, and we just so happened to have ...

3 Reasons to Invest in Video-Game Stocks  Motley Fool

The share prices of top video-game stocks have fallen hard over the past six months. Though Wall Street is worried about the impact of Fortnite, there are still ...

How to watch Sharks vs. Golden Knights Game 7 online

Here's how to watch Game 7 between the Sharks and Golden Knights on TV and streaming live online.

The 30 greatest Game Boy games  Polygon

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Nintendo's Game Boy portable console, we're counting down the 30 best Game Boy games.

Life is Strange 2 creators explain why they won’t shy away from politics in games  The Verge

The creators of Life is Strange aren't scared to touch on topics often taboo in games. While some developers have denied making political statements of any kind ...

NBA Playoffs 2019: Nuggets vs. Spurs odds, picks, Game 5 predictions from proven model on 84-57 run  CBS Sports

SportsLine's advanced computer model simulated Tuesday's Spurs vs. Nuggets game 10000 times.

Iraq parliament bans online battle video games, including Fortnite  FortniteINTEL

According to a report by Reuters, online battle games such as Fortnite Battle Royale and Player Unknown's Battlegrounds have been banned in the Country of ...

: Nine-Game Homestand Starts Tuesday

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – After winning consecutive Atlantic Coast Conference series for the first time this season, Florida State (24-14) opens a nine-game ...

Snapchat is betting big on social gaming  CNN

Snapchat's next big bet for getting people to spend more time on the app: games.

NBA Playoffs scores, highlights: Raptors, 76ers advance; Thunder face elimination; Nuggets top Spurs in pivotal Game 5  CBS Sports

The NBA postseason rolls on with a four-game slate on Tuesday evening. It's extremely possible that three series could come to a close when all is said and ...

No. 4 Oregon State loses its second consecutive extra-inning game at Nevada, 7-6 in 10 innings  OregonLive

The last time the Beavers lost games on consecutive days was more than a year ago.

Artificial intelligence is helping old video games look like new  The Verge

AI upscaling improves the quality of low-resolution pictures, and video game modders are using it to update the graphics of old games. From Final Fantasy VII to ...

Tamarin: Adorable Adventure Game From Classic Rare Devs Announced  IGN

By Colin Stevens Independent developer Chameleon Games, filled with veterans from Rare's "golden era" of game development, is announcing Tamarin, ...

‘Mr. Game 7’ lost in Game 7 with the Caps. Now Justin Williams could take them out.  The Washington Post

No one has scored more points in Game 7 than the Hurricanes forward.

Outlaws could be the name of the next Arkham game, but don't trust those leaked images just yet  GamesRadar

Last week, we heard rumours of an in-the-works Suicide Squad game to be revealed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment later this Summer as an E3 2019 ...

The best patches in modern PC gaming history  PC Gamer

A whole lot of PC games these days are never really finished. Elder PC gamers can grouch about the good old days, where there was no such thing as a ...

Checkers Ready To Face Adversity, Regain Control Of Series In Game 3  Charlotte Checkers Official Website

The Checkers prepare to face adversity as they host the Providence Bruins for Game 3 of their first-round series.

Game of Thrones season 8, episode 3 Battle of Winterfell will be the longest battle scene in TV history

Game of Thrones is, at this moment, the biggest TV show in the world. This is because Game of Thrones is very fun and very good and a lot of very epic things ...

Making Video Games Is Not a Dream Job  The New York Times

The workers behind hits like Fortnite and Call of Duty need unions to protect them from exploitation.

College football spring game attendance leaders  247Sports

With spring football nearing completion, here's a look at the best crowds nationally from this month's spring games.

The top-selling game consoles of all time, magnificently animated  The Next Web

Well, here we are again. A couple of weeks ago, we put together a bar chart animation tracking video game console sales. We organized this by year, so the ...

Epic Games Store is Now Available on Linux Thanks to Lutris  It's FOSS

Open Source gaming platform Lutris now enables you to use Epic Games Store on Linux. We tried it on Ubuntu 19.04 and here's our experience with it.

UMass football lands Missouri game with aggressive scheduling  GazetteNET

AMHERST — It was an otherwise rather uneventful Thursday in January when UMass released a slew of new football games for future schedules.It was the ...

'Game of Thrones' Is Turning Into a Generic Video Game Plot  Motherboard

This post contains spoilers for last night's 'Game of Thrones.' Last night's Game of Thrones, the second episode in the final season, had a familiar vibe. Dozens ...

Klay -- Dip in Pacific Ocean spurred 32-point game  ESPN

After a slow start to the playoffs, Klay Thompson credited a dip in the Pacific Ocean for his 32 points in Sunday's win over the Clippers.

Quarterbacks Turning Heads in 2019 College Football Spring Games  Bleacher Report

Tate Martell was the third quarterback to see action in Miami's spring game, but it was a better-late-than-never situation for one of the more impressive ...

They asked artificial intelligence to create a new game. One of its first ideas involved exploding Frisbees.  Washington Post

Speedgate is a sport that was designed with the help of artificial intelligence in Oregon. The machine intelligence initially suggested the sport include exploding ...

Google’s Stadia is the future of gaming, and that’s bad news for our planet  Digital Trends

Google's upcoming Stadia cloud gaming *service*, and its competitors, are ready to change the way gamers play, and that could be bad news for our planet.

Stanley Cup Playoffs Daily - Predators eliminated, Caps and Canes will go 7  ESPN

Fare thee well, Nashville Predators, a team that felt disjointed all season and was bounced in six games by the Dallas Stars. Meanwhile, the Washington ...

Chilly reception for marijuana tycoon game shows games industry’s backwards stance on drugs  TechCrunch

Intense and graphic violence is something we've come to simply expect from games, but sexual and other adult themes are still largely taboo — including, ...

Chinese tech giant Tencent quietly tests game streaming platform  CNBC

Tencent has begun testing a cloud gaming *service* called "Start" and is letting a select group of users sign up.

Delay of game, goalie interference rules draw ire of NHL players: survey

The pace and excitement of 3-on-3 overtime isn't just a thrill for hockey fans — NHL players love it too. An Associated Press/Canadian Press survey of NHLPA ...

Jeopardy! champ James Holzhauer could change the way the game is played.  Slate

James Holzhauer's combination of knowledge and strategy could transform the way the iconic game show is played.

Brandon Nimmo exits Mets win with left oblique 'twinge'  New York Post

Brandon Nimmo left Tuesday's game against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citi Field before the top of the fourth with a left oblique “twinge,” according to the Mets.

Browns to be featured in four prime-time games  ESPN

The NFL has granted the Browns four prime-time games this season, with the first coming in Week 2, when they will face the Jets on Monday Night Football.

Best gaming deals: Game of Thrones merch, Switch accessories, and more  Polygon

Save 20 percent off Game of Thrones merch at ThinkGeek, plus a Nintendo Switch charger, gaming headsets, and more on sale at Amazon.

Chiefs to Play in Five Prime-Time Games in 2019

The Chiefs will play under the lights five times next season.

Forte is betting Ripple's tech will create the blockchain gaming metaverse  Decrypt Media

Only weeks into the alliance between Ripple and a16z-backed, blockchain gaming startup Forte, and game developers are already enlisting in the XRP Army.

How Fortnite’s success led to months of intense crunch at Epic Games  Polygon

The popularity of Fortnite has been transformative for Epic Games. But the game's explosive growth led to months of intense crunch for Epic employees and ...

Patreon boy band sells experimental games with monthly subscriptions  The Verge

The Sokpop Collective is utilizing crowdfunding *service* Patreon in a unique way: to sell monthly subscriptions where patrons get access to strange, ...

Iraq bans 'Fortnite,' says video games are negatively influencing its youth  Military Times

Iraq's parliament could put up with the insanity no longer. The mass killings, sectarian violence, forced militarization of children, sexual enslavement, political ...

Tigers-Red Sox PPD Mon.; twin bill set for Tues.

BOSTON -- The Red Sox-Tigers game scheduled for tonight, Monday, April 22, at Fenway Park has been postponed. The forecast calls for an extended period of ...

A Slow Rise for Cloud Gaming  The Wall Street Journal

As the videogame industry moves to its next major upgrade, it will have to reckon with a rather inconvenient truth: Old habits die hard. Microsoft MSFT 1.02% ...

The fury over the Epic Games Store, explained  Polygon

The Epic Games Store is a new place to purchase PC games online. But its use of exclusive releases is rubbing some consumers the wrong way. Its affiliation ...

This Week: Playoffs, Games 3 and 4 - This Week's Games - Welcome to  Euroleague

The second week of the playoffs provides the tantalizing prospect of the regular season's top two teams, Fenerbahce and CSKA, going on the road in a bid to ...

The New Era of High Fashion & Video Game Collaborations: Inside Moschino and The Sims Partnership  Fortune

High fashion meets video games in Moschino and The Sims new brand collaboration, which includes a pixellated, pricey capsule collection.

Sharks, Golden Knights energized for Game 7, shake off effects of 2OT

SAN JOSE -- Logan Couture has taken a shot in, um, a sensitive area. He has taken a stick in the mouth and lost two teeth. He has taken another stick in the face ...

Here's why fans think Game of Thrones season 8 is teasing Lady Stoneheart for the Battle of Winterfell  GamesRadar

Game of Thrones season 8 may have just teased the return of Catelyn Stark, but not as you know her...

War games shed light on real strategies

In the 1920s and 1930s, the U.S. Navy used war games to design military plans against potential adversaries.

5 Vikings Prime-Time Games in 2019 Include Visits to Seahawks, Chargers

EAGAN, Minn. – The wait is over, and the 2019 NFL schedule is set in stone. Minnesota will play five prime-time games – two at home and three on the road ...

Christian Yelich Is Raising His Game  FanGraphs

It would not have been a surprise if Christian Yelich had leveled off after coming out of Baseball Nowhere (a.k.a. Miami), joining the Brewers, and winning the NL ...

This week in games: Lego Star Wars returns, Ubisoft gives away Assassin's Creed: Unity after Notre Dame fire  PCWorld

I've said for years that Assassin's Creed is more impressive for its art nowadays than the games themselves, but still, who would've guessed that one day ...

About Last Night: Mitchell atones for Game 3 meltdown

Given that no team has ever rallied from a 3-0 deficit in NBA history, it's almost certainly a case of too little, too late. But give Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell credit: ...

Jeopardy! Contestant James Holzhauer Wins 14th Game and Brings Total Earnings to $1,061,554

Fourteen wins and counting! Jeopardy! audiences were shocked and amazed as they watched contestant James Holzhauer win big (again) during Tuesday's ...

The Game Boy turns 30  The Verge

On April 21st, 1989, Nintendo unleashed the Game Boy on the world, forever changing video games. The unassuming gray brick may not have been a technical ...

Why Arya’s Game of Thrones sex scene was a perfect character evolution

“A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms,” the second episode of Game of Thrones' eighth season, was a mostly fun and enjoyable piece of table-setting and fan *service* ...

Photo gallery: Tokyo game landmarks at night  Polygon

Former Ubisoft art director and current freelance photographer Liam Wong shows an alternate side of Tokyo in shots for an upcoming book, featuring a foreword ...

Fortnite: Is Prince Harry right to want game banned?  BBC News

Prince Harry has called for a ban on Fortnite, saying the survival game beloved by teenagers around the world, was "created to addict". His words add to a ...

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate combines Gold and games for $15 a month  Engadget

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives players all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold and Microsoft's digital subscription *service*, Game Pass, for $15 a month. The bundle ...

15 game streaming services you can try before Google Stadia arrives  The Verge

Streaming games from remote internet servers could be the future of the video game industry — or part of that future, anyhow. If you'd like to try streaming games ...

Farmville game spam battle couldn't stop Words with Friends maker Zynga  USA TODAY

Zynga survived a Facebook algorithm change by focusing on the hits and updating them, while bringing in acquisitions for new games.

Apple Arcade has game developers excited, but questions remain  The Verge

Among developers of mobile games, there's a mix of excitement and concern surrounding Apple Arcade, the company's new Netflix-style subscription *service*.

What are the Effects of the Age Group Games Season Changes?  Morning Chalk Up

When the changes to the CrossFit Games season were announced in August 2018, teens and masters athletes were left wondering whether age group divisions ...

Schedule release: 5 takeaways, 8 games to watch

Judy Battista provides insight into the 2019 NFL schedule, revealing her biggest takeaways and the top games to watch in the upcoming season.

Predictions for Game 5 of Sixers vs. Nets playoff series  Yahoo Sports

The Sixers have a chance to finish off the Nets and advance to the second round Tuesday night. Paul Hudrick and Noah Levick give their predictions for Game 5.

Road Swing Continues at Wichita State, ISU

By Athletics Communications. University of Oklahoma. APRIL 23, 2019. April 24 | Wichita, Kan. 1/1Oklahoma. Oklahoma. Wichita State. stats Live Stats · listen ...

This gamer has the world's largest videogame collection with more than 20000  Guinness World Records

A gamer from Texas has collected 20139 videogames along with more than 100 consoles.

Game of Thrones season 8, episode 2: Podrick’s “Jenny’s Song,” explained

The episode's musical Easter egg, "Jenny's Song," could be foreshadowing the end of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen.

Console gaming is at a crossroads  Engadget

Sony and Microsoft have been walking the same path for nearly 20 years, when it comes to gaming hardware. Instead of leaves, shiny silver game discs dangle ...

Game 7 has been kind and cruel to Sharks in playoffs past

The Sharks and their fans have experienced the joy or heartbreak that accompanies a winner-take-all game exactly 10 times. Here's the history.

China introduces new game approval process, limiting total approvals per year

China's State Administration of Press and Publication (SAPP) has offered clarity and new information on the game approval process following a six-month-long ...

An Easy Mode Has Never Ruined A Game  Kotaku

In video games, easy is a dirty word, even when it shouldn't be. There's something about the word “easy” that rubs some players as condescending, something ...

NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 1660 Ti will lead to cheaper gaming laptops  Engadget

If you were wondering when, or if, NVIDIA would bring its GTX 1660 Ti GPUs without ray-tracing cores to laptops, the answer is "definitely" and "now." It unveiled ...

Iraq parliament bans online battle games, citing 'negative' influence  Reuters

Iraq's parliament voted on Wednesday to ban popular online video games including PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite, citing their "negative" ...

'Anthem' is proof that crunch can't save AAA games  Engadget

A report out of Kotaku this week helps explain why Anthem is in disarray, and it shines a light on a consistent and increasingly public issue in AAA development: ...

Jaguars have tough start and 34-day stretch between home games - Jacksonville Jaguars Blog- ESPN  ESPN

The Jaguars open and close the season with home games, with five games at TIAA Bank Field between.

Ten juicy revenge matchups on tap for 2019

Will Drew Brees' New Orleans Saints get even with Jared Goff's Los Angeles Rams for last season's NFC title game? Dan Hanzus runs down 10 of the juiciest ...

NBA says Nets' Allen was fouled late in Game 4  ESPN

According to the NBA's Last Two Minute Report released Sunday, Nets center Jarrett Allen was fouled in the final seconds of Saturday's Game 4 loss to the ...

Combined tailgate planned for Raptors, Leafs games Tuesday  CityNews

With both the Leafs and Raptors in the midst of simultaenous playoff battles, it can be difficult for Toronto sports fans to keep up with all the gripping action.

Twitch’s first-ever video game is a free karaoke title built for live streaming  The Verge

Since becoming the de facto game streaming platform of the modern generation, Twitch is finally ready to design its own video games, starting with a karaoke ...

This $2,799 emulator is the fanciest retro game console around  The Verge

Retro games keep resurfacing in all types of emulators, but Swedish artist and craftsman Love Hultén has created one that goes the extra mile if you really want ...

This week's highs and lows in PC gaming  PC Gamer

Wes Fenlon: Ahoy!Our frequent contributor Lauren Morton wrote a story this week that, after weeks of work, I'm quite proud of: How fans helped 11-year-old ...

How Google Stadia and game streaming services will hurt game creators  Digital Trends

With the reveal of Google Stadia, the upcoming Netflix for games, it's only a matter of time before other companies reveal plans for a games streaming platform of ...

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