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Game Information

Go Digital and Groovy... and Save Trees!

Have you inherited your Dad's trading cardcollection - ie. pieces of printed cardboard that come with a piece of gum that looks like it tastes like cardboard too? Welltoday's trading cards have evolved to include, wait for it.

Mind Boggling Information About The Popular Bingo Game!

Have you ever considered mind boggling statistics of a BINGO GAME?The bingo game is the most popular online game in the world! Bing Crosby's nickname as a child was "Bingo" Screeno, a form of the bingo game, was played in movie theaters during the Great Depression The casino game, Keno, is based on the bingo game Most online bingo players also like to play online slot machines A majority of bingo game players have a pet, most notably a cat In 1929, the bingo game reached North America, and became known as "Beano" The bingo game became popular in Australia in the early 20th century. It was known as Housie The bingo game's origin can be traced back to 1530, to an Italian lottery called "Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia".

Counter Strike, The Beginner of Broad Band PC Gaming

This is the world of 21st century, the century of technologies. Every thing is fast now a days and as far as the Computers and games are concerned, they are at the top of all.

Virtual Wrapping Paper and E-Gifts- Is There Really An Online Santa?

The internet has proven to be an amazing delivery conduit for words, information, music, pictures and generally anything that can be turned into little 1s and 0s. As we approach the end of the year the question is asked "Can the Internet deliver my Christmas presents?" Now thanks to a remarkable innovation at www.

Create Computer Games - Get Started on Creating Your Own Virtual Worlds

I've always loved video games, ever since I first played them on a friend's computer in the afternoon after elementary school. There's something almost magical about the fact that we can move images around and interact with virtual worlds, a living fantasy presented for us to interact with however we please.

How to Write a Business Plan While Playing

BizTech 2.0 is an entrepreneur education program offering business assistance to students over 13.

Computer Traumas

It has happened! Computer games have started to control my life on and off the screen. No complicated games like Age of Empires, just the simple one of Tetris.

Malicious Advertising

Advertising is a necessary irritant in the world today. You can't drive down the street without coming across an ad, either a billboard suspended over a road or a large poster plastered down the side of a bus.

Great Games Youve Never Played

Do you know what you're missing?Some of the best computer games ever made are likely games you've never heard of. Created by individuals and small companies working in relative obscurity.

Guns Dont Kill People - Videogames Do!

"Ban these evil games", "Videogame violence corrupting our nation's youth", "video games stole my husband". It seems everyday that the media are making more and more claims about the evils of videogames.

$20 Buys a Lot of Game These Days

Watching the evolution of sports games has been like watching a retarded child grow up to become a handsome and brilliant Master of the Universe. Now I'm not saying ESPN's NBA 2K5 is the pinnacle of sports gaming, but I will tell you why it comes pretty damn close - especially for all of us basketball fanatics.

Another Title by Atari Released on StarForce Protected DVDs

"Atari has selected StarForce to protect their brand-new game called Race Driver 2", a supervisor from StarForce has stated today."Race Driver 2" is produced by Codemasters and distributed by Atari.

The Future of Submarine Games

In the last six months, the demise of sims has been pronounced in abundance. Print mags and sim webzines have been telling you sims are being cancelled left and right Jane's A-10: Cancelled.

Are You A PC Gamer And Want The Best Out Of Your Graphics Card?

IntroductionIn this article you will learn how to get the most out of your graphics card by installing new drivers and tweaking Windows. The guide is based around Windows XP Professional Edition but you can use the same guide to tweak other Windows operating systems.

Ingredients For A Great Game

There are millions of computer games out there on the market, how do you make your game best selling? What features have to be included? I have taken a look on previously best sellers trying to determine what makes a great game.Set the player in focusThe player wants to be in focus in the game, he or she wants to feel that he can control the outcome of the game.

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Beat the 'crunch': new union for video games workers launches  The Guardian

It is known as “crunch” – long hours of unpaid overtime put in by computer games workers in the run-up to highly anticipated releases, often at the behest of ...

Get a Free Game Every Two Weeks on the Epic Games Store  Lifehacker

You can never have enough video games. Earlier this month, Epic Games, which you might know best as the creator of Fortnite, launched its own digital game ...

Three Ways To Make 'The Game Awards' Better In 2019  Forbes

Here's how 'The Game Awards' could be a better, more engaging awards ceremony in 2019.

UK video games workers unionize over ‘wide-scale exploitation’ and diversity issues  TechCrunch

Working in video games might sound like a dream job to a 12-year-old Fortnight-loving kid, but the day-to-day reality of grinding in the industry can be as ...

After two down games, Rams need Jared Goff to return to MVP level - Los Angeles Rams Blog- ESPN  ESPN

With five picks in the past two games, Goff hasn't played well. With the top seed and home-field advantage up for grabs, can he turn it around?

New Jersey Democrats Play Power Games Too  The New York Times

The Republican Party has recently shown great creativity — and great lack of shame — in seeking to hold on to power at all costs, even after losing elections.

Can I get a gaming PC for £500, and which games console is best?  The Guardian

Jean is shopping for a £500 gaming PC and Patrick is looking for a console for his kids.

Prime-time Parlay: FPI predictions for the biggest games of NFL Week 15  ESPN

Prime-time Parlay is your FPI-based guide that predicts the results of all the biggest NFL games of Week 15.

Oklahomans in bowl games

Every bowl — from the Celebration Bowl on Saturday to the national championship game on Jan. 7, will have some tie to Oklahoma.

Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2018 voting

You! Hello! You! It has been almost 365 days since January the 1st - 52 weeks! 12 months! - which means we're close to the point where we can say that 2018…

‘Gris’ is one of the most visually striking games of this or any other year  The Washington Post

The game's visual style was shaped by Conrad Roset who came to the project from the art world.

Health risks of playing mobile games like PubG - recently banned in one of India's colleges  Times Now

Very recently, a college in India has banned PubG in its hostels. If looked at objectively, more than career, video and mobile games are having extremely ...

Is video game addiction real? Former players, statistics say yes  Vancouver Sun

The World Health Organization has officially designated video game addiction as a disorder, and one former addict warns we can no longer 'just see them as fun ...

Bayern Munich's Robben to miss last games of 2018

Veteran Bayern Munich winger Arjen Robben will miss the last three matches of 2018 with a "muscle attachment problem," coach Niko Kovac said...

TTU approves sale of alcohol at games, slashing concession prices  KCBD

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Texas Tech's Board of Regents have approved the sale of beer and wine in the general seating area at home sporting events.

Epic will let other game developers use Fortnite’s cross-platform tools for free  The Verge

Epic Games today announced that it's going to offer up the underlying software infrastructure and tools used to run its massive, cross-platform hit Fortnite to other ...

Super Smash Bros Ultimate review – the fighting game with everything  The Guardian

Wildly disparate heroes from Nintendo history – from Mario to Pikachu and Street Fighter II's Ryu – meet for matches of thrilling, barely controlled chaos.

Best Xbox One Console Exclusives in 2018  Windows Central

What are the best console exclusives for Xbox One? Right now, these are.

Some interesting PSVR games are currently reduced

Plenty of you were drawn by festive discounts on the Sony PlayStation VR Mega Pack Bundle last week, which comes with five games in tow including the ...

Eight most important players for Saturday's bowl games  Yardbarker

The opening slate of college football bowl season features five matchups, and we'll be keeping a watchful eye on a specific group of players. Fresno State's ...

Epic removes all Infinity Blade games from the App Store  The Verge

Infinity Blade, the medieval fighting / role-playing mobile game series from Epic Games, is no more, as the developer has removed all three entries in the ...

Upgrade your game for cheap with these 3 awesome graphics card deals  PCWorld

If you've been looking to upgrade your gaming rig without breaking the bank, today's your day. Both B&H Photo Video and Newegg have some great deals on ...

Why a game’s 1st 20 minutes are crucial for Devils’ Cory Schneider

Devils goalie Cory Scheider will look for a stronger start to a game to avoid an early deficit.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. L.A. Chargers score: Live updates, game stats, highlights for 'Thursday Night Football'

The Chargers head to Kansas City for a game that has massive implications for the AFC playoff picture.

Redskins-Jaguars matchups: Five potential keys to Sunday’s game  The Washington Post

Josh Johnson makes his first start since 2011 as the Redskins try desperately to remain in playoff contention in Jacksonville.

Dragon Age Fan's Research Leads To A Theory About The Upcoming Game  Kotaku

The teaser for Dragon Age 4 was revealed at last week's Game Awards, and it left fans with a lot of questions. One Redditor thinks she's got some answers.

The video games that are good for your children  The Guardian

Technology can become a battleground at home. YouTube may house endless nursery rhymes and clips of Peppa Pig but it's also blighted by disturbing *content* ...

Epic’s PC game store is live now  The Verge

Epic Games announced earlier this week that it was entering the digital game store business, and just a few days later the Fortnite developer is ready to open its ...

China's new games censors take tough stance  BBC News

A panel of experts bans nine mobile games and sends another 11 back for changes.

After dreadful OT loss, Connor McDavid is next up for Flyers

After Wednesday's dreadful overtime loss in Calgary, the Flyers take on Connor McDavid and the Oilers. By John Boruk.

Reading The Game: Walden  NPR

Our occasional series on storytelling in video games returns with the most intentionally literary game we've ever looked at: Walden, A Game, in which you play ...

12 Best Games of 2018  IGN

Welcome to IGN's Best of 2018 Awards, where we look back on the best the year had to offer.

NFL Week 15 odds, picks: The most meaningful Bears game in years, plus five best bets  CBS Sports

After years of heartbreak at the hands of Aaron Rodgers, the Bears can finally vanquish him.

The Best Video Games of 2018  The Ringer

From big-ticket titles to indie darlings, these are the games that challenged, entertained, and captivated us throughout the year.

Expert predictions for Cowboys-Colts: Why this game feels like an NFC East clincher for Dallas  Dallas News

The Dallas Cowboys (8-5), winners of five straight, visit the Indianapolis Colts (7-6) on Sunday in a matchup of teams with playoff aspirations. With a win, Dallas ...

Cameron Jordan wants an early Christmas gift -- Julius Peppers' game jersey: First-and-10

Jordan thinks Peppers is one of the greatest players ever, but has never asked for the future Hall of Famer's jersey.

"I wish he'd survived" - Andy Serkis opens up about Snoke's fate in Star Wars: The Last Jedi and gives Kylo R…  GamesRadar

He may no longer be part of a galaxy far, far away, but Andy Serkis still feels a connection to the dark side after playing Supreme Leader Snoke in Star Wars: The ...

The 10 Best Video Games of 2018  TIME

Here are TIME's best video games of 2018, from Red Dead Redemption 2 to God of War.

Wade set for milestone of 1,000 career games

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Dwyane Wade never thought he would play 1000 games. And he's unsure what the milestone will mean. Wade is in line to become the ...

BYU, UNLV to renew basketball rivalry with first game between programs since 2011  Deseret News

For decades, BYU and UNLV were rivals in the Western Athletic Conference and the Mountain West Conference and they met regularly on the basketball court.

Video game addiction and “gaming disorder,” explained

Video game addiction is increasingly recognized by major public health organizations. But not all experts are on-board.

GAME DAY: Pacioretty out, Stastny in for Golden Knights vs. Devils  Las Vegas Review-Journal

Paul Stastny will return to the lineup Friday in place of Max Pacioretty when the Golden Knights face the New Jersey Devils at Prudential Center.

The Skinny Post: Vikings Return Home to Begin 3-Game Sprint for Postseason Berth

EAGAN, Minn. — Minnesota's push for the playoffs continues, but the Vikings will have a new look to their offense Sunday against the Dolphins. Kevin Stefanski ...

The Redskins have three games to show they have something worth saving.  The Washington Post

With three games yet to play, why do so many Washington players seem ready to be done?

Sega Dreamcast at 20: the futuristic games console that came too soon  The Guardian

In 1998, the Sega Dreamcast changed the whole face of console and games design, but it was haunted by an unbeatable competitor.

Video games becoming more popular among teenage girls – survey  The Guardian

Girls' participation in esports outpacing that of boys, study of 5000 children finds.

Long-awaited survival game Below is out next week  The Verge

Capy, the game developer behind beloved indie gems Super Time Force and Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery EP, is finally ready to release its next big title.

Apple announces its ‘Best of 2018’ lists across apps, games, music, podcasts and more  TechCrunch

Apple today announced its Best of 2018 selections – its annual, editorial list of what it considers the best *content* across its App Store and iTunes, along with its ...

Best games 2018: Red Dead Redemption 2  Polygon

Red Dead Redemption 2 features the most realistic virtual world ever crafted. That's why it comes in at #6 in Polygon's list of the best games of 2018.

Taboo in the not-too-distant past, players opting out of bowl games has quickly become a trend  CBS Sports

Christian McCaffrey and Leonard Fournette were once admonished for decisions we now shrug off.

What's the best video games console for Christmas 2018?  The Guardian

For harassed loved ones everywhere, we compare the Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

"Superhuman" AI Triumphs Playing the Toughest Board Games  Scientific American

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the ...

Mikko Koivu a game-time decision as Wild has rematch with Flames  Star Tribune

Wild team captain Mikko Koivu has missed three games after a knee-on-knee hit from Calgary's Marc Giordano.

Fantasy Football Week 15: Starts, sits, risks and sleepers for every game on the NFL schedule  CBS Sports

Dave Richard gives start and sit calls for every game on the Week 15 schedule, starting with a look at Thursday's AFC West matchup.

These are all the best trailers and new games revealed at The Game Awards 2018  Digital Trends

The Game Awards 2018 featured a ton of new game reveals and announcements for existing games. From Mortal Kombat 11 to Far Cry New Dawn to a surprise ...

Valve’s new Steam revenue agreement gives more money to game developers  The Verge

Steam parent company Valve announced a new revenue split for its online video game marketplace late Friday evening, with a new revenue share agreement ...

5 PS4 Fighting Games You Should Definitely Try  PlayStation LifeStyle

These are 5 essential Fighting Games you can find in the Playstation 4. Expect hadoukens, kame hame has and more.

'Artifact' Isn't a Game on Steam, It's Steam in a Game  VICE

Proxies don't exist in Artifact. That's the point. If you've ever been involved in competitive Magic: The Gathering, there's a decent chance you've encountered ...

The 40 greatest family games, from Guess Who to Catan.  Slate

For some families, game nights are at the very core of who they are and how they live together. From generation to generation, brothers and sisters and cousins ...

The Game Awards 2018 winners: God of War wins game of the year as Red Dead Redemption 2 rides home with four  The Telegraph

Sony Santa Monica's God of War has won the Game of the Year award at The Game Awards 2018 ceremony. The acclaimed Norse adventure also picked up ...

Where to watch, listen to Bears-Packers game

The Bears will play their 14th regular-season game at noon (CT) on Sunday when they host the Packers. Here's how you can watch and listen to the contest.

Epic Games threatens legal action against Fortnite leakers  FortniteINTEL

UPDATE: FNBR Leaks was not shut down due to leaks, but because the site promoted software tools that violated Epic Games TOS according to an Epic ...

Chiefs vs. Ravens: Game Preview

The Chiefs return to Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday to take on the Ravens.

Epic Games vaults the Infinity Blade after fan outrage  FortniteINTEL

Epic Games has announced that after finally hearing all of the feedback from players, they are vaulting the sword and evaluating the next steps for mythic items.

A top video game executive accused of farting on subordinates and hitting their genitals as a joke has been suspended without pay, but some employees want him gone entirely  Business Insider

Riot Games, the creator of "League of Legends," acknowledged COO Scott Gelb's role in the bro culture that led to a gender-discrimination lawsuit.

4,000-Year-Old Game Board Carved into the Earth Shows How Nomads Had Fun  Live Science

A pattern of small holes cut into the floor of an ancient rock shelter in Azerbaijan shows that one of the world's most ancient board games was played there by ...

China forms video game ethics committee as part of crackdown  Engadget

China's freeze on game approvals is winding down, although gamers and developers might not like what the thaw entails. The country has revealed the ...

Indiana Pacers fans compete in embarrassing game of tic-tac-toe  Fox News

A game of tic-tac-toe between two Indiana Pacers fans was mocked by the team's Twitter account.

Red Wings' Tyler Bertuzzi suspended 2 games for hit on Matt Calvert  ESPN

NEW YORK -- Detroit Red Wings forward Tyler Bertuzzi was suspended for two games without pay by the NHL on Monday for his hit on the Colorado ...

The Game Awards 2018: the best trailers and biggest announcements  The Verge

The Game Awards were home to some big announcements from Fortnite creator Epic Games, Ubisoft, and a slew of the biggest names in indie game ...

'The Outer Worlds' Is The 'Fallout' Game We've All Been Waiting For  Forbes

'The Outer Worlds' couldn't have been announced at a more perfect time than during Fallout 76's launch fiasco.

Opinion: How Crash Team Racing Beat Mario Kart at Its Own Game  IGN

What made the original Crash Team Racing the superior kart racing game of its generation?

YouTube game videos were viewed for 50 billion hours in 2018  VentureBeat

More than 200 million people watch YouTube gaming *content* every day. In 2018, more than 50 billion hours of gaming *content* were viewed on YouTube.

Bunch scores $3.8M to turn mobile games into video chat LAN parties  TechCrunch

The best parts of gaming are the jokes and trash talk with friends. Whether it was four-player Goldeneye or linking up PCs for Quake battles in the basement, the ...

Brooklyn rapper sues makers of Fortnite over claims video game stole his moves  The Guardian

The rapper 2 Milly filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the makers of Fortnite, saying they were illegally using a dance he created in their wildly popular video ...

Mike Williams Makes Rare Chargers History Following Huge Game

There's never been any doubt in this locker room about Mike, but I think that the whole world knows now why he was picked No. 7.

No Man's Sky studio announces a new adventure game  PC Gamer

Hello Games is best known as the creator of No Man's Sky, but prior to that game, the developer created the Joe Danger series of sidescrollers—games ...

Memphis vs. Tennessee: Five memorable games between Tigers and UT Vols  The Commercial Appeal

Memphis and No. 4 Tennessee take the court Saturday at FedExForum to face off in the 26th edition of the Tigers-Volunteers basketball rivalry. Of the 25 games ...

The Ten Best Board Games of 2018 | Arts & Culture

Go analog at your next party with one of these new classics.

Jazz game in Mexico City is part of NBA's growing presence south of the border

Utah will be playing its first regular season game in Mexico on Saturday. But it might not be its last.

Nvidia has created the first game demo using AI-generated graphics  The Verge

The recent boom in artificial intelligence has produced impressive results in a somewhat surprising realm: the world of image and video generation. The latest ...

Quiz: Can you recognise these footballers from their old video games avatars?  BBC Three

Football games have come a long way over the last decade, with photo-realistic graphics making in-game players look just like their real life counterparts.

How the Jailbreak computer game made sophomore Alex Balfanz millions  Duke Chronicle

Alex Balfanz spent four months developing Jailbreak, a computer game that reached 2 billion total plays a month ago.

A multifaceted focus on games at The Game Awards this Thursday  USA TODAY

Geoff Keighley, the creator and executive producer of The Game Awards, has worked three decades to finetune the game industry's event.

Riot Games Leads Investment in Hypixel Game Studio  Hollywood Reporter

'League of Legends' developer Riot Games is leading an investment into a game studio from the team that created independent Minecraft server Hypixel.

NFL evaluators make picks on Week 15's best games  ESPN

ESPN senior writer Mike Sando asks NFL insiders to pick winners in select games each week. Three evaluators joined the panel for Week 15. This week's ...

49ers safety Tartt ruled out for Sunday vs. Seahawks

For the second straight game, the 49ers will be without Jaquiski Tartt when they play the Seahawks on Sunday.

Everything you need to follow Sunday's Vikings-Miami game  Star Tribune

Play-by-play, depth charts, a Live Blog and more are a click away to help you follow Sunday's game between the Vikings and New England Patriots.

'Hitman 2' Is My 'Forever Game'  WIRED

Everyone is pining for an interactive infinity in their games. 'Hitman 2' delivers just that.

Where can you watch the FCS semifinal playoff game?  KSFY

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - The South Dakota State University football team will take on North Dakota State University in Fargo Friday at 7:00 PM. The game will be ...

PlayStation Classic mixes PAL and NTSC games - and the results disappoint

Something's up with the Sony PlayStation Classic - what should be a celebration of a truly iconic console is compromised by an uneven selection of games, su…

Carson Wentz misses practice, reportedly could miss Rams game, rest of Eagles' season  CBS Sports

The Eagles are in do-or-die territory, but it appears they may not have their quarterback on Sunday.

FNBR Leaks shut down was not because of leaks, according to Epic Games employee  FortniteINTEL

More details have come out about the shutdown of FNBR Leaks, a popular site to find Fortnite leaks through game files. After FNBR Leaks was forced to shut ...

Picking winners for every bowl game matchup  ESPN

From Dec. 15 through Jan. 7, the Celebration Bowl through the CFP National Championship, Adam Rittenberg picks his winners for bowl season.

Indiana Pacers' halftime entertainment includes absurdly terrible game of tic-tac-toe  CBS Sports

If you've been on the internet long enough, you pretty much learn to question the authenticity of anything and everything -- especially when it comes to sports ...

Lee hits game-winner as Magnolia moves on cusp of PBA title  Rappler

The Hotshots gain a 3-2 lead over Alaska in the best-of-seven finals affair.

Game Day Information: Redskins vs. Jaguars

Fans are invited to TIAA Bank Field Sunday afternoon to see the Jacksonville Jaguars take on the Washington Redskins in the team's final regular season home ...

Game Day: Blues looking for more Friday night magic

Friday Night Ice has been good for the Blues this season. Well, better than good. Perfect. The Blues are 5-0 on Fridays, most recently blanking Winnipeg 1-0 last ...

Zack Martin out for Dallas Cowboys  ESPN

OL Zack Martin had started all 77 games of his career from the time the Cowboys took him in the first round of the 2014 draft.

Nebraska could be without three players for Sunday's game due to illness  Omaha World-Herald

As many as three players could be out for Nebraska's game against Oklahoma State in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, on Sunday.

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