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The Great American Dream Challenge

Pull Quote: "the secret to living a "dream come true" life is to believe in your dream simply because it matters to you."

Making Your Dreams Come True

Years ago, people came to America in pursuit of their dreams-work hard, stay focused and you can achieve the American Dream. For many who have attained the basic American Dream-basic freedom, own a home, own a car, have a family, finding a dream that takes us to the next level of achievement can become a fragmented experience. We want this. We want that. We want everything. And ever since September 11th, we want to feel safer and more connected to family, friends and community.

There's never been a more important time to set forth to achieve your dreams. Without dreams and vision, companies and countries fail, and without our personal dreams, hopes and aspirations, life can become meaningless. For this reason, I propose "The Great Dream Challenge" and I encourage you to take advantage of this support system to achieve your dreams.

The Challenge

If we define a dream as something that you want, that has heart and meaning for you and that you believe in, than what are your dreams? Even if you tend to be overly realistic, you still have dreams or things that you want for yourself and others.

Whether you have a dream or are in need of a new one, whether your dream is for yourself, your community or the world, this is your chance to act, to get help in making it happen and to support others in doing the same. The Challenge here is simple, yet powerful. Pick a dream, at least one, small or large, personal or professional that matters to you and make the commitment to achieve it (or a portion of it) by a certain date.

Here's how The Dream Challenge works:

- Identify a dream that you are passionate about-something that matters to you.
- Put it in writing, tell others about it who will support you and is committed to helping you overcome obstacles and achieve results.
- Join an organization or online community that will help you get closer to your dreams through volunteering, helping you to build skills, or providing support.
- Learn to make specific requests that will help you achieve your dreams and then share those resources with others.
- Create a broad "Dream Circle" for support and accountability.
- Take serious action.

Many of us think, "I'll believe in my dream when I see that it's a sure thing or at least when there's proof that it's likely to happen." But the secret to living a "dream come true" life is to believe in your dream simply because it matters to you. In other words, looking for certainty out in the world is not the place to begin. The place to look is in your own heart. Choose to believe in your dream. Then take action to demonstrate - to yourself and others - you really do believe.

My Dream Circle

During tough times or those days when there is no evidence that your dream is possible, much less a good idea, it's essential to have a place to turn for encouragement. It is important to have a support group around you who are also working to achieve their dreams. When we see dreams can come true, we are willing to dream bigger dreams. That is why I encourage you to create a Dream Circle of friends and accountability partners who are committed to be there to spur you on.

The reality is we all have good and bad days. Personally, there are days that I get distracted and forget my dreams. And then there are the days when the doubters and dream killers - internally and externally - become so overwhelming I want to give up. That's when I turn to My Dream Circle who help me remember and reclaim my belief in myself and in my dreams.

This support system has assisted me through many hard times and the great thing is that it is reciprocal. I can to do the same for them daily. My Dream Circle provides support through ongoing encouragement, coaching, inspiration and, most importantly, accountability for taking risks. We are finding new dreams, partners, investors, volunteers, answers, creative ideas, mentors, friends and fellow dreamers. But beyond networking, educating, challenging and celebrating, we are a community with a shared commitment that is profoundly impacting our lives.

Your Invitation to Dream

If we bring our intentions, offer support and resources to aid each other, what could happen? During a time when many have lost hope, are afraid of dreaming or taking risks, this is the essential time for us to be bold. What would you do if you believed in yourself? What might you change if you believed in your dreams? And how would you alter your life if you knew people would stand by and help you to achieve your heart's desire?

Dreams are precious and essential and can change your family, community and the world. Your dreams can make you a better and more passionate human being. If no dream is too big or too small, the real question becomes, simply: What matters to you and what are you willing to do about it?

The Great Dream Challenge is to believe in yourself, create a Dream Circle of support, take action and risk and to encourage others to achieve their dreams along the way. I challenge you to do what you need to do now to achieve your dreams and make them happen. The only thing you have to lose by not doing taking the challenge is your dream.

Marcia Wieder, America's Dream Coach, is a best-selling author and speaker known for giving inspiring and moving talks to AT&T, The Gap and American Express. She appeared several times on Oprah and The Today Show. She's also writes for The San Francisco Chronicle. To receive Marcia's free e-book filled with simple steps you can take to act on any dream. Send a request to: info@dreamcoach.com. To experience a Powerful Weekend Designed to Help You Exceed Your Expectations & Achieve Your Dreams, visit http://www.dreamcoach.com

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