Goal Setting Information

Cultivating Belief in Your Goals

The Belief That You Can Do It and more importantly, That You Will!

First, You must choose one goal and commit to it's achievement. It seems that this is always the starting point isn't it? It must be something that you feel you can not live without, or you must develop that feeling for it to work. Remember, reasons first, then action.

Did you choose one? Are you commited to making it a reality in your life? Did you decide that you must have it and absolutely will have it? Is it do or die? Are your reasons for having it, strong enough to propel you forward right now and compel you to action when you may not 'feel' like it? If not, then choose another one, this is no time to waste your energy on something you are not serious about.

Aggressively research and brainstorm all the ways you can get this goal. Do not consider any negative thoughts at this time. There is another time for that. Write them down quickly as you think of more. Use shortforms and abbreviations if you have to, but keep the flow of thought going for as long as it takes. This is a tremendously important part of the process.

Remember those negatives that kept coming up throughout the above? What challenges or problems will come up when you start taking action? What do you see happening or preventing you from getting what you want? Write these down also. Be honest with yourself, if you think it, write it down. There is no such thing as unimportant thought. It is all important, vitally important!

Next, come up with solutions that will take care of these problems. Write down multiple answers to each problem. Stay positive and focused on your target. Write down everything that comes to mind. All those things that could keep you from succeeding, come up with tons of ways to deal with them. This will give you unstoppable confidence in your ability to have what you want.

Break down your solutions into action steps, into small workable tasks that you can complete quickly. Break each step down into 5 smaller actions. Then break those down into 5 smaller ones. Keep breaking down tasks until you have absolute belief in yourself that you can and will do it, right now, today!. In fact, Break them down until they are ridiculously simple!

Small, simple actions are easy to accomplish, and when these particular actions are put together, they equal the goal result that you want. Belief becomes automatic because you "know" that there is nothing standing between you and your goal.

All that is left is to work your plan. You created it, you are commited to it, you must do it, so just do it, and go get your goal. Start with the first step and complete it right now, today. So what are you waiting for? Go For It!

Are you still here? Go get that goal! LOL!

No plan is perfect so there will inevitably be obstacles and distractions, little things which will stand in your way for temporary periods of time. When this happens, just break these down. And start again . . . and again. Stay flexible and adjust your approach when these occur. Believe, and have faith in the long term.

Adjust your plans and actions as necessary until you have what you want. The result is in the bag, it is a sure thing, all that will change are the strategies, and the timing. You will prevail. This is true. If this is a major complex goal, you will want to work it backwards through smaller goals, and then break them down into action steps.

Focus on the solution instead of the fear or doubt. This strategy will work for any goal you pick. Focus on what you want continuously, with passion, and with absolute faith, knowing that you have absolutely done everything necessary. Act with that level of belief, and certainty that causes miracles to happen! Go make your miracle!

Copyright 2004 Al Smith

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Al Smith writes for and publishes The Realgoalgetter Ezine. His articles deal mostly with goal setting, self improvement, motivation, and overall health and fitness. Stop by The Realgoalgetter Website and subscribe to The Realgoalgetter Ezine at http://www.realgoalgetter.com/ezines/index.html.

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