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What You Should Know About Plyometrics And How It Will Help You Get Longer Drives

One of the main problems for golfers is power. Yep, good old power. It seems simple enough but power can be elusive to most golfers. How could this be? simply everyone is unique in an anatomical sense. Everybody has different muscle tone, muscle development and even bone structure. This could lead to multiple factors that affect power.

Having power in your strokes is a desirable asset. Longer drives, lower scores and lets not forget, bragging rights. As I said, there are many factors that contribute to the development of power. And each one is unique as you are unique to the rest of the people of the world. But sit tight co'z I'll be introducing you to a breakthrough research that may be the factor your lacking to improve you're golf power thus having longer tees.

One word, Plyometrics! If you haven't heart of if, then you should. And no it's not rocket science or some new name for a synthetic fiber, which by the way what I thought when I first heard about it. In a nutshell, Plyometric is any exercise that where the muscle is contracted eccentrically then immediately, concentrically. Simply put, the muscle is stretched before it is contracted.

Why should you care about Plyometric? its because its one of the best way to improve you're power. Common knowledge says that you can gain power by performing resistance exercises. But recent study shows that it is equally important that you factor in the speed on how you contract you're muscle. So what you should look for is not just contraction of muscles, but also how fast you're muscle contracts. Such exercises could improve you're golf power in less time.

Word of advice though, Plyometric exercises is not perfectly safe, just as most exercise are. That's why it very important that you get professional help or you'll be causing more damage than helping. I suggest that you grab the book entitled "Jumping Into Plyometrics" by Donald A. Chu. Unfortunately its not specific for golf power development, But here's the book that the closest thing for golf, it entitled "Golf Fitness Guide". Just visit and I'll tell you where to grab it.

I urge you to learn more about Plyometric. This is a fairly new study. But its definitely worth the look. Its even backed by National Strength and Conditioning Association's (NSCA) journal. They published a study that amateur golfers significantly increased their power incorporating Plyometrics in their training. This could be you're ticket to longer-drives land and a little bragging rights doesn't hurt too.

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Jed Baguio


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