Grief & Loss Information

Grief & Loss Information

Men and Grief

Men grieve differently from women. Our cultural roles make it difficult for men to look for support, and harder again to accept it.

Understanding Grief and Loss in Times of War and Disaster

There are many different kinds of losses we can experience in our lives. Indeed, loss in human beings has its beginnings in the birth process that separates the infant from the comfort and security of the mother's womb into a world where survival is conditional and predicated on individual responsibility.

Sympathy Flowers

Sending a floral tribute is a very appropriate way of expressing sympathy to a family who has experienced the loss of a loved one. Flowers express a feeling of life and beauty and offer much comfort to the family.

Cultivate a Friendship with Death

Why We Fear Death"Men fear death as children fear to go in the dark." - BaconThere may be a thousand reasons why we fear death, but most of all we fear death because we fear the unknown, and death is an unknown entity to most people.

Terminal Illness- Death and Grief

No one likes to think about illness and death, when we are well, we feel invincible and there is nothing that can prepare us for the shock and devastation of a terminal diagnosis. The knowledge that we can no longer take our lives or the lives we share with our loved ones for granted takes away our ability to plan for the future and removes hope from our lives.

One Womans Way of Dealing With Grief

All of us at one time or another have felt grief: perhaps over a lost job, lost love, or the most heartbreaking, the death of someone we loved dearly. Each of us goes about the task of grieving in our own distinct way.

How To Write A Eulogy

Remembering someone special in a personal way can be healing for everyone concerned, for a eulogy is a deeply personal way of saying goodbye. The key word is life, and you've been given the opportunity to celebrate a loved one's life in the individual way that made your friend unique.

Moving Beyond Grief and Loss

In my work as a coach and therapist, I have seen many clients dealing with losses of all kinds-loss of loved ones through death and divorce, for instance. These experiences are difficult for everyone.

How to Cope with Anticipatory Grief

Anticipatory grief is the name given to the mix of emotions experienced when we are living in expectation of loss and grieving because of it. Anticipatory Grief is particularly relevant to those who have received a terminal diagnosis and for those who love and care for them.

How to Turn Grief into Joy

I was with my daddy when he died. Excuse me, I was with my daddy when his spirit left his body.

Dealing With Grief and Loss - How to Mend a Broken Heart

What is it about Grief & Loss that upsets us so much? Is it the heavy duty emoting that we have to do to get through our suffering? Is it the fear we have about opening ourselves to all this pain? Because, let's face it, it's hard down there, in the land of grieving where all those emotions toss us around like a cork on a stormy sea.We understand that this is necessary, at a surface level, but how we are feeling is what really counts.

And You Always Will

I opened the dishtowel drawer for about the sixth time, hoping the towels had somehow magically appeared.The brand new towels still weren't there, of course.

Scared to Death of Dying and Denying Grief

When I invited Martha to the gathering at my house, she accepted the invitation cheerfully. Martha was new to the area and so I thought this small potluck I was hosting would be a chance for her to get to know other women in our town.

A Critical Assessment of Euthanasia

The question of whether, say, a man should have the right to take away his life granted pain and suffering have overcome him is a very important question today. A different way of putting this question is this: 'Should a man have the right to take away his life if he ceases to function as a human being?' This matter would have been laid to rest had it not been that it strikes at the heart of law, key matters of health, and morality.

Suicide - An Eternal Pain

Suicide is the one form of death that has quite a stigma attached to it. It brings with it a feeling of shame and betrayal.

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Children built sand trays with mementos of people and pets who had died, a craft project designed to help them share their emotions and support one another, ...

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They saw each other almost every day and had a special bond. But the 6-year-old hasn't shown sadness since his grandpa's death.

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The loss of a loved one can take a physical and emotional toll on you. Grief can produce stress in your body. The process can be different for everyone, and ...

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How do we be present to the suffering caused by climate change – and not let it overwhelm us, but rather move through it to a place of hope and empowerment?

Students affected by loss turn to new path, leaning on others  UT The Daily Texan

At age 21, chemistry junior Jordan Clements has lost two close friends. As a result of his grief, he considered changing his major to communication and ...

She lost her husband, her father and a pregnancy at 31. Now she's helping others explore grief.  The Washington Post

Nora McInerny deals with the complicated nature of difficult experiences through her “Terrible, Thanks for Asking” podcast, her memoirs, and how she lives her ...

Opera, Lost & Found find surprising connections  Springfield News-Leader

Two local organizations, Springfield Regional Opera and Lost & Found Grief Center, are aiming to bring each set of followers together to expand awareness of ...

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The 'Growing Through Grief' gathering was the brainchild of the church pastor Rev Andrew East and parishioners Greg Smith and Peter Butler.

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Springfield Regional Opera's local-premiere production of Leonard Bernstein's Candide at the Gillioz Theatre (Friday, April 5th at 7:30pm) is also a.

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Flickers of supernatural lighten staggering loss in Nell Freudenberger's brainy and endearing third novel, “Lost and Wanted.”

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Being part of the disability community means constantly losing friends and allies. I don't expect that to change.

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Wentworth Institute of Technology students gathered Monday to mourn Maximillian Carbone, a 19-year-old sophomore from Nahant whose body was found ...

Indianapolis caregiver turned authors book about child loss and overcoming grief  WRTV Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS — A caregiver with Community Health Network has turned her journey of heartache and healing into a book to help others get through some of ...

Thunderstorm across Indian states kills at least 60: radio  Reuters

At least 60 people were killed in lightning strikes and by collapsing houses during a thunderstorm across northern and western India, state radio reported on ...

PM condoles the loss of lives in Gujarat  Narendra Modi

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has expressed his grief on the loss of lives due to unseasonal rains and storms in various parts of Gujarat. “Anguished ...

Parents Mourning Stillbirth Follow Familiar Patterns on YouTube  The New York Times

Over the course of about 15 years, a researcher says, YouTube has become a kind of virtual cemetery for parents experiencing stillbirth.

Ignore society's 'unhelpful grieving rules' in wake of Christchurch terrorist attack, counsellor says  TVNZ

Dr Margaret Agee says the outpouring of grief is a way of trying to make order out of the chaos.

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From The Austin Center for Grief & Loss , this month's Get Involved spotlight organization: The Austin Center for Grief & Loss (Austin Grief),

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A little empathy goes a long way, especially when someone is recovering from the loss of a loved one. Unfortunately, even when some of us mean well, we ...

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Oliver, the hugely popular poet, died Thursday. Readers turned to her work to find comfort. Here's a selection of some of her best-known writing on loss and ...

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A few years ago, I began seeing a surge in anxious clients to my private practice as a grief therapist. They were reporting panic attacks and debilitating anxiety ...

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Mary Robinson founded the Imagine center for kids to provide what she didn't have after her father died.

Grief doesn't have five stages  The Outline

If you haven't experienced the death of someone close — someone so important to your life that the loss left you hollowed — then you haven't yet found out what ...

Grief is far more complex than the “five stages” theory suggests  Quartz

Grief can seem desolate for those in the thick of it who often feel unable to imagine a way out of their suffering. But, as time passes, the pain usually dampens or ...

Why We Need to Take Pet Loss Seriously  Scientific American

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the ...

Coping With Grief: 7 Things to Remember When Dealing with Loss  On Cancer - Memorial Sloan Kettering

When grief feels unbearable, use these tips to help stay grounded.

The five stages of grief don't come in fixed steps – everyone feels differently  The Conversation - Australia

The process of grieving can happen in stages. But these stages are rarely experienced in the same way by one bereaved person and another.

The Death of a Parent, Mother or Father, Affects Human Minds and Bodies  Fatherly

Even under the best circumstances, losing a parent changes an adult both psychologically and biologically. Those changes can become pathological.

What Sorry for Your Loss Understands About Grief  The Atlantic

The gorgeous and poignant new drama from Facebook Watch stars Elizabeth Olsen as a young woman whose husband has died.

Pet Death: Emotional Difficulty for People  Healthline

For some people, the death of a pet can be more difficult than the loss of a relative. Here's why.

How to Talk to a Grieving Customer Daily

“I'm calling on behalf of my partner. He died, and I need to close his account.” When Matt drowned in a fast-moving river, it fell to me to cancel his credit cards, ...

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Nearly four years after the death of her sister, a reader says her pain has only become more pronounced.

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Grief can be amplified this time of year, whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah. Honoring the memory of late family members helps many NPR listeners ...

‘Like therapy, but better’: The holiday dinner party that makes space for grief  The Washington Post

Christmas was always her father's holiday. Courtney Arnold's dad loved the music. He loved the tree. The two of them would sit side-by-side on the floor, sorting ...

Carolyn Hax: How to get through the grief and get on with your life  The Washington Post

It'll take some time and some work, but you can embrace messy, painful life and love again.

At a loss: How losing a loved one can help you take stock of what really matters

I'd lost my husband and then both of my parents, but you have to keep on living, even if everything seems to be against you.

Understanding Grief  The New York Times

Grief is not a problem to be solved or resolved. Rather, it's a process to be lived through in whatever form and amount of time it may take.

Viking's Choice: Psychedelic Speed Freaks, Ahmed Ag Kaedy, More  NPR

After a few months taking care of his newborn, NPR Music's Lars Gotrich is back with buzzing Ethiopian hymns and Tuareg folk songs, but also white-hot ...

Grief will let go eventually. And then I’ll remember my dad as he was  The Guardian

My father's death made me realise how ill-equipped we are to deal with loss – and the grief that follows, says Guardian columnist Owen Jones.

How Grief Became Joe Biden's 'Superpower'  POLITICO

Two tragedies, 43 years apart, have defined the former vice president's life. Have they also made him a more formidable presidential candidate?

In 'Sorry For Your Loss,' Creator Explores How To Survive Grief  Forbes

"If you're going to play in the deep end of the swimming pool, you really have to give as much support as possible because you don't know who is watching, ...

Gift Cards Are the New Sympathy Cards  The New York Times

Credits for Seamless, Uber Eats and the like are a very 21st-century way to support a grieving friend.

Nick Cave illuminates love and loss in a letter to a fan  Quartz

Nick Cave is anything but a bad seed. The gloomy musician, artist, writer, and actor who looks a bit like a vampire is, in fact, a romantic who takes relationships ...

Rob Delaney: Sobriety allows me to fully grieve loss of my son  Irish Examiner

Rob Delaney said being sober has allowed him to fully grieve the death of his two-year-old son, as he marked 17 years of sobriety. The actor's son Henry died in ...

‘Sorry for Your Loss’ Review: A Nuanced Portrait of Grief  Rolling Stone

Grief is a very tough sell as the subject of an ongoing TV show. Whatever catharsis the dramatization might offer in short bursts, the potential for the “Why am I ...

Facebook is a good place to find support when you’re grieving

From logistics to loneliness, Facebook was indispensable after my husband died.

Grief groups help students cope with all-too-common trauma and violence  Philadelphia Public School Notebook

He doesn't know why it happened or who did it, but Semaj Brazzle remembers the exact date: June 12, 2018. That was the day when a friend of his, a high ...

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A local organizer of the group that convenes young adults to discuss the impact of loved ones' deaths shares what he learned from a recent Dinner Party panel.

The Christmas Blues: Tips For Coping With Grief And Loss During The Holidays  KUAR

The holidays can create an extra burden for people struggling after the death of a loved one, a divorce or other stressors throughout the year. Dr. Brittney Schrick ...

Sorry for Your Loss – Facebook's rough and granular journey through grief  The Guardian

The social media giant's first global entry into TV, starring Elizabeth Olsen, is an unsentimental anatomisation of how essentially unknowable our loved ones ...

Tell Me One More Time What to Do About Grief  The New York Times

Someone is gone. Perhaps this is the first year you had to get used to it, or maybe you've had years of practice with how the calendar keeps going, and it's still ...

Do Animals Experience Grief? | Science  Smithsonian

A growing body of evidence points to how animals are aware of death and will sometimes mourn for or ritualize their dead.

LOTUS group offers support for those grieving a loss  Bismarck Tribune

It was about a month after the death of his wife, Donnie, when Don Lucas of Bismarck started on a journey of sorts.

Easley family turns grief over losing baby into comfort for sibling survivors  Greenville News

Upstate family helps children who've lost siblings with a Hug from Heaven blankets.

Complicated Grief App Designed to Help Military Families Cope with Loss  Columbia University

Feelings of grief after the loss of a loved one are universal. While most people adapt to the loss over a period of time, for some the process is stalled or blocked, ...

New Research On Inflammation Shows How Extreme Grief Can Undermine Health  Forbes

A new study shows how extreme emotions like grief can undermine our health by triggering dangerous levels of inflammation.

The legacy of grief: Coping with loss  Medical News Today

There are very few things as certain in life as the experience of loss. We have all had, or will have, to say goodbye to someone who we cherish deeply — be it a ...

How to Grieve for Online Friends You Had Never Met in Person  The New York Times

We often use technology to form meaningful relationships with virtual strangers. But what happens when the person on the other side of the screen dies?

The horror of grief: how loss is the ultimate boogeyman in Hereditary  The Guardian

The buzzed about shocker, starring Toni Collette, is the latest horror film to recognize the devastating effect of losing a loved one.

Grieving over lost loved ones, some simple Christmas ornaments, and friends, helped transform his sadness  Washington Post

A few days ago, I stumbled upon a friend's Facebook post that caught my eye because of the happy mother and daughter photo. Under it, my friend had written: ...

What the Death of a Child Does to Parents, Psychologically and Biologically  Fatherly

Although parents mourning the death of a child experience classic grief responses and psychological trauma, there are many unique challenges.

How the internet is changing the way we grieve  The Conversation UK

People don't die in the same way that they used to. In the past, a relative, friend, partner would pass away, and in time, all that would be left would be memories ...

Blue Christmas: It's the most wonderful time of the year — but what if it's not for you?  USA TODAY

The "holiday blues" — feelings of loneliness, loss or isolation that arise during this time of year — is real. Psychologists share tips to fight it.

After a suicide, here’s what happens to the people left behind  USA TODAY

Because of the stigma and array of emotions felt by loss survivors after a loved one's suicide, many do not seek help or support, harming themselves in the ...

Bethany Lerch commentary: Learning how to process loss and to accept grief  The Oshkosh Northwestern

Bethany Lerch shares her feelings on losing loved ones in the past couple of months and how she has learned how to accept grief.

The ‘Disenfranchised Grief’ of Losing Your Job  The Atlantic

Editor's Note: This article is part of Exit Interview, a series of conversations about leaving one's career. It's comforting to know people like Meg Spinella, a hospice ...

After Tragedy, How Survivors Cope  The Wall Street Journal

Losing one family member is hard enough. How does anyone deal with multiple losses? After a duck boat accident killed nine members of one family, others ...

A name for grief that goes on and on  CNN

Grieving is natural and healthy, but are there cases when it can occur too long or in an unhealthy way? Experts weigh in on complicated grief.

How to cope with grief this holiday season

I don't pretend to have all of the answers, as grief is an ever-changing beast, but I have found that there are certain things that you can do to alleviate the pain ...

How to cope with loss: Experts' advice to help navigate bereavement

In his 1961 collection, A Grief Observed, the famed poet and author CS Lewis says that, "bereavement is a universal part of the experience of love… it is not the ...

'I lost a piece of my soul': Broncos families detail grief, pain, loss  Saskatoon StarPhoenix

Emotional victim-impact statements filled the day during Tuesday's sentencing hearing for Jaskirat Singh Sidhu.

As the opioid epidemic continues, the holidays bring need to support those in grief  The Conversation - US

For all the warm memories and goodwill shared during the holiday season, for many it is a time of acute grief. The American opioid crisis is rightfully understood ...

When grief came, my world crumbled. I don't want that to happen to you  The Guardian

It's vital that we publicly honour the lives of loved ones, says the rapper and film-maker Professor Green.

How to overcome grief's health-damaging effects - Harvard Health  Harvard Health

Grieving over the death of a spouse, friend, or family member exposes people to many months of constant stress that can lead to anxiety, depression, trouble…

Commentary: Help is here for children who are grieving a loss  Naples Daily News

November is National Children's Grief Awareness month, set aside to educate communities on how children grieve and how specialists can help them heal.

Past loss and grief played role in her decision to go back to school  Harvard Gazette

Cathy Payne chose to get a degree at the Harvard Extension School to honor the memories of loved ones.

Can sport help to come to terms with grief and loss?  BBC Sport

As Jamie Vardy reveals the Leicester team all want to play against Cardiff, BBC Sport asks how other sportspeople have dealt with grief.

Examining fathers' grief after miscarriage  William & Mary News

Examining grief: William & Mary School of Education doctoral counseling students conducted a study on the often overlooked grief experienced by fathers after a ...

The Gift of Shared Grief  The New York Times

It's hard to know what to say to people in mourning. Say something anyway.

Tragedy, magical thinking, and the lasting impact of grief  The Irish Times

One day, when Geraldine de Brit was just seven years old, her mother and brother left the house and never came back. This is her story of the following days, ...

Sorry for Your Loss review: Don’t miss Facebook’s terrific new drama  Vox

The new series charts a young widow's grief and gives Elizabeth Olsen a part worthy of her talent.

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