Grief & Loss Information

Grief & Loss Information

Men and Grief

Men grieve differently from women. Our cultural roles make it difficult for men to look for support, and harder again to accept it.

Understanding Grief and Loss in Times of War and Disaster

There are many different kinds of losses we can experience in our lives. Indeed, loss in human beings has its beginnings in the birth process that separates the infant from the comfort and security of the mother's womb into a world where survival is conditional and predicated on individual responsibility.

Sympathy Flowers

Sending a floral tribute is a very appropriate way of expressing sympathy to a family who has experienced the loss of a loved one. Flowers express a feeling of life and beauty and offer much comfort to the family.

Cultivate a Friendship with Death

Why We Fear Death"Men fear death as children fear to go in the dark." - BaconThere may be a thousand reasons why we fear death, but most of all we fear death because we fear the unknown, and death is an unknown entity to most people.

Terminal Illness- Death and Grief

No one likes to think about illness and death, when we are well, we feel invincible and there is nothing that can prepare us for the shock and devastation of a terminal diagnosis. The knowledge that we can no longer take our lives or the lives we share with our loved ones for granted takes away our ability to plan for the future and removes hope from our lives.

One Womans Way of Dealing With Grief

All of us at one time or another have felt grief: perhaps over a lost job, lost love, or the most heartbreaking, the death of someone we loved dearly. Each of us goes about the task of grieving in our own distinct way.

How To Write A Eulogy

Remembering someone special in a personal way can be healing for everyone concerned, for a eulogy is a deeply personal way of saying goodbye. The key word is life, and you've been given the opportunity to celebrate a loved one's life in the individual way that made your friend unique.

Moving Beyond Grief and Loss

In my work as a coach and therapist, I have seen many clients dealing with losses of all kinds-loss of loved ones through death and divorce, for instance. These experiences are difficult for everyone.

How to Cope with Anticipatory Grief

Anticipatory grief is the name given to the mix of emotions experienced when we are living in expectation of loss and grieving because of it. Anticipatory Grief is particularly relevant to those who have received a terminal diagnosis and for those who love and care for them.

How to Turn Grief into Joy

I was with my daddy when he died. Excuse me, I was with my daddy when his spirit left his body.

Dealing With Grief and Loss - How to Mend a Broken Heart

What is it about Grief & Loss that upsets us so much? Is it the heavy duty emoting that we have to do to get through our suffering? Is it the fear we have about opening ourselves to all this pain? Because, let's face it, it's hard down there, in the land of grieving where all those emotions toss us around like a cork on a stormy sea.We understand that this is necessary, at a surface level, but how we are feeling is what really counts.

And You Always Will

I opened the dishtowel drawer for about the sixth time, hoping the towels had somehow magically appeared.The brand new towels still weren't there, of course.

Scared to Death of Dying and Denying Grief

When I invited Martha to the gathering at my house, she accepted the invitation cheerfully. Martha was new to the area and so I thought this small potluck I was hosting would be a chance for her to get to know other women in our town.

A Critical Assessment of Euthanasia

The question of whether, say, a man should have the right to take away his life granted pain and suffering have overcome him is a very important question today. A different way of putting this question is this: 'Should a man have the right to take away his life if he ceases to function as a human being?' This matter would have been laid to rest had it not been that it strikes at the heart of law, key matters of health, and morality.

Suicide - An Eternal Pain

Suicide is the one form of death that has quite a stigma attached to it. It brings with it a feeling of shame and betrayal.

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Grief comes in many forms  dvm360

As a longtime veterinarian, I've had to deal with grief. Grief when a pet receives a bad diagnosis and grief when that pet's life comes to an end. Recently, I wrote ...

Donation to local hospital helps grieving parents deal with the loss of a baby  13abc Action News

TOLEDO (WTVG) - The loss of a baby is something you never get over. But a donation to Mercy Health is working to help grieving parents in our region.

MercyOne to Offer Grief and Loss Support Group  KIOW

MercyOne North Iowa Hospice's Bereavement Department is offering a grief and support group known as Understanding Grief and Loss. This group provides ...

Exploring The Themes of Grief and Loss Through Video Games  Gamasutra

Death is something we all have to face. Sooner or later it will affect us, directly or indirectly. It is simply a part of life. But we do not want to talk about it. Until I went ...

Paradise victims learn to cope with grief  The Orion

Months after the Camp Fire, support continues to remain readily available for those impacted by the event. A support session was held in order to explain the ...

Families grieving a pregnancy loss hit especially hard by medical bills: 'I wasn't prepared at all'

Crumpled in a hospital waiting room chair, Alyssa Collier squeezed shut her bloodshot eyes, begging the dark to shut out her thoughts.

Church to host grief day | Local News  Sharonherald

NEW WILMINGTON — New Life Baptist Church pastoral counselor Tim Fair understands grief — and what it takes to manage it.

Bereavement Researcher: We Must Do Better for the Grief-Stricken  Next Avenue

Bereavement is an old-fashioned term, harking back to an era when family members who lost a loved one dressed in black, literally wearing their grief for Dr.

RHOBH Teddi Mellencamp Makes Shocking Allegations About Lisa Vanderpump Grieving The Loss Of Her Brother  Celebrity Insider

The most recent episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may not have been as explosive as the Season 9 premiere, but star Teddi Mellencamp still.

5 DOs and DON'Ts When Grieving a Loved One  Suburban Life Publications

The loss of a cherished loved one is devastating to say the least, and many people need guidance to help them through their grief journey. While the presence of ...

Todd Chrisley's Cryptic Instagram Post About 'Loss' Has Fans Worried About His Family

Recently, Todd Chrisley posted a cryptic Instagram photo that has his followers worried about him, his wife, and their children. The Chrisley Knows Best star ...

FHN Hospice to offer early grief support group  Freeport Journal-Standard

FREEPORT — FHN Hospice, Suite 403, 773 W. Lincoln Blvd., will offer Managing Early Grief: The First Nine Months After a Loss, a nine-week support group, ...

Western Row classmates mourn 4th grader Sable Gibson  WKRC TV Cincinnati

MASON, Ohio (WKRC) - Mason is mourning the death of a 10-year-old girl who died from complications related to the flu. The Mason School District is dealing ...

Dr. Rachel: Dealing with grief after a loss  WGNO New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS - The city of New Orleans is still holding onto that big loss for the Saints, so Dr. Rachel Reitan, our teaching doctor, is here to help us deal with ...

Community supports families dealing with loss  Park Rapids Enterprise

Nevis School implemented its emergency response plan to help students deal with the shooting when they returned to school Tuesday morning. "As you may or ...

Resources for coping with grief and loss  Dailyuw

As a campus community, we are grieving the loss of a student. I want to acknowledge that this is an enormously difficult time, especially if you knew the student ...

How To Write About Death When You Don't Know How To Grieve  HuffPost

After her father's death from cancer, Katharine Smyth found herself waiting to be stricken with an unendurable wave of pain, to be physically and emotionally ...

Grieving over loss of teacher or mentor is normal  Chicago Daily Herald

The death of a mentor or important teacher in your life can cause a lot of grief -- it's another kind of invisible grief. If it happens to you, know you are not alone.

5 years after Nadia Malik’s death, grief and uncertainty weigh heavily on her family

There are still few answers into the death of the Delaware County mother found dead in a car near 30th Street Station in February 2014.

Unique center in Harlingen marks second year of providing grief support to Valley families  KGBT-TV

A unique center in Harlingen is helping children deal with loss. This weekend, the Children's Bereavement Center- Rio Grande Valley marked its second year of ...

How to cope with the death of a beloved pet  9Coach

The death of a dog, cat or other pet can be devastating. A grief counsellor offer strategies to help, and w...

Discussion About Grief And Loss At South Brunswick Library  South Brunswick, NJ Patch

South Brunswick Library Talk: Grief And Loss - South Brunswick, NJ - Participate in an afternoon of enlightenment and encouragement on Sunday, Feb. 10 from ...

Military families talk openly about loss and grief  BBC News

Cheltenham-based Winston's Wish is helping those left behind after a death in *service*.

Rob Delaney: Sobriety allows me to fully grieve loss of my son  Irish Examiner

Rob Delaney said being sober has allowed him to fully grieve the death of his two-year-old son, as he marked 17 years of sobriety. The actor's son Henry died in ...

Grief workshop March 12  Elizabethtown Bladen Journal

ELIZABETHTOWN — A workshop for grief and loss will be held March 12, hosted by Lower Cape Fear Hospice.The session, Supporting a Griever, is from 3 to ...

Loss in Life: How to Handle Grief  Thrive Global

How do you honor your losses and move forward at the same time?

Warroad girls' hockey coach David Marvin carries weight of grief to state tournament  Minneapolis Star Tribune

A full house gathered Wednesday at Izzy's Lounge and Grill in Warroad to watch the undefeated Warriors girls' hockey team play in the Class 1A state ...

HEALING THE LOSS: The many causes of grief

Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss or change of any kind.” This definition by the Grief Recovery Method helps us to understand that grief is an ...

Coping with Grief and Loss in the Movie “Wild”

It's been awhile since this movie came out but I wanted to draw your attention back to it as Reese Witherspoons' activism and recent work has been truly.

Grief hides in the church bathroom  Religion News Service

(RNS) — A friend of mine recently lost her daughter, an 8-month-old baby who was just beginning to get to know the world around her. I saw my friend at church ...

Funeral home getting to the heart of grief with Valentine's Day program  Tribune-Review

The holidays can be tough for anyone who's lost a loved one. A holiday dedicated to love can be especially difficult when your special person is gone. The folks ...

Weekly program will help those grieving with loss  Terre Haute Tribune Star

Senior Education Ministries in Terre Haute will host a weekly “Art for My Heart” program to help those who are grieving the loss of a loved one cope with their.

My yiayia, the Greek widow and a journey into the grieving process  Neos Kosmos

Like most third-generation Greek children growing up in Australia, Dr Georgia Rowley Panagiotopoulos was raised in a Greek family environment with her ...

Children's novel about grief turned into opera  Times of Malta

An operatic take on a children's novel about the sensitive subject of loss is being staged this weekend. Euchar Gravina. Teatru Malta's Il-Qtates ta' max-Xatt is a ...

Religion Briefs  Newnan Times-Herald

Black History Month will be celebrated on Sunday at Providence Baptist Church on Summers-McKoy Road. The *service* will start at 10 a.m. Dr. Melvin D. Brittian ...

Beacon of HOPE Wellness Committee: Grief and loss as Alzheimer's progresses  Pine Island Eagle

It is common for caregivers to have feelings of loss and grief as their life is changed by Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia.

What I Didn't Understand About The Stages Of Grief -- Until I Was In Them  Scary Mommy

I thought that I understood the five stages of grief, but I was poorly mistaken. Two years later, and I'm just now learning what this process truly means.

#StillAMum campaign opens a mum wellness centre  The Standard

Giving motherhood another shot after a miscarriage is usually a daunting endeavor, well, at least for most women. Wanjiru Kihusa, having suffered two ...

'Two For Joy' Isn't Your Standard 'Gritty' Drama  VICE

This article originally appeared on VICE UK. How do you translate crippling depression – that feeling of being bolted to your bed – into moving pictures and ...

Braves' Gohara rebounds from profound personal loss  The Athletic

After a difficult 2018, Luiz Gohara feels better physically and mentally and is ready to contribute to the Atlanta Braves' 2019 season.

Catastrophe star Rob Delaney: 'Sobriety allows me to fully grieve loss of my son who died aged 2'

Rob Delaney said being sober has allowed him to fully grieve the death of his two-year-old son, as he marked 17 years of sobriety.

Kristoff St. John's death calls attention to risks facing suicide loss survivors  USA TODAY

Young and the Restless star Kristoff St. John's death highlights the risks that face survivors of suicide loss. His son Julian St. John died in 2014.

Making Waves For Parents Who Have Experienced Loss  Thrive Global

Have you lost a child? The thought is incomparable to almost anything. I've seen the pain first hand and having experienced loss of my own when I discovered ...

How God uses grief to help us grow  The Baptist Message

Grief, loss, and pain are an inevitable part of life. But did you know that God uses these things to help us grow? He does it in three ways.First, God uses pain to ...

'Grief looks different person-to-person': The Dinner Party serves up conversation on loss  Generocity

A local organizer of the group that convenes young adults to discuss the impact of loved ones' deaths shares what he learned from a recent Dinner Party panel.

Kids Experiencing Tremendous Loss & Grief Get Help From Camp Forget Me Not  CBS Denver

FRISCO, Colo. (CBS4) – Camp Forget Me Not is a club no one chooses to be in, but if you do find yourself meeting the criteria for membership, organizers say ...

If you live by the phrase “grin and bear it,” you need to learn about delayed grief  HelloGiggles

Grief isn't just limited to the death or loss of a loved one, and sometimes it can take years to feel the weight of the emotions. We spoke to psychologists about ...

Cassandra Thorburn reveals she's taking part in DWTS to cope with grief of losing her father Max  Daily Mail

Cassandra Thorburn has made an emotional tribute to her late father Max, saying his death from cancer in October at age 72 was the motivation for her to ...

After Life, review: Ricky Gervais shines in a laconic, scorched-earth portrait of grief

Ricky Gervais will never escape The Office and in a career sense is destined to spend the rest of his life locked in a windowless room with David Brent.

Her son was murdered in 2016. Now, she's trying to help others find ways to talk about death.  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Death Cafes provide a forum to discuss death and eat cake. One will be held at St. Camillus Feb. 19.

Broncos families detail grief, pain and loss  Melfort Journal

By Kevin MitchellPain, stark and shattering, flowed into a makeshift Melfort courtroom Tuesday.It filled the place up.Two days on, thousands of words in.

Gary Moore: For the love of Maddie | Columnists  Kankakee Daily Journal

It's an interesting relationship that a columnist has with readers. I can't speak for others, but I feel a deep appreciation and attachment to those of you who come ...

Grief Share program has its own loss  Goldendale Sentinel

When the Spring 2019 Grief Share sessions begin Feb. 21, the group will have to deal with a dark irony—but, knowing the group and what it can do,

Franklin Graham discusses loss of his father 1 year ago  WGHP FOX 8 Greensboro

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's been a quick 12 months; 12 months since we lost the man many called “America's Preacher.” Rev. Dr. Billy Graham died at his home in ...

Pregnant Jessa Seewald Shares 25-Week Bump Photo as She Grieves Lauren Duggar's Miscarriage

"As we look forward to meeting our baby, we're also feeling an exceptional amount of grief over my brother Josiah and sister-in-law Lauren's loss of their baby," ...

The ball and the box: Woman goes viral with perfect explanation of the stages of grief  New Zealand Herald

'I thought this was the best description of grief I've heard in a long time.'

'They were lovely lads. Everybody is numb' - Donegal communities united in grief at the loss of young lives

The people of Donegal have been here before. Sadly, this is not the first tragedy that has claimed multiple young and vibrant lives that the county has ...

Loss and grief woven into Gore woman's mourning brooch  The Southland Times

Loss, grief and hair are interwoven in Gore pioneer woman's mourning brooch.

Why Am I Still Crying? Identifying and Resolving Complicated Grief  Thrive Global

If you've recently asked yourself, “Why am I still crying?” Read this.

Alesha MacPhail murder: Brutal murder of tragic girl, 6, hits two communities hard and leaves them united in  The Scottish Sun

THE innocent little girl was savagely raped and murdered in Rothesay on the Isle of Bute last July. Islanders have struggled to come to terms with her death, and ...

Child (4) injured while in womb when mother collided with shopping trolley awarded €45,000

A four-year-old child, injured when only at 20 weeks gestation in her mother's womb, has been awarded €45000 damages for personal injury resulting from an ...

First Things First: Slogging through the mud of grief  Chattanooga Times Free Press

It's been 10 years since Ron and Nan Deal unexpectedly said goodbye to their middle son, Connor.

Help is available for those dealing with grief  The Sackville Tribune Post

An 'anniversary reaction' is an individual's response to unresolved grief resulting from significant losses.

Senior psychologist to visit Dunlewey to discuss grief and loss  Donegal Democrat

A principal psychologist from the Health *Service* Executive (HSE) will discuss the issues of grief and loss on Thursday, February 7. Four young men tragically lost ...

‘Young and Restless’ star Kristoff St. John died still grieving his son’s loss by suicide  The Mercury News

'Young and Restless' star Kristoff St. John had previously threatened suicide and recently acknowledged that a parent never gets over the loss of a child.

Pregnant Jessa Duggar Grieves Lauren Swanson’s Miscarriage With Baby Bump Photo: We Had the ‘Same Due Date’  Us Weekly

Pregnant Jessa Duggar grieved Lauren Swanson's miscarriage, posting a thoughtful message to her sister-in-law with a baby bump mirror selfie — see the pic.

5 stages of Russiagate grief: Dems and the media prepare for ‘life without Mueller’  RT

As Special Counsel Robert Mueller prepares to issue his long-awaited and likely flaccid 'Russiagate' report, Democrats and their supporters in the media have ...

Do dogs experience genuine grief when their owners don't come home? Of course they do

The sister of missing footballer Emiliano Sala shared a heartbreaking image of the footballer's dog Nala yesterday, patiently waiting for him to return home.

Compass offers support for those suffering loss from overdose  The Star Democrat

CENTREVILLE — Compass Regional Hospice is restructuring its Recovery After a Substance Passing grief support group to be more engaging and welcoming ...

Interview: Scott Clifton & Annika Noelle on Emotional Baby Loss Scenes  Soaps

Stars of The Bold and the Beautiful comment on Liam and Hope's future. In the 8000 episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, as recapped by, Hope ...

The grief and pain of having someone you love go missing  ABC News

The grief and pain of having a loved one go missing is described as.

Dealing with grief following the city's fatal fire

WATERTOWN — A fire early Thursday morning that killed five family members has left the community struggling with how to cope. What could one say to a ...

Unfathomable loss: Watertown residents unite to support family after fire tragedy

Several hundred people gathered Friday evening in front of the home at 906 Myrtle Ave. in Watertown to pay their respects to the family devastated by a fire the ...

How Grief Became Joe Biden's 'Superpower'  POLITICO

Two tragedies, 43 years apart, have defined the former vice president's life. Have they also made him a more formidable presidential candidate?

Grief support group series offered by Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital  Sealy News

SUGAR LAND — Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital is offering a four-part series for Fort Bend and surrounding area residents who are coping with the ...

Church Briefs | News  York News-Times

Soup Luncheon in Milligan. MILLIGAN -- The Milligan Methodist Church will host a Soup Luncheon on Sunday, Feb. 24 from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. at the Milligan ...

Star Codes, Feb. 22 to 28 | Star Codes  Santa Fe New Mexican

The stars ask us to acknowledge our deepest feelings as Venus conjuncts Pluto. Venus symbolizes our hearts and Pluto speaks of depth, loss, power, and ...

WIU Wind Ensemble Embarks on the River of Time  Tri States Public Radio

When the Western Illinois University Wind Ensemble takes to the stage during the university's 32 nd annual Showcase of Bands , it will perform a piece.

DeMONT: Grieving community puts teddy bears on doorsteps in tribute to Barho kids

Though they lived only a few blocks apart Andrea Bennett had never, because that is how things sometimes work in neighbourhoods, laid eyes on Ebraheim ...

7 times Simz Ngema inspired Mzansi and showed her amazing #WomanPower

Simz Ngema is an inspiring woman, and not only because she's beautiful and setting body goals regularly. She has shown Mzansi how to deal with loss and ...

Over The Rhine Explore Grief In New Song "Los Lunas"  American Songwriter

On March 15, Over The Rhine will release a new album, Love & Revelation. The album marks the husband-and-wife duo's 15th studio release over the course of ...

What to Say When a Friend’s Loved One Dies by Suicide  Self

If you have a friend who has lost a loved one to suicide, you may be wondering how to be there for them. You're not alone. In 2017, 47,173 people in the United ...

Pure dynamite: navigating the comedy of dysfunction  Sydney Morning Herald

As comedians go, Maria Bamford comes with impeccable endorsements. Comedy filmmaker Judd Apatow declared her to be the funniest woman in the world.

Children invited to camp that helps them deal with death, grief  WALB

If your child experienced a sudden death or the loss of someone they love, there's a camp for you to consider.

Grief Conquers Language — Almost — In 'Where Reasons End'  NPR

Yiyun Li wrote her devastating, brilliant new novel after the suicide of her son — in it, the unnamed narrator confronts the same situation, holding an extended ...

Finding normalcy one month after Jayme Closs' brave escape  WSAW

Just over one month since Jayme Closs' brave escape from suspect, Jake Patterson's home in Gordon, the Barron County community is coming together to ...

Adam Jones Sends Heartfelt Best Wishes to Red Sox Family Over Writer Nick Cafardo's Passing  12up

Adam Jones takes to twitter to pen heartfelt goodbye to recently passed away Nick Cafardo.

Grieving father praises first responders to son's crash  Coffs Coast Advocate

Stricken with grief he is pleading with drivers to think of family members each and every time they get behind the wheel.

How can HR help workers grapple with the death of a colleague?  HR Dive

It won't be an easy process, one expert told HR Dive, but management can help grieving employees and honor those who've been lost.

When is it OK to introduce my widowed friend to someone new?: Ask Ellie  Toronto Star

People who get mired in the deep sorrow of a loss, should consider getting grief counselling, writes Ellie.

Victims in Akron house fire identified; Akron Public Schools grieving loss of students

Akron Public Schools on Thursday identified the woman and her three children who died Wednesday in a house fire in Akron's Kenmore neighborhood.

The Birth Scene In 'Roma' Came At The Expense Of Loss Mothers  Romper

The black and white stills of Roma tell you, even before you know why, that the movie will be profound, a masterpiece, a monument to the lives of the poor and ...

Swara Bhasker, Soni Razdan, Bhagyashree attend the funeral of Sooraj Barjatya’s father, Raj Kumar Barjatya....  Hindustan Times

A host Bollywood celebrities including Swara Bhasker, Mohnish Bahl, Mahesh Bhatt, Soni Razdan, among others, attended Raj Kumar Barjatya's funeral.

Grief workshops second Tuesday of each month  Elizabethtown Bladen Journal

ELIZABETHTOWN — A workshop for those dealing with grief is Feb. 12 from 3 to 4:30 p.m.This will be at the Lower Cape Fear Hospice office, 116 W. Broad St.

Holding a mirror to war  The Hindu

The technology of warfare has evolved, but grief and loss remain.

Man jailed for two and a half years over jet ski death of 9yo son Tobi Parkes  ABC News

A man has been sentenced to two-and-a-half years in jail for the dangerous operation of a jet ski causing the death of his nine-year-old son while on a family ...

Mandolin Orange peels back grief on new album  Boston Herald

Mandolin Orange on the personal influences on their new album.

Erin Davis's daughter died tragically. Now the former CHFI host is the one giving comfort to longtime listeners

Davis and her listeners have long shared the details of each other's lives. That compelled her to share her story, in a new book about mourning, though it was far ...

12-year-old student's death sparking bullying concerns in Klein ISD  KTRK-TV

Questions over the child's death immediately swirled on social media, and many people suggested that bullying played a role.

Hollyoaks' Kirsty-Leigh Porter pays heartbreaking tribute following the loss of baby girl  HELLO! Magazine

Hollyoaks actress Kirsty-Leigh Porter has opened up about her grief as she paid tribute to her baby daughter who was delivered stillborn in January. The actress ...

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