Happiness Information

Happiness Information

7 Things Happy People Know How To Do

Ever notice how some people just seem to be able to be content and bounce back no matter what the circumstances? Research shows that this isn't a gift or a talent - it's a skill that they have developed. Surprised? Well, the real surprise is that you too can put to work their techniques and make your life happier too.

Joy Is Sexy

Joy is sexy because in embracing our joy, we embrace our positive energy and power. Joy is always there, waiting to be reclaimed.

Discover a Momentary Miracle

Each moment is filled with miracles - very special treasures to discover. All we need to do to see miracles is look with a spirit of gratitude.

How A Psychovirus May Be Destroying Your Life

A pervasive sense of low self-esteem, a feeling of unworthiness, is perhaps the most debilitating belief system that you can entertain.If you feel unworthy, you will destroy hope, initiative, and the power to dream bold dreams.

Discover the 10 Golden Rules on How To Conquer Your Fear

We all want happiness and peace of mind. In the search for these blessings, millions of people take "happy pills" which they hope will relieve their tensions and make them feel more cheerful.

10 Ideas to Jump Start Your Self-Confidence

To begin feeling that first spark of self-confidence within you, try as many of these as you like. It's important to enjoy yourself along the way.

It's Good to be Goofy

To paraphrase a saying my mother liked to use occasionally, "The whole world is goofy - except you and me. And sometimes I'm not too sure about you!"Rest assured that no matter who we are or what we do, there is at least a handful of people somewhere in this world who are convinced that we're not rowing with both oars in the water.

Get Out Those Legos

Many of my clients are working harder than smarter. This is not a put-down of their intelligence.

Sweeten Up Your Life

Sometimes life experiences can be like a lemon-flavored Tootsie Roll Pop. Hard and sour on the outside.

Are You Doing What You Love Each And Every Day?

It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day stress of everyday life: deadlines to meet, schedules to keep, unexpected expenses, conflicts to resolve, illness of loved ones, to name a few. Amidst all this, it is easy to for me to lose sight of why I do what I do - my purpose for being.

You Can't See Your Own Eyes

My friend called me this morning from her favorite coffee shop. She was taking a break from work.

Being Happy

How can one be happy? Is it a tough question? To some it may be but not to all of us.Happiness is like a ray of sunlight which warms us and keeps us glowing.

Getting In Touch With Your Inner Feelings

Every disease or ailment, whether it be cancer, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure or something else, has a series of warning signs. In ever case, when we experience an abnormality, we tend to move quickly to do something to get back to normal.

Ways to Bring Play into Your Life

1. roll around in the grass, and don't brush the grass off.

Got Play?

Passion Love Action You! Playing with your own divinity, spirit, heart, and spreading it around you. YES! When I share with people that I'm a play activist, most people look perplexed.

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Can Happiness Lead to Confidence?
Psychology Today (blog)
Just how do you acquire the natural happiness elixir? That's a question that will perplex the human race for eternity. Howard Mumford Jones, a Harvard University professor and renowned journalist, once said, “Happiness…belongs to that category of ...

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Scoring China's happiness quest
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In the 2018 World Happiness Report, China ranked 86th out of 156 countries (down seven places from the previous year), Hong Kong ranked 76th (down five places), while Taiwan ranked 26th (up seven places). Contrary to China and Hong Kong, Taiwan ...


Do what you love and live longer, the Japanese ikigai philosophy says
They also largely share a devotion to a Japanese philosophy known as ikigai, over-simply translated as the happiness derived from being busy at some activity that holds meaning and purpose for them. Ogimi, the friendly village of 3,000 of the world's ...
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All Trini music needs a home for preservation, protection and admiration to harmonise our notion of a national identity; and to fulfil Dr Winston McGarland Bailey's (Mighty Shadow's) philosophy, “Music fills the world with happiness/ Plenty sweetness ...

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