Hardware Information

Hardware Information

Coping with a Serious Data Loss from your Computer Hard Drive

Data loss is an expensive reality. It's a hard fact that it happens more often then users like to admit.

Setting up a Network -- Wired or Wireless?

To Wire or Not to Wire Wireless networks are en vogue, but your installation won't be successful unless you chose the right type of network and set it up properly. Wired networks require that each computer be connected via a wire to a central location, called a switch or hub.

Thumb Drives - Great New Technology!

The ability to easily move data from PC to PC with minimal inconvenience is just another benefit computers have brought to the current business world.Over the past few years, the different options to save and move data have multiplied dramatically.

The Road Ahead

We live in an area that has begun to use GreenBins for household waste. Our regular garbageispicked up every other week and the onlyweekly garbage collection is our green plasticbins, to be filled with leftover food productsand other organic waste.

An Inexpensive Solution to Securing Public Access Computers

Offering secure public Internet access is not as easy as it may seem. As the IT manager for a mid-sized public library, it's become apparent to me that creating a secure network of library workstations for use by the public is more important than ever before.

Laptop Computers and the PVP Effect!

Roll over lumbering desktop computers, the limber laptop is here, and it's here to stay! For a while now notebooks have outstripped their ageing desktop PC siblings, easily winning the gold medal in the computer sales olympics. We will illustrate how the PVP effect has contributed greatly to the increase in popularity of notebook computers.

At War With The Internet

When it comes to sales of technology products over the Internet, there are now two factors that potential buyers must consider as possibly 'too good to be true'. In the past, there was only price to worry about.

5 Ways To Backup Your Data...

The data on your hard drive is the most critical item inside your computer, and the only item which can not be replaced. It may be an unwanted hassle and expense to replace a defective memory module, monitor, or processor, but there is no replacing data once lost.

Power and Your PC

The power coming into a computer is the most critical component, and it may be one of the most overlooked. It is just taken for granted that it will always be there and working properly.

Your Business versus Mother Nature

Business Consultants earn hundreds of thousands of dollars every year showing businesses how to improve their productivity. All business consultants in the Information Technology area agree that the biggest threat to business survival is data loss.

You Can Prevent Computer Slowdowns & Issues

Most people understand preventive maintenance like changing the oil in your car will help your car run better and last longer. The same principle holds true for your PC.

Laptop Computers Instigate Classroom Revolution!

Have you noticed that laptop computers are beginning to dictate what happens in the classroom? Additionally, mobile technology is changing where learning takes place. This is especially true as laptops are entering the educational arena in ever increasing numbers.

Recordable DVD Formats Explained

Picking your way through the ton of information available on recordable DVD formats can be a nightmare. To help you out, we've done our best to distill it into this summary.

Expert Guide to DVD Camcorders

Thinking about a mini DVD camcorder? You're not alone, it's a rapidly growing sector of the camcorder market, with Hitachi, Sony and Panasonic all making more than one mini dvd camcorder.These camcorders differ from regular digital video cameras in one important way - they record video onto mini DVD discs, rather than DV tape.

DVD Recorders: Getting Started

IMO, these sd work 'like a VCR' as far as recording and playback. There are models w/ harddrives, VHS players, etc.

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French Cybersecurity Agency Grants Security Certificate to Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet  Cointelegraph

News. The Ledger Nano S from French crypto hardware wallet firm Ledger has received a First Level Security Certificate (CPSN) from France's national ...

RPS brings 3D printing hardware and support expertise to AMUG for the first time  3D Printing Industry

For the first time, UK industrial 3D printer OEM and support provider RPS will be exhibiting at the 2019 Additive Manufacturing User's Group (AMUG) Conference ...

Ryzen Up: AMD to 3D Stack DRAM and SRAM on Processors  Tom's Hardware

AMD revealed at a recent high performance computing event that it is working on new designs that use 3D-stacked DRAM and SRAM on top of its processors to ...

How to Choose the Safest Vape Hardware  Civilized

Not all vape hardware is safe. Here's how to make the right choice to ensure your vaporizer doesn't overheat or injure you.

Russian military hardware spotted near Ukrainian border (Video)  UNIAN

A convoy of Russian military hardware was spotted near the border with Ukraine on March 16. The convoy was spotted in Russia's Rostov region.

Microsoft open sources its data compression algorithm and hardware for the cloud  TechCrunch

The amount of data that the big cloud computing providers now store is staggering, so it's no surprise that most store all of this information as compressed data in ...

Google Hardware makes cuts to laptop and tablet development, cancels products  Ars Technica

A report from Business Insider claims that Google has axed "dozens" of employees from its laptop and tablet division. BI's sources describe the move as ...

How much might to parade may depend on China-US relations  South China Morning Post

The country's leadership is reviewing a list of weapons but the final line-up could depend in part on relations with the United States, sources say.

Facebook open-sources hardware for AI model training and inference  VentureBeat

Serving 2.7 billion people each month across a family of apps and *service* isn't easy — just ask Facebook. In recent years, the Menlo Park tech giant has ...

Longtime Tupelo hardware store closes for good  WTVA

Below is the closed-captioning text associated with this video. Since this uses automated speech to text spelling and grammar may not be accurate. tupelo is ...

Google’s Gaming Service: Patents, Code Snippets and Other Clues Suggest Chromecast Link  Variety

Google is set to unveil its take on the future of gaming at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco next week. Little is known about Google's ...

DARPA to Solicit Machine Learning Hardware R&D Proposals  ExecutiveBiz

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's Microsystems Technology Office is seeking research proposals for a potential $10M program that aims to ...

Tupelo says goodbye to 115-year-old hardware store  WTVA

Tupelo is saying goodbye to the Leake and Goodlett Hardware Store.

All signs point to a Google game console announcement at GDC  Ars Technica

Normally, Google showing up to the Game Developers Conference isn't a huge deal. The company does this pretty much every year—Android smartphones and ...

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Review: The Turing Onslaught Continues  Tom's Hardware

By trimming a couple of SMs from TU116 and swapping GDDR6 for GDDR5 memory, Nvidia turns GeForce GTX 1660 Ti into a vanilla 1660. Does the $220 ...

AMD Confirms Its Processors Aren't Impacted by Spoiler Vulnerability  Tom's Hardware

AMD confirms that its processors aren't susceptible to the new Spoiler vulnerability.

Valve lays off 13 employees, reportedly slashing VR hardware division  The Verge

Valve has confirmed that it laid off 13 employees and a number of contractors, possibly from its virtual reality hardware division, despite rumors of a prototype ...

Chrome 73 arrives with support for hardware media keys, PWAs and dark mode on Mac  VentureBeat

Google today launched Chrome 73 with new media options, PWAs and dark mode on Mac, and the usual slew of developer features.

Johnny Harris talks $50M Phillips Place revamp, plans for Restoration Hardware gallery  Charlotte Business Journal

Lincoln Harris expects to invest $50 million into a revamp of SouthPark's Phillips Place. CEO Johnny Harris talked with the CBJ about those plans this week.

Lynde Hardware sale to Aubuchon changes business landscape  The Gardner News

GARDNER — Celeste Drake has been running the day-to-day operations at Lynde Hardware for the last two decades.That is about to come to an end.

So much for RTX: Crytek reveals real-time ray tracing demo for AMD and Nvidia hardware  TechSpot

The demo above called “Neon Noir” features two minutes of 4K 30 FPS ray tracing, all completed in real-time on a Radeon Vega 56. All reflections are ray traced ...

Intel Core i9-9900KF Review: Disabled Graphics and No Discount  Tom's Hardware

Intel's eight-core sixteen-thread Core i9-9900KF comes with disabled graphics but has a higher price tag than the full-featured Core i9-9900K.

Apex Legends hackers complain about hardware bans  Dexerto.com

Apex Legends has a hacking problem on its hands and the hackers are actually complaining about being banned.

SecuX Crypto Hardware Wallet V20 Review: Is It a Safe Way to Store Bitcoin and Altcoins?  Bitcoin Exchange Guide

No need to hurry. So, before getting into detail about SecuX crypto hardware wallet, let's understand what a cryptocurrency wallet is, just in case you didn't know.

Trezor Responds to Ledger Report on Vulnerabilities in Its Hardware Wallets  Cointelegraph

News. Prague-based crypto wallet manufacturer Trezor has responded to а report about hardware vulnerabilities from its competitor Ledger on Tuesday, March ...

Self-Walbrick: 2 new eateries, hardware store now open in Lubbock  LubbockOnline.com

A variety of businesses have celebrated recent openings, including a cookie shop, a Filipino restaurant and a hardware store.SugaristaA cookie shop opened its ...

Open source advances deeper into hardware: The CHIPS Alliance project  ZDNet

The Linux Foundation welcomes the CHIPS Alliance Project, with its plans to open-source CPU chip and SoC designs for a new day of hardware innovation.

OCP Global Summit: Smart, Secure Hardware Takes Center Stage  SDxCentral

Chipmakers including Marvell, Netronome, and Stordis are showcasing their new open hardware at the OCP Global Summit.

Google unveils new tools to bolster AI hardware development  The Verge

Google has launched a trio of new hardware products for developers who are working with artificial intelligence. These include a dev board, a USB accelerator, ...

Zero Latency Upgrades VR Attraction Platform With Hardware From Microsoft & HP  Road to VR

Zero Latency, creator of a leading VR attraction platform, is now deploying their 'gen 2' VR hardware. The revamp includes newer HP VR backpacks, Windows ...

Apple Investors Are ‘Too Pessimistic’ About Its Hardware — and Its Stock — Analyst Says  Barron's

Have investors become too bearish on the outlook for Apple's (AAPL) hardware business? Bank of America Merrill Lynch thinks so. The tech giant's shares, ...

Fictiv raises $33M to be the ‘AWS of hardware manufacturing’  TechCrunch

Hardware, as the saying goes, is hard, but today a startup has raised some money for a manufacturing platform that it believes can make the prospect of starting ...

Humpday Headlines: Google Tells Hardware Division Staff To Find New Jobs  SFist

... ∙ Google/Alphabet is having some non-layoff layoffs in its Create division, reportedly telling "dozens" of people on the laptop and tablet teams to "find new jobs" ...

North Korea Advertises Military Hardware on Twitter, YouTube, Defying Sanctions  Motherboard

Glocom is a front company for North Korea to sell sanctions violating military equipment. But, even after some tech companies clamped down, Glocom kept up its ...

UNIAN: Russian military hardware spotted near Ukrainian border  Kyiv Post

A screenshot from OSCE drone video footage shows heavy truckconvoys crossing an uncontrolled section of Russian-Ukrainian bordernear the occupied ...

Refresh Done Right? Intel Comet Lake Packs Up to 10 Cores  Tom's Hardware

Intel Linux DRM kernel driver update confirms Comet Lake is an update to Coffee Lake Refresh.

Long-Time Martin Hardware Manager Passes Away - WVIR  NBC 29 News

Charlottesville's Martin Hardware family is reeling from the loss of a beloved, long-time employee.

For Nvidia, $7 Billion Is What It Takes to Dominate AI Hardware  Data Center Knowledge

Here's why the huge Mellanox price tag Nvidia has agreed to is probably worth it.

Steam Game Streaming Goes Mobile With Valve's 'Game Streaming Everywhere'  Tom's Hardware

Valve has turned to Steam Link Anywhere and the largely open source Steam Networking Sockets APIs to help make sure Steam can withstand increased ...

The best hardware security keys for two-factor authentication  The Verge

We've rounded up eight different security keys to try to find one suitable for most users and best for everyone from USB, to USB-A, and mobile users. Not all ...

Supermicro hardware weaknesses let researchers backdoor an IBM cloud server  Ars Technica

More than five years have passed since researchers warned of the serious security risks that a widely used administrative tool poses to servers used for some of ...

Storage testing evolving from hardware to software  TechRepublic

Storage testing used to involve expensive hardware reserved for mega-companies, but now software methods are starting to become available for normal-sized ...

Quantum Computers May Not Break Encryption for Decades, Say Researchers  Tom's Hardware

Researchers from Canadian encryption firm Kryptera warned that quantum computers may not be powerful enough to break encryption on the web for decades ...

Hardware: Franklin Armory F17-L  American Hunter

If you're looking for the utmost in rimfire velocity to knock out groundhogs, prairie dogs and even coyotes, the Franklin Armory F17-L will bring it. Built on the AR ...

Safeguarding hardware from cyberattack: Engineers are addressing a vulnerability in hardware that some thieves have exploited to steal data  Science Daily

Researchers have developed an algorithm that safeguards hardware from attacks designed to steal data. In the attacks, hackers detect variations of power and ...

Mountain Hardware and Sports to join Raley's at Soaring Ranch development in Truckee  Sierra Sun

Truckee's Mountain Hardware and Sports is planning to open a second Truckee location at the Soaring Ranch planned development located adjacent to the ...

Apple has more open software jobs than hardware jobs for the first time in years  CNBC

Apple is hiring more software engineers than hardware engineers for the first time in years, as it puts a new focus on its services business, according to data from ...

The Big Features Of Linux 5.1: IO_Uring, Intel Fastboot Default, Goya AI Accelerator, New Hardware  Phoronix

The two-week long merge window for Linux 5.1 is expected to close later today so here is a look back at all of the changes and new features coming with this ...

Piedmont hardware store closing to make way for new tenant  Lincoln Journal Star

Piedmont will be losing its hardware store, but it will be getting another tenant in its place.

Kaby, Coffee, Whiskey, Comet? Decoding Intel’s “Lake” Architectures - Tom's Hardware  Tom's Hardware

Intel has released several iterations of architectures with Lake in the name the past few years. We'll decipher them at a high level and clear up confusion.

Boundary Scan Hardware Market: By Current Industry Status,Growth Opportunities, Top Key Players, Target Audience And Forecast To 2023  Redfield Report

Boundary Scan Hardware Market Report Provide Analysis of Boundary Scan Hardware industry on the basis of Current Market trends, Product type, Top ...

Apple Now Seeking More Software Engineers Than Hardware Engineers  MacRumors

Software engineering positions have outnumbered hardware engineering positions in Apple job listings for the first time since at least the first...

What Hardware Lies Beneath? Companies Swear They Never Meant to Violate Your Privacy  Hackaday

“Don't Be Evil” was the mantra of Google from years before even Gmail was created. While certainly less vague than their replacement slogan “Do the Right ...

Join Us for a Tom's Hardware AMA with Intel Optane  Tom's Hardware

Starting at noon today, March 12th through Wednesday, September 13th the Tom's Hardware Community Team host Intel's Optane Team in a community wide ...

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Buys a Trezor Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet  CryptoGlobe

On Thursday (March 7th), Jack Dorsey, who is Co-Founder and CEO of Twitter, as well as Founder and CEO of Square, announced that he had just bought a ...

HP Expands Laptop Battery Recall to 78,500 Units  Tom's Hardware

The U.S. CPSC announced that HP expanded its recall of the batteries used in some of its laptops and mobile workstations due to "fire and burn hazards."

Jack Dorsey Praises Open Source, Buys Trezor Bitcoin Hardware Wallet  Bitcoinist

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has purchased what appears to be his first Bitcoin hardware wallet as his advocacy of the largest cryptocurrency continues.

Google is reportedly planning to launch a 'Netflix for games' service that could turn the $140 billion industry on its head  CNBC

Google will announce new hardware for its upcoming streaming game product at the Game Developers Conference, according to 9to5Google.

US Startup Introduces Crypto Hardware Wallet Chip for Cell Phones  Cointelegraph

U.S. startup VaultTel LLC introduces a crypto hardware wallet that combines a mobile app and a chip designed to fit in a SIM card tray.

BEMS Hardware Market Global Strategies and Insight driven transformation 2019 – 2025  industryreports24.com

The BEMS Hardware market report is a most important research for who looks for complete information on the BEMS Hardware market. The report covers all ...

Apple's Services Focus Makes Sense, but Don't Ignore Hardware  Motley Fool

The pivot to services should help improve the tech titan's growth, but hardware is still critical.

Nintendo On Introducing New Hardware, Giving Players "That 'Wow' Moment"  Nintendo Life

Amongst the many things that make Nintendo truly stand out in the gaming world, perhaps the most obvious is its approach to hardware design. Where others ...

NASA administrator Bridenstine wants everyone to know he still has faith in the SLS  BGR

Well, that certainly didn't take long! Just a day after NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine alluded to the possibility of flying the new Orion crew capsule's first ...

Keeping Huawei Hardware Out of the U.S. Is Not Enough to Secure 5G  Lawfare

The Trump administration's efforts to protect the security of fifth-generation, or 5G, wireless networks by limiting the deployment of Chinese technology both ...

Defunct, iconic Monroe hardware store to host auction  CTPost

MONROE — The owner of Stepney Hardware, 590 Main St., broke hearts last month when he announced the iconic store would close after more than 60 years ...

Why Every Tech Geek Should Own a Raspberry Pi  Tom's Hardware

Using a Raspberry Pi could change your tech life. Here's how.

Presto raises $30M to bring its AI platform and tabletop ordering hardware to restaurant chains  TechCrunch

The “restaurant of the future” may elicit thoughts of a chrome diner with robot servers and an otherwise hefty amount of Tokyo futurist kitsch, but the fact is that the ...

Hardware Encryption Devices Market to Witness Growth Acceleration During 2019-2025  News by Decresearch

An analysis of Hardware Encryption Devices market has been provided in the latest report launched by Market Study Report that primarily focuses on the market ...

Burggraf's Ace Hardware gives Fargo's South University area a fixer-upper oasis  INFORUM

Burggraf's Ace Hardware recently opened in the former Zimmerman's Furniture building at 2810 S. University Drive. Store Manager David Gregor says the many ...

AMD Silently Rolls Out Dual-Core A6-9400 APU  Tom's Hardware

AMD's upcoming dual-core A6-9400 Bristol Ridge APU has been spotted at German retailer Mindfactory.

Intel Core i9-9900F Leak: Locked and Not Loaded  Tom's Hardware

Intel looks like it's going out of its way to maximize profits for its 9th-generation Intel Coffee Lake Refresh processors. The Intel Core i9-9900F has just been listed ...

Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets Market 2019 Precise Outlook – OpenDime, Digital BitBox, Case, CoolWallet  industryreports24.com

The Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets Market report is a collection of pragmatic information, quantitative and qualitative estimation by industry experts, the ...

For the first time in years, Apple is hiring more software people than hardware people  Thinknum Media

Apple ($NASDAQ:AAPL) started as a hardware company. Its first product was a kit: a box of hardware that customers had to assemble on their own. There was ...

Best Gaming Keyboards for 2019  Tom's Hardware

Whether you're typing or playing an battle royale, these gaming keyboards provide the best combination of responsiveness, features and style.

ASRock Phantom Gaming X Radeon RX590 8G OC Review  Tom's Hardware

ASRock's Phantom Gaming X Radeon RX590 8G OC is the least expensive Radeon RX 590 available. But the even cheaper Radeon RX 580 and faster ...

Intel’s Latest Spoiler: A Spectre-Style Hardware Exploit That Leaks Private Data  Hot Hardware

Just when we thought that the worst was over with respect to speculative execution hardware exploits like Spectre, we get hit with another whopper. Such is the ...

AMD SoC Powers Fanless Vnopn K1 Mini-PC  Tom's Hardware

The Vnopn K1 is powered by a quad-core AMD A6-1450 SoC with a matching Radeon HD 8250 GPU.

Nvidia's study linking hardware to competitiveness is peak PC gamer elitism  TechRadar

Nvidia has published a study in which it links the quality of a PC gamer's hardware to his or her performance in battle royale games, like Fortnite and Apex ...

Bunnie Huang's tour-de-force explanation of how hardware implants and supply chain hacks work  Boing Boing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqQhWitJ1As Last October, Bloomberg published a blockbuster story claiming that some of the largest tech companies in the ...

Rift/Vive Gap Nearly Doubles In March Steam Hardware Survey  UploadVR

The gap between the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and Vive Pro headsets nearly doubled in the March Steam Hardware Survery as Windows VR gained ground.

Hardware Wallet Doesn’t Store Private Keys to Surpass Cold Storage  Cointelegraph

The company behind a crypto hardware wallet says users can surpass cold storage — all thanks to new technology.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB Review: Turing Without The RTX  Tom's Hardware

GeForce GTX 1660 Ti is built on TU116—an all-new graphics processor that incorporates Turing's improved shaders, its unified cache architecture, support for ...

In reversal, Apple is now hiring more software engineers than hardware  Silicon Valley Business Journal

For the first time since at least 2016, Apple Inc. is now hiring more software engineers than hardware engineers, according to new data from Thinknum, a startup ...

Ace offers expanded Sturgis hardware store | Local News  Black Hills Pioneer

STURGIS — The new Ace Hardware store in Sturgis is open.

In a new hardware-less era, cloud game streaming gains strength  Moneycontrol.com

Sony and Nvidia were the first to adopt the concept of cloud game streaming, but Internet connections at the time just couldn't keep up with the high demands of ...

Singaporean Retailer Lists Purported Ryzen 3000 Pricing  Tom's Hardware

Singaporean retailer Bizgram recently published a product catalog featuring some surprising newcomers: the Ryzen 3000 series. These CPUs have not been ...

After a bigoted hardware store owner posted a 'No Gays Allowed' sign, he got roasted on Yelp.  GOOD

The U.S. Supreme Court may have legalized gay marriage on 2015, but in 2018 it said that people have the right to oppose it. The court ruled 7-2 in favor of a ...

How to Protect Your BitLocker-Encrypted Files From Attackers  How-To Geek

BitLocker, the encryption technology built into Windows, has taken some hits lately. A recent exploit demonstrated removing a computer's TPM chip to extract its ...

Parowan mayor charged with misdemeanor theft from hardware store  St George News

CEDAR CITY — Parowan Mayor Preston Griffiths is facing misdemeanor theft charges after allegedly stealing from a hardware store where he had previously ...

Samsung Galaxy S10 Has a Built-In Bitcoin Hardware Wallet  Bitcoinist

Samsung's newest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S10, will include a dedicated secure storage solution for storing private keys. That was confirmed ...

Best 4K Gaming Monitors for PC 2019: 144Hz to Budget  Tom's Hardware

Based on our testing, here are the best 4K gaming monitors, from budget to 144Hz—all equipped with G-Sync or FreeSync.

Meet Tympan, The Open Hardware Hearing Aid  Hackaday

If you're the kind of person who's serious about using open source software and hardware, relying on a medical device like a pacemaker or an insulin pump can ...

VIDEO: 79 guns stolen from Northwest Arkansas hardware store  Arkansas Online

PRAIRIE GROVE -- At least four people stole 79 guns from the Ace Hardware in Prairie Grove, according to police.

Monero is coming to the Trezor hardware wallet  Coin Rivet

The CTO of Satoshi Labs, Pavol Rusnak, has confirmed that the privacy-focused cryptocurrency is coming to the popular hardware wallet Trezor.

Forget USB 3.0 & USB 3.1: USB 3.2 Moving Forward  Tom's Hardware

Remember when the USB 3.0 standard was eventually rebranded to USB 3.1 Gen 1? Well, history is about to repeat itself once again. The USB Implementers ...

AMD Confirms New Threadripper Coming in 2019  Tom's Hardware

AMD shared an updated roadmap for its upcoming Threadripper and Ryzen CPUs in a presentation for investors.

Intel (INTC) Ups the Ante in Hardware Security With SGX Card  Zacks.com

Intel (INTC) unveils Intel SGX Card. It intends to demonstrate other hardware-based security enhancements at RSA 2019.

Epic Store Releases Feature Update Road Map  Tom's Hardware

Epic set to release multiple updates to its gaming store, with search, user reviews, achievements and more to follow soon.

Redmi Note 7 Pro review: Gleaming hardware, unpolished software  Android Authority

The Redmi Note 7 Pro is the latest in the long line of Xiaomi's extremely successful Redmi series. The phone sports excellent internals and offers a 48MP ...

AMD Athlon 240GE and 220GE Review: Retaking the Low Ground  Tom's Hardware

AMD rounds out its Athlon stack with the $65 220GE and $75 240GE.

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