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The History of Body Piercings - Ancient and Fascinating Around the World

Body piercings have seen a resurgence of interest in the last ten to twenty years and are becoming more and more a part of the mainstream Western culture. Take a look at any fashion or entertainment magazine and you'll see plenty of well-known celebrities with body piercings like navel rings or a labret.

How to Make Your Civil War Uniform Shirt

Your own shirt designed and made by you for your own Civil War Uniform Impression is easy and economical. Follow these simple directions, and your Civil War uniform shirt will be exactly how you want it.

Top 10 Questions about Body Piercing

Body piercing has grown so much in popularity in recent years that it has become almost mainstream, with more and more people sporting navel rings and multiple ear rings. Facial piercings, surface piercings and lots of others to choose from can make things confusing.

How I lost A million Dollars In A Bank Robbery

The Million dollars was my life-savings earmarked for prime the pump money for my biotech start-up. I am the Gerald Armstrong the owner of Gen Cells Cures?Gen Cells Cures is focused on private medical research for the individual.

The Crisis of Human Survival

Environmental Pollution1. Damage to The Ozone Layer Causes Radiation PollutionThe hole in the ozone layer above the North Pole is becoming larger, allowing large volumes of ultraviolet radiation to fall directly on the Earth's surface, causing destruction and harm to humanity, and resulting in skin cancer and other bodily ailments.

African Masks

The following is a general over view of African Masks.There are still places in Africa where genuine old masks can be bought, generally through dealers.

Tribal Masks

Original Tribal masks are often seen by unknowing eyes as art objects in themselves. That is not the case, unless of course they are modern copies.

The Masked Fool

The FoolMy first direct experience of the fool in masking was watching Morris Dancing here at home in Yorkshire, England. The Morris dancers were dressed up in their usual dancing shoes with bells and baggy pants.

The Contingencies of Despair: How Existentialists Survive

~ Dread is dizziness unto freedom-freedom that gazes down into its own possibility. In this dizziness freedom succumbs.


Flashes of memory stream into my consciousness. They take me back thirty years plus.

Heraldry in the Crafts--Why Not Specialize?

I have a small website where I try to sell custom-made lapel buttons. In addition to these made-to-order buttons I also offer several specialty lines of off-the-shelf items and at this time of year I'm usually concerned with one of those lines in particular: Irish heraldic buttons.

The Trickster of Folklore

Folklore includes a traditional trickster figure, the subject of many stories in a cycle. Trickster tales are in the animal tales genre, with the trickster himself -- he seems always to be male -- identified with a particular animal.

Nessie, the Beast of the Loch

They were fierce hill tribes in what is now Scotland, and we called them Picts. The name seems to mean "The Painted People" for they were known to love bright body art and multi-coloured clothing.

The Year of the Rooster

The Rooster is traditionally considered to be a favourable sign. His crow signals the break of dawn and the beginning of a fresh start, driving away the ghosts and evil spirits of the night.

Progress Versus Perfection

From the creative explosion marking the outset of the universe to our advanced human stage in evolution, some fifteen billion years have elapsed. This advanced stage refers to the natural abilities and the cultural realizations of our species.

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Humanities must defend themselves to remain relevant  Manitou Messenger

The recent Strategic Resource Allocation Project (SRAP), which marked the end of the American Studies program in addition to cuts in various humanities ...

Town Hall Gets to the Heart of Humanities at CMU  Carnegie Mellon University

A gathering in Carnegie Mellon's Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences drew faculty, staff and students to discuss the state of the humanities.

KU receives NEH-Mellon Humanities Open Book grant program  KU Today

LAWRENCE — With support from a two-year, $129,000 grant, the University of Kansas Libraries and the University Press of Kansas will convert out-of-print ...

Prairie Doc Perspectives: Humanities and the physician  Hays Post

After 40 years as a doctor interacting with patients, in the last two and a half years the tables turned, and I've become the patient. Although most are good, I've ...

The Slow Death of the Humanities: The Resilience of Butler's History Program  The Butler Collegian

photo courtesy of Boston University. MADELEINE LUCCHETTI | OPINION EDITOR | The Slow Death of the Humanities: The Resilience of ...

Humanities Kansas announces Topekan Huascar Medina as 2019-21 poet laureate  The Garden City Telegram

Huascar Medina calls himself a helianthus — a type of sunflower that has planted a seed in Kansas, taken root and is now blooming.Medina is a Topekan, ...

Do humanities make better physicians?  Brookings Register

After 40 years as a doctor interacting with patients, in the last two and a half years the tables turned, and I've become the patient. Although most are good, I've ...

Jerry Hopkins: Human, humane and humanities | Opinion  Marshall News Messenger

We hear a great deal today about socialism; not much about communism. Communism is a term with a very checkered and negative history. There are three ...

Humanities Endowment Announces New Grants Amid Old Threats  The New York Times

The National Endowment for the Humanities announced grants supporting 233 projects around the country, two weeks after the latest effort to close the agency.

Dr. Katharine Trostel – Ursuline College’s National Endowment for the Humanities Grant

Ursuline College in Pepper Pike recently received a $34000 federal grant to look at Cleveland's Rust Belt problems…and reinvigorate the Humanities in the ...

Spring Symposium Celebrates Students' Work in Arts, Sciences, Humanities  Middlebury College News and Events

An estimated 300 students shared their research, creativity, and intellectual explorations at the daylong event, April 12.

Stop devaluing the humanities  Daily Californian

When I was younger, my grandmother used to read poetry to me during our long phone calls each week. A retired English professor, she would often recite ...

SDSU profs fight cuts to humanities  San Diego Reader

#Along with their general education courses, San Diego State undergraduates and all others of the Cal State University must take coursework in an area called ...

UWSP drops plan to cut humanities majors  WISN Milwaukee

UW-Stevens Point says it will save money through retirements and resignations, and now won't go ahead with its plans to drop liberal arts majors.

What can you do with a humanities degree?  AZ Big Media

One subject that many people tend to really enjoy in school is humanities. However, while it's definitely an interesting topic to learn more about, lots of people ...

UWS explores new major with Humanities grant  Superior Telegram

A grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities will help the University of Wisconsin-Superior explore developing a new major that would take an ...

Two ASU professors receive Public Humanities Scholars Awards  ASU News Now

Arizona Humanities has named ASU Professors Joan McGregor and Natalie Diaz as recipients of the Dan Shilling Public Humanities Scholars Awards in ...

Important ways to revitalize the humanities (opinion)  Inside Higher Ed

David Steiner and Mark Bauerlein describe how such studies can best succeed and even flourish in the midst of our technocratic age.

Humanities Kansas awards Tonganoxie Community Historical Society with grant  The Mirror

Humanities Kansas recently awarded $4,830 to the Tonganoxie Community Historical Society in support of “The Spring at the Fairchild Farm.” Joy Lominska ...

Math in the Hands of a Poet: Humanities Faculty Colloquium Features Professor Jennifer Hoyer  University of Arkansas Newswire

The J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences' Humanities Faculty Colloquium Series presents Jennifer Hoyer, who will discuss her inquiry into math and ...

Don't discount the profitability of arts and humanities  UT The Daily Texan

Columnist Isabella Waltz encourages students to shift discourse around studying the arts in a positive direction.

10 High-Paying Jobs for Humanities  The Cougar's Byte

Kean University is an institution with many majors and programs that can lead its students to high-paying jobs. Under the College of Liberal Arts are various ...

Why 'worthless' humanities degrees may set you up for life  BBC News

Why bother with degrees like History or English? Here's why the liberal arts could leave you better prepared for employment than you think.

What 10 famous people say about the humanities  BBC News

Focusing on liberal arts at university is rarely sold as a path to career success. These people challenge that theory.

Towards an appreciation of Brutalism: Or, the Humanities Building is very good

Madison's most-maligned structure embodies a misunderstood, utopian school of architecture.

UT Government and Humanities Student Named Truman Scholar  UT News | The University of Texas at Austin

AUSTIN, Texas — One of the country's premier graduate awards, the Harry S. Truman Scholarship, has been awarded to Alyssa Ashcraft, a government and ...

FSU religion professor receives respected humanities fellowship  Florida State News

A Florida State University faculty member will head to Southeast Asia this fall with the help of a prestigious fellowship from the American Council of Learned ...

Humanities Fellows Delve Into the Culture of Chicago | Illinois Wesleyan  Illinois Wesleyan University

March 29, 2019. BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — A cohort of first-year Illinois Wesleyan Humanities Fellows experienced firsthand the art, poetry, history and culture of ...

Exploring Ethics Across Art, Humanities, and Science | News  Northwestern University NewsCenter

As part of Engineering + Art Initiative, Artist-at-Large Dario Robleto leads discussion with Northwestern Engineering synthetic biologists and Feinberg School of ...

Professor to replace retiring Director of Arts & Humanities  The Pacific Index

Next fall, Media Arts professor Mike Geraci will begin training with Dean David DeMoss to replace DeMoss as the Director of the School of Arts and Humanities ...

A College Collage: The College of Arts & Humanities – The  Quad

Photo courtesy of Kirsten Magas. This is the third article in a recurring column giving students an inside look at what's happening in each College at WCU, ...

Salinas, Carson City Arts Initiative to receive Nevada Humanities Award  Nevada Appeal

Carson City Arts Initiative and Carson City Art and Culture Coordinator Mark Salinas will be honored with 2019 Nevada Humanities Awards.Salina will receive a ...

Improving college curriculum through STEM, humanities integration  FIU News

Albert Einstein said, “all religions, arts and sciences are branches from the same tree.” Yet specialization has been the hallmark of higher.

Plug Your Podcast: Humanities Program Helps Tell Kentucky's Story  WMKY

Take a walk down Maxwell Street near the UK campus and you'll come across a row of historic houses, one of which is home to Kentucky Humanities; an.

Weisenfeld Reappointed as Dean of the Humanities for Trinity College of Arts & Sciences  Duke Today

Gennifer Weisenfeld Gennifer Weisenfeld, professor of art history and visual studies, has been appointed to a second, three-year term as dean of the humanities ...

'Hi-Phi Nation' philosophy podcast host to launch humanities residency at UC Santa Cruz  UC Santa Cruz

April 10, 2019. By Scott Rappaport. Share this story:TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedInReddit. philosophy-podcast-image-450.png barry-lam-400.jpg Barry Lam.

Trump Seeks to Ax Humanities Endowment  History News Network (HNN)

White House budget documents released Monday included troubling, if familiar, proposals for supporters of humanities and the arts. President Trump for the ...

CasaCuba receives $750,000 from the National Endowment for the Humanities  FIU News

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) announced that CasaCuba has received a $750000 matching grant, which encourages additional private ...

UW-Stevens Point will retain six humanities majors it planned on cutting  The Badger Herald

On Wednesday, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point announced it was retaining six majors it had previously proposed cutting. The cuts were proposed as a ...

UVM cites decline in humanities enrollment for faculty cuts  WCAX

UVM has a problem: the number of students majoring in the liberal arts is dropping. So the school has trimmed teachers. But they say it's still not enough to make ...

Crumbling foundations: Declining enrollment numbers loom over under-funded humanities departments  The Badger Herald

As construction crews and architects shaped 400 acres of rolling farmland and orchards in South Amherst, Massachusetts, into libraries, residence halls, and ...

Lehigh Receives Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Grant to Infuse Humanities Across Academic Culture  Lehigh University News

Lehigh has been awarded a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support a coordinated on-campus community development program to infuse the ...

Church Point natives honored for contributions to the study of humanities  KATC Lafayette News

The Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities selected two Church Point natives to receive awards from the organization for their contributions to the study and ...

What majoring in the humanities can teach us  The Independent Florida Alligator

Any humanities student will tell you that they have been repeatedly asked something along these lines: “What do you plan on doing with your major?” Most of us ...

UF Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere celebrates 10-year anniversary  The Independent Florida Alligator

More than 150 UF students and faculty members attended.

BREAKING: Tuition fees to be cut to £6,000 for Humanities students  The Tab

Tuition fees for Humanities students will be cut to £6,000 from September 2019. The Deputy Education Secretary, Hugh Maneetis, has said the change will come ...

W&L's Brock Awarded National Endowment for the Humanities Grant  Washington and Lee University News Office

Michelle Brock, associate professor of history at Washington and Lee University, has received a $49,959 National Endowment for the Humanities grant for her ...

Clemson Literary Festival receives S.C. Humanities grant; announces April 10-12 lineup  Clemson Newsstand

The Clemson Literary Festival recently received a $3000 grant from South Carolina Humanities and the South Carolina Arts Commission to defray the cost of ...

Hausman: From medical education to medical controversies, humanities are key  Penn State News

Bernice Hausman, chair of Penn State College of Medicine's Department of Humanities, says that appreciating the humanities is an integral part of preparing to ...

The Humanities Edge awards first research grants to Green School projects  FIU News

Sociology professor Matthew Marr knows just how critical proximity to social and public health services can be in a neighborhood where homelessness is an ...

Mellon Foundation awards Emory $1.25 million grant for undergraduate humanities education  Emory News Center

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded Emory a $1.25 million grant to support the Humanities Pathways initiative, designed to better prepare students to ...

NEH Chair Meets With Campus Faculty on Humanities Advocacy  Duke Today

Jon Parrish Peede, chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities, visited Duke University on Wednesday for an informal meet and greet with arts and ...

The St. Mary’s Humanities are going to College  St. Mary's University

St. Mary's elevates former School of Humanities and Social Sciences with strategic plan, name change St. Mary's University announced today a new.

Fareed Zakaria models humanities-inspired leadership at fundraiser

International television news host Fareed Zakaria spoke on the importance of humanities-inspired leadership during the Mannie Jackson Center for the ...

West Virginia Humanities Council announces 2019 Fellowship Awards  Charleston Gazette-Mail

The West Virginia Humanities Council recently awarded nine new fellowships.

Criticized for its STEM focus, this UMD honors program will shift toward humanities  The Diamondback

Design Cultures and Creativity will shift the format of its capstone project.

Interview and video: National Endowment for the Humanities Chairman Jon Parrish Peede speaks of the importance of the cultural fields as White House again recommends NEH closure

An abbreviated version of this story appears in the Sunday Life section of The Oklahoman. Oh the humanities: As White House recommends closure, NEH ...

New England Public Radio announces 2019 Arts & Humanities Award winners  Amherst Bulletin

A cutting-edge theater program, an innovative improv comic and an acclaimed composer are among the winners of the 2019 Arts & Humanities Awards from ...

Town hall on the humanities discusses Dietrich's role  CMU The Tartan Online

A conglomeration of Dietrich students, faculty, and staff filled the Adamson Wing of Baker Hall last Wednesday to hold a town hall on the future of humanities at ...

Must Japan's humanities go global?  The Japan Times

FUKUOKA - It doesn't have to be about increasing their “global competitiveness.” In 2015, Japanese and international media broke news of the impending ...

The Digital Humanities Debacle  The Chronicle of Higher Education

Quantitative methods are ascendant in literary studies, abetted by disproportionate funding, the absence of strict evaluative protocols, and a scarcity of ...

New Dean of Humanities and Sciences Named  Ithaca College

Mathematics scholar and experienced administrator Melanie Stein has been named the new dean of Ithaca College's School of Humanities and Sciences.

Advocates share war and success stories at  Inside Higher Ed

General education is under threat, but it's worth the fight. Advocates share war and success stories at Inside Higher Ed event.

The Job Market for Humanities Majors  Yu News

Contrary to Popular Belief, Humanities Majors are in Demand. As any recent English or history major knows, there is a crisis in the humanities. Seemingly slim ...

NEH Chairman's Visit  University of Florida

On April 5, the Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere at the University of Florida (founded in 2005 and launched in 2009), held a celebration in honor ...

New Digital Arts and Humanities (DAsH) Minor Offered at Manhattan College  The Quadrangle

by RIKKILYNN SHIELDS, Senior Writer Manhattan College's School of Liberal Arts currently houses 17 majors and 30 minors in arts, humanities, and social ...

KU names director of Hall Center for the Humanities  KU Today

LAWRENCE – Richard Godbeer, founding director of the Humanities Research Center and professor of history at Virginia Commonwealth University, has been ...

Steamboat Creates executive director joins state humanities board  Steamboat Pilot & Today

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — Kim Keith, executive director of Steamboat Creates, was elected to the board of directors of Colorado Humanities, a nonprofit that ...

Humanities Kansas awards 10 grants  Hiawatha World

TOPEKA, Kan. — Humanities Kansas (HK) recently awarded $50341 in grants to 10 Kansas organizations. HK grants are designed to share stories that inspire, ...

AFI Receives Funding From National Endowment for the Humanities to Support Groundbreaking Gender Parity Project  American Film Magazine

The American Film Institute today received a $350,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to embark upon an unprecedented, ...

Why language technology can't handle Game of Thrones (yet)  Science Daily

Researchers have performed a thorough evaluation of four different name recognition tools on popular 40 novels, including A Game of Thrones. Their analyses ...

U Law Professor Erika George Promoted to Director of the Tanner Humanities Center  Daily Utah Chronicle

Erika George, former Interim Director of the Tanner Center for Human Rights, has been appointed to the Director of the Tanner Humanities Center, succeeding ...

Adventures in the New Humanities: Galleries and Museums 101  St. Olaf College News

This post is part of a blog series, 'Adventures in the New Humanities,' by Judy Kutulas, the Boldt Family Distinguished Teaching Chair in the Humanities.

Rivlin hosts ceremony for cooperation between science and humanities academies

Sitting here are the presidents of the Israeli and American national academies,” said Israeli President Reuven Rivlin. “Both are well-known researchers, highly ...

$20,000 pay disparity between STEM, humanities professors | The Daily Reveille |  The Reveille, LSU's student newspaper

Science and engineering professors are among the highest paid professors at the University, and earn about $20000 more than professors of humanities on ...

ARTS AND HUMANITIES: South Carolina Academy inducts four new members  Aiken Standard

For nearly every field of endeavor, there is a list of practitioners who have achieved preeminence. These individuals are the inspiration for the concept of the hall ...

Chattanooga woman helps build her dream home with Habitat For Humanities "Women Build"  WTVC

WTVCFOX. Nail by nail, board by board are all things you can see and hear coming from 20 volunteers helping give life to one woman's dream.

Humanities Iowa Historian, Rosa Snyder, Returns To Wall Lake Library Monday For Another “Off The Map” Presentation  1380 KCIM

The Wall Lake Public Library is welcoming back a Humanities Iowa historian and artist, Rosa Snyder, at the start of next week for a follow-up program on the ...

Steamboat Creates Executive Director Kim Keith joins Colorado Humanities board of directors  Steamboat Magazine

Kim Keith, Executive Director of Steamboat Creates was elected on March 3 to the board of directors of Colorado Humanities.

The importance of the humanities  University of Miami

Students and faculty members are set to showcase humanities research and inform the University community in understanding what research in the humanities ...

Arts on the Chopping Block  Eugene Weekly

The University of Oregon plans to solve its budget crisis by cutting money for the arts and culture. That's the message conveyed by a series of major budget cuts ...

Humanities HS - Student Profiles  Queens Chronicle

Humanities and the Arts High School in the Campus Magnet Complex, Cambria Heights, student profiles: Madison Perry & Leondre Bennet.

Gibbes Museum of Art awarded SC Humanities grant to support upcoming photo exhibition  Charleston City Paper

Today the Gibbes Museum of Art announced that it has been awarded a South Carolina Humanities grant; the museum will receive $6,400 to support its ...

U. law professor Erika George appointed director of Tanner Humanities Center

University of Utah law professor Erika George has been appointed the new director of the Obert C. and Grace A. Tanner Humanities Center. George, the Samuel ...

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Humanities & Arts Professor Awarded Fulbright Scholarship  WPI News

Jennifer McWeeny, associate professor of Humanities & Arts at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, was awarded a prestigious Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award to ...

Symposium aims to inform students of versatility of humanities degree  Penn State News

For undergraduate students considering a doctorate in the humanities field, this weekend will be a chance to learn more about the versatility of such a degree.

UB explores auditory links between politics, history in Baird Hall  University at Buffalo The Spectrum

Faculty from around the country discussed music, technology, history and politics in Baird Hall on Monday during a symposium.

Faculty of Humanities graduation ceremony – 18 April 2019 at 09:30  University of Cape Town News

Students from the Faculty of Humanities were robed at a graduation ceremony at 09:30 on 18 April.

The Week Ender: Happenings April 19-21  Yale News

The Week Ender appears every Thursday in YaleNews and offers highlights of the many activities taking place at the university.

Research Week Recap (Part One): Origami, Biology, Keck Fellows, Faculty Honors  University of San Diego Website

Discovering means finding out new information, gaining knowledge of the previously unknown and furthering and deepening the exploration of something ...

New arts, humanities building takes shape at San Dieguito Academy

San Dieguito High School Academy is currently on pace and on budget for the construction of its arts and humanities building, which is estimated to open this ...

U of U names Erika George as director of Tanner Humanities Center  ABC 4

The University of Utah's College of Humanities has named Erika George as the new director of the Obert C. and Grace A. Tanner Humanities Center.

Hinging on the human factor  The Tribune

The buzz word among toppers of Class X is humanities. It is no longer the under-rated, second choice of the 'not so bright students'. The broad spectrum of ...

Pittsburgh Humanities Festival targets 'smart talk about stuff that matters'  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Pittsburgh Humanities Festival aims to be a lot of things to a lot of people. For three days this weekend, the annual collaboration of the Pittsburgh Cultural ...

Humanities Symposium announces winners | Culture  The Current

The Humanities Symposium Committee revealed its winners in an email sent on April 8 to the Eckerd community.

Campus roadway to be named after Rivers '53, one of the first African American U. undergraduates  The Daily Princetonian

The Council of the Princeton University Community's (CPUC) Committee on Naming recommended the name "Rivers Way" to the Board of Trustees.

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences launches multimedia publication, CAHSS and Effect  UWGB

The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS) is excited to launch its new multimedia publication, CAHSS and Effect. As Dean Rybak described ...

Not Distracted: Aiden Bettine Balances Traditional Scholarship and Public Engagement Projects  Iowa Now

Aiden Bettine, the first Humanities for the Public Good (HPG) Graduate Fellow, is already embodying the goals of this grant. A historian with a strong commitment ...

Faculty of Humanities graduation ceremony – 17 April 2019 at 09:30  University of Cape Town News

Students from the Faculty of Humanities were robed at a graduation ceremony at 09:30 on 17 April.

Dear Humanists: Fear Not the Digital Revolution  The Chronicle of Higher Education

As anyone who's read an op-ed page in the past decade can tell you, the humanities are losing ground. Declining enrollment in our undergraduate majors is the ...

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