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Maybelle Misfire Joins Mega Corp

To: Maybelle Misfire
From: I. M.. Power, VP
Welcome aboard! Delighted you have accepted a position as planning analyst with Mega Corp. See you in September, as they say.

To: Maybelle Misfire
From: Nefarious Airlines
We are sorry to learn that Fluffy feels humiliated if her cat carrier is marked "Excess Baggage."

Please remember that, in proportion to her size, Fluffy has more room in her carrier than our first class passengers enjoy in their recliner seats. Anyway, your cats are well known in the airline world. We had to override the Hazardous Cargo Alert to allow Fluffy on board in any capacity.

To: Maybelle Misfire
From: Mega Corp Human Resources
We're delighted to learn that you will be joining us for your extended leave. To move your household goods, we contracted with Organization Movers, The owner, Frankie Felon, got his start dealing questionable substances at networking parties in his MBA program. Frankie's lawyer, Big Tony, assures us Frankie has reformed.

To Organization Moving
From: Maybelle Misfire
I've always wanted to develop an ad campaign on the topic, Life without Furniture (not to mention clothing, dishes or sheets), and I am deeply grateful to your company for giving me an opportunity to experience this condition while my possessions remain lost somewhere near Delaware.

Since both my origin and destination are both west of the Mississippi, I'm glad my furniture will get to see something of the East Coast, even if I don't. However, my data collection is now approaching redundancy and I am ready to sleep in my own bed again.

To: Maybelle Misfire
From: Organization Moving
We can authorize temporary accommodations until your furniture arrives, but we cannot force any hotel on the planet to accept Fluffy, Tabby and Furball as guests.

Nor can we authorize restaurant meals for felines. We are sure Fluffy will recover from the trauma of eating off a paper plate on the floor. Alas, we don't have a Feline Therapy Unit, but Big Tony has offered to devote some quality one-on-one time to Fluffy's morale problem.

To: Customer Service, Organization Moving Corp.
From: Central Dispatch, Organization Moving Corp.

Who hired Driver Tom in the first place? When the Highway Patrol asks about funny-looking plants, our drivers are supposed to declare them as household geraniums, slightly wilted from travel trauma.

They are not supposed to say, "Gee, I dunno, but it sure looks like something from the sixties, don't it?"

After the entire van had been unloaded and inspected at the Oklahoma border, and all the dust analyzed, Tom just started driving east and didn't stop till he saw the ocean. It's up to the PR suits to tell Maybelle Misfire what happened to her stuff.

To: Maybelle Misfire
From: Customer Service, Organization Moving
We are genuinely sorry about the delay associated with delivery of your household goods. Believe me, our founders know all about life on the run.

We believe you will understand when we tell you that Driver Tom, one of our most experienced and dedicated professionals, halted his truck when he spied a cat caught in a tree on a freezing cold day. (OK, it was August, but he was in the mountains.)

Fortunately, ladders are standard equipment for Organization Movers. Driver Tom climbed the tree, rescued the cat and held its paw during surgery at the local veterinary hospital. After getting medical treatment for his own scratches, Tom climbed right back in his truck--but not before making sure that the cat would have a loving home with the veterinarian's assistant. We're sure you would have done the same.

To: Maybelle Misfire
From: I. M. Power, VP
Welcome to your new job. For your first project, we want you to analyze the customer service of our newest client -- our own Organization Movers.

Seems like they have a PR problem. Should be easy to fix.

On the other hand, you may have trouble getting primary data. Customers who complain tend to have forwarding addresses like, "Lost Gulch, New Mexico."

If you like feline humor, you may enjoy my ebook, Maybelle Lives! and my advice to cats who move. For serious advice about moving with cats, consult my trade book, Making the Big Move.

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While infertility is not usually a laughing matter, this couple decided to find relief from their disappointment by posing for amusing “infertility announcements”.

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Obituaries are not normally entertaining reading. Interesting, perhaps, but not entertaining. However, while thumbing through the newspaper I had turned to the ...

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It was inevitable. Actually, I don't know how I escaped it for so many years ... the sports, the home projects, the mall shopping trips.

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Like everyone else, Fr. Jerry M. Orbos, SVD, was surprised when he was diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer early last year. Orbos didn't have a family history of ...

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The lengths Gary Mincolla would go to make a joke were remembered fondly in a Wrightsville Beach tavern last Friday evening, as the friends and family who ...

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We need to lighten up and save our condemnation for those slights that are truly meant to be taken seriously and cause harm.

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Janet Mills' inauguration as Maine governor was striking for its humor without a hint of meanness, feelings of warmth and inclusion, and poetic musings on our ...

Hot Light is on: Police find the humor in Lexington doughnut truck fire  Lexington Herald-Leader

Lexington police were able to find the humor in the situation Monday when a Krispy Kreme truck caught fire on, and by Tuesday the doughnut company had ...

Top online stories for 2018: A year of heartbreak and humor for...  Grand Forks Herald

Like in previous years, no story was able to compete with warm breadsticks and comforting chicken alfredo, but one came close this year.

Humor is a survival tool on Rikers Island  CT Post

As a fugitive from justice who has committed countless crimes against journalism (I plead insanity to all of them), I am not ashamed to admit that I was on Rikers ...

Brickman mixes humor with piano favorites | News, Sports, Jobs  Warren Tribune Chronicle

YOUNGSTOWN — On the website for his radio show, Jim Brickman is described as “America's New Romantic Piano Sensation.” That kind of winking, hyperb.

Richmond Cone Parade ushers in new year with humor and great 'cone'-ditions

This is the weirdest thing I have ever done,” one cone said to another at the Richmond Cone Parade.

Pelosi Says She Will Skip Trump and Negotiate Directly with Putin  The New Yorker

Andy Borowitz jokes about the House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, skipping the middleman, President Trump, and negotiating directly with Vladimir Putin to end the ...

Turns out the Illuminati is real and it has a sense of humor  New York Post

In the basement bar at downtown's Gelso & Grand restaurant, Hot 97 DJ Mike Medium is spinning some boppy Rihanna songs for nearly 100 well-dressed,...

Exercise, humor and beauty found New Year's Day at Pfeiffer Nature Center  Olean Times Herald

A group of adults, children — and even a couple of dogs — beat the stress of the holidays by getting out and hiking New Year's Day at Pfeiffer Nature.

Murray shows sense of humor over Australian Open  Baseline

No tennis player has been as consistently carefree or self-deprecating on social media as Andy Murray. The former world No. 1 always has something funny to ...

Spawn Reboot Will Trade Humor For A “Dark And Ugly” Supernatural Adventure  We Got This Covered

Via Nerdist, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane has assured fans that his upcoming reboot will be a dark and ugly supernatural adventure.

You’re Invited to Our Demonic Fetus’s Gender-Reveal Party  The New Yorker

Rebecca Saltzman humorously imagines a couple's party to reveal whether their yet-to-be-born baby is a boy, a girl, or a demon.

Rams QB Jared Goff is really funny ... if you're paying attention - Los Angeles Rams Blog- ESPN  ESPN

Goff comes off as cool and unassuming, not one to crack jokes or rib teammates. A closer look, though, shows a young, funny QB coming into his own.

Derry Girls Brings Raucous Humor and Teen Angst to '90s Northern Ireland  The Mary Sue

'Derry Girls' is already laying claim as one of the most delightful series of 2019.

Conceptual Gift Guide  The New Yorker

Karen Chee and Jonny Sun imagine gifts that capture such moods as the feeling of an unexpected package arriving or eating a burrito in bed.

Does Nick Saban have a sense of humor? Ask his quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, only if we have a big lead  Miami Herald

Does Nick Saban have a sense of humor? Ask his quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, only if we have a big lead, December 26, 2018.

Study: Most Innocent People Need to Hire Thirty-Five Lawyers at Some Point  The New Yorker

Andy Borowitz jokes about the number of lawyers that President Donald Trump now has working for him to respond to the Mueller investigation.

TV Review - 'Black Monday' is an honest, yet humorous look at 1980s excess  Colorado Springs Gazette

A stellar cast, led by Don Cheadle, provide a scathing, yet humorous look at Wall Street in the 1980s.

Trump Named Man of the Year by ISIS  The New Yorker

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Capping an extraordinary 2018, Donald J. Trump announced on Thursday that he had been named Man of the Year by ...

January Group Writing: Renovating Humor

The surest sign of age is the loss of the vital powers that once came with ease. The mind may be the first thing to go, as my wife has been telling me for years, but ...

Humor: New Cryptocurrency Aims to Reduce Energy Consumption from Christmas Lights  CryptoSlate

Americans and their Christmas lights consume a staggering amount of energy. For December alone, these glowing ornaments consumed 4.5 terawatt-hours of ...

Jason Bateman’s Dry, Witty Humor Will Star in Hyundai’s Super Bowl Ad  Adweek

Hyundai has announced that Ozark and Arrested Development star Jason Bateman will front its 60-second Super Bowl ad. Running in the first quarter of the ...

'Dolly Parton's Heartstrings' Showrunner Patrick Sean Smith Promises Heart & Humor in Netflix Series  TVInsider

In case there was any doubt: The scripted anthology series Dolly Parton's Heartstrings will deliver on the promise of its title. Slated to stream later this year on ...

Jay Gruden keeps his sense of humor after weekly "hot seat challenge" segment gets more and more real throughout the season  Awful Announcing

The "Bob's Discount Furniture Store Hot Seat Challenge" wasn't supposed to be about Jay Gruden's future employment but Gruden has a sense of humor about ...

7 Podcasts You Should Be Listening to in 2019

From the Zodiac Killer to a cast member of The Hills, here are the podcasts you should be listening to in 2019.

Ideas for Future Museums  The New Yorker

Cassie Grimaldi humorously writes about ideas for future museums, including the Center for the Translation of Vague Posts, the Museum of Contemporaries ...

A European Travelogue  The New Yorker

Sofia Warren humorously illustrates the arduous details of a friend's trip to the airport.

Valiant native son remembered for humility, humor  Newnan Times-Herald

Joe M. Jackson was often hailed as a hero, but people who met him encountered a man of humility and humor. After the internet was developed, Jackson's ...

Golden Globes Show: Terrible Hosts, No Point of View, No Humor All Led to Very Bad Ratings and a Tepid Night  Showbiz411

Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh were random choices for hosts of the Golden Globes. The result was equally pedestrian. IN the Beverly Hills Hilton ballroom, ...

Wayne Brady Slams Louis CK & Chris Rock's N-Word Humor: 'It was inappropriate' [WATCH]

*Wayne Brady has slammed Louis CK, Chris Rock, Ricky Gervais, and Jerry Seinfeld over a 2011 HBO clip that surfaced over the weekend showing the ...

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