Humor Information

Humor Information

Cloning Advantage Super Families

As the cloning debate of humankind continues we find ourselves in an interesting predicament. We see the need of self to extend past one's own lifetime as an innate characteristic; self-preservation has always been one of mankind's greatest drivers of motivation.

Internet is My True Agent

You know the type -- that doodling type. Every time there is a pen and paper on the table, they will be sketching something down, with a mysterious smile, giggling quietly and making funny faces.

Silver Linings Are Everywhere

Viagra. That one word packs a lot of punch.

Playing Go-Between in the Digital Age

NOTE: This article was originally published in May 2000 at * when my grandmother was alive.

Very Precise Fortune Cookies

I cracked open the fortune cookie and read the little slip of paper on the inside. Immediately I realized that it had been written by a weather forecaster.

Humans are like Monkeys

Humans think much like monkeys and other primates, not much different in their abilities to reason. Why is this? We mimic, copy, imitate that which we see.

Finding Lost Children

A couple of days ago I had to go to a dealership to get my car fixed. I am not implying that I don't want my car to have children, because who am I to make that choice? More so, I was sent a letter about a recall on one of the parts (the hazards, actually), meaning that the dealership was obligated to fix my car while I watched television and drank free coffee from a vending machine?"This is quite a deal," you may be thinking.

To See Or Not To See

I went to the eye doctor the other day. I thought it was time to have my eyes checked.

Freudian Slippage

Saturday morning. I went, in the early morning, to the farmer's market to get our supply of fruits and veggies, leaving Sandra to sleep in.

Slip-sliding On A Peel

Every day, or at least every other day, we make a fruit smoothie at mid morning. Almost without fail, these smoothies contain bananas; so, we go through about 10 or 12 bananas a week.

Beyond Black and White

Over visiting a neighbor the other day?"Would you like a cup of coffee?" he asks. "I just roasted the latest batch.

Maybelle Misfire Joins Mega Corp

To: Maybelle Misfire From: I. M.

Essential Laughter

Take time to laugh at yourself and the ridiculous in life. It is so refreshing to just laugh at your slips, peculiarities, forgetfulness, and fumbles.

Got Originality?

There are many ways to be original these days. But unfortunately I cannot reveal any of these ways because the followers would then not be original, would they? Now, I realize that somewhere between one to two people would have followed the advice I gave, but just in case my calculations were off - and it turns out three would have followed - I need to be careful about what I write ?One slogan which completely frustrates me due to its lack of originality is "got ____?" That's right - that lowercase phrase which was formerly synonymous with milk (and is now synonymous with everything) is so clich that it's even clich to write "got clich?" But the worst is not behind us.

Its All About Seeing the Signs

Ace of Base hasn't seen the sign for quite some time now, but that doesn't stop the rest of us from doing so. In fact, on a regular basis, I see a lot of signs - and I don't like most of them.

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Seven Days

Laughing Matters: A Johnson State College Professor Traces the Origins of Humor in Babies
Seven Days
A few years ago, she began looking for the earliest emergence of humor recognition in babies to see whether it's learned or innate behavior. Working with colleagues from the University of Vermont, the University of New Hampshire and the University of ...

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For Consideration: This Year's Two Award-Worthy Tributes to Potty Humor
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Washington Examiner

Al Franken's USO humor was creepy
Washington Examiner
When Al Franken was on tour with the USO, one of his jokes involved pointing to the cheerleaders on stage and saying he would think of them while having sex with his wife. "I don't know how you guys do it for nine months," Franken in a 2004 article ...

MyAJC (blog)

Concert review: Randy Newman spikes Atlanta show with humor and heart
MyAJC (blog)
And, while he briskly rolled through his repertoire, he paused just enough to also remind us of his incisive humor. As the introduction to his Oscar-winning declaration of companionship, “You've Got a Friend in Me,” Newman joked that “the people at ...

SOFREP (press release)

Veteran humor–Are you rolling your eyes or getting amped up?
SOFREP (press release)
Some people see that phrase, get all amped up and are ready to hear some sick, vulgar stuff. Things that will make most people's stomach's turn, but they roll over laughing their asses off. Others, instead of rolling their asses, roll their eyes and ...

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Franken's Past Sexual Humor Has Been Scrutinized Before
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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota Sen. Al Franken was accused of sexual harassment by a Los Angeles radio news anchor on Thursday. Leeann Tweeden says Franken forcibility kissed and groped her once while rehearsing a comedy skit they were ...
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Ezra Miller, Ben Affleck loved added humor of 'Justice League'
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