Humor Information

Humor Information

How To Marry A Wealthy Guy

How To Marry A Wealthy Guy(or Girl..

Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe

My next-door neighbors found a human bone in their backyard. Let me rephrase.

Poor Rixs Almanac 8-13-05

Dear Poor Rix: A guy just invited me to a football game. I do not understand this event.

Important Safety Tip$

I was given a list of Do's and Don'ts of interacting with people who have dementia. I've modified this list only slightly to guide you in safely interacting with corporate executives.

A Dogs Guide To... Getting Your Dog to Stop Barking

I like to bark. I mean, I like to bark A LOT.

11 Alternative Garden Games

Tired of the same ol', same ol' when it come to entertaining your garden party guests? Weary of boring badminton and jarts? Croquet not your style? Then you're in the right spot! Here are games sure to make your next party the hit of the gardening social season!Icebreakers Game #1: The Gnat Slap Equipment required: A garden of any size. As your guests arrive, invite them for the obligatory 'stroll through the garden'.

The Zapp Principle

My dad's lab was a mess, but then it was always a mess. This time it was a lightly charred mess, covered with extinguisher gloop.

Stopping Bad Breath Bart

"Pee-ew! You smell like a skunk soaking in sardine nectar for a week." OK, so I can be a little candid every now and then.

Cheer-Leadership or All I Need to Know About Business I Learned from Cheerleading

Thanks to teen movies, many people have this stereotypical idea of cheerleaders as being ditzy and mean. However, there are a great many life-lessons that can be learned during your time on the team that have surprising application in the business world.

Poor Rixs Almanac 8-27-05

Hey, Poor Rix: What do you think about school food? - Former StudentPoor Rix ate lunch at a school last week, and really liked it. Who knew they could make a dessert out of corn chips?Fact is, Poor Rix enjoyed everything about school, except for the "study" part.

Your Stars Part 3

LibraHit TV show 'The X Factor' is back on our screens giving us all a rare, legitimate chance to laugh at the mentally ill during the audition stages. In this PC berserk world we now live in, such an activity has become scandalously frowned upon so it's only right to thank ITV for reviving this tragically forgotten pleasure by switching on in your droves.

Not Your Average Sunday Morning

Just recently my ex-husband stopped in to visit during his vacation. In the course of small talk, a few old memories usually crop up in the conversation.

Sweet Vengeance Purrfected

I love animals but cats are my favorites. There's just something about them that makes me relate to them so easily.

Dumb Luck

I've never really thought of myself as being funny. I don't have much of a sense of humor at all.

Bad Days and Bad Timing

Have you ever noticed how family members always misbehave at the most inappropriate moments? Well, let me tell you, it's not just the little ones that spout off with remarks that make you want to don a cloak of invisibility.My son was just having one of those days.

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New York Times

Review: 'Trainspotting Live' Has (Gross) Humor but Not Enough Heart
New York Times
Their accents are admirably understandable, which isn't exactly a strength of the film, and the humor works. But we don't get much sense of the characters as people, and the women are so thinly drawn that they barely register. Neither does any sense of ...

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Art's 'Sense Of Humor' Chronicled At The National Gallery Of Art
MONTAGNE: The kind you might experience at a new exhibition of prints and drawings titled "Sense Of Humor" at the National Gallery of Art. There's caricature, satire and the purely comedic, a kind of immediate art that took off in the Renaissance. At ...

For Your Health: Pack your sense of humor when traveling with kids
Fairfield Daily Republic
My three children have grown up taking long car and plane trips. In the early days, those trips weren't always easy. My first plane trip as a mom was when I had a 2-month-old. He began crying as soon as we got on board and other passengers seemed to be ...


We Asked a Comedian to Help Us Understand the National Gallery's Exhibit on Humor
The National Gallery of Art's “Sense of Humor” exhibit gathers satirical prints, caricatures, and other comic imagery from a span of more than 500 years. Some of it, we have to admit, does not seem hilarious. We asked NGA curator Jonathan Bober and ...

If You're Familiar With Bo Burnham's Humor, 'Eighth Grade' Will Surprise You
YouTube star Bo Burnham is mostly known for the rapid-fire comic videos he started making as a teenager. Now 27, he has an impressively diverse resume that now includes movie director asEighth Grade, a film from about the moment when adolescence ...

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Rosemount Town Pages

Chuck Brooks: Summer should put you in Good Humor
Rosemount Town Pages
If you don't know what Good Humor was, you may have a difficult time relating this week. The movie's main character was the Good Humor man, and he sold ice cream out of his Good Humor truck. He accidentally gets involved with some criminals and there's ...

ABC News

AP PHOTOS: Humor, irreverence in UK anti-Trump signs
ABC News
"Super Callous Fragile Racist Sexist Nazi POTUS": That slogan, referencing a song from "Mary Poppins," is just one of the many humorous and creative signs seen at the huge rallies protesting President Donald Trump's visit to Britain. Huge crowds poured ...

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Emmy Awards 2018: Bill Hader on Bringing Humor to the Darkness on 'Barry'
New York Times
The premise of “Barry,” by Bill Hader's own description, is “crazy.” A violent but outwardly gentle hit man falls in love with community theater, but he still has murders to carry out. Oh, and it's a comedy. But the HBO show — created by Mr. Hader and ...

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'Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind' captures comic's manic ...
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The two-hour documentary “Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind” captures the magic and the mania that was the iconic comic. Bursting with hilarious clips and ...
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