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Humor Information

Cant Get There From Here

Can't Get There From Here Juneau is the capital of Alaska, but did you know that you cannot drive there from anywhere? You can fly into Juneau or you can take a ferry to Juneau, but you can't actually drive there. There are no roads into Juneau.

Wanted: Treadmill for an Elephant

Maggie, the 22 year-old African elephant, has been a resident of the Alaska Zoo since 1983. The Zoo recently decided that Maggie needs nicer quarters, more attention, and a treadmill.

The Patience of Job

Voltaire said, "God is a comedian playing to an audience afraid to laugh." Translated, if you're a tight ass, there's a two drink minimum to read this article.

Marines Dont Take Crap

We live in a world of widgets. People manufacture, distribute, and sell them.

Military Wives

I feel now is the perfect time to address the conflict service-members face when balancing between what they feel are infringements upon their civil liberties cast down by their president. I have never been one to get involved with inter-service rivalries because I have always felt we must remain, "We band of brothers" and support and defend our own constitutions against all enemies, either foreign wives or domestic.

Discover the Lighter Side of the Internet

We all know the Internet is a great tool for finding out information and sharing knowledge. But as a human sometimes sitting at a computer all day can get quite tedious, especially if it is your job 5 days a week.

The Language of Appalachia

Imagine my surprise when I went to Jamaica a few years ago and learned that I do, indeed, have an accent. You see, unlike my paternal grandmother, I don't stretch the word "cornbread" into four syllables.

Local Author Joins History and Humor To Tell His Stories

Joseph Yakel was born and raised in New York's Capital region, and calls this place home. His travels have taken him far and wide, but it's his hometown surroundings that serve as a backdrop for his writing.

Voodoo Munchies

Looking for a lighthearted and fun way to remove the negative energy of a certain disruptive person from your life, or from your mind, if the person in question has moved on? Consider the cleansing (and giggle-inspiring) effect of Voodoo Munchies. Beginning now, whenever you need to deal with this person or the dirty bathtub ring of negative vibes they left in your head, bake a cake or a cookie (depending on your eating habits and kitchen skills) and decorate it with this person's name and or likeness.

Computers According to Carol

A is for Anti-Virus: she got it from my Uncle.B is for Backup: always look in your rear view mirror first.

Psychiatric Psychiatrist - A Joke on Psychiatry

A few weeks ago I went to see a psychiatrist.We talked about how I was feeling.

How To Get Attention, or: As You Read This, You Feel an Irresistible Urge to Go On Reading!

We all want attention. As children we crave the attention of our parents.

How I Spent my Summer Vacation

One of the best parts of a vacation is the positive outlook you derive from pleasant anticipation. Another benefit is the afterglow, allowing you to feel right with the world.

Dog Poo - And You Thought You Had Problems

In Southern Germany in a town by the name of Bayreuth, the German police are in a quandary. The town's dog poo is under attack.

Funny Things We Dream

I often wonder why I wake up so happy, ready to start the day. When I was younger I'd whack the alarm clock, for the fourth time, grumble out of bed and stomp around with a major sour puss.

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John Leguizamo Talks How Humor and History Collide  Forbes

John Leguizamo and Aram Rappaport sit down to discuss making 'Latin History for Morons' and how film helps us remember the past.

Humor, Humility are hallmarks for Dysart High teacher  AZFamily

Mr. Chad Lopes is an Honors Language Arts teacher at Dysart High School. He does not shy away from tackling difficult material in his class.

UNL Excavation in Turkey Uncovers Ancient Bathroom Humor, Mosaic, Coins  NET Website

If you thought bathroom humor was something exclusive to modern times, think again. That's what a group of University of Nebraska students found during the ...

Brian Posehn: Anthrax's Sense of Humor Sets Them Apart From Others  Loudwire

Brian Posehn is equal parts funny man and headbanger, chronicling the dual aspect of his life in his very first memoir, Forever Nerdy: Living My Dorky Dreams ...

Herman: Rep. Joe Pickett retiring due to health; brought humor, Model T to Capitol  Austin American-Statesman

Some sad news today on the legislative front: The Texas House is losing a little bit of two things always in demand — diversity and humor.State Rep. Joe Pickett ...

The boomer humor writers warned us about all of this  The Outline

Should we have listened to Dave Barry and Al Roker? The answer is obviously no, but maybe also yes?

Comedienne Angelina Spicer Is Using Humor And Her Experience With Postpartum Depression To Draw Back The Veil  Essence

Spicer is working on a documentary about postpartum depression in order to get more people to talk about the illness and to listen to the women who've dealt ...

'Finding Joy' mixes Irish humor, universal themes | Arts & Leisure  Irish Echo

Amy Huberman said she's more of a people pleaser than her character in the show “Finding Joy.” COURTESY OF ACORN TV. By Karen Butler. “Finding Joy” ...

Celebs, humor dominate YouTube's top ads of 2018  Marketing Dive

Amazon's Super Bowl LII commercial "Alexa Loses Her Voice" ranked No. 1 in the Year-End YouTube Ads Leaderboard for 2018 based on global views through ...

Humor as subversion  The Corner Economic

Donato Ndongo-Bidyogo | George Orwell used to say that “jokes are small revolutions”. What self-respecting autocrat does not have his collection of jokes?

Why humor is what our politics is missing  CNN

A memorial *service* isn't the most likely place to be reminded of why laughing matters so much in life -- and in politics.

'Into the Spider-Verse has thrills, humor and heart  The Daily World

Rejoice, true believers! After the dark days of “Spider-Man 3” and whatever those movies were with Andrew Garfield, we are once again in an age of good ...

A Presidency Without Humor  The New York Times

Good jokes highlight the ridiculous. Trump's jokes merely ridicule.

Funny or die: Why we need brands with a sense of humor  Campaign US

Laughter is the best medicine - even for brands. See what Grey's Bevan Mahaney has to say about it.. From Campaign US.

M&M'S® Is Bringing Its Iconic Humor And Colorful Fun Back To The Super Bowl With New Commercial  PRNewswire

HACKETTSTOWN, N.J., Dec. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Fans will now have something else to look forward to on Super Bowl Sunday besides touchdowns and ...

Children’s author finds humor in writing  Marin Independent Journal

Writer Ian Lendler thinks grown-up books are boring. It's why he has made a career out of writing graphic novels and picture books geared toward kids. For more ...

Humor: Bitcoin SODLers Now Can Easily Sell the ‘Bottom’ with PayPal  CryptoSlate

The crypto-winter is looking like it might become a crypto-year. Thankfully, Coinbase has the astute trader in mind. In an innovative move, Coinbase's U.S. ...

How To Use Humor To Break Through Barriers And Grow Your Business  Forbes

Imagine that you are 15, homeless and pregnant, alone in a big city after having spent your entire life living in a small village. Where would you turn? How would ...

Fragrant armpits, napping aides, corny duck jokes: George H.W. Bush’s wonderful humor  The Washington Post

When George H.W. Bush was vice president, he sat down one night for a quiet dinner in Boise, Idaho. What he ordered that evening is less germane to this ...

Marie Davidson’s Feminist Techno Brought Humor to the Dancefloor in 2018  Pitchfork

The funniest song in dance music this year is no joke. Marie Davidson's “Work It” is a punishing acid-house cut featuring the Montreal producer's trademark ...

Weeds - A Funny Show With Judaic Themes And Humor  The Jewish News

Although Weeds is no longer in production, with Michigan's recent vote to legalize marijuana, it seemed fitting to bring Weeds back to life.

Martha Rosler's Wicked and Welcome Sense of Humor  Hyperallergic

Rosler is not expecting art to end wars or change policy, but she wants to make the viewer pay attention to both in the first place. Ilana Novick5 days ago.

Humor ... and horror: 14 iconic images that were taken on December 14

The Associated Press has won 31 Pulitzer prizes for photography, since the award was established in 1917. Each day we offer a curated collection of some of ...

Through Humor, 'Vice' Successfully Tells Heavy Story  The Heights

Adam McKay's 'Vice' laments the precarious legacy of Dick Cheney, a polarizing character played expertly by Christian Bale.

DOTD using holiday humor to promote road safety  WBRZ

BATON ROUGE - The newest safety message flashing across signs state-wide is catching eyes. It reads There is no reindeer named Speedy.

Wisconsin legislator: Racially charged meme 'posted in humor' - WISC-TV3

A white Wisconsin legislator who posted a racially charged meme on his Facebook page says he meant nothing racist by it.

Dax Shepard's Friends Help Him Find the Humor in Affair Rumors  E! NEWS

Mae Whitman and Amy Schumer joke about his alleged fling with Julie Andrews' granddaughter.

Grace, humor to the end  Concord Monitor

George H.W. Bush didn't lose his sense of humor even as he was letting go of life.Surrounded by loved ones Friday night as he lay in bed at home in Houston, ...

Humor: This Article is Not Offensive  The Aggie

I am pleased to announce that my articles are no longer extremely offensive, and I'm no longer a horrible person I am reformed. After recen.

Humor: Crafty ideas that'll trick your loved ones into thinking you are indeed broke  The Aggie

'Tis the season to be stingy. So, you've got people thinking you're a walking, talking, credit-free, interest-free, ATM machine? Well, if that's you crying in the ...

Humor on the High Plains  The Garden City Telegram

HAYS — It's been quite a year for Valerie Brown-Kuchera.The Quinter woman started a new job at Fort Hays State University teaching English composition and ...

Palace intrigue: Sex, humor, and elaborate costumes define The Favourite  C-VILLE Weekly

Emma Stone and Olivia Colman star in The Favourite, a delightfully wicked twist on British period dramas. Image courtesy Fox Searchlight. Arts · Kristofer Jenson.

POPEYES® Launches "Emotional Support Chicken" To Provide A Little Humor To Help Ease The Stress Of Holiday Travel  Markets Insider

MIAMI, Dec. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- There is no doubt the holiday season is one of the busiest and most stressful travel times of the year. The airports are ...

Humor: Mr. Trump or: How I learned to stop worrying and sell weapons to the Saudis  The Aggie

EMBRACE THE BOMBS! Ugh. I'm so bored. I just feel like making absurd amounts of cash through selling disgusting degrees of dangerous weapons to the ...

Emily Ratajkowski hides 'dark' sense of humor | Entertainment  Wisconsin Gazette

Model Emily Ratajkowski has admitted she doesn't like to revel her "dark" sense of humor to her fans becuse she isn't sure whether they'd hit the right note.

Remembering the statesmanship and humor of George HW Bush  MinnPost

Of all his accomplishments, the late President George H.W. Bush was exceptionally successful in foreign policy. He had demonstrated his mettle for diplomacy, ...

Chatological Humor (Dec. 11)  Washington Post

Gene Weingarten brings you an update to his monthly Chatological Humor live chat.

As married couples age, humor replaces bickering: Longtime married pairs finds less rancor and more tenderness as time goes by  Science Daily

Honeymoon long over? Hang in there. A new study shows those prickly disagreements that can mark the early and middle years of marriage mellow with age as ...

Bush celebrated with praise and humor at funeral  ABC Action News

George H. W. Bush was celebrated with high praise and loving humor Wednesday as the nation bade farewell to the man who was America's 41st president and ...

Five Signs You're Behind In The Digital Age In Colorado (Humor)

For many of us, the flat refusal to advance into the 21st century is the only way we can hang on to what was.

Humor and joy, not 'tumor' and 'boils'

The story is told about a pastor and a priest standing by a road and holding up a sign that reads: “Turn back now. The end is near!” A motorist passes, shouts ...

Psychotherapist finds humor in darkness by writing hilarious self-help book covers.  GOOD

The titles are everything you're thinking but never say out loud.

Dean Deany Bandavanis: Boy with cancer leaves legacy of stength, courage, humor  ThisWeek Community News

With his family gathered around the table Thanksgiving Day, 7-year-old Dean "Deany" Bandavanis decided to make an announcement. He didn't want any more ...

The Parmelee Post: Burlington Mural Continues to Cover Up White Crimes  Seven Days

Recent changes made to a controversial mural have completely failed to address the underlying source of controversy, according to Burlington art critics.

Humor, hemp help grow Potty Mouth Sisters' business  Green Bay Press Gazette

With a blend of holistic products and humor, two local sisters are building a business that is growing far beyond their expectations.

Humor - even in sorrow- unites  Beckley Register-Herald

I'll say it like it is: our 41st president just recently passed. But considering that this has been roaming all over our television screens and seeped within our daily ...

Round Rock Police Warn Of Holiday Crime Scourge With Humor  Round Rock, TX Patch

Round Rock Police Warn Of Thefts In Fun Way - Round Rock, TX - It's not easy using humor when alerting to theft, yet law enforcement officials pull it off with ...

Last Minute Gift Guide: Humor Highlights Gifts Celebrating the Earthquake  Anchorage Press

Last week's earthquake aftershocks jolted enterprising Alaskans into entrepreneurial mode as they created and designed gifts to commemorate the 7.0 shake, ...

Theater review | Mamma Mia!: Abundance of humor makes production sparkle  The Columbus Dispatch

Few musicals seem more of a guilty pleasure than “Mamma Mia!,” the ABBA jukebox musical with a connect-the-dots-and-songs plot.Short North Stage stages ...

“The Book of Liz” smothered with cheese ball humor  The Oakland Press

Cheese balls are the only source of income for the religious community of Clusterhaven, where its people, the Squeamish, live in a parish, keeping to ...

Humor: Student engages in chess match, banjo duel, game of wits with Satan in battle for GPA  The Aggie

The devil went down to Wellman 2 For one student, getting the grades they need for grad school wasn't a matter of hard work. Instead, it.

Harolds Wife tells story of grief with humor

Book review: "The Testament of Hugo's Wife" by Lynne Hugo follows a retired schoolteacher coping with the deaths of her husband and grandson.

American comedian performing in China finds 99 percent resemblance of humor between cultures  Global Times

Appell founded the center in September 2016 - four years after he came to China to study Chinese comedy. Now he is promoting standup comedy and ...

Dark Humor – Why is it funny to some and disturbing to others?  The Frisky

Dark Humor is one of the oldest subgenres of comedy. And its origin can be traced way back to ancient Greece. But we are not here to talk about the origins, we ...

In A Jam T-Shirt Humor.  Mandolin Cafe

In a jam? Perhaps you need a gift for a musician? This is one for the guitarist, with violin, banjo, and of course mandolin variants available. I can also do a ...

Things Your Things Know About You  The New Yorker

Olivia de Recat and Sarah Vollman humorously illustrate what your household items know about you.

Memories of former President H.W. Bush humor brought smiles to sorrowful farewell  Chico Enterprise-Record

By DEB RIECHMANN. WASHINGTON (AP) — Memories of George H.W. Bush's underappreciated sense of humor drew laughter and brought smiles to the ...

Nation Bids Goodbye to George H.W. Bush With High Praise, Cannons, Humor  NBC 7 San Diego

The nation bid goodbye to George H.W. Bush with high praise, cannon salutes and gentle humor Wednesday, celebrating the life of the Texan who embraced a ...

ERICA HENDERSON Channels Hitman Humor in Creator-Owned ASSASSIN NATION  Newsarama

The next major project for The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl artist Erica Henderson has been revealed: a creator-owned hitman comedy with writer Kyle Starks and ...

Humorous ad about South African explorer discovering Europe in 1650  Boing Boing This funny South African ad depicts an African explorer discovering Europe in the 1650s, a counterfactual to the 1652 arrival in ...

Studio's Cry It Out Finds Humor in the Agony of Early Motherhood  Washington City Paper

The 90-minute production is perfect for those with limited entertainment time.

'The Front Runner' has smart balance of humor, drama  Victoria Advocate

Back in the day, the press used to turn a blind eye to philandering politicians. From the Kennedys and Lyndon Baines Johnson to Franklin D. Roosevelt, the ...

Mode Project helps Laughlin add humor to Acuity spot  ReelChicago

Relatable situations go from anxious to happy in Acuity Insurance spots by Mode Project and Laughlin Constable that have earned a million online views.

Depression memes: Is this dark style of humor helping or hurting Generation Z?  Mustang News

Lilly Leif is an English sophomore and Mustang News columnist. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Mustang News.

Humor: Playground installs another “toy” for kids to hurt themselves on  The Aggie

It worked for the French revolutionaries, not sure why it won't work here” Most people look at the city council's recent decision.

Dean's Men Measure Misfortune With Humor  The Chicago Maroon

Claudio's sister Isabella (Sabrina Sternberg) and Claudio's friend Lucio (Franziska Harling) in "Measure for Measure". Courtesy of Natalia Rodriguez ...

Cabinet Warns Trump That Shutting Down Government Would Make It Harder to Steal From  The New Yorker

Andy Borowitz jokes that Donald Trump's threats of a government shutdown have been opposed by his Cabinet secretaries and adult children, who see it as a ...

Does gallows humor from Camp fire cleanup crew merit firing?  Hot Air

A strange headline in the New York Post caught my eye this week, describing what at first sounds like yet another tale of terrible people doing terrible things.

Humor: MAGA for the Win! California fires actually started by brave pro-Trump activist to protest “poor forest management”  The Aggie

Now that's how you do the First Amendment! Recent reports revealed that the wildfires that devastated towns like Pleasure, California were not, in fact, caused ...

Rick Robinson: All Humor Created Before End of Year to Be Banned  The River City News

SATIRE. WASHINGTON, DC – The Federal Communications (FCC) today voted unanimously to ban all humor created before December 30, 2018.

Experts Say Humor in the Workplace Can Help Your Career WTLV-WJXX

Let's get down to business. Experts in the workplace say laughing and humor at work can actually help your career. Buzz60's Mercer Morrison has the story.

Surprise! ‘Transformers’ prequel ‘Bumblebee’ replaces loud and dumb with humor and heart  Washington Post

Rating: When the bot adventure “Transformers” came out in 2007, it quickly became shorthand for everything that's loud, dumb and wrong about CGI-saturated ...

Gammons: Celebrating the career, talent, kindness and humor...  The Athletic

Jayson is one of those rare persons who has done what he always wanted to do, and has done it creatively, uniquely, fairly and without agenda. And he's done it ...

Memories of Bush humor brought smiles to sorrowful farewell | FOX23  KOKI FOX 23

WASHINGTON (AP) - Memories of George H.W. Bush's underappreciated sense of humor drew laughter and brought smiles to the sorrowful mourning of the ...

No one had a greater sense of humor than Bush, says former press secretary  CNBC

Peter Roussel, former press secretary under George H.W. Bush, speaks with 'Squawk on the Street' about one of George H.W. Bush's favorite jokes.

Humor: I am UC Davis' preeminent keyboard warrior  The Aggie

My comprehension skills are off the charts I'm the number-one keyboard warrior at UC Davis. I earned this distinction after years of hun.

'SNL' Fondly Recollects George H.W. Bush's Sense Of Humor  HuffPost

Bush "was famously a very warm and gracious man who understood the power in being able to laugh at yourself.”

Highway message boards deliver safe driving message with humor  WTHR

They're everywhere. Those electronic message boards along America's highways.

Rob Tanchum's New Comedy Album Finds Humor In Mental Health

Rob Tanchum drew from his own mental health issues to create his new rap/comedy album Disturbed, Depressed, Inadequate.

Musician Jeff Tweedy displays sense of humor in his memoir  Associated Press

"Let's Go (So We Can Get Back)" (Dutton), by Jeff Tweedy In his memoir, "Let's Go (So We Can Get Back)," Jeff Tweedy, frontman of the American rock band ...

Tarentum pastor remembered for serving community, sense of humor  Tribune-Review

Growing up, Adam Blythe remembers people calling and coming to the door of his family's home seeking help from his father, Pastor Gregory Blythe.

ECA honors achievement with humor  Mount Airy News

DOBSON — Surry County Extension and Community Association (ECA) clubs held its 81st-annual achievement program in the Surry County Government ...

'Hawk Shop' celebrates 500th episode with more humor, more barbs and a jobless monkey  Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

FAIRBANKS — With 11 years and 499 episodes under his belt, David Hawkins doesn't buy into what his rating agency has to say about “The Hawk Shop.”

Wounded warrior displays his sense of humor on new Netflix series  Stars and Stripes

Senior Master Sgt. Israel Del Toro Jr., survivor of a 2005 roadside bomb blast in Afghanistan, appeared on an episode of "Bumping Mics With Jeff Ross & Dave ...

Bush eulogized with humor, reverence: Darcy cartoon

Bush had a rating system for jokes he collected. Hope today's cartoon would get a passing grade. The memorial system he planned and eulogist he chose, rate ...

Holidays, Humor, and Twitter Boost the National Audubon Society's Image  The Chronicle of Philanthropy

The National Audubon Society, for years, was the butt of jokes poking fun at its old-fashioned image. It couldn't catch a break, even when profiled in the New ...

Humor: Student mistakes my “ethnic food” for foul-smelling feet  The Aggie

Toe jam or rice and stew? From Japanese cuisine to Indian delicacies, pungent odor seems to be the common issue for Americans — dare I s.

New exhibition at the Charles M. Schulz Museum celebrates the silent humor of Peanuts  Record Bee

SANTA ROSA—From “Good grief!” to “AAUGH!”, Charles M. Schulz developed a lexicon that has become synonymous with the Peanuts comic strip. Yet the ...

Turn tension into humor at Elly Lonon's workshop on how to discuss politics  The Daily Tar Heel

Discussing politics doesn't always have to end in a yelling match. Learn how to turn heated debates humorous from McSweeney's columnist and satire writer ...

Game Faces: Crunch goalie Connor Ingram balances success with humor (video)

Syracuse Crunch goalie Connor Ingram tells Brent Axe how he balances recent on-ice success with a little humor in the latest "Game Faces" video.

Runner Hopes Humor Can Elevate Her Performance  CBS Denver

By Michael Abeyta. DENVER (CBS4)– One Colorado woman has decided to go all in to become one of the best runners in the world. Brittany Charboneau ...

Humor for the Heartbroken

Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra and then suddenly it flips over, pinning you underneath. At night, the ice weasels come. ~ Matt Groening Social.

Chatological Humor  Washington Post

Gene Weingarten brings you an update to his monthly Chatological Humor live chat.

How Mark Twain Championed Self-Government With Humor And Realism  The Federalist

Mark Twain rejected the simplistic, good-guys-always-win type of Sunday school stories with overtly moral themes that he was raised on.

Humor: Black Friday proves that money can buy things to be thankful for  The Aggie

Saving money by spending money Thanksgiving break can provide a welcome interlude in Fall Quarter, allowing students to take a breath, reflect.

Wacky World of Rubber: Nectar bets on science, humor in new ad campaign - Rubber & Plastics News

Nectar Sleep gets it. Science sells.Late last month, Nectar launched a YouTube ad featuring Mayim Bialik, who probably is best known for her portrayal of ...

On the Town: Humorous characters, interpretations keep the laughs coming in 'Nativity: The Musical!'  Los Angeles Times

Although there is no scriptural basis for the presence of a young percussionist offering to play for baby Jesus, one thing is certain: If there was such a lad in ...

Collecting Mirrors Shaped Like Wyoming [HUMOR]  Kgab

Did you know that there is a company out there selling mirrors shaped like all 50 states?

Why James Wan (and a sense of humor) should inspire hope for 'Aquaman'

Will Aquaman actually be good? The question that has flooded the minds of comic book film fans and moviegoers for the past two years. From the moment Zack ...

Pump House concert, play to offer holiday humor  La Crosse Tribune

Jonathan Lamb is bringing plenty of Christmas cheer to The Pump House Regional Arts Center this holiday season, first with a special concert and then with a ...

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