Investing Information

Investing Information

Evaluating A Money Manager

Scams and frauds are designed to take your money through false promises and phonyclaims. Money management is supposedly designed to increase your net worth.

Value Investing

By definition, value investing is the process of selecting stocks that trade for less than their intrinsic value. A value investor typically selects stocks with lower than average price-to-book or price-to-earning ratios.

Economic Survival in the 21st Century - the Three Key Questions to Ask

In this "special report", I want to pose a few important "philosophical questions" to my readers. Firstly -- our Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, addressed the effects and implications of our aging population on things such as Social Security again in a speech that he made last Friday.

How To Create Wealth In The Stock Market

First and foremost, an opportunistic strategy for creating wealth in the stock market is needed. And the opportunistic strategy for creating wealth in the stock market must have two ingredients, a plan and a goal.

Why the Rich Keep Getting Richer

Rich people: fortunate, lucky, selfish, and arrogant? Or highly educated, caring, brilliant individuals? Becoming rich isn't hard, but it does require a bit of time and knowledge. Having time to get rich, educating oneself, and buying assets are the three key factors in attaining untold wealth.

Investors: Avoid These 5 Common Tax Mistakes

For many investors, and even some tax professionals, sorting through the complex IRS rules on investment taxes can be a nightmare. Pitfalls abound, and the penalties for even simple mistakes can be severe.

5 Ways To Protect Your Bond Portfolio From Rising Interest Rates

The Federal Reserve recently raised its target federal funds rate for the first time since March 2000. This could be just the tip of the iceberg, though, as many experts believe rising inflation and a strengthening economy will spur continued rate hikes for the foreseeable future.

IF - The Wonders of Investing

If it seems as if all investors are selling, who is buying? If trading has become entertainment for you, it may be time to refocus on profits. If your stock has reached an annual low, can it go any lower? If your stock has reached an annual high, can it go any higher? If all the television analysts jumped off a bridge, would anyone care? If your portfolio is based solely on fundamental analysis, perhaps it is time to learn technical analysis.

Lobster Trapping for Investment Ideas

Recently, my family and I took a trip to Maine to visit relatives. During our stay, we toured the rocky shore lines and took in the beautiful architecture of the old towns.

Tyranosaurus Rex

Everyone knows T Rex was the most fearsome of all dinosaurs. He could and did kill everything in his path for food or maybe stupid meanness.

Is a SEP Plan Right For Your Business

A SEP is a special type of IRA. Under a SEP plan the employer creates an IRA account for each eligible employee, hence the name SEP-IRA.

How to Analyze the Veracity of Investment Newsletters

When trying to analyze whether a promotional ad for an investment newsletter or a market timing investment trading system is worthy of investigation, the following questions should be asked:Does the strategy have a track record? Without this you are really allowing your emotions to be in play. All of us want to believe that if someone says something it must be true.

Wit and Wisdom on Money, Wall Street and Success - Part #1

I love to collect quotes as they concisely promote a philosophy which is readily understandable.In my 25+ years of investing I have collected hundreds of quotes related to Wisdom, Wall Street and Success.

Wit and Wisdom on Money, Wall Street and Success - Part #2

Here are ten more WISDOM packed GEMS that ooffer very unqiue insights to the world of trading and investing.These quotes promote a philosophy which is readily understandable and sometimes hysterical.

Wit and Wisdom on Money, Wall Street and Success - Part #4

Can you concisely summarize your investment philosophy in a few sentences? My experience is that most people can't. The quotes that follow are diamonds that offer a real powerful education in the world of Risk Management.

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Tops Friendly Markets announced that they are investing a significant amount of money into several of its stores across the area.

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Under the current global financial system, billions of people do not have access to quality assets. Here's how decentralized finance is changing that.

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Nan Morrison, president and CEO of the Council for Economic Education, discusses the importance of financial education as part of CNBC's "Invest in You" ...

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Alternative investments can generate higher returns in a portfolio.

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A lot of financial articles are written for those who want to preserve wealth. If your investment objective is to become wealthy, here's what you need to know.

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One of the most amazing moments of David Plummer's life came in the 2016 Summer Olympics, when he stood on the podium alongside another American as ...

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Smart investors should sit out the rush and wait for shares to find their true value.

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If you're interested in Primoris Services Corporation (NASDAQ:PRIM), then you might want to consider its beta (a measure of share price volatility) in order to ...

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They include the godfather of smart-beta investing, a millennial running the research operation at the world's largest hedge fund, and a short seller who can ...

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You can still invest if you're paying off student loans—Here's how.

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Tom Bradley: Your odds of long-term success (all seasons) improve significantly if you have other good reasons for investing.

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The smart-beta pioneer Rob Arnott says target-date funds adhere to flawed investing conventions, making them a poor option for retirement savings.

Which Is Riskier, Prostitution or Investing?  The New York Times

An intriguing new book by an economist who writes a column for Quartz discusses ways of reducing risk in many walks of life, our reviewer says.

Morningstar Awards for Investing Excellence--Rising Talent Nominees

Today, Morningstar reveals the nominees for the Morningstar Awards for Investing Excellence--Rising Talent. Nominees for the Morningstar Awards for Investing ...

CN investing more than US$16 million to expand and strengthen Kentucky's rail infrastructure in 2019  Nasdaq

HOMEWOOD, Ill., April 18, 2019-- CN said today it plans to invest more than US $16 million in Kentucky in 2019 to strengthen the Company' s rail.

6 Investments for Beginners  NerdWallet

Beginners have more investing options than ever: Robo-advisors, index funds and investment apps are just a few investments that are ideal for beginners.

Annie Lamont of Oak HC/FT on her career and healthcare investments  Business Insider

Oak HC/FT managing partner Annie Lamont's focus has shifted from biotech, to health IT, to companies like One Medical. She helps oversee $1.1 billion.

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Pinterest isn't exactly bringing the power to the people, with its dual class stock structure....LYFT.

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Throughout his career, Tony Robbins has had the opportunity to interview some of the smartest investors on the planet. And what they tell him over and over is ...

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Media giant Disney announced its new video streaming platform and Netflix competitor, Disney+, last week and its stock surged. Here's how much a $1000 ...

The hedge fund trying to buy Gannett faces federal probe after investing newspaper workers’ pensions in its own funds  The Washington Post

Alden Global Capital, a prominent hedge fund that controls more than 100 local newspapers, moved nearly $250 million of employee pension savings into its ...

Investors are worried about European bank earnings — here is all you need to know  CNBC

Big European banks are set to report their first-quarter earnings starting next week and some investors fear that poor report cards could lead to further volatility in ...

The Three Most Dangerous Words in Investing  DailyWealth

The common cliché on Wall Street is that the four most dangerous words in investing are, "This time is different." But I've found a three-word phrase that's uttered ...

Investing Do's and Don'ts

This is my personal investing manifesto, written in a do's-and-don'ts format. Roughly 90% of my household's investable assets reside within 401(k) plans, IRAs, ...

JP Morgan says gains in Asian stocks are 'already behind us'  CNBC

"I think most of the gains for this year in Chinese as well as Asian equity markets are already behind us," said Mixo Das, Asia equity strategist at J.P. Morgan.

When Will We See More Gender Equality in Investing? Daily

In many spheres, such as politics, media and entertainment, women have made considerable progress in reaching executive leadership positions, achieving ...

Find Life-Changing Profits with This Powerful Cannabis Investing Tool  Money Morning

This is the most powerful tool in cannabis investing, and it can help you separate the winning pot stocks from the wannabes.

Why Facebook Investors Should Take a Longer-Term View of the Company

Going into Facebook's (FB - Get Report) earnings next Wednesday, there will be a sea of distraction. However, I urge investors to take a slightly longer-term view ...

Stocks - Wall Street Mixed After Pepsi, Morgan Stanley Earnings – Wall Street was mixed on Wednesday even after upbeat earnings from Morgan Stanley and PepsiCo, while positive Chinese economic data ...

1 Figure That Should Have Marijuana Stock Investors Concerned  Motley Fool

When it comes to the fastest-growing industries on the planet, it's supposed to be marijuana -- and everything else. The global cannabis industry is expected to ...

Bulletproof Investing Performance Update: Week 72  Seeking Alpha

It has been six months since I presented five hedged portfolios and 10 top names in week 72 of my Marketplace *service* (October 11). Here's how everything did.

Is ZAGG Inc a Profitable Stock for Value Investors Now?

Let's see if ZAGG stock is a good choice for value-oriented investors right now from multiple angles.

IARPA is Investing in AI That Constantly Analyzes Worldwide Satellite Images  Nextgov

The IC envisions a system that can make stitch together archived and real-time data from satellites, and link it to footage from planes, drones and othe...

When are you too old to start investing?  CNN

Wealth Coach: It's never too old to put away money for retirement. Put your strategy will depend on your age -- and you will need to adapt as you get older.

Avoid this investing mistake this earnings season, market watcher says  CNBC

Earnings season is about to hit lightspeed, and there's one investing mistake you should avoid, says Michael Batnick of Ritholtz Wealth Management.

Europe invested $30 billion in new wind farms last year, report shows  CNBC

In total, the wind industry invested 65 billion euros in Europe last year, according to the Financing and Investment Trends report.

Giving VC investing the old college try  The Boston Globe

If you are what is known as an “accredited investor” you can put money into an Alumni Ventures fund that focuses on your alma mater. The minimum ante is ...

This REIT Yields 15.3% -- and Its Turnaround Is Working  Motley Fool

Investors are treating PREIT like it's about to be devastated by the retail apocalypse, but its efforts to drive more traffic to its malls are already bearing fruit.

Blackstone is doubling down on investments in other buyout firms  New York Post

Blackstone Group isn't satisfied with the steep fees it charges its clients. It also wants a cut of the steep fees that other buyout firms charge their...

Trump's opportunity zone rules deliver on investors' wish list  Accounting Today

There's plenty of enthusiasm for new U.S. tax breaks for investing in low-income communities designated as opportunity zones. But many people have delayed ...

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In his seminal 1975 research paper “The Loser's Game,” Charley Ellis likens investing to tennis. Ellis is the founder of Greenwich Associates, a prolific author, ...

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With everyone diving in to private equity, future returns may not be as attractive as in the past. Yet Calpers believes it has a competitive advantage.

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Investors are excited for Lyft to go public. So many are clamoring for Lyft's stock that the bankers bringing the company public have raised its price. But that ...

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Investing in mutual funds and exchange-traded funds that promote environmental, social and governance policies allows people to try and align their ...

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The easiest and safest way to grow your money is to invest it in the stock market, make automatic and consistent contributions, and simply wait.

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BEIJING (AP) — Stock markets were subdued Thursday as investors digested corporate earnings reports and mixed economic data, with some traders in Europe ...

London Landlords Invest Outside Capital to Escape High Tax Bill  Bloomberg

London landlords fed up with the capital's high taxes and property prices are increasingly investing their money in other parts of the U.K..

Here's how I taught my daughter to invest like a pro  USA TODAY

Women are hard-wired with the traits that make excellent investors. It's a shame most of us express a lack of confidence in money matters.

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Like so many this winter, I have been binge watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, spiffing up my sock drawer and feeling inspired to clear out those personal ...

James Murdoch Is Investing His Fortune. One Bet: Comic Books.  The Wall Street Journal

James Murdoch is looking to take some of his proceeds from the sale of 21st Century Fox assets to invest in a comic-book publisher called Artists, Writers and ...

Oppenheimer CIO: Invest in tech, industrials and housing  CNBC

Krishna Memani, chief investment officer and head of fixed income at OppenheimerFunds, joins CNBC's "Squawk Box" ahead of the open to discuss what he's ...

Why Passive Investors Should Not Focus On Fees Syndicators Charge: A Perspective  Forbes

Focus on the strength of the sponsor and the deal, and if the projected returns are good, then you should invest in that deal.

Investing Insights: REITs With Nice Yields, Value Investing

On this week's podcast, special guest Michael Kitces on sequence of return risk, a good world-allocation fund, and new retirement legislation.

Hutchins Roundup: Early childhood health investments, knowledge diffusion, and more  Brookings Institution

Studies in this week's Hutchins Roundup find that health interventions for at-risk infants have long-run benefits, less knowledge-sharing can help explain ...

The next big thing: VC investing in CEE  PitchBook News & Analysis

Central and Eastern Europe's economic ascent during the past years has put the somewhat-overlooked region on the radar of Western venture capital investors ...

94% of Surveyed Endowment Funds are Allocating to Crypto Investments: Study  Cointelegraph

News. 94% of endowments have been allocating to crypto-related investments throughout 2018, a new survey published on April 12 reveals. The study was ...

Manufacturer investing $23M in expansion | 2019-04-16 | Grand Rapids Business Journal

A manufacturer is spending $23 million to expand its operations in the region. Hudsonville-based Royal Technologies, a supplier of injection-molded plastic ...

Here's Why You Should Invest in Chemed (CHE) Stock Right Now

Chemed (CHE) is expected to benefit from the launch of its VITAS Healthcare Inpatient Hospice Unit.

Former NFL Player, Dem Mayor Join in Thanking Trump for Investing in Inner-City ‘Opportunity Zones’  Independent Journal Review

Former NFL player Scott Turner and Vicksburg, Mississippi Mayor George Flaggs (D-Miss.) joined President Donald Trump to celebrate some of the successes ...

What Is ESG Investing? -- The Motley Fool  Motley Fool

There are many ways to align your investments with your values. So what's the difference between socially responsible investing, conscious capitalism, and ESG ...

Apple investing more than $500M on Apple Arcade launch, report says  AppleInsider

Apple is reportedly investing heavily to get its upcoming Apple Arcade game subscription *service* off the ground, with the tech giant sinking upwards of $500 ...

Stocks Near Records, but Investors Still Skittish  Wall Street Journal

As stocks climb toward record levels, nervous investors are hedging their bets. U.S. stocks just enjoyed their best quarter in at least six years, but last year's ...

Stock market investors are split into bull and bear camps — taking the middle road is the way to go  MarketWatch

In this precarious market, it's wise to think in terms of probabilities.

12 Reasons Investing is Easier Than You Think  U.S News & World Report Money

Investing literacy is easier than financial literacy. Here's just how easy learning to invest can be.

'Investing in themselves': Single female homeownership is booming in New Orleans

Nationally, single women are buying homes at twice the rate of single men.

Stocks trade mostly higher as investors digest deluge of earnings  MarketWatch

Stocks trade mixed as investors continue to examine the flow of corporate earnings with conflicting economic data.

Blackstone Will Ditch Partnership Structure to Draw More Investors  The New York Times

It is the latest major investment firm to convert to a standard corporation since tax code changes made such a move more enticing.

Why Fashion and Luxury Companies Are Investing in Film  The Wall Street Journal

In today's overhyped marketplace, brands looking for a highbrow boost are making a foray into the movie industry.

Where to invest: Bridgewater research chief on major ex-US opportunity  Business Insider

The opening up of a major international financial market has created an opportunity "that essentially didn't exist" for US investors, according to Karen ...

How to Spot the Next Big Investing Wave, According to Frank Holmes  Visual Capitalist

Macro trends help identify the fastest growing sectors. U.S. Global Investors keys into this strategy to find the best investment opportunities.

Viacom: Why Now Is a Good Time to Invest

Viacom is dirt-cheap compared to other entertainment companies. What will get the stock jumping higher?...VIAB.

Money management, retirement advice from 2 top-ranked investors  Business Insider

Jeff Erdmann of Merrill Lynch and Peter Mallouk of Creative Planning, two of America's best wealth managers, dispel a myth about retirement investing.

AGCO investing $5.7 million in Cullman operations, hiring 50

A 32000-square-foot expansion will house a new production line.

Most investors aren’t on ‘FIRE’ about this early retirement movement  The Washington Post

I'm definitely a fan of FIRE, the crusade of supersavers who are living on less and investing aggressively so they can retire early. FIRE stands for Financial ...

How to Invest If You Come Out of Retirement  U.S. News & World Report

Older adults are coming out of retirement, rejoining the work force during their Golden Years.

Investing in fine wine - Cellars market  The Economist

On March 20th a wine sale held by Christie's, a British auction house, featured so many lots that the voluble auctioneer lost count at number 36. “Thanks for ...

The Best Way To Invest In The Next Big Thing In Emerging Markets Is By Investing In The Current Big Thing  Seeking Alpha

One potential way to gain access to the next big company in the emerging markets is by buying the current hot companies in the emerging markets. Many of the ...

How to Invest in 5G Stocks  The Motley Fool

In the last decade, one of the most obvious areas of improved technology has been the growth and mass adoption of smart mobile devices. Near the end of 2010 ...

U.S. Investors Are Throwing In the Towel on International Stocks  Bloomberg

Buy American” is back in vogue among U.S. equity investors after a years-long global diversification push failed to bear fruit.

9 Things You Must Know About CBD Before Investing in Pot Stocks  The Motley Fool

When it comes to the fastest-growing industries on the planet, you'd have a tough time topping the legal cannabis industry. Global sales are expected to ...

Navy Investing in Researching Next-Generation Missiles, Enhancing Current Ones  USNI News

CAPITOL HILL – The Navy has a new Offensive Missile Strategy that replaces an older and narrower plan and tackles offensive lethality in a three-pronged ...

Does your client think socially responsible investing means poorer returns?

A misperception that socially responsible funds underperform could be holding back some—though not all—investors from entering the space. A Mackenzie ...

3 Reasons Bristol-Myers Could Become One Of The Best Investments Of The Next 5 Years  Seeking Alpha

Now that my retirement portfolio is recession ready, with zero margin and a total focus on blue-chip dividend stocks, I'm able to aggressively buy deep value st.

The outlook for investing in a more rational VR/AR market  VentureBeat

Last week, I made my way to the Microsoft Reactor in San Francisco for the VR Arcade conference. I moderated a panel on investing in virtual reality, augmented ...

Better Investing Through College Basketball  The Motley Fool

What the tournament contenders can teach you about making tournament-winning investments.

Watch REITs to See How Data Explosion Is Changing Investing  Institutional Investor

Ahead of earnings for REITs, alternative data provider Thasos finds foot traffic at U.S. malls is declining.

Falling Fees Give Investors More Choices. Just Be Careful Using Them.  The New York Times

Low-cost options abound, giving investors with modest means access to choices once reserved for giants like pension funds.

Your Definitive Dividend Investing Guide  The Motley Fool

Looking to get started in income investing? This dividend guide will get you heading in the right direction.

GM investing $300 million to build a new electric Chevy in the US  TechCrunch

GM announced Friday it will invest $300 million into a Michigan factory to produce a new Chevrolet electric vehicle, reversing a decision to build the EV outside ...

European stocks close higher as investors shrug off weak data, look to strong earnings  CNBC

European stocks closed higher on the final day of a shortened trading week, as investors looked past weak euro zone data to *fresh* corporate earnings.

Brexit stalls investments by sovereign wealth funds in Britain  Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain has long been a favoured playground for sovereign wealth funds from around the world to snap up glitzy skyscrapers, banking ...

Figuring out your future finances | Part two: how much to invest  Finimize

Welcome back to this series of six guides, written and produced in partnership with Dozens. This is number two – if you missed the first one, check it out here.

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Jeff's private Real Estate Investment Trust has done well, but he wonders why they aren't more widely held.

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