Investing Information

Investing Information

Evaluating A Money Manager

Scams and frauds are designed to take your money through false promises and phonyclaims. Money management is supposedly designed to increase your net worth.

Value Investing

By definition, value investing is the process of selecting stocks that trade for less than their intrinsic value. A value investor typically selects stocks with lower than average price-to-book or price-to-earning ratios.

Economic Survival in the 21st Century - the Three Key Questions to Ask

In this "special report", I want to pose a few important "philosophical questions" to my readers. Firstly -- our Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, addressed the effects and implications of our aging population on things such as Social Security again in a speech that he made last Friday.

How To Create Wealth In The Stock Market

First and foremost, an opportunistic strategy for creating wealth in the stock market is needed. And the opportunistic strategy for creating wealth in the stock market must have two ingredients, a plan and a goal.

Why the Rich Keep Getting Richer

Rich people: fortunate, lucky, selfish, and arrogant? Or highly educated, caring, brilliant individuals? Becoming rich isn't hard, but it does require a bit of time and knowledge. Having time to get rich, educating oneself, and buying assets are the three key factors in attaining untold wealth.

Investors: Avoid These 5 Common Tax Mistakes

For many investors, and even some tax professionals, sorting through the complex IRS rules on investment taxes can be a nightmare. Pitfalls abound, and the penalties for even simple mistakes can be severe.

5 Ways To Protect Your Bond Portfolio From Rising Interest Rates

The Federal Reserve recently raised its target federal funds rate for the first time since March 2000. This could be just the tip of the iceberg, though, as many experts believe rising inflation and a strengthening economy will spur continued rate hikes for the foreseeable future.

IF - The Wonders of Investing

If it seems as if all investors are selling, who is buying? If trading has become entertainment for you, it may be time to refocus on profits. If your stock has reached an annual low, can it go any lower? If your stock has reached an annual high, can it go any higher? If all the television analysts jumped off a bridge, would anyone care? If your portfolio is based solely on fundamental analysis, perhaps it is time to learn technical analysis.

Lobster Trapping for Investment Ideas

Recently, my family and I took a trip to Maine to visit relatives. During our stay, we toured the rocky shore lines and took in the beautiful architecture of the old towns.

Tyranosaurus Rex

Everyone knows T Rex was the most fearsome of all dinosaurs. He could and did kill everything in his path for food or maybe stupid meanness.

Is a SEP Plan Right For Your Business

A SEP is a special type of IRA. Under a SEP plan the employer creates an IRA account for each eligible employee, hence the name SEP-IRA.

How to Analyze the Veracity of Investment Newsletters

When trying to analyze whether a promotional ad for an investment newsletter or a market timing investment trading system is worthy of investigation, the following questions should be asked:Does the strategy have a track record? Without this you are really allowing your emotions to be in play. All of us want to believe that if someone says something it must be true.

Wit and Wisdom on Money, Wall Street and Success - Part #1

I love to collect quotes as they concisely promote a philosophy which is readily understandable.In my 25+ years of investing I have collected hundreds of quotes related to Wisdom, Wall Street and Success.

Wit and Wisdom on Money, Wall Street and Success - Part #2

Here are ten more WISDOM packed GEMS that ooffer very unqiue insights to the world of trading and investing.These quotes promote a philosophy which is readily understandable and sometimes hysterical.

Wit and Wisdom on Money, Wall Street and Success - Part #4

Can you concisely summarize your investment philosophy in a few sentences? My experience is that most people can't. The quotes that follow are diamonds that offer a real powerful education in the world of Risk Management.

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