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On Being A Born Leader

"Leaders are born, not made." Right? Let me ask you a question: do you believe that?

I'll give you mine: I *don't* believe it.


Reason Number One: Look Around You

Look at the military, businesses, schools and other organizations. They are hiring people who they feel can make a difference. They say, in effect, "Join us. Listen to us. Practice what we teach... and we will help you to make a difference with us."

They look for - and find - difference makers.

Reason Number Two: Look At The People You Know -- I'll make you a bet.

I'll bet you know some folks who have *become* leaders - people who influence others and make a difference in the world - through the time honored principles I mentioned above: (1) good, hard study; and (2) applying what they have learned.

Reason Number Three: Take A Look At Me

Yep, you read that right. You may not know me very well, but I kinda think I do LOL!


I'll tell you this. If you were one of those proverbial "flies on the wall" who was "there" throughout the various stages of my life, you would have noticed a few things.

I didn't act much like a born leader.

I didn't even look much like a born leader. (Yes, I know that's a perfect lead in for those of you who know me know. Keep those remarks to yourself for the time being!)

I didn't accomplish a lot of "born leader stuff."

But I *did* do this...

I took a good, hard look at certain types of people. You know them. The "big guys" and the "little guys" who stand out above crowd in terms of their impact.

I looked.

I learned.

I acted.


One more time.

I found the right people and then...

I looked.

I learned.

I acted.


Most folks don't think of themselves as a born leader.

Chances are *you* don't.


You *can* become a person who positively impacts the lives of all kinds of people in all kinds of ways. And *that* is what I want you to hear. You can. You really can.

And if Josh Hinds can, YOU can.


Remember, though...

Don't compare in a non-productive manner.

Don't expect too much too soon.

Don't expect a free ride with no obstacles.

But above all...

Don't sell yourself short.

Don't give up on your dreams.

Don't stop believing in your potential.

And don't quit looking, learning and taking consistent actions in the right direction.

Growing in leadership potential together,

Josh Hinds

(c) 2004

About The Author

Written by Josh Hinds of http://www.GetMotivation.com

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