Leadership Information

Leadership Information

Choose Your Best Life: Where Are Your Choices Leading You?

According to the dictionary choice means "to select freely after consideration, to have a preference for, to take an alternative and of high caliber." Based on this definition, I believe choice is the act of careful selection, identifying preferences and exploring quality alternatives that lead to freedom.

Three Growth Guidelines from Stephen Covey

I have been looking for answers to what it takes to create a winning corporate culture in the midst of today's confusing economic indicators. If I rely solely on history or economic indicators, I won't find the answers.

Five Steps Towards Greater Self Confidence

We watch the star athlete calmly make the final shot, score the winning goal, or lead his team for a touchdown in the final minute of the game. We marvel at their talent and their determination, but what we value and admire most is the supreme confidence they display - they know they will succeed.

Exceptional Leadership Inspires the Best Effort in Others

There is a steady stream being written and taught about leadership these days. There are tips about leadership, courses about leadership, books, retreats, and continuing education - all focused on leadership.

Secrets of Creating Success with Ease

Do you ever strum your fingers on the desk top as you look down at your work and think, 'Right, how can I do all this lot without really working?'Brought up in an era with a clich that went: 'You must work hard for a living' my attitude to work conflicted with what I'd learned from my elders and peers. I felt 'wrong' because I wanted to be lazy.

5 Human Capital Asset Enrichment Strategies for Leaders!

Here's a really simple way to think about the ins and outs, the doing and practice or attitudes and behaviors of being a leader.Many times I get asked certain questions that tell me that there seems to be some confusion concerning these critical areas of the leadership mission:1) When and who can, should or will leaders need to lead?2) What do leaders actually do?3) How and in what ways do leaders appear to lead?This article will show you how to analyze, define and perform the most important task of a leader's job - that is, to enrich human capital.

Are You Playing or Practicing Leadership?

Anne was a new supervisor, and like many new supervisors she took the new role as a manager and leader seriously. She took advantage of training that was offered to her.

5 Leadership Power Principles!

95% of Workers Fail Because of This..

7 Awesome Leadership Power Generators!

7 Awe-Inspiring Leadership Power-Generating Strategies!Here's a really simple way you can use your personal infrastructure to increase your leadership power, create new innovative solutions and nurture your growth opportunities.Failing to invest in your power-producing abilities will definitely prevent you from realizing success on the job and rob your future career efforts of enjoyment.

Three Factors Of Leadership Motivation

Leaders do nothing more important than get results. But you can't get results by yourself.

The Greatest Leaders Are Often The Worst Leaders

It's a common occurrence, a CEO leads a company to record earnings, retires and in months, those once high-flying earnings are dropping like shot ducks.Observers blame the new leadership team.

Visions of Leadership

Right about now, you've made the discovery that if you intend to push your company beyond its current plateau, you will have to change the way you relate to your work. You have doubtlessly concluded this next level mandates you to let go of things like hiring, product design, perhaps even day-to-day sales - many things you handled in the past - and focus yourself on your role as CEO.

Having Fun In Leadership

"Don't measure your life by your goals, but rather by what you are DOING to achieve them." -UnknownOne of the biggest mistakes leaders make is getting so wrapped up in achieving results, they forget to ensure that people are having fun along the way.

Leadership - Connect to Engage!

It's been said many times that true leadership is measured by ones ability to motivate and influence others.Leaders must work hard at motivating people to take action necessary to drive change and to ultimately increase results.

Leadership - L.P.B It!

"Dissatisfaction and discouragement are not caused by the absence of things, but the absence of vision." - AnonymousThis article in for anyone who is currently unsure, unknowing, on-the-fence, and/or otherwise "searching" for the answer to whether or not he/she can be an effective leader.

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How to Be the Best Boss Ever, According to Career Experts
Money Magazine
“One of the biggest pitfalls facing first-time managers, both Millennials and Gen Z, is that leadership still has to be earned,” he says. “This is particularly true when you're leading employees and team members for the first time and they are older ...


Global Climate Action Summit: Company Leadership on the Journey Toward Exponential Transformation
Thousands of leaders from all sectors of society convened in San Francisco to showcase their climate action and to push one another toward bolder solutions to tackle climate change. As a member of the Summit Advisory Committee, I had the distinct ...

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Lessons From Anita Hill On Courage And Leadership
When I first started pursuing interviews for my book What Will It Take to Make a Woman President?: Conversations About Women, Leadership and Power, I knew I wanted to interview Anita Hill. It was her courageous testimony at the Supreme Court ...

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What I learned from a group of engaged senior care leaders
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Step into leadership roles, speakers tell Women's Leadership Event attendees
The Livingston Parish News (press release)
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24th Annual Distinguished Leadership Awards held
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) - Local leaders got their moment to shine Thursday night as they were honored at Leadership Tallahassee's 24 Annual Distinguished Leadership Awards. Hundreds of people filed into the University Center Club to pay tribute to ...

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