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The Name Game

Pop quiz! If you have to say goodbye to your hard earned money to purchase something you've always wanted, who would you rather trust: an unknown provider or one who has an established name in the industry?

The answer to that question shows how important branding has become in recent years. And consequently, brand building has taken an equal significance.

Brand building consists of all the things you do to establish a good image for your business venture. A brand carries with it an aura of credibility and reliability that screams how your enterprise guarantees to deliver.

Brand building would also pave the way for product association. For example, when you think of toothpaste, Colgate immediately comes to mind. When someone mentions soda, you instantaneously form an image of a bottle of Coca-Cola in your head.

It goes without saying that your business' brand can make or break its success. A good brand can rake in those orders faster than any of the known marketing strategies. A non-existent brand would mean many years of difficult struggle just to consummate a sale. A substandard brand would be tantamount to the death of the business.

Here are some steps you could take to build that brand image which would carry your business to the next level:

1. Try to grab their attention by offering them something beneficial for free. Two principles are at work here. First is the fact that the word "free" is the most powerful term in marketing. It will instantly garner attention, and would have people talking. The second is a rather formulaic notion: they won't remember you if they don't get to hear about you in the first place. Introduce yourself with a bang, and you'll find out that first impressions can work in your favor.

2. Be consistent. Consistency is the number one tool in establishing brand recall. You would want to prove to the world that your business is not a one hit wonder. Let them realize that you are capable of delivering quality products or services at a constant level.

3. Offer something different. Whether it be an innovative product or a revolutionary service, give your client an experience they will never forget. Novelty is good for starters, but basically, the excellent quality of your craft is what will ultimately distinguish you from the rest.

4. Try to over-deliver. Exceeding your clients' expectations would give your business a prominent place in their memory. They would reciprocate your extra effort in kind by affording your business their loyalty.

5. Use brand recall paraphernalia. This can take the form of a business logo that can be associated with your business. Depending on your target market, you could also avail of a mascot to make your business accessible to more people. Or it can be a catchy phrase that would perfectly describe your trade.

6. Show your expertise. Try to show your wares in as many venues as possible. Talk about a particular topic in a proficient manner through the use of articles, write-ups, interviews or even press releases. Proclaim yourself, or your business, as an expert, and people will take notice.

7. Always live up to your words. Never fail to deliver on your promise. People should remember you as reliable and credible. Maintain this integrity and you'll never be far from their minds.

Following these steps would establish your brand that would distinguish you from the rest. This would be your title by which you will be loved, remembered and considered. Use it well, and the promises of fortune shouldn't be far behind.

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