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Trigger Button Marketing

Sometimes, experiencing bleak sales is a matter of failing to find your prospective customers' trigger buttons.

By trigger buttons, we mean anything that the customer would find of peculiar value. It may be the quality of the product, the promptness of the delivery, the added perks in the offer, the after-sales service involved, or any combination of these factors. There is no doubt that discovering, and complying with, these trigger buttons would greatly increase our number of successful sales.

The problem is that our consumers' behavioral patterns are quite irregular. Predictions on how a client would react in a given situation can never be conclusive, as each individual has his own quirks and idiosyncrasies. One client may prefer post-delivery confirmations, for example, while another would find it irritating.

This fickleness in consumers' behavioral patterns have been a bane for marketing ever since. Campaigns can never be universally applied without adapting some of their components to conform to the wishes of a particular segment of potential clientele. Market analyses produce many variables that are dependent on the shifting tastes of customers.

But you could find a method to this seeming madness. You could use the unpredictable nature of this vital market component to your advantage. You only have to discover their trigger buttons.

By pushing your prospect's trigger button, you would be able to win him to your side. This would make sales a whole lot easier, and the client's loyalty to your business is almost a given.

Here are some techniques you could use to find those beneficial trigger buttons:

? ESTABLISH A CHANNEL OF COMMUNICATION. Knowing what your customers need is vital to knowing how to please them. You have to encourage them to speak up, so that you may learn some of the things they expect from you. This way, your business can address to their needs in a more efficient manner. This is easier said than done, but with a proper feedback system, you would be able to garner their thoughts on a frequent basis.

? BE DIRECT IN YOUR DEALINGS. Ask them straight what they want, but to it politely of course. Clients would appreciate your honesty and willingness to please their wishes, however eccentric they may be.

? DO YOUR FOLLOW UPS. Once you have found what they want, do something about it and inform them in writing about the steps you're taking to remedy their concerns. This would make you look more reliable in their eyes, and they would start treating their communication with you as an investment that should be tended until the very end.

? BUILD RELATIONSHIPS. This is essential, more so if you're operating a small business. The advantage of small businesses over their larger competitors is that they can deal with clients in a more personal level. Building relationships and establishing goodwill with your clients would go a long way. They will be able to trust you more, which would eventually lead to brand loyalty and a symbiotic affair that would only bring great things for both parties.

? ALWAYS PROVIDE SOMETHING EXTRA. Whether it is through a simple giveaway, or an additional remark that you wish to add to their feedbacks (i.e. "I thank you for voicing out your concerns, and I wish to add something to your list?"), giving them something that they did not ask for would make them happy to have considered your business.

Employing these steps would guarantee that your clients would warm up to your service, and eventually reveal the things that make them tick. From there, you would know how to convert them into successful sales, over and over again.

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