Marketing Information

Marketing Information

Do You Have This Important Tool in Your Marketing Arsenal?

Many business owners do not understand the authenticity and validation that a simple toll-free number adds to their business presence.It is particularly important that any business owner whose market is not exclusively local consider beefing up the image of the business with a toll-free number.

Meaning and Marketing - The Trigger

In previous articles under "Meaning and Marketing", we have learned about the verb "To Be" and that the name of God is I AM.Stephen Hawkings, the world's greatest mathematician, and author of several books on science and the Universe, was more or less a bum during his university years in England and some years thereafter.

The Biggest Needle In The Haystack

Hello everyone! Have you ever been curious about something, and wanted to learn about it? If you're like me, I am a pretty curious fellow, I really like to learn.Where is the best place to start finding the information you are looking for? My choice for information gathering is the Internet!Where do you start your search for information? I use search engines, my favorite is Google.

Hello, My Name Is . . . What Your Name Tag Says About You

When you attend networking functions, what kind of name tag do you wear? One of those sticky things you scrawled your name on, or something a bit more sophisticated? For just a few cents to a few dollars, you can have a classy, customized name tag that will draw attention and comments and help you make the most of every networking opportunity.Instead of relying on those disposable sticky tags, you can get your own engraved or imprinted name badge at your local office supply store.

My Product is Obviously Better - Why isn't it Selling?

The movie, "Field of Dreams" opens with a farmer standing in a cornfield. He hears a disembodied voice saying, "If you build it, he will come"?by the end of the movie the mantra has changed to "If you build it, they will come".

Easy Marketing Methods with Letters, Post Cards, Referrals and Testimonials

Easy Direct Marketing Methods for Insurance AgenciesThis Month: Strategies for Letters, Post Cards, Newsletters, Testimonials, Referrals.Selling insurance is tough: too many agents selling too few clients, and ouch - trying to show value when all you are selling is a piece of paper that no one really thinks he needs? until it's too late.

Sponsorship: A Key to Powerful Marketing

Sponsorship is the fastest growing form of marketing in the U.S.

Promotional Products

As a promotions director for a lot of super markets, one of my key responsibilities was finding promotional products for the events we make. I worked with distributors to order, design and customize these items to promote the super markets image to the general public.

Every Days a Holiday!

You probably know that February 2nd is Groundhog Day. But did you know that it is also Kiwi Fruit Day, Laugh and Grow Rich Day, and Bonza Bottler Day(tm)? Each of these holidays was created by someone who wanted to commemorate or promote something.

How to Save Thousands on Your Marketing

Marketing can be expensive. It doesn't have to be, but sometimes you will spend more than you should.

Developing a Contact List- Part One

One of the most essential things to successful networking is your Contact List. When you start a business, developing one is the first step in promoting and marketing your company.

15-Minute Marketing: Lots of Results in Little Time

Do you think you don't have enough time to market? Here's a solution that can help you get started on marketing, or any other task you've been putting off.Promise yourself you will spend 15 uninterrupted minutes working on one aspect of marketing.

Making Networking Work

Several years ago, "networking" was the hot buzzword. Everyone was talking about building their network, because this was the secret to becoming incredibly successful.

5 Ways to Give Your Web Site a Big-Company Look and Feel

We all DO judge a book by its cover, and the same saying goes for Web sites. I've seen many entrepreneurs offer great information on their Web pages, but compromise their image dramatically with a few amateur mistakes that can be VERY unforgiving.

7 Marketing Lessons I Learned From the Muscleheads at Golds Gym

Can I share a secret with you?I love working out. So much that several years ago I considered a career in fitness.

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