Marketing Information

Marketing Information

In Sickness And In Health

I recently drove by a business that had a sign out front that read "Closed due to illness". This meant that the cash flow would stop until the owner was able to return to work.

Marketing on a Budget

A successful marketing plan doesn't have to include an athletic superstar, prime-time placement, state-of-the-art computer graphics or a massive budget. Being resourceful and smart can be just as effective.

10 Powerful Marketing Tips

1. Print your best small ad on a postcard and mail it to prospects in your targeted market.

Customer Lifetime Value - The Key To Maximizing Your Profits!

The greatest asset to your business is your Customer, specifically, your Customer Lifetime Value.In my many years in Sales and Marketing, I've met many CEOs and business owners who don't have much clue as to what Customer Lifetime Value is, much less its importance and the impact it has on their bottomline.

Write Articles WITHOUT Writing!

Face it, writing any article can be a tediousand time consuming task forabeginner or even an expert writer. Here are four ways to make writing articles a lot easier: 1) Use My Articles - You could add your own name, resource box and web site link to 199 of my prewritten articles.

Five Mistakes Absolutely Guaranteed to Drive Away Your Best Clients

We all work hard to attract even one paying client. In fact, we work hard to attract serious inquiries.

Turning The Casual Scanner Into A Buyer

The world is full of scanners. Most people simply scan the page to see if anything piques their interest, rather than reading the ads, sales letters, or web copy.

Direct Mail

Do you have a website? A Web Newsletter? A mailing list of e-mail addresses for customers? Do you track and test everything? You can use the web to get sales in lots of exciting ways which are dependant on technology that's available at the time. Whether you budget is 600 or 6000, I can show you how it's done effectively time after time after time! So here's what I do when I start working with clients and I would like to offer it to you as a gift now.

Top 10 Marketing Pitfalls

Ten Marketing Pitfalls By Stuart ReidIf you want to make it BIG in Internet Marketing you need avoid some common mistakes. Here's a list of the top ten Pitfalls that catch out beginner Marketers (and many established ones too!).

What Does It REALLY Take to Be Making 6-Figures as a Service Professional?

Over the past 30 years, I've read so much on how to makemoney that I know I can write a series of books on thetopic, books that would cut through the junk and you don'thave to buy 101 things for each area. Most of the information repeats itself -- same author,different title and packaging or different author repeatingsomeone else's list.

Large One?

Here's a proven, and truly easy way to start increasing your sales, immediately.All you need to do is add these 2 words to your selling system, and you're good to go.

Make More Sells With Colors

How Colors Effect Our Emotions?One of the most interesting things to me is how colors effect the way we think and feel. They effect us whether we are aware of it or not.

The Fine Art of Relationship Marketing

The buzzword these days is "relationship" marketing. Just what is it? And why is it important? Relationship marketing is so much more than "networking.

Focus...a Marketing Strategy

The secret to increasing sales doesn't lie in choosing just the right marketing tactic for each of your businesses. The real problem that's experienced by many entrepreneurs--a damaging lack of focus.

Fern Reisss Achieve Media Attention for Your Business

Do you want to be quoted by the national press on a daily basis? (How much would that be worth to your business?) In the past six months, I've been quoted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The International Herald Tribune, Entrepreneur, The Associated Press, PBS, Voice of America, Family Circle, Glamour, Redbook, Self, Health, Prevention, Parents, Parenting, Women's World, First for Women, Newsday, Newsweek, Salon, In Touch Weekly--and even The National Enquirer. In fact, I've been quoted in over 100 prestigious U.

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Marketing Is About More Than Just Marketing: How It Affects An Organization  Forbes

Marketing today is about much more than the typical definition provides.

Want Your Tech Team To Work Smarter? Work On Your Marketing  Forbes

For technology, software and SaaS companies, it's all about the technical details. But technical details probably aren't going to turn your product into a global ...

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Data is a key component in driving decisions when it comes to consumer behavior and marketing strategies. However, with all this information comes challenges ...

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As an industrial marketer, it's important to understand all of the elements of digital marketing so that you can define a digital marketing strategy that works for your ...

IBM points to Director of Marketing Data as ‘hottest new role’  MarTech Today

Artificial intelligence, which became a mainstay for many marketing tools in 2018, isn't just a power booster. It can change the nature of customer targeting and ...

Artificial Intelligence in action: 4 ways marketers can use AI

*Content* provided by IBM with Insider Studios. Marketers' jobs have never been more complex. They have to juggle vendors, evaluate complicated technology ...

Eight Testaments to Successful Marketing  Entrepreneur

As a marketer, there is nothing above and beyond your brand and it is always advisable to keep all your senses open.

Results-Driven Content Starts with Marketing and Sales Alignment  The Content Standard by Skyword

When sales and marketing teams work together, they earn better ROI. Learn how to develop a *content* strategy that supports marketing and sales alignment.

MarTech Today: Bridging the gap between IT and marketing, agencies looking to win over new CMOs & more  MarTech Today

Here's our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on MarTech Today, Marketing Land and other places across the web.

Creative Is The Next Frontier For Data-Driven Marketing  AdExchanger

“Data-Driven Thinking” is written by members of the media community and contains *fresh* ideas on the digital revolution in media. Today's column is written by ...

PLU School of Business renames its Marketing Analytics graduate program  Pacific Lutheran University

TACOMA, WASH. (Dec. 17, 2018) — Pacific Lutheran University's School of Business has announced a change to one of the foundational cornerstones of their ...

SF sues drug companies over marketing of addictive painkillers  San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday accusing Purdue Pharma and other pharmaceutical companies of fueling the ...

Marketing Day: YouTube ad targeting for TV, IAB podcast compliance program, more  Marketing Land

Here's our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.

Dentsu Aegis Network Acquires Digital Marketing and Commerce Agency Digital Evolution Group  Adweek

Dentsu Aegis Network has acquired digital marketing and commerce agency Digital Evolution Group (DEG). DEG will partner with Isobar to become DEG, ...

Why Documenting a Content Marketing Strategy Is Key to Your Success  The Content Standard by Skyword

A documented *content* marketing strategy gives marketers a clear view of where their brand is in the market place and where they're going moving forward.

Bridging the gap between IT and marketing to improve martech collaborations  MarTech Today

While marketing and IT will always have team-specific objectives, both care about maximizing martech investments. Steve Olenski on December 17, 2018 at ...

How Russia Hacked U.S. Politics With Instagram Marketing  Foreign Policy

In June 2017, some eight months after the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president, Kremlin operatives running a digital interference campaign in American ...

Petra Industries Names Josh Williams as Director of Marketing  Dealerscope

Petra Industries, the consumer technology authority and wholesale electronics distributor, is pleased to announce the appointment of Josh Williams as Director ...

The Top Three Roles For Marketers in 2019  Forbes

What marketing roles will be popular in 2019? To find out, I turned to Kristin Kelley, CMO of staffing firm Randstad North America. Kelley shares her insight on ...

3 Content Marketing Predictions to Guide Your 2019 Planning  Customer Think

Above being a great communicator, fearless leader, or calculated analyst, staying ahead of the curve is one of the key things a strategic marketer does best.

5 Video Marketing Trends You Should Follow in 2019  Entrepreneur

Got your 360-degree marketing video ready to go? What about that virtual reality how-to? Time to get ready for the future.

Email Marketing: 2018 Developments  Practical Ecommerce

The power of email marketing has endured over the years with few major changes. But 2018 produced important email developments that affect online retailers.

Acknowledging Gender Bias In Digital Marketing, And How Women Can Gain The Advantage  Forbes

Women must use their passion as a springboard to embrace the challenges and responsibilities that accompany a rewarding career as a marketer.

The Global Market for Marketing Cloud Platforms (2018-2023): Increased Use of Social Media for Advertising  PRNewswire

DUBLIN, Dec 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The "Marketing Cloud Platform Market by Type (Platform and Services), Marketing Function (Advertising, Designing, ...

Borden Dairy hires Curiosity Advertising | Agency News

Borden Dairy has hired Curiosity Advertising as its agency of record as the dairy company known for its Elsie the Cow character plans to kickstart its marketing.

Two IURTC venture funds invest $400000 in marketing data technology company  IU Newsroom

The Indiana University Philanthropic Venture Fund and Innovate Indiana Fund have invested $400000 in Zio Inc., a marketing data technology company ...

TSB's digital marketing director on the 'most challenging time' of his career  Marketing Week

Performance marketing specialist Stuart Brann caught the startup bug early on in his career before taking his digital skills to more traditional financial services ...

A day in the life of... Head of Digital Marketing at Foxtons  Econsultancy

Chris Kelly is Head of Digital Marketing at real estate agent Foxtons, who sell and let properties across London and Surrey. He sat down with Econsultancy to ...

5 Crucial Factors for Real Marketing Automation Success  MarTech Series

It's touted all over the internet: businesses using marketing automation software are seeing better success with lead generation. According to a study by VB ...

How marketing and sales alignment can better drive the buyer journey  Marketing Land

As a marketer today, you're responsible for a more significant portion of the buyer journey — and for demonstrating the ROI of your efforts. You're charged not ...

Customer intent in the nonlinear modern marketing funnel  ClickZ

Google looked at thousands of users' clickstreams and found the modern funnel is fragmented, mobile, nonlinear. How tech gives insight into customer intent.

Email Symbiosis: How Channel Is Linked With Other Marketing Media 12/18/2018  MediaPost Communications

Less than half of all marketers are living up to consumer expectations in terms of the experiences they provide. Yet they are trying, and are using a variety of ...

National brands rein in ad spend growth on Facebook, analysis finds  Marketing Dive

Facebook's ad revenue from national marketers is up 25% between January and October of 2018 compared with the same period a year ago, which is a slower ...

Marketing Automation, Beyond the First Hello  CMSWire

Marketing automation tools make a marketer's life easier and improve the customer experience in many ways.

Top notch marketing gurus predict 2019's marketing trends  Best Media Info

Automated personalised marketing, more educational and integrated *content*, voice searches and video marketing in different languages are going to dominate ...

Brand Marketing and Social Purpose Veteran Larry Koffler Joins BCW  Citizentribune

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec 18, 2018--BCW (Burson Cohn & Wolfe), a leading global communications agency, today announced that Larry Koffler has ...

The Top Five Content Marketing Trends For 2019  B&T

As we enter 2019, technology is enabling more intelligent *content* to be created, while consumers are demanding more facts before they make a purchase.

Bozoma Saint John will star in her own documentary series  Fast Company

The business celeb who's elevated the brands of PepsiCo, Apple, and Uber is now taking center stage with her own show on Starz .

Want to understand your marketing stack better? Enter the 2019 Stackie Awards  MarTech Today

It's that time of the year again. The Stackies 2019: Marketing Tech Stack Awards are now open for entries. The Stackie Awards are given each year at our ...

Why Digital Marketing Strategies are Imperative to Boost Startup Growth  Entrepreneur

The relativity of digital marketing strategies with the growth of businesses is no secret in today's ever-evolving business world. But what are some of the most ...

Be very aware when marketing to generation alpha  The Drum

This holiday season, kids everywhere will be pestering their parents and anyone else who might listen for toys, tech, and more. But their influence on purchases ...

Russian Trolls Used ‘Digital Marketing Best Practices’ to Sow Discord, Senate Reports Find  Adweek

The Russian troll farm responsible for running disinformation campaigns intended to influence the 2016 presidential election reached more people on Instagram ...

Nicole Metzger named chief revenue officer of Clemson Sports & Campus Marketing  Clemson Newsstand

Nicole Bienert Metzger has been named chief revenue officer of Clemson Sports & Campus Marketing by JMI Sports. Metzger will become the property leader ...

2019 B2B Marketing Watch: Top Opportunities for the New Year  Chief Marketer

Learn what some of the featured B2B marketing agencies on this year's CM200 think are the top trends, challenges and opportunities for 2019.

New app marketing tool gets smart about user acquisition  App Developer Magazine

Knowing how much a user is going to be worth after acquisition is always a challenge. But a new tool from ironSource called “ROAS optimizer” (return on their ...

This Week's Executive Shifts: BNP Paribas Names Global Marketing Head; Sara Lee Appoints CMO  AList

This week's executive shifts include a newly created global head of digital marketing role for BNP Paribas Asset Management, a new chief marketing officer for ...

Why you shouldn't dismiss boutique marketing agencies when thinking global

There are benefits to both smaller and larger digital marketing agencies, so here are some factors to consider when deciding what's right for your business.

Prediction Series 2019: Interview with Elena Filimonova, SVP, Global Marketing, CGS  MarTech Series

The Predictions Series Interview with Elena Filimonova, SVP- Global Marketing at CGS is a MarTech-centric chat on product roadmaps, technology trends, and ...

How automated marketing content led to business growth for this services company  CMO

Locally branded, consistent marketing *content* can make all the difference to customer recognition and business growth. But when you are the brand behind the ...

3 Ways Data Will Influence Marketing Strategies in 2019  Business 2 Community

Technology is central to our 'always on' society. We interact with and depend on devices to make our increasingly complicated lives somewhat simpler. Devices ...

How Art Became A Secret Weapon In High-End Property Marketing  Forbes

Art has become the best-kept secret in luxury marketing tactics.

Why Sentiment Analysis Could Be Your Best Kept Marketing Secret  Forbes

Traditional metrics focus on quantity, such as number of views, clicks, comments, shares, etc. Sentiment analysis, an automated process of understanding the ...

Lexington Marriott City Center Hotels names director of sales and marketing – Lane Report | Kentucky Business & Economic News  The Lane Report

LEXINGTON, Ky. — The Lexington Marriott City Center Hotels have announced that Courtney Jones has been named director of sales and marketing of the ...

5 Key Marketing Trends for B2B Marketers in 2019  TechSpective

Technology and the behavior of customers continues to evolve—having a drastic influence on how business-to-business (B2B) marketers develop and carry out.

Time to plan digital marketing for 2019  Newsday

One expert says everyone needs to budget now for an ongoing strategy.

All I want for my credit union marketing Christmas

Dear Santa: I've been a very good little credit union marketer this year. I kept my desk clean, tracked ROI faithfully, surfed the mobile wave, and leveraged ...

Top 6 Channels to Consider When Spending your Marketing Budget  Small Business Trends

Wondering how to spend your marketing dollars most efficiently? Focus on these top 6 marketing budget line items to start.

12 Tips To Optimize Your Messenger Marketing Strategy  Forbes

If you're new to the messenger game, achieving high engagement rates might seem tricky.

4 Tips for Holiday Social Media Marketing

The holidays are a great time to boost your social media strategy. Here's how to promote your products and business during the holidays.

Paramount Confronts ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Backlash by Trolling Fans With Marketing  IndieWire

Paramount Pictures isn't letting fan backlash get in the way of its upcoming family tentpole “Sonic the Hedgehog.” The film marks the feature directorial debut of ...

'Marketers need to be better at representing women'  Livemint

In the sixth episode of Brand Studio Live —a series that gets the brains behind India's top brands to decode marketing innovations and more—8 marketing ...

TikTok makes first UK marketing push for the holidays  Mobile Marketer

TikTok, the social media app for sharing short lip-sync videos, this week launched its first major marketing campaign in the U.K. The holiday-themed campaign ...

Digital Marketing Manager job with The Shade Store | 384904

Digital Marketing Manager in New York , Manager (Supervisor), SEO & SEM, Marketing & Communications with The Shade Store. Apply Today.

Why Your Competitors Love Account-Based Marketing 12/18/2018  MediaPost Communications

Not everyone has joined the bandwagon yet, but a tidal wave of account-based marketing (ABM) adopters, empowered by new technologies, will forever ...

3 tips on marketing to educators this holiday season  DigitalCommerce360

Educators have time during the holiday break to spend browsing their favorite sites, which would be a great time to reach them with an email marketing ...

The 'Zero' Marketing Budget  afaqs

'Hi, Hema. What happened? Why are you looking so flustered?' - She sighed and then looked up at me, thinking to herself, 'You're the one that cut my marketing ...

Entravision Extends Marketing Moves With MLC  Radio & Television Business Report

The national sales and marketing arm of one of the nation's top Hispanic media companies likes its relationship with MLC Media so much that it has just ...

Muscle Up Marketing Partners With ABC Financial  SGB Media

Muscle Up Marketing, a full-*service* marketing firm specializing in serving the health and fitness industry, announced its partnership with ABC Financial, the ...

Comscore hires Brittany Slattery as head of global marketing  PRWeek

The brand is gearing up for a special 2019 with its mission to be the modern currency for planing, transacting, and measuring multi-platform advertising. News.

Christmas spend, email marketing, Brexit and data: 5 killer stats to start your week  Marketing Week

British households are predicted to spend an average of £831 on Christmas this year, with £493 to be spent on gifts for family and friends and another £238 on ...

Can Opt-In Video Marketing Really Work?  Forbes

The strategy is simple. Pay people to watch ads. If it takes an incentive to attract attention, pay the price, whether it's a coupon, additional *content*, or something ...

The Media and Marketing quiz of the year  Sunday Business Post

Have you been paying close attention to the world of media and marketing over the past 12 months?

More marketers used Instagram, Snapchat in 2018 - Bizwomen  The Business Journals

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is expected to nearly double its ad revenues to $6.12 billion this year.

B2B Marketing Strategies For The New Year  Forbes

Marketing in the B2B world is always tough. Let's face it, the topics can be a bit dry, at least compared to the consumer segment. So with the year coming to a ...

Interview with Carlos Cruz CEO of Clicktool, a Digital Marketing toolkit for Marketers.  TechBullion

Carlos Cruz, CEO of Clicktool, is an online marketing expert and ad tech veteran with over 16 years of experience. With a passion for understanding how brands ...

Sandra Fields Named Director Of Sales And Marketing For Renaissance Of Annandale

Fields will help launch the new facility, which will offer quality care, hope and peace of mind to 47 Northern Virginia seniors and loved ones who are facing ...

Vote for your campaign of the year: The final  Marketing Week

We've gone from 16 down to two and now it's time to decide the ultimate winner of our campaign of 2018 poll.

How To Create A Marketing Plan  Forbes

What steps are involved in creating a highly effective marketing plan for a startup business? As a startup, 90% of your success is going to fall on the shoulders of ...

Werner Electric hires Van Camp as marketing event coordinator  Daily Reporter

Werner Electric Supply has hired Kendra Van Camp as its marketing events coordinator at its headquarters in Appleton.

New Study Reveals That Half of Auto Dealers Overspend on Marketing, With No Measurable Return On  MarTech Series

Outsell, which offers the only AI-driven marketing automation platform for the automotive industry, announced that along with partners RXA and Vistadash it has ...

Read More Music Ally's Sandbox 2018 music-marketing report is available now Every year  Music Ally

Every year, Music Ally publishes an end-of-year report for Sandbox, our music-marketing brand, rounding up the best campaigns of the year. 2018's is now ...

29 Reasons Digital Marketing Belongs in Your Public Relations Strategy  Business 2 Community

Did you know most small businesses across the country don't use digital marketing as part of their public relations strategy – and they don't plan on it either?

Canadian tourism organizations decide to 'pause' marketing in China  CBC News

Chinese tourism in the Northwest Territories has seen a boom in the past few years, but with the current political chill between Canada and China, some of ...

The new world of marketing: why AI should be part of your strategy

*Content* provided by IBM with Insider Studios. Machine learning is reinventing marketing—and a growing number of marketers know it. According to recent ...

General Cigar Co. Cuts Marketing Staff

Some of the most tenured members of General Cigar Co.'s marketing staff will be departing. The company has confirmed that Gus Martinez, Victoria McKee ...

Ponoka business places in top three of regional marketing challenge  Ponoka News

Torch and Teal owner pleasantly surprised with the recognition.

The fundamentals of marketing to millennial women  Livemint

In the sixth episode of Brand Studio Live—a series that deals with marketing innovations and more—eight brand leaders will discuss how brands can connect ...

What Seth Godin Wants You To Know About Marketing in 2019  Entrepreneur

If anyone knows marketing's future, it's Seth Godin. The longtime guru of the subject and author of 19 books -- his new one is called This Is Marketing, and he ...

6 low-cost marketing tactics to boost your startups’ presence  The Next Web

As a startup, your time and money may be limited — especially for marketing. But you don't always need an elaborate marketing strategy to make some noise on ...

Study scrutinizes hidden marketing relationships on social media  Princeton University

Federal regulators require social media personalities to alert their viewers to promotional payments for products and gadgets shown on their channels, but an ...

Five Examples Of Brands Using Geofencing Marketing  AList

Geofencing—a location-data *service* that creates a zone around a specific geographic area for the purpose of advertisement targeting, is a relatively new but ...

iPhone XS & iPhone XS Smart Battery case leaks out in Apple marketing document  AppleInsider

A merchandise guide produced for Apple retailers is showing the clearest evidence yet that Apple is readying a Smart Battery case for the iPhone XS and ...

Why Glossier Takes Marketing Risks To Delight Their Customer  Forbes

Direct-to-consumer beauty brand Glossier boasts a highly devoted customer following. To implement this deeply customer-centric approach, Glossier took risks ...

What are Malaysian marketers focusing on in 2019?  Marketing Interactive

As the year comes to a close, marketers are once again posed with a nagging question – what's next for the marketing industry? According to Forrester's 2019 ...

How the fast casual franchise can thwart marketing burnout  Fast Casual

Marketing a fast casual franchise is not a simple endeavor. The strategy must not only focus on the brand but the needs of franchisees, which can be ...

The best digital marketing stats we've seen this week  Econsultancy

This week, we've got news about Christmas shopping, chatbots, direct marketing, and more. Check out the Internet Statistics Database too – it's full of lots more ...

How Your Small Business Can Use Video Marketing To Increase Revenue  Forbes

With all the marketing tactics at your disposal today, it's difficult to focus on just a handful that can drive results. Few strategies are proving more effective in ...

7 Digital Marketing Jobs That Didn't Exist 10 Years Ago  Forbes

10 years ago digital marketing wasn't a career path. Luckily today, there are now many programs offered in digital marketing and some great career options in ...

Dentsu buys DEG to strengthen data, commerce offerings  Marketing Dive

Dentsu Aegis Network has acquired the full-*service* digital agency DEG for a undisclosed sum, a news release announced. DEG will specifically be integrated ...

Making The CASE For Marketing  Forbes

Would you want your kids to grow up and work in marketing? If we are going to recruit the next generation of talent into the converging industries of technology, ...

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