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A Summer Wedding
How to Enhance and Enrich Your Marriage
Planning Your Wedding - How To Get Organized
How to Choose a Pearl Necklace for Your Wedding Day
Thoughts from Deik and Kims Wedding, for You and Your Marriage
Business Partners & Marital Partners Will The Marriage Survive - Part II
Business Partners & Marital Partners Will The Marriage Survive - Part I
The Reality of Arranged Marriages
A Tale of Two Weddings
Building Up Your Marriage with Healthy Communication
Building Your Marriage: Some Thoughts From St. Paul
Seven Ways to Survive a Remodel (And Save Your Marriage) Tips from Pisa Design, Inc
Marriage and the Election
Marriage Missing its Spark?
How To Hire A DJ For Your Wedding
Wedding Planning 101: Create a Wedding Planner
Rockland: Maines BestKept Secret for A Wedding Destination
Wedding Favors That Embrace Nature's Beauty
Extreme Age Differences In Marriage Can Lead To Infidelity
How to Select a Wedding Photographer
Keeping A Marriage Romantic
8 Questions Brides Ask About Setting up a Wedding Registry
Choosing a Wedding Date -- When You're Feeling Indecisive
Wedding Planning: Involve your Fianc in 10 Easy Steps
Current Trends in Wedding Photography
How to Find The Perfect Wedding Dress
Wedding Dresses - Why They Are White and Other Wedding Lore
Signature Frames - Your Guestbook and Wedding Frame Together At Last!
Do You Hear Wedding Bells?
Wedding Anniversary Signature Frame - The Perfect Anniversary Gift!
Wedding Anniversary Symbols
Brad Pitt - Jennifer Aniston Marriage Undermined by Inappropriate Friendship with Angelina Jolie
Minor But Important Duties For Your Wedding Party, Bridesmaids, and Groomsmen
Mattresses and Marriage - a Match Made in Heaven
Why Hire A Wedding Designer?
How Is A Professional Wedding Designer Different From Other Wedding Vendors Who Do Event Planning?
Wedding Frames - Are Your Wedding Photographs Safe?
You're Making Your Wedding List and Checking It Twice-What Have You Forgotten?
Getting Married? What You Should Do With Your Checking Accounts and Credit Cards
Net Savvy Indian Brides and Grooms
Subtle Danger Signals on the Domestic Front
10 Valentines Day Tips for Spouses Who Want to Improve Their Marriage
New Findings on Happiness Have Implications for Rocky Marriages
How to Nurture Intimacy When Youre in a Long-Distance Marriage
Enhancing Communication in Marriage
The High Cost of Resentment and Anger in Marriage
Second Marriages. Estate Planning Concerns
How to Make Your Wedding Vows Something You'll Remember Forever
The SURGE of the URGE!
Writing Your Wedding Vows the Way Poets Do
Conquer the Five Most Common Fears About Your Wedding Ceremony
It's Never Too Early to Renew Your Wedding Vows
Terrific Advice Concerning Destination Weddings As Shared By Two Gurus On The Topic
Common Format Of A Wedding Reception
Wedding Photography: Preserving the Memories
5 Tips To Select The Best Wedding Reception Location
Restore Your Marriage - 5 Ways to Feel Connected to Your Spouse Even on Opposite Schedules
Improve Your Marriage With Better Communication
Choosing Your Groomsmen: No Matter What They Say, Nobody Must Be In the Wedding Party
Legislating Morality: The Sanction of Marriage
Give-and Take: Recipe for Success in Marriage?
Your Wedding Countdown
A Wedding Shower Invitation Should Be Attractive And Stylish!
Wedding Flowers
Wedding Rings - Through the Ages and for All Eternity
Ten Tips for Writing Your Perfect Wedding Vows
Wedding Speeches Made Easy: Wedding Speech or Best Mans Speech Tips
The Monogram Theme Wedding
Butterfly Releases
Lighting The Way When Two Become One
To Stay Married, Keep Dating
7 Stupid Wedding Mistakes Even Smart Couples Make
Ten Ways to Have an Irish Wedding
Essential Advice for Your Wedding Day
Cultivating Spiritual Intimacy
Basic Tips for Planning a Wedding
Wedding Day Hair Styles - A Top Ten Checklist
How You Answer This Question Can Change Your Marriage
All that Glitters-Something Old, Something New...
How to Have a Dream Wedding on a Budget
Are You Fully Present in Your Marriage?
All You Ever Wanted to Know About Wedding Officiants
Marriage: Where is the Fairy Tale?
Wedding Cake - Bakery Tips
How to Keep Hope Alive During a Marriage Crisis
Ten Beliefs That Can Contribute to an Unhappy Marriage
Control Issues That Cause Marriage Problems
How A Marriage Counseling Secret Can Save Your Marriage
10 Secrets to a Successful Stress-Free Wedding
Marriage Counseling Tips: 7 Ways to Handle Conflict in Marriage
June Weddings
When To Order and Send Your Wedding Invitations
Living in LOVE : Remembering Why You Married
Let Your Wedding Flowers Speak the Language of Love
Planning A Wedding? Tips On How To Attend A Bridal Show
Organising your Wedding Stationery
How to Plan a Cheap Wedding
A Wedding Shower Checklist
The Maid of Honor - Remember, It's All About the Bride!
Planning a Special Wedding Shower
Are Wedding Decorations Waiting in Your Future?
The Planning of a Bridal Shower!
How Optimism can Help - or Hurt - Your Marriage
The Marriage Test
The Perfect String Quartet Repertoire for Your Wedding
How to Plan Your Wedding and Honeymoon
How To Keep Love Alive In Your Marriage
Family Law
How To Fight Cultural Differences In Marriage And Stay Happy
Capture Your Perfect Moment with a Wedding Website
Marriage Counseling Tips: What to Do When Your Spouse Wont Talk
Secrets to Controlling Your Man
Rose Petals Add The Perfect Touch For A Wedding
Marriage Advice: Upgrade Your Marriage By Changing Your Focus
Family Cycle (I) - Euphoric and Dysphoric Cycles in Marriage
The Wedding Aisle - Who is Walking You Down it?
A Butterfly Release; Alternatives to Throwing Rice
Bridal Shower Basics
Theres More to Wedding Invitations Than You Might Think
Todays Wedding Is Brought To You In Association With ...
Groomsmens Gifts
The History of the White Wedding Dress
Caricature Entertainment: A Surefire Way to Liven Up Your Wedding Celebration
Top Wedding Fitness Questions (and their answers)
How To Keep Love Growing Through All The Ups And Downs
Get a Prenuptial Agreement before Your Next Marriage
Indian Astrology and Marriages
How to Choose the Perfect Headpiece and Veil for Your Facial and Body Features
Create A Beautifull Wedding Album With A Simple And Fun Way
The Wedding Guests Guide to A Stress Free and Fun Wedding
Marriage Counseling Advice: Give Your Spouse Space to Breathe and Grow
Here Comes the Bride
Wedding Loans: Perfect Finance Option for a Perfect Wedding
Organized Brides: Why They are Going Online
Fun Dating Ideas to Spice up Your Marriage
How to Lower a Wedding Cake Price
Are American Women Driving Their Men Away?
28 Things That Really Do Matter In Marriage (Short Shots On Living An Exceptional Life)
Understanding Celtic Wedding Rings
Save the Date Etiquette: Everything You Need To Know
Beyond Her Grasp
Men's Wedding Rings - Should a Man Wear One or Not?
Wedding Dress Styles - What's Available
The Beautiful Bride To Be - Beauty Tips For The Big Day
The A To Z Guide For Your Wedding Day
Mindfulness and Marriage: Moving Along
Symbolism of Wedding Rings
Reduce Marriage Problems: Go and Wake Up Your Luck
Wedding Preparations - Tips To Get You to The Church On Time
Riding into the Sunset in Style
A Wedding For All Seasons
Have A Simple, Small, Green Wedding
Beautiful Balloon Wedding Decorations
Expert Tips on Making Your Own Wedding Stationery
Anniversary Gifts that Say I Love You
50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
Get The Bling Without The Sting - Affordable Engagement Rings
Is Your Heart Set On An Antique Engagement Ring?
Grooming for the Groom
Creative Wedding Cards
Wedding Day Savings
The Gracious Bride
Expressions of Devotion: Buying Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, and Wedding Bands Online
The History of Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands
Creating A Wedding Budget You Can Afford
Celtic Wedding Rituals -- Tying the knot
Getting Married? Read this 1st.
How Wives with Cheating Husbands Can Gain the Upper Hand
Top 40 Marriage Quotations
Unhappy Marriage: Should You Stay or Leave?
Marriage Counseling: How to Keep Jealousy From Destroying Your Marriage
Focus On What Is Important - Your Wedding Disc Jockey Choice
How To Tell An Extraordinary Wedding Disc Jockey From Someone Who Could Ruin Your Reception
Your Disc Jockey Acts As A Wedding Event Planner
Should You Send Save the Date Notices To Your Guests?
10 Common Wedding Reception Mistakes
Honeymoon Destinations
What Goes Into Wedding Preparation From Your DJ?
Wedding Budget - What Can You Do To Shave It, Yet Still Have A Memorable Wedding?
Wedding Reception Entertainment - Choose Wisely
Growing and Connecting with Your Spouse
The Right Age To Marry!
Anniversary Gifts and Perfumes
Wedding Dresses - How to Buy Dreamy Wedding Gowns Online
Weddings Abroad - Does Paradise Come At A Price?
Love Connections - How Wonderful They Are
Top 10 Wedding Decoration Budget Tips
Want To Know More About Wedding Planners?
Wife Smarter Than Husband?
Wedding Reception Made for You
Catering to Your Wedding
Selecting the Perfect Wedding Gift for the Bride and Groom
Create Unique Wedding Invitations That Only Look Expensive
Weddings - Wedding Plan - Wedding Planner Tools - Ten Essential Tips
Creating a Realistic Wedding Budget While Still Having the Wedding of Your Dreams
Budget Tips For Your Wedding Reception
Wedding Planning -- Staying Within Your Wedding Budget
Get Wedding Gifts Youll Enjoy -- Creating Your Wedding Registry
Selecting Your Wedding Centerpieces
Wedding Flowers -- Determining What You Need
Bridal Accessories To Complete Your Wedding Look
Planning Your Honeymoon -- 6 Tips To Help
Creating A Prenuptial Agreement
Traditional Bridal Shower Gifts
Bridesmaids Gifts: a Token of Love, Appreciation and Affection
Cheap Wedding Invitations
Planning Weddings on a Budget
Is Eloping For You?
Now You're Engaged, How Do You Choose A Mens Wedding Ring?
Wedding Favor Creator
Guide to a Growing Trend: The Green or Ecological Wedding
Spotlight on the Asian-Themed Wedding
Choosing The Right Music For Your Wedding
Be Thankful for a Faithful Husband
Prenuptial Agreements
Get Organized for Wedding Planning!
Fitness Tips For Looking Your Best On Your Wedding Day
A Call for International Marriage Laws
All The Details: 25 Ways to Make Your Wedding a Unique and Truly Memorable Event
What You Should Know About Buying Engagement Rings Online
Design Your Own Beautiful Wedding Ring
Replacing Your Lost Wedding Ring
Wonderful White Gold Wedding Rings
Star Jones Nuptials: Fairytale Wedding or Diva Gone Wild?
The Bigger the Carat the Better the Wedding?
Hot Wedding Trend: Platinum Wedding Rings
The Engagement Ring Bling
Marriage Proposals - Why Doing It Right Will Make All the Difference
Balance - Wedding Budget Blues
Doing Things Your Own Way
What Can You Do To Make Your Reception a Success?
Make Sure You Do: Before You Say "I Do"
What Can We Learn From the "Runaway Bride" Story?
6 Ways to Save Money on Wedding Invitations
How to Find, Select, and Afford a Wedding Photographer
Tips For A Lasting Marriage
Hey, Where Do I Put My Speakers? Unique Venues Require Unique DJs
Celebrate With Butterflies - The Flying Flowers
Marriage Counseling: How to Reduce Hurt Feelings When You and Your Spouse Disagree
Marriage Counseling: What Do Wives Really Want in a Husband? Part One
Marriage Counseling: What Do Wives Really Want in a Husband? Part Two
Marriage Counseling: What Do Husbands Really Want in a Wife?
Marriage Counseling: What to Do When a Spouse Flirts Too Much
Wedding Tips for Saving Your Sanity and Your Bank Account
The Wedding Dress Revealed
Online Wedding Dress Shopping!
Choosing Your Wedding Rings
Your Bridal Shoes: No Need to Sacrifice Style for Comfort
Jewish Wedding Rings - Traditions and Customs and How to Buy Smart
Jewish Wedding Traditions - The Wedding Day in a Nutshell
Wedding Flowers: How It Emulates Your Personality
Considering Success in Marriage
Wedding Planning Ideas and Guidelines
Wedding Insurance - Peace of Mind for Your Perfect Day?
Whats a Goldfish Doing at a Wedding?
Help is Here for Your Wedding Ceremony
Planning Your Wedding Reception
Saving Money on Your Wedding Reception Using Reception Themes
Reception to do List for an Outdoor Reception
Planning the Menu for Your Wedding Reception
Planning your Weddings Decoration Budget
Affordable Centerpieces for Your Wedding Reception
Sending Out Your Wedding Invitations
Getting Great Deals on the Wedding Clothes
Get Fantastic Deals on Catering for Your Wedding
Saving Money on Photography for Your Wedding
Saving Money on Wedding Music
Cheap Wedding Party Gifts
Marriage Advice: Twelve Steps to Creating an Affair-Proof Marriage
An Ethical Alternative to the Conspicuous Excess of the Average Wedding
The Brides Greatest Ally
The Most Important Things In Marriage
Were Engaged!
Wedding Favors - How to Graciously Thank Your Wedding Guests
Wedding Videos... What To Do
Exotic Island Wedding! Where Dreams Truly Come True in Paradise
Marriage Advice: Eight Steps to Marital Harmony
Me Tarzan! You Jane!
Unique Mens Wedding Bands; For When Common Won't Do
3 Easy Steps to Buying the Right Engagement Ring
Titanium Mens Wedding Rings - The Contemporary Look for the Modern Man
Marriage Advice: What to Throw Overboard When Your Marriage Is In Trouble
'ello? 'ello? 'ello? Is that the Wedding, then?
Flower Girl Flowers
Wedding Invitations-Today's Etiquette and Wording
Loose Moissanite Stones, A Great Way to Buy Your Moissanite Jewelry
Man Made Diamonds, The Affordable Alternative
Marriage Advice: Ten Ways to Add Romance to Your Marriage
What Has Worked For Us (Brief Reflections On Enjoying 36 Years Of Marriage)
Requesting the Presence of Your Presents
Wedding Flowers and Arrangements-Best Advice from the Experts
Wedding Invitation Tips and Advice
Selecting Mens Formalwear For The Wedding
Bridal Budget Beware
Marriage Advice: Ten Danger Signals to Watch for in Your Marriage
Infidelity: How "My Marriage Made Me Do It" is a Cop-out
Like Sand Through an Hour Glass
Faulty Expectations: 4 Essential Don'ts
Weddings Las Vegas: Popular Ceremonies
Diamond Engagement Ring, on Two Months Salary - Maybe Not!
Discount Wedding Dresses - Elegance and Style that Won't Blow Your Budget!
Wedding Flowers - What Every Bride Should Know before Her Big Day
Second Marriage Wedding Dress and Etiquette
Wedding Etiquette for the Best Man, Groomsmen, and Ushers
Wedding Save the Date Cards-Best Ideas and Wording
Writing Wedding Vows - Ideas That Will Help You Express What You Truly Feel
Wedding Receiving Line Etiquette-Greeting Your Guests with Style
Free Wedding Planning Guide and Checklist
The Perfect Wedding Budget
Mens Moissanite Wedding Rings, or Is Moissanite a Mans Best Friend?
Alcohol and Wedding Receptions-Everything You Will Need to Know
The Night They Invented Champagne
Whats in a Greek Wedding?
The "EX" Factor: Why Men and Women Over 50 Don't Remarry!
Fifteen Fabulous Favors
The Second Time - Another White Wedding?
Ending Co-Dependence
Eight Cheap Honeymoon Ideas for Couples on a Budget
Five Ideas for a More Romantic Honeymoon
Can a Marital Separation Ever Save a Marriage?
Mens Diamond Rings - The Ultimate Wedding Ring For The Modern Man
Bridal Hair Stylist Goes Above and Beyond the Call of Duty
Meaningful Wedding Gift Ideas
Twelve Ways to Make Your Spouse Dislike Sex
Your Wedding Invitation's in the (e)Mail: Pros and Cons of the Virtual Wedding Invitation
How to Save Money on Wedding Photography
Wedding Planning: Prioritize to Stay Within Your Wedding Budget
Wedding Planning: Clear Communication with Your Wedding Guests
Choosing the Perfect Wedding Gown
How to Have a Sizzler of a Honeymoon! Article No.1
Weddings - Who Pays For What?
Wedding Planning: Benefits of Online Wedding RSVPs
Wedding Dresses - How to Select the Best One for You
Nevada Wedding Laws
Bridal Shop Owner Reveals Insider Secrets Every Bride Should Know
Wedding Photography - Tips for a Wonderful Session
Destination Weddings in Oregon
Trust in Marriage
Honeymoon Registries: A Guide to Asking for Your Honeymoon as a Wedding Gift
Make Your Honeymoon an Everlasting Experience
Unique Beach Wedding Themes
Beach Wedding Cakes
The Pros & Cons of Beach Weddings
Unique Beach Wedding Receptions
Wedding Lingerie - Honeymoon in Paradise
Marriage A Menace
11 Things to Remember in Planning Your Wedding
Mens Wedding Bands - A Whole World Of Choice
Bridal Shower Games Are Extremely Fun!
Its the Heart (and heat) of the Wedding Season - Sun & Heat Protection During an Outdoor Wedding
Wedding Planning
Save Money on Your Wedding Dress
Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring
Australia Honeymoon Vacations - Treasure Down Under!
Cancun Honeymoon Vacation - Pleasure Unlimited!
Caribbean Honeymoon Vacation - a Fancy Trip!
Games For A Wedding Shower
Wedding Videography - When Getting it Right on the 1st Take Counts, Hire a Professional
Displaying Your Wedding Bouquet
The Bridezilla Syndrome: Do You Have It? Ten Ways to Avoid All the BS!
Tahiti Honeymoon Resorts: Fun-tastic Experience
How to Have a Sizzler of a Honeymoon. Article No.2
How to Choose Your Wedding Shoes
A Unique Diamond Engagement Ring - In Platinum
Diamond Wedding Rings - The Things to Look For
How to Have a Sizzler of a Honeymoon! Article No. 3
How to Have a Sizzler of a Honeymoon! Article No. 4
Maui Honeymoon Resorts
Exciting Costa Rica Honeymoon Vacations
Heavenly Bahamas Honeymoon Resorts
Trust in Marriage
How to Have a Sizzler of a Honeymoon! Article No.5
Is Your Marriage Sinking?
Marriage Dreams When Fails!
Wedding Reception Perfection: Tips and Suggestions
What You Should Look For In A Professional Wedding DJ
5 Tips To Keep Marital Bliss Alive After You Retire!
Honeymoon Vacation Ideas can be Economical
Eight Ways to Divorce Proof Your Marriage
Florida Beach Weddings
Anniversary Gift Ideas: Sweet and Sexy Speaks Volumes
How to Have a Sizzler of a Honeymoon! Article No. 6
Who Should Get A Gift At Your Wedding?
The Loveliest Las Vegas Wedding Reception
Renewing Your Marriage Vows - On the Right Side of the Law
Marriage Advice: Seven Marriage Myths You Can't Afford to Ignore
Top 5 Wedding Favors and Why
Celtic Diamond Rings - A Combination of History And Romance
How to Have a Sizzler of a Honeymoon! Article No. 7
How to Have a Sizzler of a Honeymoon! Article No. 8
Bachelorette Parties: Fun Alternatives to a Wild Night
Top 5 Reasons for Hiring a Wedding Planner
Cost Effective Weddings
Wedding Receptions: How To Set Up The Tables
Writing Your Own Wedding Vows
Bridal Shower Themes
Maid of Honor Duties
How to Find the Right Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Wedding
Lingerie Party Ideas: Tips to Help Break the Ice
Marriage Tips: Fifteen Ways to Say "I Love You" in 3 Minutes or Less
How To Survive Your Honeymoon
Moissanite Bridal Rings -True Choice Of The Young Heart
Moissanite Engagement Rings - Find The Perfect Glam You're Looking For
Men's Moissanite Wedding Rings To Beat Other Gifts Any Day
Choosing the Wedding Disc Jockey
Wedding Planning: Tips for Choosing Online Wedding Vendors
Slash Your Wedding Ceremony Bills
How to Have a Sizzler of a Honeymoon! Article No. 10
Why You Should Buy that Wedding Gift from the Gift Registry - OR, the Wedding Gifts from Hell!
Save on Wedding Costs and Have that Chocolate Fountain
Bridal Jewelry: Fulfilling a Wedding Tradition
The (American) Bride Wore Red
Secrets of a Happy Marriage
Wedding Tips
How to Write a Love Letter
Hawaii Honeymoon Vacations - Romanticizing Your Honeymoon!
Before You Begin Marriage Counseling, Ask This Question
Divorce Rate Plummets As More Americans Shack Up Instead of Getting Married
Alternatives to Diamond Rings - What Choices Do You Have?
How to Have a Sizzler of a Honeymoon! Article No. 9
Relationship Advice: A Map for Your Marriage
Planning Your Outdoor Wedding Reception
How to Avoid Destructive Dynamics in Your Marriage
Cheating Wives - Play with Your Lives!
Wedding Colors
Emotional Infidelity: A KEY Tactic to Save the Marriage
Wedding Vows
Wedding Rings - How to Choose a Perfect Ring
Flowers in Her Hair
2005 Mother Of Bride Dress
Searching For An Affordable Mother Of The Bride Dress
Unique Wedding Reception Entertainment
Engagement Party Ideas To Wow The Crowd!
Finding the Perfect Bridesmaid Gift
The Definition of Love
Women Sufferings and Infidelity
Prenuptial Agreements: The Deal Breaker?
How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Dress
How To Choose Your Wedding Cake
Honeymooning on the Waves
Low Budget Wedding Reception
Send Flowers and Liberate Your Bridal Party From the Shackles Of Monogram Hell
Write An Apology To Your Spouse: How to Apologize In a Way That Really Works For You
Negotiation Strategies Especially for Couples
Inside Secrets On How To Stay In Love
Understanding Sexuality in Marriage
10 Ideas for Perfect Wedding Gifts
Wedding Centerpiece Ideas
Wedding Gifts for Second Marriages
Help Your Marriage Survive The Rough Spots
Fabulous Wedding Favors For Every Budget
An Inexpensive, Yet Beautiful, Wedding: One Brides Story
For Second Weddings Only - Eight Tips
And the Bride Didnt Wear White
Wedding Web Site Design - How to Design a Wedding Site That Others Will Rave About
Let Them Eat Cake -- Just Not at Your Wedding
Wedding Flower Ideas
Making a Budget For Your Wedding
Italian Honeymoon Vacations
Wedding Gown Styles
Marriage Tips: Breathe Your Way to a Happier Marriage
Setting a diamond - What to know.
Wedding Jewelry Tips Tricks and Helpful Hints
Wedding Loans in the UK - Saving Future from the Present Wedding Expenses
Should You Wear White?
Do We Still Need Wedding Traditions?
Wedding Music
Wedding Favors
What Being Best Man is All About
What Happens If You Dont Wear Proper Wedding Shoes?
Ditching a Wedding
After Wedding Tips - Five Tips for a Great Marriage - (That Produces The Good Feelings That Last)
The Perfect Bridal Makeup for Your Wedding Day
Your Wedding Flowers - What Are Your Choices?
Helping The Control Freak Plan The Wedding
Organizing The Wedding Menu
Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding
Wedding and Bridal Jewelry
The Greatest Love Story Ever Told
A Honeymoon Like No Other
Get Swept Away on Your Wedding Day: Rent a Sailboat or Yacht!
Nine Ways to Save Money on Wedding Photography
Which Came First, Love or Marriage?
Married 4 Good Thinking
Dance Music for the Wedding Reception
Choosing your Wedding Favors
Planning the Music for Your Wedding Ceremony
Bachelor Party Planning - The Ultimate Weekend Trip with the Guys
Who Wants to Be Rich?
Top Ten Reasons to Plan a Destination Wedding
Marriage Counseling: How to Get the Most Value for Your Time and Money
The Bachelor Party: A Guide For The Best Man
Toss a Garter or Two
Love on the Internet
Wedding Extravaganza
Three Ingenious Anniversary Gift Ideas
Is Conflict Healthy in Marriage?
Bridal Shower Games?The Good, the Bad and the Overdone
To Choose a Wedding Planner or Not to Choose a Wedding Planner
A Promise Ring- More Than Just a Pre-Engagement Ring
Bridal Shower Gift Ideas
Women and Marital Issues According to Internet
Searching For A Discount Mother Of The Bride Dress
Shopping For Elegant Mother Of The Bride Dresses
Fine Plus Size Mother Of The Bride Dresses
Classic White Color for Bridal Gown
Marriage Problems: Help in Preventing Them
3 Steps to Marrying the Right Person
Have a Garden Theme Dream Wedding
Prescription for a Happy Marriage
New Trends for Wedding Favors 2005
Wedding Loans - When Wedding Bills Are Postponing the Wedding Bells
What Makes The Best Wedding Anniversary Gift?
The Key to the Perfect Wedding
A Wedding Theme Can Rescue Your Wedding from Being Another Ho-Hum-Boring Disaster
Belize Honeymoon Resorts
Engagement Rings & Celebrities
Arizona Wedding Reception
Atlanta Wedding Receptions
The Enigma of Daytime Bachelor Party Activities
Bridal Beauty Tips For Your Special Day
Bora Bora Honeymoon Vacations
Chicago Wedding Receptions
To Register or Not to Register (for Wedding Gifts)
Wedding Favors: A Brief History
Cheap Wedding Favors
Unique Wedding Favors
Personalized Wedding Favors
Wedding Shower Favors
History of the Wedding Favor Box
The Charm of Homemade Wedding Favors
Chocolate Wedding Favors
Cookie Wedding Favors
A Guide to Wedding Invitations
Advice on Wedding Invitation Wording
Wedding Invitation Labels and Envelopes
Wedding Invitatation RSVP Cards
Cheap Wedding Invitations
Unique Wedding Invitations
Wedding Shower Invitations: An Overview
Do-It-Yourself Wedding Invitation Guide
Want to Get Married in Las Vegas?
Las Vegas Wedding Chapels
Las Vegas Wedding Packages
Cheap Las Vegas Weddings
Las Vegas Elvis Weddings
Throwing a Las Vegas Garden Wedding
Las Vegas Helicopter Weddings
Las Vegas Theme Weddings
Las Vegas Casino Weddings
Las Vegas Wedding Receptions
Las Vegas Hotel Weddings
Maui: A Prime Wedding Destination
Choosing a Maui Wedding Package
Planning a Maui Wedding
The Wide Range of Maui Wedding Ceremonies
A Look at Maui Wedding Cakes
Choosing a Maui Wedding Photographer
Dallas Wedding Receptions
How to Recognize and Cope with an Emotional Affair
Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks
Wedding Cake Design Through History
Wedding Favors, a Special Thank You for Your Guests
Wedding Bouquets for Life
Proper Etiquette for the Wedding Invitation
Wedding Dresses - Frequently Asked Questions
Wedding Dresses - What To Wear
Fiji Honeymoon Vacations
Wedding Reception; From Trendy to Traditional
Florida Honeymoon Vacations
Wedding Rings
What Is A Destination Wedding Dress?
What Is A Destination Wedding Favor?
3 Emerging Trends In Custom Invitations
Gatlinburg Honeymoon Packages
Dealing With Your Spouses Sexual Past
Intimacy, What is It Really?
The Runaway Brides ( & Grooms)
Invitation Anatomy 101 - Typical Components - Part 1 of 3
Invitation Anatomy 101 - Optional Components - Part 2 of 3
Invitation Anatomy 101 - Optional Components II - Part 3 of 3
Attracting Marital Fulfillment, Its Not To Late To Start Right Now
Marital Fulfillment: Tips for Intercultural Couples
How To Choose The Right Wedding Bouquet Style
Anniversary Gift Guide
The Charm of a Gatlinburg Wedding
Mexico Honeymoon Vacations
How to Choose a Marriage Counselor
Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies - Keeping Your Guest Comfortable
Bridezilla Bride!?
Dressing Your Bridesmaids
Planning A Backyard Wedding
Choosing A Wedding Photographer
Diamond Hunting
Choosing a Wedding Reception and Banquet Facility
Six Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Arch

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Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman of Reliance Industries, his wife Nita Ambani, their daughter Isha Ambani and her husband Anand Piramal, heir to a real-estate ...

Here's Why 'The Bachelorette' Fans Are Wondering If Becca & Garrett Are Married  Bustle

There's a big mystery in Bachelor Nation. On Saturday, Dec. 15, a photoshoot on Instagram has fans wondering are Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen from The ...

Unseen wedding pics of Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas revealed as couple celebrates one week of marriage  Hindustan Times

Unseen pictures from Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's Jodhpur wedding have been shared online. See them as the couple celebrates one week of marriage.

Miguel and Nazanin Mandi Announce Marriage, Share Wedding Photos  Complex

Miguel and Nazanin Mandi have married after years of dating. Meanwhile, you can't even get a date to the food court.

Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas get married with Hindu wedding in India, reports say  USA TODAY

The “Quantico” actress, 36, wed Jonas, 26, in a lavish Indian ceremony at the Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, India, the culmination of three days of ...

Jennifer Lopez totally gets the Alex Rodriguez marriage talk: 'Everyone wants a fairy tale'  USA TODAY

'Second Act' star Jennifer Lopez totally understands why the world is speculating whether she'll marry boyfriend Alex Rodriguez.

Kapil Sharma, Ginni Chatrath are married. See latest pics from their wedding  Hindustan Times

Kapil Sharma and Ginni Chatrath are now married. Their first pictures as a couple have arrived online.

Thankful and married! Inside Mika and Joe's Thanksgiving weekend wedding

For Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, Thanksgiving was full of not only turkey and pie but secret plans and wedding bells.

Why Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Finally Went Public About Marriage Months After Tying the Knot

"They want to openly celebrate their marriage. This is why Hailey decided to change her name," a source tells PEOPLE.

Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra step out as husband and wife after Indian wedding  USA TODAY

It's official! Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra have tied the knot, marrying in a Hindu ceremony on Sunday. The “Quantico” actress, 36, wed Jonas, 26, in a lavish ...

Tribune Take: Celebrity weddings that made headlines this year  The Express Tribune

Relive the biggest, the most extravagant and memorable weddings from this year.

Simmba director Rohit Shetty takes credit for Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone's wedding - details inside  Times Now

Last month, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone got married. Recently, Simmba director Rohit Shetty was seen taking credit for the duo's wedding.

Danielle Staub's Wedding Drama on RHONJ Before Getting Married

Danielle Staub gets into some drama before getting married on RHONJ. Get the rundown on her wedding details and where her husband is today.

Malin Akerman and Jack Donnelly Are Married: Inside Their Wedding  E! NEWS

This marks the second marriage for the 40-year-old Billions and Watchmen actress and mother.

90 DAY FIANCE Larissa posts wedding photos says marriage is destroyed  Starcasm

90 Day Fiance star Larissa Dos Santos Lima posted a series of wedding photos on Instagram and revealed "my marriage is over" after she says Colt was caught ...

Kapil Sharma And Ginni Chatrath's Wedding Reception Was Full Of Fun, Frolic And Laughter [Video]

With everybody waiting to see the first look of Kapil Sharma and Ginni Chatrath's wedding reception, Kapil looked dapper in a brown velvet bandhgala with.

Makdee actor Shweta Basu Prasad’s Bengali wedding with Rohit Mittal is all about tradition. See pics  Hindustan Times

Television actor Shweta Basu Prasad tied the knot with long-time boyfriend Rohit Mittal as per Hindu rituals on December 13. The couple got married in Pune in ...

Brides married for Dh10 dowry in UAE. Here's why  Khaleej Times

Wedding parties for women only and Dh10 dowries are some of the ways that several families have cut down on lavish wedding expenses in Ras Al Khaimah.

Ranbir Kapoor adds Alia Bhatt to his family WhatsApp group, is wedding planning already on? – details inside  Times Now

Reports suggest that Alia Bhatt has been added to Ranbir Kapoor family WhatsApp group that has Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Kapoor, Riddhima Kapoor Sahni and ...

Kapil Sharma shares wedding invite, confirms marriage with girlfriend Ginni on Dec 12  Hindustan Times

Kapil Sharma has confirmed his wedding with girlfriend Ginni Chatrath on Twitter, giving his fans and followers a peek at his wedding invitation.

Deepika Padukone calls herself wife of Ranveer Singh Padukone, says she has a lot of money when asked about wedding bills  Hindustan Times

Deepika Padukone has called herself the wife of Ranveer Singh Padukone and has told people not to worry about her wedding bills.

These Were the Most Googled Weddings of 2018  Vogue

When it feels like the world is full of sadness, it's nice to have a reminder of a little love. Today, Google released the most searched weddings of 2018. And 2018 ...

PICS: Mandy Moore gets married in a pink wedding dress  Independent Online

The 34-year-old star, exchanged vows with musician Taylor Goldsmith, 33, on Sunday at an intimate backyard ceremony.

‘This Wedding Broke Down Walls,’ Said Former N.F.L. Player Jeff Rohrer of Marrying Joshua Ross  The New York Times

Former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Jeff Rohrer, 59, became the first known N.F.L. player, past or present, to marry a man when he wed Joshua Ross, ...

Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas' wedding most searched on Google after Prince Harry, Meghan Markle's royal wedding  Times Now

Tech giant Google has recently released a list of most-searched weddings of the year. Interestingly, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' lavish wedding has ...

Aiman Khan's first photoshoot after marriage  AajNews

File Photo Web Desk: Pakistani actress Aiman Khan recently got married to Muneeb Butt. Their wedding has created a buzz on social media, as it comprised of ...

Are Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth Married? Wedding Clue  STYLECASTER

It's the question on everyone's minds: Are Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth already married? Since reuniting a couple years ago, the lovebirds have been ...

Wedding planner Vandana Mohan on Ranveer-Deepika marriage: They looked unreal  India Today

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone's wedding planner opened up on their dreamy marriage in Italy.

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh marriage: The couple invited their bodyguards and drivers to be a par  Times of India

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh tied the knot at Lake Como Italy. Their wedding was undoubtedly one of the biggest events of the year. The couple i.

Victoria and Albert: a marriage of misery?  BBC History Magazine

Queen Victoria married her husband of 21 years, Prince Albert, on 10 February 1840 in St James's Palace chapel, in what was the first marriage of a reigning ...

Katie Cassidy Reveals Gorgeous Lace Gown In First Wedding Pic With Husband Matthew Rodgers  Hollywood Life

Katie Cassidy and Matthew Rodgers are officially married! The excited actress took to Instagram on Dec. 9 to reveal the happy news with an amazingly romantic ...

PHOTOS: Inside the Spieth wedding celebration

While most golf fans were busy watching The Match this past holiday weekend, Jordan Spieth and his fiancee Annie got married in Dallas. Check out the photos ...

This Bollywood couple started the trend of Italy wedding in the industry!  Times of India

The Ram-Leela of Bollywood, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone got married recently in Italy swooning the internet with their beautiful wedding pictures.

SRK’s sweet gesture for this couple who went to Mannat after wedding is winning hearts online  The Indian Express

The reply from Shah Rukh Khan not only got the groom excited but others as well, many who were jealous, while others now plan to replicate the same on their ...

Karl Stefanovic wedding: Ex Cass Thorburn calls Today host ‘fake’

Cassandra Thorburn has launched an extraordinary attack on Karl Stefanovic, labelling her ex-husband a “fake” and claiming he had “a lot to hide”.

Quentin Tarantino Marries Daniella Pick in Intimate Wedding

Quentin Tarantino married his fiancée Daniella Pick in an intimate ceremony in Los Angeles today.

Surprise, Mandy Moore marries Taylor Goldsmith! See her whimsical, pink wedding dress  USA TODAY

"This is Us" star Mandy Moore and Dawes lead singer Taylor Goldsmith have gotten married.

Revealed: Saina Nehwal & Parupalli Kashyap’s Wedding Invite!  The Quint

Invites to the wedding of Indian badminton stars Saina Nehwal and Parupalli Kashyap leaked on the internet. Two invites for the ceremony on 16 December in ...

South Sudanese man responds to international backlash to his marriage  CNN

The South Sudanese man at the center of a row over his recent wedding says the marriage process conformed to the traditions of his country and denies that an ...

Brazil: same-sex couples rush to the altar ahead of Bolsonaro inauguration  The Guardian

On the night of the Brazilian election, Bianca Gama cried as it became clear that the country's next president would be Jair Bolsonaro, a far-right politician whose ...

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actor Parul Chauhan is now married! Check out the FIRST photos of the newlyweds  Times Now

It seems the wedding wave has now shifted from the film industry to the television fraternity. After Bollywood power couples Deepika Padukone and Ranveer ...

'Why I clean my wedding ring once a week'  9Honey

So this morning I was cleaning my wedding ring, I do it about once a week or so. I have this extra tooth brush that I clean it with set aside in the bathroom for ...

Here's What Parineeti Chopra Said About Reports of Her Impending Marriage With Charit Desai  News18

Following Priyanka Chopra's dreamy wedding with Nick Jonas, rumours started doing the rounds that Parineeti Chopra was planning to tie the knot with Charit ...

The Year of Big Fat Bollywood Weddings  The Sentinel Assam

It seems like actress Anushka Sharma and cricketer Virat Kohli gave a teaser of what moviegoers were expected to see in the coming year when they.

Steve Doocy: My wedding cost less than the price of an average visit to Costco (really!)  Fox News

As you shop for holiday gifts this week, just know spending a lot of money on something doesn't mean it's a better gift than something special from the heart, ...

Deepika and Ranveer's Wedding Photos are Making Bollywood Stars Want to Get Married too!  News18

'Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh might be one of the most attractive couples I've ever seen, their wedding pictures are so beautiful. I want to radiate this ...

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber appear to confirm marriage  BBC News

Hailey Baldwin has appeared to confirm that she and Justin Bieber are married by changing her Instagram name to Hailey Bieber. Justin also shared a picture of ...

Sunil Grover on Kapil Sharma’s wedding: I wish him a very happy married life  Hindustan Times

Sunil Grover has put all rivalry aside to wish Kapil Sharma on his upcoming wedding. Sunil said that he is very happy for Kapil.

In China, Marriage is Just a Click Away for Desperate and Single Men  News18

Websites like offer and ranks the would-be brides for 'popularity' while running a photo ticker of happy marriage ceremonies, complete with ...

Kajiado man explains why he married two wives  The Standard

Tom Mako alias Junior, 27 who married two women at one colorful wedding on Tuesday has explained where he got his inspiration. The man from Kajiado has ...

Arts Meets Science and Chemistry Wins the Day  The New York Times

Paul Romer had a doubly big day: he was married to Caroline Weber in the morning and then accepted a Nobel Prize in the evening.

'Dream come true': Migrant caravan LGBTQ couples celebrate mass wedding

At least seven LGBTQ couples with the migrant caravan took part in a mass-wedding celebration in Tijuana, Mexico before they seek asylum in the United ...

Noelle McCarthy: Why I got married

I like hard work. And marriage appeals to my sense of diligence.

Surprise! See the New Photo from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Wedding on Their Christmas Card

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have started a new tradition — it's their first-ever Christmas card! The pair's first festive season as a royal couple is being ...

Royal wedding sees Russia beauty queen marry Malaysia’s King Muhammad V in lavish ceremony  Express

A Russian beauty queen has become the first lady of Malaysia after marrying the country's king Muhammad V of Kelantan.

Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton Got Married In Reno?  Gossip Cop

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton did not get married in Reno, Nevada, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can correct the claim about a secret wedding.

LaLa Kent Is ‘Strongly Considering Leaving’ ‘Vanderpump Rules’ After Marriage To Ra...  Life&Style Weekly

LaLa Kent may be saying goodbye to Bravo and 'Vanderpump Rules' after she ties the knot with Randall Emmett. See what sources are saying here!

Anushka Sharma on her first wedding anniversary: It’s heaven when you marry a good man  The Indian Express

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli share photos and videos from their wedding on their first anniversary. The couple exchanged vows in Tuscany last year.

Lisa Origliasso wedding: Veronicas star’s unusual ceremony

Veronicas singer Lisa Origliasso's new husband, actor Logan Huffman, has offered up details of the couple's wedding ceremony earlier this month.

Bride and Prejudice: Fatima attempts to stop Seyat, Jess’ wedding

As her son Seyat prepared to marry Jess, Fatima made one last attempt to stop their wedding in a move that left viewers gobsmacked.

Roadies’ Raghu Ram ties the knot with Natalie Di Luccio. See pics from their beach wedding in Goa  Hindustan Times

Roadies' Raghu Ram has tied the knot with fiance Natalie Di Luccio and the couple's first pictures were shared on Instagram on Wednesday. In the pictures ...

KTN anchor Ben Kitili dares those criticizing his marriage to 'cross the line'  Nairobi News

KTN news anchor Ben Kitili says he has 'forgiven' those who criticized his wedding to longtime companion Amina Mude. He has however vowed to 'protect his ...

Justin Bieber’s Wedding Gift to Hailey: A New Instagram Handle  Vanity Fair

Hailey Baldwin is officially Hailey Bieber now. Well, she was officially married in the eyes of the state of New York sometime in September, and officially wore a ...

The Royal Family's 2018 in photos: Weddings, babies and a visit from Trump  Newsweek

The British Royal Family is wrapping up a major year. Three royal babies were born, including the fifth in line to the throne, and another was announced.

Marta Ortega and Carlos Torretta’s Wedding Details: Here’s Everything We Know About the Spanish “Wedding of the Year”  W

Marta Ortega and Carlos Torretta's wedding is already being called the wedding of the year just a day after it gathered a cross section of Spanish celebrities in ...

Parineeti Chopra quashes wedding rumours with Charit Desai: Will happily announce when I get married  Firstpost

Speculations are rife that after Priyanka Chopra's wedding, Parineeti Chopra could marry director Charit Desai, whom she met during the Dream Team tour in ...

Wedding Bells Are A Sure Thing: Miguel and Fiancée Nazanin Mandi Just Got Their Marriage License  Essence

It looks like Miguel and his high school sweetheart, model Nazanin Mandi, are one step closer to tying the knot.

‘I am fine with two but can get a third wife if they disturb me’  The Standard

Tom Makui with his two wives Elizabeth, 23, and Joyce 25, at their home in Kisaju village, Kajiado County on Thursday. [David Njaaga, Standard] Elizabeth ...

Lesbian couple shares their beautiful wedding story  Femina

For Suchandra Das (33) and Sreemoyee Mukherjee (35), getting married was the most natural culmination to their relationship. They were in love, and that they ...

Justin Bieber Opens Up About 'First Thanksgiving as a Married Man': 'Relationships Are Hard'

Justin Bieber has a lot to be thankful for this year. The newly-married 24-year-old singer celebrated his first Thanksgiving as a married man, and opened up ...

Mariah Carey Almost Burned The Wedding Dress From Her First Marriage In The “We Belong Together” Music Video  BuzzFeed News

While doing promotional rounds for her latest album, Caution, Mariah Carey revealed on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live that in one of her most ...

Singapore otters photobomb UK couple's marriage proposal  BBC News

The urban celebrities were otterly oblivious to the fact they were crashing a romantic moment.

Prince Charles, Princess Diana Reportedly Showed Signs Of Failed Marriage On Wedding Day  International Business Times

Princess Diana and Prince Charles may have known that their marriage wouldn't work even on their wedding day. The Prince and late Princess of Wales had a ...

Man throws $18,000 wedding party for marriage to virtual reality character

TOKYO, Japan (NBC News) – Domo arigato, Mr. and Mrs. Roboto. Just when you think you'd seen everything, a Japanese man has virtually married a virtual ...

Whirlwind Wedding! Justin Bieber Secretly Marries Hailey Baldwin Two Months After Proposal: Sources

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have secretly tied the knot, just two months after getting engaged. The singer, 24, and the model, 21, were married Thursday in ...

'I was shocked': A couple found out their marriage wasn't official weeks after their Cape Cod wedding

While newlyweds Ashley Veilleux and David Mellen enjoyed their wedding reception on Cape Cod, James Stern, their officiant, was spotted napping on a bench ...

Budget 2018: Outdoor venue plan 'to cut wedding costs'  BBC News

More couples could be able to get married outdoors or at home as part of a shake-up of the law designed to cut the cost of weddings. A review of wedding ...

Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith recall 'horrible' wedding, share intimate marriage secrets  USA TODAY

Jada Pinkett Smith and husband Will Smith dropped some truth bombs about their notoriously private relationship on a new episode of "Red Table Talk."

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's Wedding: Everything You need to Know

Here's everything you need to know about Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's rumored wedding, from the engagement to the bridal party.

Couples who spend more on their weddings are more likely to divorce, study finds  The Independent

Planning a dream wedding can be a costly endeavour but the good news is the less expensive the wedding, the more likely the marriage is to last. As bridal ...

Gwyneth Paltrow Considers Her Wedding with Brad Falchuk Her First Despite Chris Martin Marriage

Gwyneth Paltrow tied the knot with TV producer Brad Falchuk over the weekend — in a wedding the star considers her first despite her 10-year marriage to Chris ...

Here Comes the Wedding Doula: Your Key to 'Marriage Mindfulness'  OZY

Emma Gold didn't know what to do — plan her dream destination wedding in South America and risk losing guests, or keep it local and swallow her resentment?

A Marriage of Two Trees: an Unusual Wedding in a Small Italian Town  The New York Times

Gianluca De Bartolo traveled to a mountain village in southern Italy to document how the town celebrates its patron saint with an arboreal wedding.

A man ‘married’ a hologram in a ‘cross-dimensional’ wedding  The Daily Dot

We've seen holograms take the stage in the form of deceased celebrities. And now, a Japanese man named Akihiko Kondo says he married a hologram during ...

Couples across UK could soon be allowed to marry outdoors  The Guardian

England and Wales could soon follow lead of Scotland, where couples have more freedom of choice over wedding venues.

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