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How to Become A Modern-Day Ninja Master

The ninja were a military order in Japan. Most people have seen them in movies and fictional books.

They are the guys dressed in the black suits that seem to have amazing powers, such as climbing the outside of buildings with no rope, or seeming to disappear instantly.

Behind ninjutsu you will sometimes see reference to 'hidden powers' or ninja magic. Learning what this is exactly is part of the journey of the ninja master. All of us have the ability to tap into a greater force than we usually display. With training you can master this.

But behind all that mystery is the true story of the ninja master, who has very definite training. The actual martial art has a name, which is ninjutsu. Jutsu is a Japanese word for way.

There is also another Japanese word for way, which is do(pronounced doh)

So you have karate-do, which means the way of the empty hand.

Ninja Training in the US

There are various training schools in the US but before you start I suggest you read up on it. A great resource I have found is by Ninja Fanatic, John Lee.

Cover the ground in his book - Ninja Secrets Revealed - and then you will be more prepared to take your training further.

All such training starts from a desire, which gradually develops into mastery.

Today could be the start of your journey to mastering the ninja art and all its secrets.

Good Luck.

Or as they say in Japanese: "Gunbatte Kudasai"

Graeme Sprigge is a tae-kwon-do exponent with the rank of blue belt and brown tip. One of his hobbies is martial arts. He is currently studying Taijiquan (tai chi), using reference material from Master Wang Peisheng one of the Beijing Masters More Ninja Info Here

Copyright 2005 Graeme Sprigge

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Press release *content* from ACCESSWIRE. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

Akron to host Gedatsukai Martial Arts Federation - News  Akron Beacon Journal

The Gedatsukai Martial Arts Federation will host its sixth annual Master's Belt and awards ceremony Friday and Saturday at the Akron/Fairlawn DoubleTree by ...

Mixed Martial Arts Event Set For Saturday  KSNF/KODE -

Kansas Crossing Casino will host the Walkout FC 16 Border Wars Saturday night at 8 PM. The event will feature amateur and professional fighters.

Meet Your Neighbor: Tim Nance shares passion for martial arts - Winchester Sun  Winchester Sun

Juggling three jobs, Nance would start his day as a paper carrier for The Winchester Sun, only to head to Leeds Theater, where after cleaning up the last show, ...

‘Very dirty’: China demands apology for taekwondo fighter’s disqualification  South China Morning Post

Chinese taekwondo officials and media have demanded an apology and a lifetime ban for the referee who disqualified their Olympic champion Zheng Shuyin ...

Halle Berry learned three years of martial arts in six months for ‘John Wick 3’  TheGrio

Halle Berry will co-star alongside Keanu Reeves in the forthcoming film, John Wick 3: Parabellum, and to do so she pulled three years of martial arts training into ...

Jaye Spiro on 40 Years Teaching the Art of Empowerment  pride

Despite operating a martial arts school for decades, practicing various forms for almost 50 years and pioneering early self-defense courses for women across the ...

THE LIONS DEN: The Story of the First Mixed Martial Arts Team  Fightful

In 1994, Ken Shamrock assembled the first ever MMA team - the Lion's Den - and showed success in the ultimate individual sport was a team effort.

Founder of Martial arts program returns to St. Joseph for Anniversary

Chan Yu founded the Academy that bears his name in 1974, He returned to St. Joe for the 45th Anniversary.

Martial arts competition finds home at Memorial Hall  KSNF/KODE -

People of all different martial arts backgrounds put their skills to the test Saturday.

How do Angela, Christian Lee stack up against MMA’s greatest sibling’s?  FanSided

Christian Lee defeated and dethroned ONE Lightweight World Champion Shinya Aoki in the main event of ONE: Enter the Dragon in the former's home country ...

Events in Martinsville area: May 27  Martinsville Bulletin

Memorial Day services will be conducted at three locations in Martinsville. The fifth annual *service* will be at 10 a.m. at the entrance to People's Cemetery, ...

Local grandmother earns her black belt  WGBA-TV

A local woman has kicked and punched her way to a black belt at age 78.

Masterful Parenting: Olson's Martial Arts Academy  WJHL-TV News Channel 11

Master Mom, Amanda Olson, brings parents Amanda Peterson and Mary Mccormick to Daytime to talk about their experiences with Olson's Martial Arts Academy ...

MMA legend Miesha Tate on motherhood, being a mixed martial arts instructor, and life in Singapore  Mashable SE Asia

If you've been following mixed martial arts, then the name Miesha Tate should not be a stranger to your ears (and eyes). The 32-year-old is well known in the ...

Roseburg Martial Arts Academy fares well in Region 1 Championship

SAN FRANCISCO — Roseburg Martial Arts Academy had 14 compete in the Region 1 Championship on May 4.

Photos: Asian Festival Franklin Park  The Columbus Dispatch

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Local Girl Scouts recently got together at Rhuel Luttrell's Academy of Self Defense and Karate. There Girl Scouts learned about different Martial art styles and ...

Local martial artists perform well at tournament | Sports  WV News

A four-member team from the USA Martial Arts Training Center in Weston participated in the Mountain State Karate Championships. The tournament was held in ...

Graduate honors father's memory with martial arts success, LU degree  Liberty News

As a freshman, Tykeyah Henderson made two promises to her father, Arthur, before he died of stomach cancer at 58 on Feb. 19, 2015 — to win a National ...

After martial arts instructor fends off thief, police warn of fighting back against criminals

NEW ORLEANS —. It's video you can't help but watch over and over again. “He definitely seemed shocked!” martial arts instructor Meredith Livengood said.

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