Medicine Information

Medicine Information

Vioxx and Bextra Lawsuits Could Tie Up Courts for Years

In September, 2004, pharmaceutical giant Merck voluntarily withdrew its painkilling medication Vioxx from the market. Studies show that Vioxx increases the risk of heart attack and stroke among patients who have used the drug for longer than 18 months.

The Medical Community Changes Its Mind

How many of us have taken aspirin or a similar popular product found at the drug store when we had some type of discomfort? Of course, many of us have and why shouldn't we? Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, also called NSAIDs; like aspirin and ibuprofen, have generally been considered safe and effective in making an individual feel better.As science continues to advance, there are certain times when physicians or scientists simply change their mind about some things, as they have done regarding the once thought safe NSAIDs.

High Cholesterol Prescription Medications Can Kill You

The World Health Organization declares that heart disease is the number one killer worldwide. High cholesterol is a major contributor of heart disease.

Protect Yourself Against the Flu Vaccine!

The vaccine industry insists that their vaccines against the flu serve as the key to a healthy winter. Although there has not been a serious flu epidemic for 38 years, their vaccines are prescribed to millions of people each year.

Bextra Withdrawal Could Be Just the Beginning for Pfizer

The pharmaceutical industry is a tremendously profitable one, as anyone who reads the business pages of their newspaper can see. Although it can take years to develop a new drug and bring it to market, the profits obtained from a breakthrough drug can be staggering.

7 Tips to Keep Your Fluid Down on Dialysis

As any dialysis patient will tell you, keeping your fluid gain between dialysis sessions in check is not only important to your long term health, it is a major factor in your immediate well-being.Keeping fluid level gains as low as possible between dialysis treatments will minimize the risk of congestive heart failure, pulmonary oedema, and hypertension.

Potassium and The Dialysis Patient

Any dialysis patient who has had a brush with high potassium will know only too well how dangerous this can be. We are forever being told to watch our potassium intake, so I thought I would explore the reasons for this, and what practical steps we can take to limit the risks.

Building A Medical Spa Inside Your Existing Medical Practice

The physicians conundrum: Everywhere, physicians are contemplating or engaged in expanding into the "medical spa" market. Seduced by the media buzz around this hot new phenomenon, many doctors see the medical spa as a means boosting their income and eliminating the growing grind and countless headaches of their daily practice.

What is Bextra? (FDA Recalled Drug)

Bextra, also known as valdecoxib, is a prescribed medication used to alleviate the problems associated with arthritis and other inflammation-related conditions. The drug helps reduce the pain of swelling and fever without causing stomach irritation like aspirin.

Watch Out for Misleading Pharmaceutical Advertising

In 1997, the Food and Drug Administration relaxed the rules for drug advertising on television and radio. Since that time, the airwaves have been flooded with commercials for all sorts of drugs.

Medical Billing Software Takes the Stage

Medical Billing SoftwareThe practice is running smoothly, with patients coming in and out with smiles on their faces because of the great service your practice is providing. At the end of the day, you review the office secretary's billing records and realize you are behind, again.

Hacking through the Medical Scheduling Software Jungle: Helpful Search Tips

It is the reality of the 21st century medical practice that in order to ensure the most effective office management and to provide the best service to patients, a medical office must incorporate medical scheduling software. Medical scheduling software helps to run the modern medical practice.

Medical Billing PDA: 21st Century Convenience for Medical Practices

Medical Billing PDAOne of the first things I notice about a medical office, whether it be with my dentist, my family doctor, or my optometrist, is the walls full of color-coded files containing medical histories, billing information, and tracking information for prescriptions check ups and various other things. As a patient, it is fun to trace the colored tags across the files and wonder what they mean.

4 Reasons to Feel Safe Submitting an Electronic Medical Claim

Electronic Medical ClaimFor years, both practices and patients have had to deal with submitting medical claims. Up until recently, claims were submitted manually, using HCFA 1500 forms.

Paxil Recall Lawyer Discusses Paxil Addiction

Paxil went on the market in 1992 at the height of antidepressant drug popularity. It is a member of the class of antidepressants called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs.

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Despite critics, Chinese medicine to gain WHO acceptance  WFMZ Allentown

Herbal remedies have been used by healers around the world for centuries to prevent and treat disease. But it's in China that the practice has been most ...

At $2 million, priciest ever medicine treats fatal genetic disease  WJHL-TV News Channel 11

(ASSOCIATED PRESS) - U.S. regulators have approved the most expensive medicine ever, for a rare disorder that destroys a baby's muscle control and kills ...

Two million dollars for a single dose of medicine?  Al Jazeera America

Novartis puts $2 million-dollar price tag on new drug that may only be used by a few hundred patients each year.

How Civil War Plant Remedies Could Improve Modern Medicine  Atlas Obscura

An 1863 text called Resources of the Southern Fields and Forests by Francis Porcher, a botanist and surgeon from South Carolina, was a compendium of plants ...

Radioactive hazmat spill cleanup at UW Medicine building in Seattle could take 6 weeks

UW Medicine employees might have to wait at least six more weeks to return to work at a building where a radioactive substance was spilled three weeks ago.

New Progress in Stem-Cell-Free Regenerative Medicine  Singularity Hub

Thinking outside the stem cell box, two teams have now explored alternative paths towards repairing damaged tissue, both inside and outside the body.

Detecting middle ear fluid using smartphones  Science Magazine

Ear infections are typically diagnosed using specialized equipment to assess eardrum mobility: The presence of fluid in the middle ear, indicative of likely ear ...

Digital Medicine: Digital Health, Plus Evidence, Plus Humility  Forbes

I see a new generation of researchers who grew up immersed in data+digital beginning to populate incumbent healthcare organizations+pharma companies, ...

Yale's De Camilli awarded Ernst Jung Gold Medal for Medicine  Yale News

Yale's Pietro De Camilli will be awarded the 2019 Ernst Jung Gold Medal for Medicine by the Jung Foundation for Science and Research on May 23 in Hamburg ...

Trade War With China Threatens To Make Problems With Generic Medicine Worse  Forbes

Do you know where your medicines are made? Have you been switched between different generic forms of your medicine, only to find that you responded ...

Olympia Development, DMC break ground on $70 million building for sports medicine, law firm  Crain's Detroit Business

Detroit Medical Center, Warner Norcross + Judd to be main tenants; 127,000-square-foot medical, office and retail building will be between Mike Ilitch School of ...

Walmart And Homeopathic Medicines  NPR

NPR's Scott Simon asks Nicholas Little of the Center for Inquiry about suing Walmart for the way it markets homeopathic medicines.

'Medicine and Miracles' traces a spirit journey  Albuquerque Journal

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — There are miracles great and small in Dr. Erica M. Elliott's memoir “Medicine and Miracles in the High Desert – My Life Among the ...

Space Tourism Is About to Push Civilian Astronaut Medicine Into the Final Frontier

With space tourism slowly becoming a reality, space medicine needs to adapt to the changing health of would-be astronauts.

Welcome - Diversity, School of Medicine, UC San Diego  UC San Diego Health

​The Office of Diversity and Community Partnerships supports innovative programs that enhance the academic, clinical, scholarly and advocacy skills of middle ...

Soon, emergency medicine in helicopters  The Hindu

International Critical Care Air Transfer Team (ICATT), a specialised air ambulance *service* started by two doctors trained in the U.K., has announced plans to ...

MD Degree Program - School of Medicine, UC San Diego  UC San Diego Health

Our mission at the School of Medicine is to provide cutting edge resources and education to our students so they may grow into innovative and compassionate ...

Marijuana is a Psychoactive Drug. But is it Really a Medicine?  WTTW News

Five local PBS news programs around the country, including “Chicago Tonight,” are examining marijuana legalization. This is the latest in our series of reports.

Gaza Suffers Worst Medicine Shortage with Deficit at 52%  Asharq Al-awsat English

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza Strip warned of the dangerous consequences on Gaza Strip patients due to a severe medicines shortage.

Access to emergency medicine should be free for everyone, group says  Irish Examiner

Access to emergency medicine should be free for everyone, according to the Irish Association for Emergency Medicine (IAEM). The Association joins other ...

Hospitals warn of dire shortages of medicine as Mexico reverses some cuts  Herald-Mail Media

MEXICO CITY — Mexico's federal government has partially reversed budget cuts of about $130 million for its health care system after warnings from hospitals ...

Randomized trials in medicine and policy make the public uneasy.

Randomized trials are one of the best tools scientists have for learning about the effects of new policies. There's just one problem — the public kinda hates them.

Double Graduate Seeks to Improve Maternal Medicine Care  Columbia University

Etoro Ekpe, 26, knew she wanted to be an obstetrician-gynecologist when she was in junior high school. “I have always thought delivering babies was the most ...

Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital opens Hearing Aid Dispensary  Chicago Daily Herald

Approximately 15 percent of American adults report some trouble hearing, but early intervention and treatment is routinely not occurring despite the potentially ...

Penn Medicine drastically cuts opioid prescriptions for some cancer patients

A new pain management program implemented by Penn Medicine has limited the number opioids prescribed to urologic cancer patients. Now, they only receive ...

Weekend Workout: Medicine ball throw & twist  News 12 Long Island

This week's workout comes from trainer Jamie at Lifestyle Fitness. This medicine ball throw and twist is great for your core and obliques.

First class of the OU-TU School of Medicine graduates, 11 of 30 set to stay in Tulsa  Tulsa World

The four-year medical school is a joint effort of the University of Oklahoma and University of Tulsa to focus on population-based health outcomes and the social ...

AI In Medicine: More Science And Less Art : Shots - Health News  NPR

Will AI in health care create a two-tiered system in which poorer people will be seen by a computer instead of a doctor? That's one concern about the burgeoning ...

Israeli Fund Selects 14 Research Teams For $16M Precision Medicine Grants | Health  NoCamels - Israeli Innovation News

The Israel Precision Medicine Partnership is set to fund four cohorts of teams over the next several years. | NoCamels.

Renove Medical Spa offers aesthetic medicine treatments from Kingwood facility  Community Impact Newspaper

Renove Medical Spa opened March 2 at 1850 W. Lake Houston Parkway, Ste. 170, Kingwood. Dr. Afia Naqvi, who is an aesthetic medicine physician with more ...

Professional Development Center - School of Medicine, UC San Diego  UC San Diego Health

Welcome to the Professional Development Center (PDC) at the University of California San Diego, School of Medicine, home of the Standardized Patient ...

It's time to stop murder by counterfeit medicine  STAT

Counterfeit medicines and substandard drugs kill thousands of people a year around the world. Better technology and stronger laws can help stop the problem.

Opinion: How self-tracking biometrics influence patients, medicine and society  MobiHealthNews

For many, self-monitoring is becoming a new philosophy for life, argues digital health journalist and blogger Artur Olesch.

CAPSTONE brings downrange medicine to residents  United States Army

72 graduating residents and interns participate in a CAPSTONE field training exercise May 15 and 16 at Madigan Army Medical Center.

KU Athletics launches a new sports medicine model. Here’s how it will work  Wichita Eagle

Kansas Athletics will be changing its structure when it comes to its sports medicine staff, launching a new model where those roughly 40 employees will now be ...

Placebos May Be A Powerful Tool That Medicine Has Overlooked  NPR

Physicians believe placebos work only if patients think they're getting medicine. In other words, doctors have to deceive patients. But there might be a way to get ...

Yankees Beat Rays With a Taste of Their Own Medicine  The New York Times

On the one-year anniversary of the Tampa Bay Rays' first use of a so-called opener, the Yankees copied the concept, having Chad Green, a reliever, start the ...

Perioperative Risk With Immunosuppression in Rheumatoid Arthritis  Annals of Internal Medicine

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are at increased risk for infection after arthroplasty, yet risks of specific biologic medications are unknown. Objective:.

Socialized Medicine Is Bad for Your Health  National Review

Of all the forms of socialism that persist in the West, socialized medicine may well be the most persistent — and the most consequential. But first, it's worth ...

The Future of Medicine Lives in Your Gut  Popular Mechanics

Dozens of biotech companies are targeting your microbiome to create a whole new class of drugs.

Celebrity biohacker Josiah Zayner is under investigation for practicing medicine without a license  MIT Technology Review

Josiah Zayner knows how to play the game. The onetime NASA scientist has leaped to social-media fame and earns a living by performing medical procedures ...

Skyview Trailer Park residents allowed to collect medicine, belongings from damage  KOKH FOX25

On May 26, 2019 from noon to 6 p. m. , residents of the Skyview Trailer Park can check in with a police officer behind Chelino's restaurant to identify individuals ...

Educational Support Services - School of Medicine, UC San Diego  UC San Diego Health

The goal of the OESS is to help students maximize their comprehension and retention of information critical to their education and develop life-long learning ...

Food as medicine: How this Newfoundland community got 'hooked' on plant-based eating

A growing number of people have moved away from eating meat after attending workshops in the Burin Peninsula run by two local doctors who champion a ...

NFRMC opens new internal medicine clinic in Southwest Gainesville  WCJB

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) -- The opening of a new internal medicine clinic off Tower Road in Southwest Gainesville was celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ...

Food as medicine: Doctors are prescribing broccoli and bananas alongside beta blockers  Washington Post

A D.C. pilot program gives Medicaid patients weekly $20 vouchers for *fresh* produce.

Civil War plant medicines blast drug-resistant bacteria in lab tests: Confederate field hospitals turned to traditional remedies under Union blockade  Science Daily

A new study based on a mostly forgotten guide to medicinal plants, 'Resources of the Southern Fields and Forests,' focuses on three of the plants and shows ...

Syrian refugees in Lebanon unable to afford medicine

At least 180000 Syrian refugees suffer from a chronic disease, but struggle to pay for basic medical care.

Diagnosis of genetic diseases in seriously ill children by rapid whole-genome sequencing and automated phenotyping and interpretation  Science Magazine

When treating seriously ill children, time is of the essence. Clark et al. built an automated pipeline to analyze EHR data and genome sequencing data from dried ...

With Denver's vote on magic mushrooms, will Colorado anchor a psychedelic medicine revolution?  The Colorado Sun

With voters requiring police to slacken enforcement of laws around psilocybin mushrooms, Colorado and the Mile High City are poised to anchor an emerging ...

News and Stories: The Art of Medicine  Muhlenberg College

By learning what she didn't want to do—become a physician—medical illustrator Beth Sumner Vuelta '09 found her true calling. By: Cindy Kuzma Thursday, May ...

Nadeem Karimbux Named Dean of School of Dental Medicine  Tufts Now

Nadeem Karimbux, an accomplished dental educator, researcher, clinician, and leader, has been named the seventeenth dean of Tufts University School of ...

Man steals chemotherapy medicine from brain cancer patient’s porch  New York Daily News

Surveillance video captured a porch thief swiping a package of chemotherapy medicine over the weekend, just days before an Oklahoma City man was set to ...

Perham local graduates from Iowa State University with a Doctor...  Perham Focus

Keith Schornack graduated from Perham High School in 2011. He continued his education at South Dakota State University in 2014 where he graduated with a ...

Addiction Medicine Mostly Prescribed To Whites, Even As Opioid Deaths Rose Among Blacks  Kaiser Health News

A study looked at who gets Suboxone prescriptions and found that whites are almost 35 times more likely to get the addiction treatment than African Americans.

Denver Considers Telling Law Enforcement To Let 'Magic Mushrooms' Be : Shots - Health News  NPR

Denver could be the first place to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms if voters pass a ballot measure today. Supporters point to research finding therapeutic ...

Biomarker for chronic fatigue syndrome identified | News Center  Stanford Medical Center Report

Stanford scientists devised a blood-based test that accurately identified people with chronic fatigue syndrome, a new study reports.

Ohio abortion, ectopic pregnancy bill: 'It's both bad medicine and bad law-making'

Ohio House Bill 182, authored by Rep. John Becker, ignores medical science and invents a new treatment that is completely unproven.

Prehistoric Medicine: How Archaic Humans Cured Themselves - The Crux  Discover Magazine

Natural remedies have been used by many animals and probably early human ancestors.

Associates in Family Medicine expands medical services, urgent care in Windsor  The Coloradoan

Associates in Family Medicine, one of the largest medical providers in Northern Colorado, opened a new office and urgent care building in Windsor on Monday.

Discounts and scholarships for medicine - Nation  The Star Online

KUALA LUMPUR: Visitors to the Star Education Fair today will get a special discount if they sign up for Mahsa University's medical degree.

Exposed Again: Donkeys Abused and Slaughtered for Traditional Chinese Medicine  PETA

In 2017, a PETA Asia investigation revealed that donkeys in China—some as young as 5 months old—are bashed in the head with a sledgehammer and their ...

Quackery or a real alternative: What is Traditional Chinese medicine?  Deutsche Welle

This week, the World Health Organization will adopt its new International Classification of Diseases. One point of bitter contention: whether Traditional Chinese ...

Me Too has done little to improve medicine for female physicians  STAT

Two surveys of female physicians show that "it's hard" to work in the still-patriarchal health care system and that #MeToo has had only a small effect.

Best wishes, Class of 2019!  Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Gathering at the historic Danforth Campus, graduates, faculty, family and friends celebrated the 158th Washington University Commencement ceremony on ...

Why precision medicines for oncology demands precision engagement  MedCity News

The speed of scientific breakthroughs in precision medicine is leading to groundbreaking treatments, particularly in oncology and rare diseases. More than 85 ...

Did you take your medicine? Abilify MyCite could help doctors track patients' medication -- or frighten them.  The Washington Post

When the Food and Drug Administration approved in late 2017 a schizophrenia pill that sends a signal to a patient's doctor when ingested, it was seen not only ...

Hormone reduces social impairment in kids with autism  Stanford Medical Center Report

In a Stanford study of 30 children with autism, intranasal vasopressin improved social skills more than a placebo, suggesting that the hormone may treat core ...

Debt Market Gives Payday Lender a Taste of Its Own Medicine  Bloomberg

CNG Holdings plans to sell $310 million of bonds, promising a 12% interest rate to investors who can stomach its business model.

USA Gymnastics director of sports medicine is out after one day  CNN

The first full-time director of sports medicine and science for USA Gymnastics is out after a day on the job.

Clinical trial at IU School of Medicine improves treatment of genetic rickets  EurekAlert

A new study shows a drug developed in conjuction with investigators at Indiana University School of Medicine to alleviate symptoms of a rare musculoskeletal ...

World traveler studied plant use as food and medicine  News from Tulane

Not all paths are easy, but a little drive and ambition can go a long way in achieving one's goals.

Donkeys Slaughtered For Hides To Be Used In Traditional Chinese Medicine : Goats and Soda  NPR

China reportedly needs 4 million donkey hides a year for the traditional medicine ejiao. They're importing hides from poor countries — and dealing a blow to ...

Google’s Jeff Dean details how AI is advancing medicine, chemistry, robotics, and more  VentureBeat

At a session during Google's I/O developer conference, Google AI research head Jeff Dean detailed the ways AI is advancing countless scientific fields.

Is Insulin’s High Cost Keeping Diabetes Patients From Taking Their Medicine?  Kaiser Health News

An estimated 1.25 million Americans have Type 1 diabetes and cannot live without insulin. Sen. Kamala Harris' claim that 1 in 4 diabetes patients cannot afford ...

New computer program can help crack precision medicine

Researchers from ANU have helped develop a new computer program to find out a person's genetic make-up, bringing us a step closer to an era of precision ...

What medicine can teach academia about preventing burnout

The medical programmes we see in our training as physician-scientists are becoming more progressive and supportive of students. Here's what academia can ...

Poor Olfaction and Mortality in Older Adults  Annals of Internal Medicine

Poor olfaction is common among older adults and has been linked to higher mortality. However, most studies have had a relatively short follow-up and have not ...

Patients, distributors worry about access to medicine as cannabis dispensaries set to close Friday  KERO 23ABC News

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — All cannabis dispensaries in Kern County are expected to close their doors this Friday, May 24 after the Kern County Board of ...

In This Doctor’s Office, a Physical Exam Like No Other  The New York Times

Genetic and molecular analysis of 109 volunteers turned up hidden health problems in about half of them. Critics say the approach amounted to ...

FDA requires stronger warnings about rare but serious incidents related to certain prescription insomnia medicines

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today announced the agency is requiring a new boxed warning – the agency's most prominent warning – on certain ...

Delve into the enigmatic world of 17th-century medicine and magic  The Irish Times

Simon Forman was seen as a quack but it didn't stop him from gathering over 80000 cases and 'diagnoses'

Gun-Toting Thief Swiped $150 Worth of Cold Medicine From Duane Reade, Police Say

Police are looking for the man shown in surveillance footage above and below because they say he stole a large amount of cold medicine and flashed a gun at ...

'Medicine or Myth?' host Jan Fran talks wild home remedies and complementary medicine  SBS

The Feed's Jan Fran greets the many and varied Australians for a chat before they face a panel of medical experts who will decide if their home remedies will get ...

WVU Medicine doctors expected to staff Uniontown Hospital's emergency room  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

WVU Medicine doctors will staff Uniontown Hospital's emergency department and other areas of the hospital, while the number of community physician offices is ...

Alternative medicine blooms in Cuba | The GroundTruth Project - Alternative medicine blooms in Cuba  The GroundTruth Project

SHARE. May 2, 2019. By Seamus McAvoy. HAVANA, Cuba — Just off of Avenida 23, one of Havana's busiest streets, lies a small shop, its storefront minimally ...

Bringing Physicians Up to Speed on Precision Medicine  Columbia University Irving Medical Center

In a series of new articles, Columbia physicians and researchers offer insight into the power and pitfalls of precision medicine in clinical practice.

Costly medicines The global battle over high drug prices  The Economist

THESE DAYS it is hard to find a government that is not struggling with the high price of medicines. In England, the government is fighting Vertex, a drug company ...

A Silicon Valley start-up is making cancer treatment for dogs more precise  CNBC

Silicon Valley start-up One Health says it's too soon to publish data, but says many of its canine clients are living longer than would be expected using traditional ...

Blocking protein curbs memory loss in old mice  Stanford Medical Center Report

Impeding VCAM1, a protein that tethers circulating immune cells to blood vessel walls, enabled old mice to perform as well on memory and learning tests as ...

USF Health Morsani College of Medicine and Heart Institute Enters Next Phase of Construction | USF News  USF News Channel

Construction may be less visible outside the USF Health Morsani College of Medicine and Heart Institute (MCOM+HI), but crews are hard at work on the inside.

Meet the experts judging the home remedies on 'Medicine or Myth?'  SBS

These medical experts inform, empathise and charm on 'Medicine or Myth?' as they decide which home remedies will be given a clinical trial and a chance at ...

Migrant family pleads for medicine  Trinidad Guardian

Kristian De Silva. Having endured a gruelling boat ride from Tucupita to Trinidad and then several days of hiding in the forests of Palo Seco before they were ...

WVU Medicine to acquire The Health Plan  Charleston Gazette-Mail

The West Virginia University Health System will acquire managed care organization The Health Plan, the companies announced in a joint news release ...

Ash holes cost Collingwood $9000 a year in tree medicine  BarrieToday

Here's a legend for four different marks you'll find on Collingwood ash trees this summer.

The Secret Starbucks Drink to Order When You're Feeling Sick  Thrillist

The worst feeling in the world is the beginning of a cold. Your throat starts to tickle, which intensifies into full blown pain when swallowing. Suddenly you're either ...

Pharma industry improves access to medicines in developing world  Financial Times

Pharmaceutical companies have made good progress in promoting global health over the past 10 years by providing more and better medicines to the ...

Suicidal Bristol student left without medicine, inquest hears  The Guardian

A vulnerable university student who twice tried to kill herself was left for a month without anti-depressant medication before she was found dead, an inquest has ...

Top Docs  GR|MAG

Grand Rapids Magazine's exclusive list of top doctors. This page contains the doctors in adult and pediatric specialties, as voted by their peers. Disclaimer: Top ...

Scanner: Erik Jones: 'He can't handle his own medicine'  NASCAR

Listen in as your favorite Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series drivers go toe-to-toe at Kansas, including Erik Jones' comments toward Clint Bowyer.

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