Meditation Information

Whats The Point of Meditating?

What are you likely to gain from meditating?


? It improves the power of your concentration.

? Calms you down.

? And enables you to know what you want out of life and how to achieve it.

In our experience, we each have two sides of us, two YOUS if you prefer.

ONE YOU: wants to be successful and has the ability of giving you all the help and encouragement you need.

THE OTHER YOU: wants you to be an all so ran. Mediocre and that one will also give you all the help and encouragement you need to be mediocre.

The question is: Which of these have you chosen to work with? Which of these have you activated. Which of these have you given credence and credibility to.

Ask yourself:

When did you last say you would do something but never did?

When did you say that you volunteer for a task only to find that whilst you were procrastinating another person took the opportunity and made it?

When was the last time you broke a promise to your colleague, your partner or your children?

If you can identify with all or some of these behaviours then you have chosen to live with the You that is less powerful. As a result will find it difficult to reach the goals you have set for yourself in this life.

Success comes from the ability to concentrate on your strengths.

How do you do this?

Simple just give yourself five minutes a day. Just five minutes every morning to be with yourself and concentrate on the successful you.

If you really want to change your life give yourself five minutes every day to:

focus on your strengths. focus on successful thoughts. focus on fulfilling your commitments. focus on encouraging others. focus on delivering what you promised.

If you can't squeeze five minutes into your schedule spend five minutes with yourself on the bus, train or in the traffic jam. Just give yourself five minutes.

When you start you will not be able to concentrate and will find your mind wandering all over the place. Don't worry about this. It's natural. It's like learning to walk. You couldn't do that immediately. It just takes practice.

The more you practice. The more you devote five minutes of your time to yourself, the easier it will become.

It's like everything else in this world. You get a return of what you give. The more you give yourself the higher the return.

That's the point of meditating. You improve your concentration skills, you gradually become at one with yourself and the world. And you know what you want out of life and how to achieve it.

Good Luck.

Graham and Julie

To improve your intuition, initiative and energy levels. Please go to: It's free.

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