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Get Organized: 10 Universal Laws
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5 Easy Steps to Making Housework More Manageable
The Psychology of Being Organized

The system that makes organizing easy  KUTV 2News

(KUTV) -- In today's world we are bombarded with information and stuff, so there is clutter everywhere. From being on our phones and computers, countertops, ...

Organizing Your Home Office |

Is your home office a productive space? Organize it with these tips.

Is Organizing Men-Free Festivals, as in Sweden, a Way of Fighting Rape, Sexual Assault?  Al-Bawaba

A men-free feminist musical festival in Sweden has been accused of discrimination, according to the country's Discrimination Ombudsman (DO).The women-only ...

A Bitcoin Group Is Organizing A Run On Exchanges  Crypto Briefing

Proof of Keys. Hodlers of Last Resort are organising a coordinated run on third party services, like Bitcoin exchanges and custodial wallets.

Organizing 101 program at Edon Branch Library | Social  The Bryan Times

EDON — Just Julie Organizing will be at the Edon Branch Library on Tuesday, Jan. 15.

Organizing palliative care in the rural areas of Iran: are family phys | JPR  Dove Medical Press

Organizing palliative care in the rural areas of Iran: are family physician-based approaches suitable? Hossein Jabbari,1 Saber Azami-Aghdash,2 Reza Piri,3 ...

In a chilly year for the news business, union organizing is smoking hot  Poynter

Photo: Gene Forbes, in the pre-press department of The Denver Post, walks with fellow employees during a rally against the paper's ownership group, Alden ...

Alexandria fire fighter gives back by organizing holiday toy drive for area kids  FOX 5 DC

An Alexandria fireman who wanted to give back to his community did so in a very special way. Battalion Chief Willie Bailey helped organize the department's toy ...

Nicole Richie has the most genius purse-organizing hack  Yahoo Finance

Ever searched your bag for your phone and wound up with a handful of frayed tissues and leaking lip gloss? Not anymore.

Students at Iowa college drop union organizing effort to avoid Trump labor board ruling  Chicago Tribune

Students at an Iowa college said Friday they want to drop their effort to expand a union representing student workers because they fear a federal board ...

Students at Iowa College Drop Union Organizing Effort  U.S. News & World Report

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Students at an Iowa college have ended their effort to expand a union representing student workers because of fear a federal board ...

Unions back organizing drive at area Tesla factory  Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

BUFFALO — United Steelworkers and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers announced Thursday that workers at Tesla's solar panel factory will hold a ...

Checklist: Are You Organizing Democratically?  Labor Notes

Labor Notes has always emphasized that union power requires democracy. That's because unions need active members to be strong—and people won't stay ...

Bowlmageddon 2018: 5 dudes’ quest to see 18 bowls in 24 days, explained  SB Nation

It's the afternoon on Dec. 16, a Sunday, one day after bowl season started. Scott Ostlund has to delay our phone call, because he isn't sure what time zone he's ...

Tesla Employee Claims It's Still Preventing Union Organizing  Jalopnik

Tesla has kept up practices to prevent workers from organizing a union, even as it battles with a U.S. labor agency over allegations that its management violated ...

Romania: EU organizing conference to help solve Gulf crisis  The Jerusalem Post - Israel News

DOHA, Dec 15 - The European Union is working on organizing a conference that could help solve the Gulf crisis, Romanian foreign minister Teodor-Viorel ...

USW and IBEW Launch Organizing Drive at Tesla's Buffalo Solar Factory  PRNewswire

BUFFALO, N.Y., Dec. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The United Steelworkers (USW) and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) announced today ...

SUPER COUPONING: Manage your home stockpile by rotating, organizing

"Dear Jill: I do a fair amount of stocking up during the year. I have a big set of heavy-duty shelves in a closet off the kitchen that I use.

After organizing the 100th Weld County Fair, coordinator Janet Konkel plans to retire  Greeley Tribune

It was her first day on the job, and Janet Konkel had nothing to help her plan the 2011 Weld County Fair except an empty desk and five months ahead of her.

Bruce Museum Organizing An Exhibit of Small Artworks  HamletHub

The Bruce Museum of Greenwich, CT is organizing an exhibition of small artworks.

Overcoming the Borders in People's Hearts Through Interfaith Organizing  Sojourners

The danger right now is this barrier, this border that's being created, not just physically but this border in people's hearts.

Trump Labor Board Tips Hand on Student Organizing Rights (1)  Bloomberg Law

The NLRB's Trump administration appointees made clear their desire to reconsider board law on college student unionizing rights, even as they ordered the ...

Organizing for Bernie group launches to draft Sanders as 2020 White House candidate | TheHill  The Hill

A new group called Organizing for Bernie launched this week to draft Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) to run for president.

The Progressive Happy Hour: Progressive Organizing in the African American Church  People For the American Way

Reverend and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is known around the world as the leader of the civil rights movement, and it was his role as a young Baptist minister that ...

Family of missing Mount Herman hiker organizing Saturday search party  Colorado Springs Gazette

A search party will sweep Mount Herman in search of hiker who disappeared in September.

Mississippi Rhodes Scholar Jaz Brisack shares passion for labor organizing in the South  Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal

Oxford • As an introduction to the conditions of the workers of the world, 16-year-old Jaz Brisack washed dishes at Panera Bread. At the national restaurant chain ...

21 Container Store Products Professional Organizers Use in Their Homes  Reader's Digest

Have you ever wondered which products professional organizers use to keep their homes tidy? Here are their top picks for decluttering.

Migrant Leaders Organizing Saturday March to Border: Tijuana Mayor  NBC Chicago

Leaders among the migrant caravan in Tijuana, Mexico are distributing flyers in an attempt to organize a march to the border Saturday morning, according to the ...

5 software for organizing your music files to find them quickly  Windows Report

Keeping your music files organized is essential if you want to find them when you need them. Here are 5 software that you can use to organize music on PC.

Organizing the 13th Student Santa event in Cape Girardeau  KFVS

Volunteers were in the midst of planning the 13th annual Student Santa event in Cape Girardeau on Tuesday, Dec. 4.

13 organizing ideas that'll help you make the most of your space  Business Insider Nordic

The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Organizing tips for a season of sanity | News | Mountain View Online |  Mountain View Voice

Adopting some good organizing strategies can make your holiday season calm enough to enjoy it while it's happening.

Self-Organizing Molecules Could Store Data in Individual Atoms  Futurism

New self-assembling molecular networks can take away several challenges from atomic-scale data storage.

Organizers of February summit urge bishops to meet abuse survivors  Crux: Covering all things Catholic

ROME - With just two months to go until a high-stakes Vatican summit on the global clerical sex abuse crisis, organizers have asked heads of bishops' ...

Women's march organizers need some divine inspiration  New Jersey Herald

As a woman who immersed herself in the lives of the saints growing up, I have a unique perspective on the modern feminist movements we're seeing today ...

Can I get fired for organizing a walkout at my job?  New York Post

I was inspired by the recent Google employee walkout, enough so to try to organize a walkout at my employer because of the working conditions. When my boss ...

Anti-vaxxer parents are organizing chickenpox “parties” on Facebook  Quartz

North Carolina has recently been hit with the biggest chickenpox outbreak in two decades, with 36 children falling ill as of Nov. 16. The flare-up was most likely ...

How to tackle those boxes full of old photos  The Washington Post

If you're over the age of 30, you probably have at least a few — and maybe even a dozen — boxes filled with old printed photos and photo albums. You probably ...

New beekeepers club organizing; first meeting set for Dec. 11  The Daily Telegram

HILLSDALE — A new beekeepers club, the Hidden Lake Beekeepers Foundation (HLBF), is being organized and seeking members. The club will operate as a ...

State weighs in on union organizing at Tesla plant - News 4

Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul says the state's job was to breathe life into a part of the community that had been abandoned and desolate for decades.

Missing man's family organizing search on Saturday  White Mountain Independent

SHOW LOW — Robert Joseph McCain remains missing after disappearing on Nov. 14 near Bourdon Ranch Road. His family hopes to find him on Saturday, Dec ...

Designers Make High Art of Organizing Odd Spaces

Closet Factory is making the most of odd spaces on this episode - a special display for bowling balls, two spaces for an avid golfer, and a mobile boutique.

On Mexico border, asylum-seekers take organizing into own hands  The Christian Science Monitor

Before they can apply for US asylum, as is their right, migrants amassing on the Mexico side of the border are trying to limit disorder and chaos as they await due ...

ICE's Vendetta Against Migrant Organizers  Jacobin magazine

ICE is increasingly targeting migrant labor leaders for arrest and deportation. Their intent is to spread terror and discourage organization. Migrant Justice ...

CityViews: New York Now Has 'Right to Counsel,' but Tenant Organizing Still Matters  City Limits

A year ago, the tenant movement won a hard fought three-year campaign in New York City to make it the first city in the nation to make eviction defense a right.

AgriLife Extension organizing Grass Grazing and Animal Management School  Southwest Farm Press

A 10-month Grass Grazing and Animal Management School coordinated by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension *Service* is being scheduled for the Lubbock area.

Chile Officially Presents the Organizing Committee of the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games  Around the Rings

SANTIAGO, CHILE (December 18, 2018) – The Santiago 2023 Pan American Games Organizing Committee was chosen several weeks ago, however, it was ...

Organizing the 14th Guns N' Hoses Tyler Wilcox Memorial Blood Drive  KSFY

Day two wrapped up at the 14th annual Tyler Wilcox Memorial Guns N' Hoses Blood Drive Tuesday. The event pits law enforcement against firefighters in a ...

Raytown group organizing Christmas gift drive to make sure kids in need aren’t forgotten  WDAF FOX4 Kansas City

RAYTOWN, Mo. -- Raytown residents are working together to make sure no child is left out this holiday season. They're "adopting" local children through a new ...

Boulder teen organizing dance to raise money to help sexual assault victims  Boulder Daily Camera

Isabella Cohn, a sophomore at Boulder's Watershed School, started a website where teens can anonymously share their stories as survivors of sexual abuse ...

Ifema and Fepex will continue organizing Fruit Attraction together

FreshPlaza is the number one portal for the *fresh* produce industry, offering the latest news, job advertisements, pricewatching, and photo reports.

Political consultant trades on organizing experience  BayStateBanner

When Ayanna Pressley launched her campaign for the 7th Congressional District at the Central Square restaurant La Fábrica back in February, Wilnelia Rivera ...

Start planning, organizing now for 2019 celebration | Opinion  Sunbury Daily Item

It's not the only reason, but once again a lack of communication seems to have contributed to a Valley holiday tradition being put on hold.

We'll keep fighting for the Palestinian people

Activists at Ohio State University are organizing in support of justice for Palestine despite a smear campaign by the right wing.

Organizers plan an even bigger Christmas show at Pueblo courthouse  Pueblo Chieftain

Pueblo County aims to make the Courthouse Lighting Ceremony next year bigger and better than ever before and to build on that year after year.Adam Uhernik ...

Visit Franklin hires associate who had marketing and organizing roles in soccer  Franklin Home Page

WILLIAMSON COUNTY CONVENTION AND VISITORS BUREAU. Visit Franklin has added Cassidy Meador to its sales department staff in the role of Sales ...

Pope Francis selects Cardinal Blase Cupich to group organizing abuse summit  WLS-TV

Chicago's Cardinal Blase Cupich has been given a major new role in the Catholic Church.

Democratic Women Are Secretly Organizing In Deep Red States  Jezebel

The privilege to voice your politics without fear of retribution is a far cry from reality for the groups of women secretly organizing against the GOP in deeply red ...

Employees at Amazon's New NYC Warehouse Launch Union Push  Bloomberg

A committee of employees at Amazon's recently opened Staten Island fulfillment center is going public with a unionization campaign, a *fresh* challenge to the ...

Amarillo District Game Wardens Organizing for Pheasant Season Opener

Amarillo district Game Wardens will be dedicating extra patrol hours and state assets to the Pheasant season which occurs in panhandle counties and runs this ...

Despite Controversy, Organizers Say Windsor Drag Queen Story Hour Will Go On  KUNC

Despite some complaints about its appropriateness for young audiences, organizers of an upcoming Drag Queen Story Hour at the Windsor-Severance Library.

WHS guitarist invited to jazz tour after organizers notice 'incredible talent'  Sioux Falls Argus Leader

The program is normally only open to students of 11 public performing arts high schools.

Former Bernie Sanders Staffers Are Preparing to ‘Draft Bernie’ for 2020  Rolling Stone

BURLINGTON, VERMONT — Get ready to feel the Bern again. A movement to draft Bernie Sanders to run for president in 2020 is launching today, with the aim ...

Flowers: Women's March organizers need divine inspiration - Opinion  The Ledger

As a woman who immersed herself in the lives of the saints growing up, I have a unique perspective on the modern feminist movements we're seeing today, ...

UNIAN: Lutsenko names key figure in organizing acid attack on activist Handziuk  Kyiv Post

People light candles in front of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in remembrance of Ukrainian anti-corruption campaigner Kateryna Gandziuk, seriously ...

Russian Duma Passes Bill To Punish Organizers Of Protests That Include Children  RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty

The lower chamber of the Russian parliament has passed a bill setting out punishment for people who involve minors in unauthorized protests, rallies, and ...

Must See: Wendell Community Chorus organizing holiday concert  The Recorder

The Wendell Community Chorus will celebrate many holiday traditions in song at its concert on Saturday at 7 p.m. in Wendell Town Hall.The chorus will be ...

Conscious Capitalism chapter organizing | News  Aspen Daily News

At Friday's Aspen Business Luncheon, the keynote speaker for the first meeting of the local Conscious Capitalism chapter is Jerry Murdock, a venture capitalist ...

Organizers: lnaugural Culver Living Nativity a success  Pilot News

Dozens of volunteers joined together to produce the first annual 'Living Nativity' during Culver's Holiday Hop Friday, December 7. Organized by Mary Jane Kutch ...

Virginia Organizing partners with Valley Justice Coalition for criminal justice forum  Augusta Free Press

Virginia Organizing will hold a forum on Saturday, in partnership with the Valley Justice Coalition, to present on ongoing efforts to address criminalization at the ...

Keidanren chief Hiroaki Nakanishi eyed to oversee organizing of 2025 Osaka expo  The Japan Times

The government is expected to propose that Japan Business Federation (Keidanren) Chairman Hiroaki Nakanishi head the new body that will succeed the ...

Scholarship tree auction organizers expect to clear $30000  Sweet Home New Era

The Trees for Scholarships auction and dinner, held Dec. 8 at Sweet Home High School, grossed $36634 for the Sweet Home Alumni Foundation, which has.

Winterfest Fiasco: Organizers ignore refund requests from customers  Brooklyn Daily Eagle

The hosts of Winterfest will likely be receiving coal in their stockings this year. What was advertised as a 40,000-square-foot “world of holiday joy and wonder” ...

For migrants in Tijuana, seeking asylum in U.S. starts with a worn notebook  The Washington Post

TIJUANA, Mexico — More than 5,000 names are inscribed in a worn notebook, one for each migrant waiting here for asylum — a list that has grown ...

Ann Arbor teenager accused of murder charged with organizing another murder while in custody  WDIV ClickOnDetroit

Xavier Payne, a 17-year-old boy from Ann Arbor accused of murder, was charged with trying to arrange another murder while in custody.

How Video Game Industry Unionization Would Happen  Variety

Unionization isn't a new concept in the games industry -- it's just starting to take a sharper form.

Union Organizers Honored by State Communist Party  Washington Free Beacon

The Connecticut Communist Party honored a pair of union organizers at its annual awards ceremony.

Hulbert's 'Angel Tree Project' Called An Epic Success  News On 6

The town of Hulbert has come together to make Christmas special for every family in the community.

YouCopia StoraLid Tupperware Lid Organizer Review - Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

Say goodbye to plastic avalanches with YouCopia's StoraLid food container lid organizer, which keeps all your Tupperware lids in check in your kitchen cabinets ...

Organizers apologize for foul-mouthed Santa  WHSV

Organizers of a Christmas event have apologized to outraged parents after a fire alarm reportedly prompted Santa Claus to burst out of his grotto, rip off his ...

NFL Draft organizers offering VIP support packages  The Tennessean

Packages priced at $5000 and $2500 are being offered by the 2019 NFL Draft Local Organizing Committee.

Possible asphalt plant has supporters, opponents mobilizing in Madison County  Asheville Citizen-Times

Residents of Madison County are mobilizing for and against a possible asphalt plant before any permit applications for a facility have been filed.

WATCHING NOW Rally organizers: Leave yellow vests at home  CityNews Vancouver

The cause is loud and clear, but is this getting the way? A pro-energy group told protesters not to wear yellow vests to a pipeline rally Monday. Dec 17, 2018 ...

Somali Workers in Minnesota Force Amazon to Negotiate  The New York Times

Labor organizers and researchers said they had not heard of Amazon previously coming to the table after worker pressure, even for private discussions.

Organizers looking ahead to 2019 Rapid City Women's March

Calvin Cutler, Dan Lutz,. RAPID CITY S.D. – About a month from now, Rapid City will once again be part of the National Women's March. Organizers of the ...

Shelby County organizing legislative agenda for General Assembly  The Daily Memphian

Additional funding for TBI tops Shelby County government's list of requests to the Tennessee General Assembly for its upcoming legislative session in January.

“Baraboo Acts” organizers hope event moves community forward  WKOW

Monday kicks off the third and final stage of Baraboo's response to the controversial photo, which brought national attention to their city. It's called Baraboo Acts ...

The Organizers Who Want Single-Family Zoning Abolished in Minneapolis  Next City

The landmark zoning change is expected to help address historic racial and economic segregation, and organizers say the credit for the change should be ...

Facebook Cripples Community Organizing With Overzealous Attempts to Stop Russian Trolls: Reason Roundup - Hit & Run :  Reason

Plus: Trump changes his mind about military spending and why Rand Paul hates Trump's new attorney general pick.

Secret groups of Democratic women are organizing deep in Republican territory  The Washington Post

It's easy to miss Democratic women's groups in Red America; many of them are in hiding.

Organizers Call For More Support For Homeless Veterans At Egan Remembrance Vigil  KLCC FM Public Radio

About a dozen people gathered in the rain to honor Major Thomas Egan, tonight. It's been ten years since the homeless veteran's death, and organizers say.

Neo-Nazis Are Organizing Secretive Paramilitary Training Across America  VICE

A neo-Nazi who goes by the alias Norman Spear has launched a project to unify online fascists and link that vast coalition of individuals into a network training ...

Detroit's New Year's Eve event 'The Drop' canceled this year  WXYZ

Detroit's growing downtown is forcing an annual New Year's Eve tradition to cancel its plans. "The Drop" event will not be ringing in 2019 this year. Organizers ...

Labor Movement Needs to Focus on Organizing not Elections - BTL  Between The Lines

Tom Lewandowski talks about his recent In These Times article, “Forget Elections, Labor Needs to Get Back to Its Roots,” in the face of effective, well funded ...

Head of L.A. Olympic organizing committee to step down at year's end  Los Angeles Times

Gene Sykes, the chief executive of Los Angeles' organizing committee for the 2028 Olympic Games, announced Tuesday that he will shift to an advisory role at ...

Rolling Loud Festival Organizers Deny Knowing Offset Planned To Surprise Cardi B  Essence

After Offset's surprise apology stole the show, Rolling Loud organizers lavish praise on Cardi B's history-making performance.

Should We Edit the Human Germline? Is Consensus Possible or Even Desirable?  InsideSources

I recently attended the Second International Summit on Human Genome Editing in Hong Kong, where the breaking news of the alleged world's first birth of.

Organizers prepare for Bounty of Bethlehem; Volunteers, donations needed

The annual Christmas day tradition in Hendersonville continues with Bounty of Bethlehem's community dinner. Volunteers and donations are still needed for the ...

Gaston Point Christmas organizers get back more than they give  WLOX

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Newton's third law of physics was broken at the Gaston Point Christmas event, because for every action of generosity, the reaction ...

The Women of Regeneración: An Incredible History of Organizing, Defying and Empowering  KCET

Chicano and Mexican women of all ages featured in Vincent Price Art Museum's “Regeneración: Three Generations of Revolutionary Ideology” represents...

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