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Money Saving Tips. Maximize Savings on Everyday Items!

Frugal living is more than a lifestyle. It's a passion.

Top 10+ Ways to Jumpstart your New Year's Finances!

Of course, these don't have to be done in any particular order! Just pick one or two that particularly apply to your situation. * Create your 2005 filing system.

Budgeting your Savings - Did You Let Your Piggy Bank Get Away?

I think most of us have at some point in our lives. Some how we forget to feed the little piggy.

Budget Planning - Its Elementary My Dear Watson

Does it feel like you have to be Sherlock Holmes to solve the mystery behind balancing your personal budget? Are you living a mysterious thriller where your realization of "financial independence and security" is a vicious repeating cycle of debt? Don't be afraid?..

Save Money on your Clothing Budget. Tame the Closet Monster!

Reducing the clothing budget was a serious challenge for me. Two pre-teen girls and a teenage girl certainly didn't make life any easier.

More Money? My Cup Runneth Over...But Im Still Thirsty

Most of us, especially those of us who have debtor's disease (if you have it you know what it is!), have commented or at least thought, "If I could just win the lottery, or sweepstakes, everything would be better." Unfortunately, even if that big dream did come true things probably would get worse instead of better.

How to Draw a Personal Budget that Works

Many people spend their little income haphazardly without any planning and end up getting broke before month-end. They then borrow to make ends meet and end up with more problems that they fail to repay their debts promptly.

5 Ways to Absolutely Destroy Your Finances!

Ben Stein has a book called How to Ruin Your Finances. To be honest, I'm not sure an entire book is needed on the subject-there are some fairly quick and easy ways to accomplish the task.

A Fresh Start for Family Finances in 2005

While 40% to 50% of us make New Year's resolutions on January 1-a ritual that has existed since ancient times-approximately 60% to 80% of us have already broken them by the end of February, according to researchers.It's still not too late, however, to reset the trajectory on your family's finances, experts note.

Money Matters: Strengthen Your Marriage by Putting Finances in Order

Did you know that 43% of all married couples argue over money issues, making it the major reason couples fight? If you and your spouse handle money differently, now is the time to talk, establish expectations, and draw up a financial plan.Money is a very big part of a marriage.

Organizing Your Finances - Thinking Outside the (Shoe) Box

If you're like most people, your personal financial records are most probably kept in less than "Good Accounting Practices" standards. For example, stashing old ATM receipts and hanging on to a stub showing what you paid for a pack of mints two years ago (cash, of course), might be filed with your paycheck stubs, credit card statements - paid and unpaid alike - as well as a few tax forms, a stray paper clip and a penny.

Kundalini Lessons - Money

I've been going through and interesting growth period lately that I thought I'd share, as some of the lessons were pretty profound (at least for me).I've written before about my awakening and the joys and tribulations since, and I've also mentioned that it's an ongoing process which, as far as I can tell, doesn't really end til you shuffle off this mortal coil.

Know Thy Finances

The first step to financial success lies in knowing your financial situation at any given time. There is an anecdote attributed to John D.

The Wright Place - Finances

Women have a love/hate relationship with money. Most of us do not enjoy dealing with it, yet we know not having finances under control will cause our entire family to suffer.

Whats The Truth Behind Your Finances?

Between 15 - 20% of people in our country (UK) own there own businesses. This statistic is on the rise thanks to the incredible invention of the Internet.

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MULBERRY, Fla., Feb. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Steven "Craig" Best's book How to Master Your Finances: The Essentials of Personal Finance ($11.49, ...

Tax Return Transcripts | Smart Change: Personal Finance  Mason City Globe Gazette

MoneyTipsThe IRS recommends that you keep tax records for at least three years from the date you filed your original return, and longer for special situations.

"Liar Loans" Return | Smart Change: Personal Finance  Mason City Globe Gazette

MoneyTipsWhen it comes to dealing with risk, America's housing market struggles with balance. How can lenders offer affordable home mortgages for more ...

Bill would require students to take personal finance classes  WSET

AUGUSTA, Maine (WGME) – Students all across Maine take math, science and English classes, but a bill in Augusta would add a new requirement to its schools ...

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Keeping your business and personal finances separate is an oft-heard piece of advice, yet 23% of small business owners were found to mix personal and ...

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I am the first-born child — you know, the “responsible one.” Part birth order, part DNA, it has guided me through life and obviously had an impact on my.

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With the new year now underway, you may be looking to make a *fresh* financial start. But sometimes change can be tough to actually achieve — especially when ...

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Employers nowadays aren't just looking at your application when you apply for a job. Many are perusing your social media accounts as well. In fact, according to ...

Today's workforce never learned how to handle personal finances  BenefitsPro

It's up to business owners to make up for employees' lack of education and teach them how to properly handle their financial well-being.

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Some people are lucky enough to be friends with their coworkers. Others might opt for a work-only relationship, but still get along well with the folks they share ...

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New York Times bestselling author Gaby Dunn spills on her new personal finance book "Bad With Money."

WATCH: Unpacking #Budget2019 for the man on the street  IOL

The much-anticipated 2019 Budget Speech created a renewed a sense of optimism for all South Africans. With focus on accelerating economic growth; the ...

Gamifying Personal Finance with Prize-Linked Savings

Long Game is a personal finance app that uses games and rewards to encourage you to save. It's an FDIC-insured, no-fee savings account that earns interest, ...

Investing After Retirement: Personal Finance 101

Investing after retirement requires looking at your current financial situation, and then creating the best investment plan for you.

What Does Personal Finance Mean To You?  PaymentsJournal

Personal finance is a broad subject that encompasses money management, investments, and savings. It is about setting and achieving financial goals.

How to avoid blind spots when setting your money goals  Dallas News

Setting smart, achievable goals is important if you want to take charge of your financial life. But many of us are surprisingly bad at choosing the...

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Are millennials buying homes, choosing to rent instead, or can they not afford to buy at all? Check out the latest Zacks Personal Finance 101 video to find out.

The 7 Best Personal Finance Books You Need for 2019

What are the ingredients for a high-quality personal finance book? For starters, it needs a clear and coherent message up front that has real-world meaning - that ...

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CONWAY — Principal Neal Moylan presented his final Program of Studies for Kennett High School to the Conway School Board on Monday night, but the ...

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Find personal finance top news, headlines, and videos from credit cards, mortgages, retirement, savings, taxes, and more from CNBC's Personal Finance ...

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In this week's show Shaniel Ramjee, multi-asset manager at Pictet Asset Management, considers how good gold is as a defensive asset and whether it is worth ...

Taking Control of Your Money: Personal Finance 101

The world of personal finance is huge, and consists of everything from debt and retirement to taxes and insurance. Start learning how to take control of your ...

Best personal finance apps for clueless millennials  Mashable

Millennials, avocado toast, bad spending habits, blah blah blah. At this point, the dead horse has been thoroughly beaten and shipped off to the glue factory.

11 smart ways to spend your tax refund, according to personal finance experts  NBC News

Those W-2s and 1099s are starting to roll in and you're already dreaming of the day you check your bank balance and there it is — that nice fat direct deposit of ...

SC bill would require HS students to take a personal financial class  Daniel Island News

South Carolina State Senator Luke Rankin has filed a bill that would require high school students to take a personal finance class. The proposed one-half credit ...

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Choose from hundreds of personal finance courses at Udemy offers online courses to help you get ahead professionally. Courses are taught by ...

Calculating the future: Milton, local high schools recognized for personal finance education  Gazettextra

Milton High School is one of 887 schools nationwide to be designated by nonprofit Next Gen Personal Finance as a "gold standard" school for personal finance ...

The Best Personal Finance Software of 2019 • Benzinga  Benzinga

You can file your federal and state taxes with TurboTax in the comfort of your own home. TurboTax offers an intuitive platform that walks you through each step of ...

Lawmakers considering adding personal finance classes to education curriculum  KSTU FOX 13 Salt Lake City

AUGUSTA, Maine -- Lawmakers in Maine are considering adding financial literacy to student's curriculum. Legislative Document 160 would set up parameters ...

Do Kids Need To Study Personal Finance? | KCBS 740AM | 106.9 FM  KCBS

California school kids don't have a lot of choice when it comes to learning about personal finances, given that few of the state's high schools require financial ...

5 personal finance podcasts actually worth your time investment  Mic

Sometimes just thinking about money is overwhelming. With questions about investing, paying off loans, saving for the future, dealing with unexpected expenses ...

The One Factor That Determines If Your Retirement Will Be A Success  Forbes

Almost all retirement planning focuses on finances. That's unfortunate. The state of your finances determines retirement success only up to a point. Surveys of ...

Personal finance boot camp set for Feb. 22 at Penn State Altoona  Penn State News

Peter Bielagus will present "How To Put More Money In Your Pocket Today: A College Personal Finance Boot Camp" from 12:10 to 1:10 p.m. on Friday, Feb.

Personal Finance Survey Reports 40 Million Americans Expect to Miss a Credit Card Due Date in 2019  The Scope Weekly

WalletHub, a personal finance company best known for recommending credit cards based on consumers' creditworthiness and financial identity, released a ...

You Won't Need A Credit Card For These Personal Finance Resources, But They May Attract Interest  GPB

Free resources to help students navigate the world of personal finance.

PERSONAL FINANCE: Will you spend your retirement savings or leave it behind? The answer may surprise you  The Mercury

A key financial question for retirees is what to do with their hard-earned retirement savings. For example, some investors may find it more fulfilling to provide a ...

Today's Personal Finance Advice Doesn't Actually Help Those Who Need It Most  HuffPost

Those who hawk advice for a living often put their own financial interests ahead of yours.

From Football to Personal Finance | NewsCenter  SDSU Newscenter

Story Keywords: Athletics, Fowler College of Business, Alumni, Community, Finance, Management, Marketing, News. Print Page. Email. Please enter your info ...

BYU Personal Finance Club prepares students for future - The Daily Universe

BYU students created the Personal Finance Club to help their classmates learn more about how to wisely handle their money before and after graduation.

Things you should know before applying for a business credit card

Whether you're opening a business credit card for the company you own or applying for a card through your employer, it's almost impossible to keep your ...

Personal finance steps every freelancer must take to avoid ruin  The American Genius

In light of the recent government shutdown, there has been a lot of attention in regards to how missing paychecks impacts the average American.

Global Personal Finance Software Market 2019 – BUXFER, Quicken, The Infinite Kind, YNAB, Alzex software, Microsoft, Doxo, Personal Capital

The report gives the research-based overview of Global Personal Finance Software Market 2018 and estimates future industry trends throughout the forecast ...

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Happy Thursday, MarketWatchers! Don't forget to read today's top personal finance stories. New Jersey is dedicating a 'food trail' to Anthony Bourdain.

Help with the mortgage: More married couples bring in roommates to ease cost, study shows  USA TODAY

Married couples getting roommates is a small but seemingly enduring trend as high housing costs make owning and renting too pricey for many.

Government 'must deliver on its #Budget2019 promises'  IOL

Boutique fund manager believes government is still "kicking the can down the road"

OPINION: What does the #Budget2019 mean for you?  IOL

In 20 years of reading budget speeches, this was the thinnest, scariest, and most riddled with intrigue budget, writes.

Personal Finance: Bankruptcy is essential to capitalism  Chattanooga Times Free Press

Toys R Us. Circuit City. PanAm. Lehman Brothers. All major corporations that no longer exist due to liquidation in bankruptcy.

No relief for property buyers after #Budget2019  IOL

Given the current state of SA's economy, we are not surprised that there was no specific relief for property buyers.

‘Empire’ star Jussie Smollett’s salary, net worth compared to co-stars  Fox Business

Chicago cops said Smollett staged his attack because he was “dissatisfied with his salary.”

Magnolia High seniors will learn about personal finance on Wednesday  Magnoliareporter

Columbia County Extension will conduct its “Get Real, Here's the Deal” program for Magnolia High School seniors from 8 a.m. to noon Wednesday in Panther ...

Stuff you should buy – and avoid – at the dollar store  The Globe and Mail

Editor's note: An old version of the newsletter was sent in error last night. This is the newest version. Enjoy! Shopping at a dollar store is the ultimate test of your ...

Personal Finance Blog 'The Billfold' Shuts Down 02/15/2019  MediaPost Communications

Despite “big plans for 2019,” The Billfold founder Nicole Dieker wrote in a post on the site that she “made the mistake that many first-time small-business owners ...

Exploring the link between personal finance, marathon training  Times Record News

First in a series: Exploring the common threads between personal finance planning and marathon training.

Most Americans With Student Loan Debt Regret It

Congratulations, you got into the college of your dreams. It's an accomplishment, and something to be proud of. Unfortunately, it could also be the beginning of ...

Next Gen Personal Finance Sets Goal That by 2030 ALL High School Students Will Graduate Financially Capable  PRNewswire

PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF), a non-profit on a mission to bring financial education to every student in ...

Hard vs. Soft Credit Inquiries: What's the Difference?  Helena Independent Record

One kind of credit check will hurt your credit score. The other won't.

Savings, investment is crucial to achieving financial freedom - Old Mutual  IOL

South Africans will need to cut back on non-essential spending if they want to be able to save, says Elize Botha of Old Mutual Unit Trusts.

We do a terrible job teaching kids personal finance, but a new Texas program could be the answer  San Antonio Express-News

A new program called Smart Path addresses many of the biggest challenges of bringing financial literacy to schools for younger students.

High School students to learn about personal finance  KRNV My News 4

Today, Wednesday, Feb. 6, students at Wooster High School are participating in “Foundations in Personal Finance” curriculum in an effort to provide them with ...

You might be bad at choosing financial goals  Asbury Park Press

Setting smart, achievable goals is important if you want to take charge of your financial life. But many of us are surprisingly bad at choosing them.

Minnesota Senate Eyeing Bill To Require A Personal Finance Class in State High School Curriculum  KFGO News

Senator Steve Cwodzinski has been pushing a bill that would require Minnesota high school students to take a course on personal finance befo.

How personal finance education for children is gaining traction in the UAE  The National

It is a Saturday, but instead of spending the day at the mall or beach, groups of 8 to 11-year-olds and teenagers are huddled in an office in Dubai's Business Bay ...

Tara High School recognized for personal-finance instruction  The Advocate

Tara High School has been recognized as one of 887 Gold Standard Schools by Next Gen Personal Finance, in recognition of the access it provides to personal ...

A personal finance lesson from the federal government shutdown

As we write this article, the federal government shutdown just ended.

How to get your rental deposit back  Independent Online

Attention to detail is the key to avoiding rental deposit disputes.

Wealth of Knowledge - Episode 10 – How to Build Wealth With Personal Finance Expert Chris Hogan – Part 2  U.S. News & World Report

In part two of their conversation on building wealth, financial expert Chris Hogan, U.S. News senior editor for personal finance Susannah Snider and Antonio ...

Personal Finance Priorities for Doctors Nearing Retirement - Physician Sense  MD Linx

Recent market volatility might have some doctors worried — especially those who are nearing retirement. But if you've done everything right, says one financial ...

Is International Personal Finance plc (IPF.L) Undervalued? ERP5 Score Hits 814  Holland Review

The ERP5 Rank is an investment tool that analysts use to discover undervalued companies. The ERP5 looks at the Price to Book ratio, Earnings Yield, ROIC and ...

Should Maine Students Be Required To Learn Personal Finance?

It could happen in Arizona. Should Maine do it, too?

How to Achieve Financial Independence Without Retiring Early  U.S. News & World Report

Achieving financial security is a worthwhile goal, even when you're not aiming to leave the workforce.

Optimism about personal finances hits 16-year high: Gallup | TheHill  The Hill

Optimism Americans have about their personal finances has reached its highest level in more than 16 years, according to.

Watch Out for These 3 Financial Traps

Even well-intentioned people who plan and budget well make mistakes. You might think you've covered every scenario, but you probably have a financial ...

Peel Hunt Reconfirms a Buy Rating on International Personal Finance PLC (LON:IPF); INTER PIPELINE LTD CANADA (IPPLF) Shorts Increased By 40.94%  Thе Mоnіtоr

International Personal Finance PLC (LON:IPF) RatingInternational Personal Finance PLC (LON:IPF) had its stock rating reconfirmed as Buy by professional ...

Talk to estate attorney about impacts of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act  Kansas City Star

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed into law in December 2017 could have a big impact, not only on estate tax planning but also on income taxes derived from ...

Kiplinger's Personal Finance: Making the most of your 401(k)

Your New Year's resolution is to get serious about saving for retirement in my 401(k).

Personal Finance: Student loan debt preventing some millennials from owning a home  Chattanooga Times Free Press

The rate of home ownership in the United States has declined from 69 percent in 2005 to 65 percent in 2014 (the latest data available), in great part due to the ...

Therap's Personal Finance Records Tracks Day-to-Day Transactions and Reporting  BioSpace

Therap's Personal Finance Records Tracks Day-to-Day Transactions and Reporting - read this article along with other careers information, tips and advice on ...

Kiplinger's Personal Finance: How big of an umbrella insurance do you need?

Many consumers understand the value of buying excess liability insurance — better known as umbrella insurance — but what they're not sure about is just how ...

Parents shun government’s tax-free childcare scheme  Financial Times

The government's tax-free childcare scheme for working parents has been branded a “flop” after figures showed poor take-up from working parents. Data from ...

Finance app Evati uses stocks to help users meet savings goals  American Inno

In 2017, Clemson created Evati, an app that allows users to set aside money in an investment account to meet savings goals.

WCSD High Schools Offer Personal Finance Classes  KTVN

High school students are learning how to handle finances, including budgets, saving, debt and investments before they graduate.

Thousands ripped off in elaborate broadband scam sweeping the country

Thousands of people have lost money in an elaborate scam that is sweeping the country, prompting a warning from gardaí and banks to consumers.

TaxTim predicts tax changes for #Budget2019  IOL

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni will be in the spotlight Wednesday when he delivers his maiden budget speech. Fortunately, we do not expect the budget to have ...

DollarsAndSense Acquires fundMyLife To Provide Better Personal Finance Advice To S’poreans  Vulcan Post

Singapore personal finance website announced today (18 Feb) the acquisition of local insurtech startup fundMyLife.

Apple Credit Card Rumors Resurface  Motley Fool

It's been nearly a year since the first rumors that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) was working on a credit card emerged. The Mac maker has long partnered with ...

The 7 Most Common Social Security Mistakes  Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Social Security is a complicated element of anyone's retirement plan. Here are the most common mistakes individuals tend to make and how to avoid them.

Is Your Remote Work Arrangement Hurting Your Career?

These days, a large number of workers are opting to do their jobs from home rather than drag themselves into an office day in, day out. There are several ...

New Partnership Expands Opportunities in Personal Finance  PR Web

Des Moines, IA (PRWEB) February 01, 2019 -- To better serve its members, Status Money, a personal finance app that offers cash incentives for better financial.

How the Government Shutdown Will Affect Your Personal Finances  Newsmax

How the Government Shutdown Will Affect Your Personal Finances; That's why it's essential that people understand the government shutdown from their own ...

INSIGHTS & INTUITION: Which books on personal finance should be in the library of every Prairie Business reader?  Prairie Business

The book I'd have to recommend would be “Your Money or Your Life: 9 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial ...

59% of Americans Are Making This Glaring Mistake  Helena Independent Record

Americans as a group have a tendency to engage in some financially sloppy behavior. A frightening 40% save so inadequately that they can't cover a $400 ...

INSIGHT: Government must climb mountains to meet 5 key objectives  IOL

In his opening statements in Budget 2019 it was clear that Finance Minister Tito Mboweni had remained loyal to President Cyril Ramaphosa's desire to commit to ...

Enyia says personal money problems shouldn’t disqualify her in mayor’s race  Chicago Sun-Times

Amara Enyia argued Monday that her personal financial struggles should not be disqualifying and, to the contrary, would make her a more sensitive mayor of ...

Podcast: How to crack your credit score  Financial Times

FT Money writers discuss this week's personal finance news.

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