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Keeping Passwords Secure

As the web has evolved, so have the methods of collecting personal information. A large number of websites require visitors to register to gain access or participate. While the need for registration is understandable, tracking user names and passwords can be burdensome. Consider using software to store your passwords, in a safe accessible manner.

Most websites have privacy policies, but the value of privacy statements are only as honorable as the people behind the websites. Here are suggestions for keeping passwords and your information secure:

  • change your password frequently

  • never share your password with anyone

  • try to choose a password so it doesn't need to be written down, but not so obvious others would easily guess the password

  • be sure your password is at least 6 characters

  • don't use a password containing all the same characters

  • don't send your password via email or provide it over the phone

  • don't use pet, family or friend names

  • don't use your telephone number, zip code or address

  • use a different password for each account

  • don't use user name

  • deactivate accounts for terminated employees

  • don't allow shared accounts

  • password contains upper, lowercase letters, non-letter characters and numbers


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    Passwords are not foolproof. Do not rely on a password alone to protect sensitive information. Monitor accounts closely to ensure that security is not breached.

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