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How Do MP3 Players Work? Digital Audio Technology Revolutionizes Music Enjoyment
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Is Digital Camera Technology Making Film Obsolete?
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5 Simple Ways To Increase Your Computer Speed & Help Your Computer Run More Efficiently!
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Linux Power Tools - Great Tools to Make System Administration Easy
Digital Cameras Ratings Abolish Camera Comparison Guesswork
D2X Digital SLRCoolpix 8800 Actually Refers to Two Nikon Cameras
Do Higher Digital Camera Prices Mean Better Cameras?
Emulation Manual - A Complete Guide on How to Change Your Windows XP to Mac OS X
5 Steps to Remove Spyware for Free

How to declutter and organize your personal tech in a few simple steps  Seattle Times

Accessories and data may not take up much physical space, but they contribute to frustration and anxiety. Here are ways to keep e-junk at bay, Marie ...

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Technology can vastly improve the quality of your home and life. I've listed the computers, gadgets, and accessories I'm using on a personal basis in 2019 ...

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Isabella Kwai, a reporter in Australia, rarely takes notes on paper anymore and instead uses her iPhone. She can still look sources in the eye while typing.

How to declutter and organise your personal tech in a few simple steps  The Indian Express

Tech accessories and digital data may not take up much physical space, but they contribute to frustration and anxiety. Here's how to keep our e-junk at bay, ...

Uh Oh, Apple. An iPhone Bug Lets FaceTime Callers Eavesdrop.  The New York Times

A glitch in Apple's video and audio calling app FaceTime can transform iPhones into eavesdropping mechanisms.

5G will drastically change our work, home lives  The Oakland Press

5G: It's one number and one letter that will have a major impact on our lives soon.

What I Learned From the Hacker Who Spied on Me  The Wall Street Journal

Tech columnist Joanna Stern asked an ethical hacker to get into as many of her webcams as he could. Along the way she identified important tips for keeping ...

Declutter and organize your personal tech in a few simple steps

With a new year and a new Netflix show that features the Japanese organizing guru Marie Kondo on the art of “Tidying Up,” many of us are experimenting with ...

When the Tools of the Trade Are the Keyboard and Mouse  The New York Times

For Daisuke Wakabayashi, who covers Google, computer accessories are important. Very important.

How to Save on Your Next Apple Purchase  The New York Times

Gadgets like Apple's iPhone have become so powerful and durable that you can wait many years before buying a new one. The bad news is that your next ...

Of millions disillusioned with social media helped create it  The Oakland Press

On the evening of Sept. 26, Bailey Richardson logged in to Instagram for the last time.

Germany Is Wary of a Digital World (but Loves Its E-Toothbrushes)  The New York Times

Melissa Eddy, a Berlin reporter, explains how privacy laws have led to blurred Google Street View pictures, and why WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook are ...

Employees want workplace technology to perform similarly to their personal tech  FMJ

Over half (52 per cent) of UK employees believe their personal technology feels more modern and is more user friendly than their workplace technology and a ...

Colony unveils plan for high-tech summer youth enrichment program  CullmanSense

Colony's week-long Summer Enrichment Program begins on June 3 at the Tom Bevill Library at the Colony Educational Complex. (Tribune file photo) COLONY ...

An Arsenal of Skype, Voice Recorders and FOIAs  The New York Times

Emily Bazelon, an investigative reporter at The New York Times Magazine, craves easy-to-use tools, whether for interviews, Freedom of Information Act records ...

Facebook vs. Apple: Tech's biggest cold war heats up — and gets personal  NBC News

SAN FRANCISCO — Apple CEO Tim Cook has rarely missed an opportunity in the past year to hit Facebook about its privacy issues. Facebook CEO Mark ...

Personal Bests Leads Tech on Day 2 – Swimming & Diving — Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets  Georgia Tech Official Athletic Site

Yellow Jackets record seven career-best times at the Auburn Invite.

Generation Stressed: What too much screen time does to you KUSA

Stop overusing technology - seriously. It's not good for you. Try doing the 'one screen at a time' rule - as well as not constantly having your phone on you.

How to Make a 3-D Model of Your Home Renovation Vision  The New York Times

Before you get out the hardware, use software like free floor-plan apps and augmented-reality tools to sketch out the ideas for your remodeling projects.

Should Big Tech Own Our Personal Data?  WIRED

Opinion: Personal data is increasingly a core part of our personhood. Which is why the “*service* for data” model is a devil's bargain.

How to clean up your digital graveyard to protect yourself (and disable FaceTime) KUSA

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What Is 5G? Here’s What You Need to Know About the New Network  The New York Times

The transition to new fifth-generation cellular networks, known as 5G, will affect how you use smartphones and many other devices. Let's talk about the ...

‘The Effects Cannot Be Overstated’: When Tech Invaded Media  The New York Times

How do New York Times journalists use technology in their jobs and in their personal lives? Jim Rutenberg, media columnist for The Times, discussed the tech ...

The Tech That Was Fixed in 2018 and the Tech That Still Needs Fixing  The New York Times

From Facebook to creepy online ads, the worst tech of the year made the internet feel like an unsafe place to hang out. Yet there were some products that were ...

Yes, You Can Be an Ethical Tech Consumer. Here’s How.  The New York Times

Products that we enjoy continue to create privacy, misinformation and workplace issues. We can do better at getting the industry to do better.

Tangled wires, digital photos: Here's how to declutter your personal tech  Economic Times

Everyone has a drawer full of ancient cellphones, tangled-up wires and earphones that are never touched.

Devices That Will Invade Your Life in 2019 (and What’s Overhyped)  The New York Times

A.I. that responds to your voice. Next-generation wireless networks. If this year's biggest consumer technology trends have a familiar ring, there's a reason for ...

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How do New York Times journalists use technology in their jobs and in their personal lives? Matt Apuzzo, an investigative correspondent in Brussels, discussed ...

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A war of words – in the form of automotive analogies – has erupted between privacy advocates and the Interactive Advertising Bureau over a General Data ...

You Don’t Have to Be a Journalist to Want to Keep Chats Private  The New York Times

How do New York Times journalists use technology in their jobs and in their personal lives? Kate Conger, a technology reporter for The Times in San Francisco, ...

Who will stand up for European democracy? Us! says US software giant Microsoft  The Register

American tech giant Microsoft revealed this morning it has detected a wave of attacks against European democratic institutions as miscreants continue malware ...

He Reported on Facebook. Now He Approaches It With Caution.  The New York Times

Nick Confessore, an investigative reporter who has written about social media and data privacy, has changed his tech habits after what he has learned.

The Most Important Kitchen Tools This Holiday (or Any Season, Really)  The New York Times

Tech has brought innovation, convenience and smarts to the kitchen. Here's what Melissa Clark uses and the tools she finds indispensable.

Esports players say 'dream job' is more than fun and games  The Oakland Press

Lucas Tao Kilmer Larsen, 21, remembers fantasizing about how awesome his life would be if he could become a professional video game player.

Unearthed emails could be smoking gun in epic GDPR battle: Google, adtech giants 'know they break Euro privacy law'  The Register

Privacy warriors have filed *fresh* evidence in their ongoing battle against real-time web ad exchange systems, which campaigners claim trample over Europe's ...

Social Media’s Re-engineering Effect, From Myanmar to Germany  The New York Times

How do New York Times journalists use technology in their jobs and in their personal lives? Max Fisher, a reporter based in London who co-writes The ...

Setting Up Your Tech on the Assumption You’ll Be Hacked  The New York Times

Sheera Frenkel, who writes about cybersecurity for The Times, explains how she safeguards her devices, and why passwords remain a weak link for more ...

Staying Plugged In (for Hundreds of Miles) on the Campaign Trail  The New York Times

How do New York Times journalists use technology in their jobs and in their personal lives? Sydney Ember, a politics reporter for The Times, discussed the tech ...

The Sun Sets. The Wind Dies. But Energy Data Is Relentless.  The New York Times

Alternative power sources have upended the electric grid. Ivan Penn, who covers the beat, discusses the changes and how he keeps track of them.

Apple iPhone XR Review: A Cheaper Phone Suited to Most of Us  The New York Times

In an era of skyrocketing smartphone prices, it's a relief that Apple's $750 iPhone is just as powerful and nearly as capable as its $1000 counterparts, our ...

Gripe to UK, Ireland, Poland: Ad tech industry inhales, then 'leaks' sensitive info on our health, politics, religion  The Register

A series of challenges to the practices used by the likes of Google in online behavioural advertising have been filed in the UK, Ireland and Poland, alleging that ...

The Essentials for Covering Silicon Valley: Burner Phones and Doorbells  The New York Times

Reporting on secretive technology companies sometimes means finding people who don't want to be found. Jack Nicas, who covers Apple, relies on some ...

We Were Promised Mind-Blowing Personal Tech. What’s the Hold-Up?  The Wall Street Journal

The next big leap will free us from the computers in our pockets. But according to Joanna Stern, it won't be here anytime soon.

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Our newly engaged tech columnist tried to use tech to plan his wedding. He was immediately overwhelmed by the complexity of the process.

How to Delete Facebook and Instagram From Your Life Forever  The New York Times

Lost faith in Facebook and Instagram after data leakages, breaches and too much noise? Here's a guide to breaking up with the social network and its ...

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How do New York Times journalists use technology in their jobs and in their personal lives? David Streitfeld, a technology reporter in San Francisco, discussed ...

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Choire Sicha, who runs The New York Times's Styles desk, has such a close relationship with his smartphone, he says, it may be time to “punch the circuitry into ...

Quirky but Useful Gifts: Rob Enderle's 2018 Personal Tech Product Guide  TechNewsWorld

This is the time of year for a product guide, and this year I thought I'd list my favorite unusual products as gift ideas. I'm a big fan of products most people don't ...

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Millie Tran, the first global growth editor at The Times, discusses how she tries to understand and nurture a worldwide audience. “So many dashboards and data ...

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Apple Watch Series 4 Review: A Big Step for Wearable Gadgets  The New York Times

The faster speeds and larger screen sound boring on paper. But an electrical heart sensor gives a glimpse of the promise to come, our reviewer writes.

Ready for Vacation? Here’s the Best Tech for Trip Planning  The New York Times

Our personal tech columnist uses a combination of custom maps, spreadsheets and itinerary management apps to promote maximum enjoyment.

High school tech training improves wages, computer literacy  The Oakland Press

LANSING >> High school students who train for the tech industry gain improved computer literacy and higher wages, state officials say.

School Records, and Personal Bests Cap Final Day  Georgia Tech Official Athletic Site

Tiger Paw Results | Music City Results| David Hemery Valentin Results. CLEMSON, S.C., NASHVILLE, Tenn., BOSTON, Mas. –-The Georgia Tech track and field ...

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Our assistant TV editor has a state-of-the-art setup for watching shows and movies. But here's what happens when there can be too much *content* to choose.

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Apple's new parental controls cut a teenager's iPhone use in half. It wasn't as effective on our personal tech columnist.

When You Track Oreos, Exercise and Everything Else  The New York Times

Tim Herrera, editor of The New York Times's Smarter Living section, does not believe the answer to happiness is less technology. Here's why.

To Cover China, There’s No Substitute for WeChat  The New York Times

Li Yuan conducts much of her work on the WeChat mobile app, including spotting trends — and prodding sources to get back to her.

Make Your Friends and Family Less Irksome This Holiday Season  The New York Times

Getting a big group together this time of year can be a hassle. So spare everyone the endless phone notifications and email threads and try these methods ...

Hurricanes. Shootings. Fires. Time for an Editor’s Emergency Kit.  The New York Times

When news of natural disasters or man-made ones break in the U.S., Julie Bloom taps a variety of tools to communicate with reporters, edit stories and get them ...

Are Targeted Ads Stalking You? Here’s How to Make Them Stop  The New York Times

Ever been haunted by an online ad for an item you researched or bought? Targeted ads were designed to follow you around everywhere. Here's how to banish ...

John Deere, Tide maker head to CES gadget show  The Oakland Press

LAS VEGAS (AP) — The companies founded by blacksmith John Deere and candle-and-soap-making duo Procter & Gamble may not be the hip purveyors of ...

Getting a Flood of G.D.P.R.-Related Privacy Policy Updates? Read Them  The New York Times

You have probably noticed a flood of emails and alerts from companies in the last few weeks informing you about changes to their privacy policies. Don't ignore ...

Lovely website you got there. Would be a shame if we, er, someone were to sink it: Google warns EU link tax will magnify media monetary misery  The Register

Google is warning publishers that online visitor traffic – which drives ad revenue – could plummet as much as 45 per cent if the contentious Copyright Directive ...

I Tried to Make My Dog an Instagram Celebrity. I Failed.  The New York Times

Becoming an influencer is hard, as our columnist found out when he tried creative photography, consultations and even bots to propel his food-obsessed corgi to ...

New iPhones Are Coming. Here’s How to Save on an Upgrade.  The New York Times

With Apple expected to introduce pricier and bigger-screen iPhones this week, here are a few tips on how to upgrade your device without breaking the bank.

When Cryptocurrencies Fluctuate, He Uses These Tech Tools to Keep Track  The New York Times

How do New York Times journalists use technology in their jobs and in their personal lives? Nathaniel Popper, who covers cryptocurrencies and financial ...

The One Thing A.O. Scott Doesn’t Use to Review Movies (No Spoilers!)  The New York Times

Technology has changed the way that movies are made, but not how our chief film critic likes to review them — and he has a low-tech writing method.

So, About That Treadmill Desk in the Newsroom  The New York Times

For Nellie Bowles, who writes about tech culture for The Times, the most crucial tech tool for doing work isn't portable. But it keeps her on her toes.

What’s Hot (and What’s Not) This Black Friday  The New York Times

To help shoppers get started, here's a cheat sheet of the products to track, and the ones to ignore.

How the 52 Places Traveler Stays Charged While Chronicling the World  The New York Times

How do New York Times journalists use technology in their jobs and in their personal lives? Jada Yuan, who is crisscrossing the globe as The Times's 52 Places ...

Your Wi-Fi Security Is Probably Weak. Here’s How to Fix That.  The New York Times

Chances are that when you bought a Wi-Fi router, you probably did not prioritize strong network security. After all, when we think about wireless connectivity in ...

Covering a White House Where News Is Always Just a Tap Away  The New York Times

Katie Rogers's beat is full of real-time digital moments. One tip to keep on top of it: If you call insiders from a blocked number, they'll think you're the White House ...

Remember virtual reality? Its buzz has faded at CES 2019  The Oakland Press

NEW YORK (AP) — Just a few years ago, virtual reality was poised to take over the world. After decades of near misses, the revolution finally seemed imminent, ...

An Eye for Photography, but a Google Suite for Events  The New York Times

How do New York Times journalists use technology in their jobs and in their personal lives? Whitney Richardson, an events manager for The Times in London, ...

Samsung’s Galaxy Note9: Too Much Phone for Most of Us  The New York Times

The new $1000 device is aimed at power users who work, play, consume and create on their phone. For others, there are plenty of cheaper options.

Our Favorite Gadgets: Best Tech Gifts 2018  Wall Street Journal

From a mug that keeps your coffee warm to a tracker that helps you find your lost keys, WSJ Personal Tech columnists Joanna Stern and David Pierce have the ...

Now He Pulls Data Off the Web. In 1979, It Was Clips From the ‘Morgue.’  The New York Times

Steve Lohr, a veteran New York Times reporter, reflects on how tech-free newsrooms used to be and how the progression to the internet has changed ...

You Took Lousy iPhone Photos. Here’s How to Make Them Beautiful.  The New York Times

Not every shot on your smartphone will be Instagram worthy, but you can often salvage middling snaps with just a few taps. Here are six easy steps.

Windows on How Cities Change Can Be All Too Captivating  The New York Times

How do New York Times journalists use technology in their jobs and in their personal lives? Emily Badger, who writes about cities and urban policy for The ...

For Android Users, Europe’s Google Ruling Leaves Unanswered Questions  The New York Times

You may have heard that the European Union punished Google with a record $5.1 billion fine on Wednesday for abusing its power in the mobile phone market.

The iPhone XS and XS Max Review: Big Screens That Are a Delight to Use  The New York Times

Apple's new smartphones start at $999 and $1099, but their superb cameras and screens make them worth the high prices, our reviewer writes.

How to Pack and Prepare Your Smartphone for Traveling This Summer  The New York Times

Your smartphone is a helpful travel companion. Before taking it abroad, here's a list of things to pack and do to ensure a problem-free trip.

Blood Pressure, Baby’s Pulse, Sperm Potency: Home Health Devices Are Tracking More Than Ever  The Wall Street Journal

Companies are planning to get personal—very personal—at the 2019 CES technology show this week in Las Vegas. The annual event for showcasing the latest ...

How to plan your smart home — and weigh privacy risks  The Oakland Press

NEW YORK (AP) — You might have heard of lights that turn off with an app or voice command. Or window shades that magically rise every morning.

I Downloaded the Information That Facebook Has on Me. Yikes.  The New York Times

When I downloaded a copy of my Facebook data last week, I didn't expect to see much. My profile is sparse, I rarely post anything on the site, and I seldom click ...

The Easy (and Free) Way to Make a Budget Spreadsheet  The New York Times

With a little time, typing and easy-to-use software, you can quickly see your financial picture much more thoroughly and better plan for the future.

Wireless Charging Is Here. So What Is It Good For?  The New York Times

The technology, also known as magnetic induction, is a relatively new feature for powering iPhones and popular Android phones. Most people don't use it, but ...

What Improved Tech Means for Electric, Self-Driving and Flying Cars  The New York Times

Jack Ewing, who covers autos and economics for The Times, says a “Jetsons”-like future is still far off, even as cars become even more computerized.

Google’s File on Me Was Huge. Here’s Why It Wasn’t as Creepy as My Facebook Data.  The New York Times

Google collects far more information about us than Facebook. But the Google data that our tech columnist downloaded on himself contained fewer surprises and ...

We Tried Facebook’s New Portal Device (So You Don’t Have To)  The New York Times

Here's what happened when two Times tech reporters installed Facebook's new Portal video-calling gadgets in their bedrooms.

How the Digital Era Has Changed the Daily Crossword  The New York Times

How do New York Times journalists use technology in their jobs and in their personal lives? Sam Ezersky, the assistant editor of puzzles for The Times, ...

How to Rescue, Repair and Revive Old Family Photos  The New York Times

If the march of time is eroding your personal picture archive, give your beloved images new life.

The Google Pixel 3 Review: Phone’s Smarts Shine Through Its A.I.-Driven Camera  The New York Times

Hardware innovations? Nope. Instead, Google is emphasizing software improvements — particularly for images — with its newest Pixel smartphones.

Unknown Tech Brands Aren’t Like Groceries. Don’t Just Grab Them.  The New York Times

It's time to stop using technology and the internet as though you were shopping at a supermarket.

Can a holographic screen help a new phone break out?  The Oakland Press

Most leading phones offer the same basics: Big screens, decent battery life and good cameras. So when a newcomer brings something innovative to the party, ...

Why ‘Fred’ Is the Best Friend of Economics Writers  The New York Times

Neil Irwin, who covers economics for The Upshot, often turns to “Fred,” a site full of economic data that is maintained by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Personal 2019 Challenge: Talk More About Tech’s Problems  The Wall Street Journal

Mark Zuckerberg last year boldly announced his personal challenge was to fix Facebook. This year the Facebook CEO and founder is setting a more modest ...

An Investigative Arsenal: Power Chargers, Document Analysis Tools and More  The New York Times

What's it like to comb through 18000 pages? Eric Lipton, an investigative reporter for The Times, described the tech he uses to help accomplish that task.

Digital health care tool tips for seniors | Personal Tech  The Oakland Press

In today's world, technology allows people to control various facets of life at the tip of their fingertips.

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