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Desire is the First Step
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Humans Who Are Disrespected Seek Revenge
Tempus Fugit and the Dollar Doesnt
Choice and Social Acceptance in Human Organizations
Platos Atlantis: Fact, Fiction or Prophecy?
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All That We Are... Are Labels
The Tree of Life and Allies
The Cosmic Eggs
Infinity - Feynman
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Belief is Closure
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The Earth Energy Grid
From Experience: Is It the Circle of Life?
Darius and the US Postal Service
Critical Thinking To Go: Dodging The Pepperoni Pizza Fallacy
Why Im Glad Im Not a Minority Writer
Viewing from Anothers Perspective Sets Humans Apart?
Guerrilla Mythbusting: 5 Snappy Rules For Spotting and Exposing Popular Nonsense
Evolution and Exorcisms
Satus Anxiety
Phony-Baloney Detection Lesson #2
Nostradamus Saw
Joseph Brant and The Hegelian Dialectic
Father Ernetti and the Philosophers Stone
Checked Into Nirvana. Where Is Joy?
Three Theories
Fire Walkers
Visions Of Heaven And Hell On Earth
Reducing Human Population Growth
Teilhard de Chardin
Knowledge and Study of Social Science
The Esoteric Mandate (Rothschilds too)
Animus Mundi and Intelligent Design
Some Ponderable Questions
The Early Life of Jesus
Understanding Of I-Ching And Tai Chi In Relation To Our Lives
Socrates Warned Us But We Killed Him
Man Is Not An Island
Slavers Claim To be Slaves - Taxation
The Galileo Conspiracy: 5 Questions Your Science Professors Hope You Never Ask
I Wouldnt Change A Thing
Einstein and Eirugena
Life in the Universe; Part 1
Common Psi-sense
Conspiracy Theorist
Angel Inspired E-mails
MORAL ARMOR on Materialism and Profit
Life in the Universe Part II
Nature of Visual Representation
Crop Circles and Critical Mass
The Knowledge Filter
Plato to Bushco
The Animal and the Human
The Magi
Nature Worship
Future Shock
Youre Wrong
The Keltoi
Stranded Notions: Time And Philosophy Of The Individual
Emerson and Plato
The Pertinence of Nudity
Alumpeth Devi Temple of Kerala in India
Extra Terrestrial Genetic Defect Myth
Illuminati in Kentucky
Dorothy Dunn and Primitive Art
My Insight into Numerology
German Philosophers
Star-Fire Ceremony
Privilege - Alfred Lee Loomis and Hecateus
Joseph Bonaparte and The New Jersey Devil
The Concept of the Sublime in Eighteenth Century Philosophy

Philosophy: What exactly is a black hole?  Science Daily

What is a black hole? A philosopher shows that physicists use different definitions of the concept, depending on their own particular fields of interest.

'Our recruiting philosophy is fine': Archie Miller sticking to recruiting plan  Indiana Daily Student

The way January and February have played out for the IU men's basketball team, one could forgive fans for turning an eye toward next season as the current ...

The misguided 'philosophy' behind public support for abortion | TheHill  The Hill

No one can do anything, good or bad, without some reason that is or appears good to him.

Commentary: The consolation of philosophy  NBC2 News

One of the consolations of philosophy, according to Boethius, is to seek happiness in misfortune.

'I follow the live-&-let-live philosophy'  The Tribune

TheTribune: Renowned singer Kanika Kapoor, who started her playback singing career with Baby Doll, is in the news these days for being a coach on Star Plus' ...

YDS 'Quadcast' explores how to reconcile religion & philosophy  Yale News

By Emily L. Judd. Yale Divinity School Professor John Hare joins the YDS podcast for its February episode, in which he discusses the relationship between ...

The Japanese philosophy of kaizen offers opportunity for industrial development in Africa  Brookings Institution

Kaizen management training offers a path to productivity growth for African entrepreneurs, particularly those who cannot afford to employ highly-educated and ...

One Last Midnight: The Philosophy of ‘True Detective’  Film School Rejects

True Detective is back on HBO for a third season and, much like the anthology series' grizzled characters, who fade into darkness for a decade only to return to ...

Fascism is a socialist philosophy | Letters to the Editor  Post Register

Fascism is a left-wing political philosophy — national socialism.

The 71st Annual Northwest Philosophy Conference  Pacific University

The Northwest Philosophy Conference is held each fall, attracting philosophers from across the United States and abroad. The primary purpose of this ...

3 philosophers set up a booth on a street corner – here's what people asked  Santa Maria Times

The life choices that had led me to be sitting in a booth underneath a banner that read “Ask a Philosopher” – at the entrance to the New York City subway at 57th ...

Philosophy professor analyzes Plato's vision of love and wisdom  UT The Daily Texan

Exploring the connection between philosophy and love was the central theme of philosophy professor Paul Woodruff's lecture Wednesday that analyzed Plato's ...

Marie Kondo's minimalism philosophy incorporated into Ball State's honors classes  Ball State Daily News

Marie Kondo's new Netflix series “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” has sent the world on an organizing frenzy, and members of Ball State's community have ...

Night of Philosophy events are happening in 65 cities  Quartz

This weekend, French cultural institutes are sponsoring free intellectual rave parties in 65 cities across five continents. The Night of Philosophy and Ideas (La ...

Tareq Azim, Founder Of Empower, Discusses His Training Philosophy  CBS San Francisco

(CBS SF)- Tareq Azim can't help but help other people. The son of Afghan refugees who settled in the Bay Area in the 1980's, Azim found a philosophy through ...

Cubs' new pitching philosophy | 02/07/2019 Cubs reporter Jordan Bastian discusses the new approach the club has taken in its pitching development philosophy.

7 best Alan Watts books on philosophy and life  Big Think

Read the best Alan Watts books on the nature of being, life and reality. Read on a diverse range of topics that cover philosophy, psychology, psychedelics and ...

Mesut Ozil: No place for German in Unai Emery's philosophy, says John Cross  SkySports

There is no place for Mesut Ozil in Unai Emery's philosophy because he cannot be trusted, John Cross told the Sunday Supplement.

Expert Wealth Advisor Introduces Advanced Life Planning Philosophy for Business Owners  Forbes

Rocco A. Carriero Releases “Three Cords Approach to Life and Wealth Management for Business Owners” with ForbesBooks NEW YORK (February 1, 2019) ...

Should I grow a beard? A philosopher considers the ethics of facial hair  Quartz

Those who believe growing a beard is a personal fashion choice need to reconsider. The bristly facial hair of men is, in fact, the physical embodiment of deep ...

Democratic Socialism — philosophy of poverty | TheHill  The Hill

Those who criticize socialism for its failure to create wealth are missing the point.

Everyday Philosophy  Boston Review

Everyday Philosophy from Boston Review. No dead guys with beards in this reading list, we promise.

The Marco Silva philosophy that is already paying dividends at Everton  Liverpool Echo

It has been a season to forget so far for the Blues but this offers something of a silver lining.

Tyler Warren Dives Deep Into His Shaping Philosophy  Surfer Magazine

“Perfectionist” might be an understatement for highly-attuned surfer and shaper Tyler Warren. From his highly-coveted handshapes to his supremely-refined rail ...

Seahawks mailbag: Debating Seattle’s late-game offensive philosophy  The Seattle Times

Also: which games will get on prime time in 2019? And a quick review of Seattle's tailback depth heading into the offseason.

Philosopher of The Month: William James (timeline)  OUPblog

This January the OUP Philosophy team honours William James (1842-1910) as their Philosopher of the Month. James was the founder of pragmatism, ...

Philosophy professor's new book explores Brian Eno's 'Music for Airports'  Emory News Center

Considering we mostly listen to music for pleasure, Brian Eno's “ambient music” works of the 1970s were a provocation. With slow and somewhat repetitive ...

Suing your parents for being born has philosophical support  Quartz

A man is suing his parents for giving birth to him without his consent. That might sound ridiculous, but he has a point. The plaintiff behind the lawsuit, 27-year-old ...

Album review: Kate Soper’s ‘Ipsa Dixit’ probes the bounds of philosophy  San Francisco Chronicle

“What is art?” is the first question posed in “Ipsa Dixit,” composer-performer Kate Soper's brilliantly probing musical-philosophical masterpiece, and things just ...

Krishnamurthy '19: 'Philosophy, politics and economics' is overrated  The Brown Daily Herald

In early May, the student-run Journal of Philosophy, Politics & Economics published its inaugural issue. In their foreword to the first volume, the editorial board ...

Verbal Attack on French Philosopher New Anti-Semitism Jolt  U.S. News & World Report

PARIS (AP) — French yellow vest protesters are marking three months since the kickoff of their anti-government movement, after anti-Semitic remarks by some ...

In memoriam: Gary Gutting, John A. O'Brien Professor of Philosophy  ND Newswire

Gary Gutting, John A. O'Brien Professor of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, New York Times contributor and co-founding editor of Notre Dame ...

Man who helps countless hurricane survivors because of his “philosophy of generosity”  WECT

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Greg Pampell has a reputation for giving up his time to help others, especially in the aftermath Hurricane Florence. Pampell says he ...

WATCH: Eales, Bocanegra discuss Almiron transfer and Atlanta United’s philosophy  Dirty South Soccer

Nearly a week after Miguel Almiron's MLS record transfer to Newcastle United, Atlanta United have released a video of the club's two main decision makers ...

Marathon Of Discussions And Performances Makes For ‘A Night Of Philosophy And Ideas’  Houston Public Media

Houston Matters learns what's in store for a six-hour marathon of performances and discussions that runs through the night at Rice University this weekend.

Deadline day: ‘Arsenal’s transfer philosophy is a joke!’ – Ex-Gunners star Charlie Nicholas slams loans for ‘ninth richest club’

Arsenal have seen their transfer philosophy branded “an absolute joke”, with Charlie Nicholas questioning why the “ninth richest club” cannot do permanent ...

Blogger, author: Country house a philosophy not a place  The Detroit News

Author and blogger Nora Murphy says a country house is as much a state of mind as a location in her new book “Nora Murphy's Country House Style.”

Texas philosophy professor to speak on proof for existence of God  Daily Nebraskan

It can be difficult to find satisfactory answers to the many philosophical, ideological and spiritual questions asked and debated throughout history. With guidance ...

Comments from UGA philosophy student incite social media uproar  Online Athens

The University of Georgia has asked the state Attorney General's office to investigate a UGA philosophy graduate student as his controversial comments about ...

Pirates want new hitting coaches to 'recalibrate' offensive philosophy  Tribune-Review

The Pittsburgh Pirates exceeded most expectations in 2018, but within 24 hours of the season's completion they fired both of their hitting coaches. The result of ...

Education: Luxembourg, future world champion of philosophy?  RTL Today

Thirty young people took part Friday in the selections for an international competition of philosophy! A first in Luxembourg. We already knew the Olympics of ...

Tom Byer's 'Soccer Starts at Home' philosophy brought to Houston Dynamo's youth  KTRK-TV

Parents of young athletes will get the opportunity to learn from Tom Byer and his "Soccer Starts at Home" philosophy.

Good Samaritan in fatal Parkway crash lived by the philosophy 'Life is short. Do it now.'  The Incline

Friends and family remember Landen Manning Jones and Jason Hubert Jackson.

Washington state House committee passes bill to ban personal, philosophical vaccine exemptions | TheHill  The Hill

A Washington state House committee on Friday passed a bill to ban the personal or philosophical exemption for the vaccine against measles, mumps and ...

Ice Cube and the philosophical foundations of community policing  OUPblog

The recent “First Step Act” is the most significant federal criminal justice reform in decades. Still, it is a modest first step. The law eases the sentences of some ...

New book by St. John Paul shows early political, social philosophy  Crux: Covering all things Catholic

A new two-volume manuscript on political and social philosophy, authored by St. John Paul II in the 1950s, will dispel views of him as "an intellectual cut off from ...

Laurie Anderson and Timothy Morton headline A Night of Philosophy and Ideas  Houston Chronicle

We'd say “oui oui” to A Night of Philosophy and Ideas just to hear the keynote talk “It's Not the End of the World. That Was a While Ago,” by rock-star philosopher ...

Philosopher Jennifer Lackey on why we're so apt to believe confessions  University of Rochester

An action taken in a single moment can change a life. But what happens when that moment is one of false confession, claiming responsibility for a crime one ...

Understanding Dodgers' Philosophy Behind Trading Yasiel Puig & Signing AJ Pollock

Understanding the importance the Los Angeles Dodgers place on quality and how it factored into signing A.J. Pollock after trading Yasiel Puig.

Google translate is a manifestation of Wittgenstein language theory  Quartz

More than 60 years after philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein's theories on language were published, the artificial intelligence behind Google Translate has ...

Your anxiety may be explained by neuroexistentialism  Quartz

It's not easy being human. It never was, really, if William Shakespeare is to be believed. In the 16th century, the playwright noted that “life…is a tale told by an ...

Philosophical differences | Sunday centerpiece  Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

If you haven't been to a public library recently, you'll note a shift from the “books and reference” model you might have grown up with. ...

Jane Seymour brings her ‘Open Heart’ philosophy to Riverwalk  Fresno Bee

A face familiar to many movie and television fans could be seen spotted near the Manatee River standing close to her latest piece of off-screen art installed at the ...

Chelsea's Eden Hazard: Sarri style suits my philosophy of football  ESPN

Eden Hazard has said Maurizio Sarri's style of play is "more like my philosophy of football" as the Chelsea coach attempts to turn the club's faltering season ...

Your Loyalties Are Your Life  The New York Times

In 1900, there were two great philosophers working side by side at Harvard, William James and Josiah Royce. James was from an eminent Boston family and ...

Mullen breaks down his philosophy on transfers  247Sports

Florida coach Dan Mullen broke down his philosophy on transfers, both into and out of his program.

French-Jewish philosopher verbally assaulted by anti-Semitic protesters  i24NEWS

Fringe protesters shouted 'Go back to Tel Aviv' and 'Go home' as police shielded Finkelkraut from the crowds.

Nationals post-Harper philosophy primes players on winning everyday  WPEC

Blue skies consumed West Palm Beach on Thursday, but there was a haze that lingered over the Washington Nationals on their second day of spring training.

New Amazon Documentary Theorizes Jesus Is Actually a Greek Philosopher, Sparks Outrage

An Amazon Prime documentary has made claim that Jesus Christ was not a Jew from Nazareth, but rather a Greek philosopher named Apollonius, born in the ...

Alex Caceres gets deep on MMA career, says it feels like less of a job  MMA Fighting

At UFC Phoenix media day, Alex Caceres discusses his MMA career in a philosophical manner, fighting Kron Gracie and more.

China's Young Marx Anime Sparks Philosophical Debate, Criticism, and Gay Fan-Fiction  RADII

"The Leader" is a creative attempt at educating future comrades, but it might need better production and dialogue to reach its target audience...

New superintendent brings progressive, kid-centered philosophy to Daniel Boone  Reading Eagle

After working in the Boyertown School District for more than a dozen years, Dr. Brett A. Cooper is learning the ropes as top administrator at his alma mater.

Tomb Of Popular Philosopher Karl Marx Vandalised Again  Channels Television

The memorial of German philosopher Karl Marx has been vandalised in London for the second time in two weeks, the cemetery that manages the site said on ...

The Philosopher Redefining Equality  The New Yorker

Elizabeth Anderson thinks we've misunderstood the basis of a free and fair society.

Bluff, bluster and intimidation have been Modi govt's philosophy: Sonia Gandhi  Times of India

India News: In a blistering attack on the Modi government, Congress leader Sonia Gandhi said on Wednesday "bluff, bluster and intimidation" have been its ...

Polis Wants To Bridge The 'Philosophical Disagreements' Between Denver Teachers And The District  Colorado Public Radio

Gov. Jared Polis is making one last attempt to meet with both sides in Denver's contentious teacher labor dispute and broker an agreement before the state ...

The Good Place finale: the philosophical theories behind Janet’s story  Polygon

The latest season of The Good Place saw the gang nearly fail at their scheme to right the ethical wrongs of the afterlife. Thursday's finale throws a wrench in the ...

Iowa Doctors Blast Anti-Vaccine Bill That Would Allow Exemptions for Philosophical Belief: 'It's a Huge Public Safety Threat'  Newsweek

Iowa's Senate approved a bill that would allow vaccination exemptions for philosophical beliefs.

Why is it that so many writers, artists and philosophers have sought inspiration in the bath?  iNews

Baths are everywhere – and not just in bathrooms. Once you start to look for them, they can be found in the works of great writers, artists and thinkers. They have ...

Texans tackle Kendall Lamm philosophical on future  Chron

It was a difficult year personally for Texans offensive tackle Kendall Lamm as his grandmother battled cancer. Professionally, it was the most successful year of ...

Drew Brees waxes philosophical about devastating NFC Championship loss  WGNO New Orleans

ATLANTA - New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees talked about the infamous missed call in the NFC Championship game that ended the team's season ...

Unpublished and Untenured, a Philosopher Inspired a Cult Following  The New York Times

Irad Kimhi has never held a tenured position or published even a journal article. Yet his ideas have earned him a towering reputation and now he's finally ...

Philosophy Has Made Plenty of Progress  Scientific American

I have never bumped into Tim Maudlin, but I have felt his gravitational tug. A Reddit discussion of "heavy hitters in philosophy" called Maudlin "probably the most ...

A Philosopher's Hoax Embarrassed Several Academic Journals. Was It Satire or Fraud?  Pacific Standard

By resorting to satire, did Portland State University professor Peter Boghossian violate basic professional and ethical standards?

What is the point of philosophy? A new philosophy paper says there isn’t one  Quartz

There comes a moment in every philosophy student's life when the inevitable question comes up: What's the point?

NASA and philosophers now teach a philosophy of space-travel safety  Quartz

What makes a rocket safe? Are you sure—really, really sure? To answer this question to NASA's exacting standards, you'll need not just a grasp of engineering, ...

This comedy duo makes philosophy fun. Here are 5 books to read now  PBS NewsHour

Keith and Kenny Lucas, identical twins, integrate philosophy into parts of their comedy.

Philosopher Alan Watts on the difference between money and wealth  Big Think

Philosopher Alan Watts' take on money, wealth and what we desire. If money was no object, would we understand the difference between the symbolic and the ...

Decolonizing philosophy is the new battleground in South Africa’s fight against imperialism  Quartz

To study philosophy in South Africa today is to study a series of pronouncements from white, European men. Tony Shabangu, a philosophy lecturer and doctoral ...

Can Philosophy Influence Business? Here's What The Stoics Have Taught Me  Forbes

There are many things we can learn from Stoic philosophers. Here's how I apply their teachings to my technology business.

Late-Night Philosophy Festival Expands to Five U.S. Cities  The New York Times

This year's American installment of the Night of Ideas will feature appearances by philosophers, musicians, artists and a puppet of Noam Chomsky.

The philosophy in "The Good Place" is vetted by a real philosopher  Quartzy

A philosopher is stuck in hell and can only survive if he breaks his moral code and pretends to be a demon. What does he do? This was the “emergency ...

DNC chairman Perez insists there's 'no philosophical debate' among Dems on health care principles  Fox News

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez told Fox News' "Special Report with Bret Baier" on Tuesday that there is "no philosophical debate" in the ...

Philosophers philosophizing about philosophy on world philosophy day 2018  Quartz

Philosophers around the world: rejoice, for the entire world shall pay homage to the great subject this week. In 2002, UNESCO first declared the third Thursday ...

Physics Needs Philosophy / Philosophy Needs Physics  Scientific American

Contrary to claims about the irrelevance of philosophy for science, philosophy has always had, and still has, far more influence on physics than commonly ...

Why Scientists Could Use a March for Philosophy  Scientific American

According to the “law of the instrument,” if you give a child a hammer, everything she meets will have to be pounded. We are prone, in other words, to go about ...

10 philosophy books to develop a diverse metaphysical perspective  Big Think

From Aristotle and Plato to Alan Watts and Bertrand Russell, these 10 philosophy books will not only give you a better understanding of metaphysical principles, ...

Philosophy shows us how to respect enemies  National Catholic Reporter

As an undergraduate at St. Louis University in the 1960s, I took an ethics course. The required textbook was Vernon J. Bourke's Ethics: A Textbook in Moral ...

The Philosophical Roots of Today's Immigration Debate  The New Republic

President Trump and his critics are falling into camps very reminiscent of a classic philosophical debate of the 1970s: two different conceptions of moral duty.

“Philosophy of the Foot,” by Taymour Soomro  The New Yorker

Fiction by Taymour Soomro: “Listen to the foot,” the boy says. “The foot says go forward, go back, stand still. If you listen you'll know.”

Independent study guide to logic for philosophers and mathematicians  Boing Boing

Retired Cambridge professor Peter Smith has distilled his experience in teaching philosophers and mathematicians about formal logic into a free, frequently ...

The Pain and Promise of Black Women in Philosophy  The New York Times

Anita L. Allen spoke to George Yancy about the humiliations and triumphs that she and her trailblazing colleagues faced in their careers.

A philosopher explains how our addiction to stories keeps us from understanding history  The Verge

The Verge interviews Duke University philosopher Alex Rosenberg about his new book How History Gets Things Wrong: The Neuroscience of Our Addiction to ...

Administrators should prepare a philosophy of education statement when they apply for jobs (opinion)  Inside Higher Ed

If left unarticulated, you might stumble into one and somewhat accidentally live into it, Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt warns.

The Philosophy of Fasting  IAI News

Asceticism has been a way of expressing philosophical and religious beliefs – and for good reason.

What Makes A Philosopher? | Issue 128  Philosophy Now

Siobhan Lyons hunts down a philosopher's essential ingredients.

Martha Nussbaum is the second woman in a row to win the philosophy Berggruen prize  Quartz

The philosopher Martha Nussbaum, whose work includes analyses of anger and disgust, has been awarded the 2018 Berggruen Prize for philosophy and ...

Broadway’s first traffic jam was due to a Henri Bergson philosophy lecture  Quartz

Just over 100 ago, New York newspapers announced the impending arrival of a visiting French philosopher, and the city buzzed. When Henri Bergson delivered ...

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