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Writing Innovative Poetry

Writing innovative poetry, the kind of poetry that reputable literary journals publish, entails knowing exactly what each word of a poem does to the reader. A good poem should be evocative, skillful, and cohesive, but before attempting to hone these attributes, a potential poet should be knowledgeable of the various forms and attributes of contemporary poetry. A good way to become familiar with the aspects of contemporary poetry is to take classes, join writing workshops, and subscribe to contemporary literary journals. Reading and understanding good poetry is vital to being able to write good poetry.

The first phase of writing a good poem includes a process of brainstorming. There are various ways to approach this process, but after a good deal of experimentation, the poet will find the one that works best for his or her personal style. Some poets will begin this process by actually writing a poem. Other poets will write prose or notes until he or she spots something that could be developed into a poem. The most important concept to consider with regard to this first phase is to write fearlessly. Write without trying to sound poetic, avoid abstractions, and be as detailed as possible. Write what is on your mind without worrying too much about grammar, literary devices, and line breaks. Often, when a person engages is this type of free writing, he or she will naturally write in some sort of rhythm or pattern. It is in the next phase of writing that these natural literary finesses are smoothed out and heightened.

The next stage of writing involves looking for a shape within the words that have been freely written. Read the words out loud, paying careful attention to phrases and words that leave an indelible impression. Then, prune some of the language by omitting unnecessary lines and hackneyed expressions, such as "I walk this lonely path," or, "My heart cries out." A good poem is going to have fresh images and is going to offer unique perspectives. If you find hackneyed or overly abstract expressions in your writing that are pertinent to the overall theme of your piece, try rewriting them using language that has never been used before to describe these situations or feelings. Also, pay attention to whether your poem is telling its message to the reader or if it is showing the message through unique images. An example of telling would be, "I am sad and lonely." An example of showing would be, "I fall into his empty chair, listlessly holding his photograph?"

Once you have found the shape of your poem and reworked the language to include fresh images, you will need to read it out loud. Listen to the line breaks. Listen to the actual language. Ask yourself whether the line breaks are appropriate. Are there abrupt words dangling at the ends of any lines? Do you have conjunctions or prepositions trailing at the ends of your lines? If so, you might need to rework the lines, and at times, you may need to reword entire lines. This stage also includes getting constructive criticism from writers or poetry enthusiasts who will be objective with their feedback. You can look for or start a poetry critique group in your local area, or you can join one of the many critique forums and workshops online. This part of the process can be the most difficult for new poets who are not accustomed to having someone digging around in their creative endeavors with a scalpel. Understand that even incredibly well crafted poems will get their fair share of comments from the critics. Also, adhere to your intentions. If a critic misreads your piece, it could very well mean that you need to rework your piece within your own aim.

Finally, after having written your poetry with the knowledge and understanding you have gained through classes and reading, and after having reworked and submitted your piece for critique, you are ready for your final draft. Your final draft is not a final product. Your final draft is what all your hard work so far has produced, but you will need to read it again, possibly a day, a month, sometimes even years after you've written it.

When there is nothing more to prune, add, or change to the poem, you may consider submitting it to one of the literary journals you have subscribed to when you first began your journey as a good poet.

Devrie Paradowski has been published by several literary journals such as Adagio Verse Quarterly, Eclips e-zine and Meeting of the Minds Journal. She has also published articles with Poetry Renewal Magazine. She is the founder and editor of the online literary journal, LE Quarterly: http://www.literaryescape.com/journal/

OSHUN headlining Trinity’s Hip-Hop Fest, 4 days of music, dance, poetry and scholars  Hartford Courant

Every year, as a new spring dawns, a small, prestigious liberal arts college in the heart of Connecticut transforms over four days into the epicenter of hip-hop ...

Poems wanted for 19th Annual Poetry Wall at the Marshall Public Library  Idaho State Journal

POCATELLO - Area poets have a chance to become part of the Marshall Public Library's collection.

W.S. Merwin, Poet of Life’s Damnable Evanescence, Dies at 91  The New York Times

W. S. Merwin, a formidable American poet who for more than 60 years labored under a formidable poetic yoke: the imperative of using language — an ...

Poet W.S. Merwin followed where the words led  Christian Science Monitor

Once called 'the Thoreau of our era,' W.S. Merwin was an environmentalist who transformed concrete language into evanescent poetry that reflected on war, ...

UA Poetry Centerites for criminal justice reform with arts grant  Arizona Daily Wildcat

The University of Arizona Poetry Center is using a new grant from the Art for Justice Fund to promote social justice through art.

A Shout Out to Winners of County Poetry Out Loud Competition  Noozhawk

Ivy Hatter of Pioneer Valley High School in Santa Maria took first place in the recent regional high school Poetry Out Loud competition, the Santa Barbara County ...

From hardship to hope, Singapore's migrant poets find their voices - The Jakarta Post  Jakarta Post

In dorms on Singapore's fringes or employers' backrooms, a growing number of migrant workers are using poetry to shed light on their hidden struggles and ...

Listen to T.S. Eliot Reflect on Poetry  The New York Times

The 92nd Street Y has released a 1950 recording in which the poet talks about live vs. recorded readings and how to pace a public performance.

Iowa's Poetry Out Loud winner says poetry appeals to her artistic side  Sioux City Journal

SIOUX CITY -- Reciting Noah Buchholz's poem "The Moonlight" puts Foster Johnson in a somber mood, while Percy Bysshe Shelley's "Love's Philosophy" ...

Author Cee Jay Spring Promotes His Book Of Poetry - 'Poetry Dead To Society'  Broadway World

Author Cee Jay Spring has announced the promotion of his book of poetry, Poetry Dead to Society. Released by Page Publishing in October 2018, the book is ...

SCHS student takes second in state poetry contest  News- Graphic

Scott County High School made a sterling first impression at the Poetry Out Loud state championship as Hannah Tirlea won second place earlier this month.

106 Poems Yield 10 Finalists in Annual Poetry Contest  Westside Seattle

DES MOINES, Wash. — “Expect Sadness like Rain” earned Alyssa Konopaski first place in Highline College's 2019 Student Poetry Contest. Konopaski was one ...

Saying Goodbye to the Poets Who Gave Me My Life  TheTyee.ca

Lane, Leggo, Rosenblatt, Merwin — how do I repay such a large debt?

When Poems of Resilience Get Twisted for Terrorism  The Atlantic

The New Zealand shooter quoted Dylan Thomas and Rudyard Kipling in his manifesto, hijacking the language of bravery in familiar ways.

The Road Not Taken: Sununu stirs controversy with poet laureate pick  The Union Leader

They came north, to this. kingdom of stone and frost,. Felling trees the size of ships. to make splinters for shelter. CONCORD — That reflection on the state's early ...

This famous British poet gave up the thing dearest to him for Lent  Aleteia EN

Giving up something for Lent? The more you love something, the greater the sacrifice. For some, it might be almost impossible to go without a daily cup of coffee.

Unknown Poets Vision of Future Is Publication  Voice of the Valley

The Unknown Poets Society in Black Diamond has a vision for the future. They would like to publish selected poems written by those reciting their original work ...

15 Gorgeous Instagram Poetry Accounts to Follow for Daily Inspiration  Book Riot

Must-follow Instagram poetry accounts to follow for a quick dose of creativity while you scroll on your smartphone throughout the day.

Local playwright, poet reflects on literary vocation, hopes for Topekas artistic youth  The Topeka Capital-Journal

Poetry is the only thing Huascar Medina feels is deeply personal about his life.Medina is a first-generation immigrant to the U.S. and, like a chameleon, spent ...

From soccer to sonnets: Frank Skinner plans to bring poetry to the masses  The Guardian

The comedian and radio DJ Frank Skinner is usually associated more with football chants than the sonorous stanzas of TS Eliot or Philip Larkin. But Skinner ...

Highline College's Student Poetry Contest yields 10 finalists from 106 entries  Auburn Reporter

Free events, celebration of winners coming in April.

Santa Barbara Poetry Series Reading to Present City's New Poet Laureate  Noozhawk

The Santa Barbara Poetry Series will present its last reading of the 2018-19 season with featured readers Emma Trelles and Taylor Tejada, plus the ...

Local poets are leaving their original work around Duluth  Duluth News Tribune

If Duluth's poet laureate has his way, the Free Poetry Project will gain traction — like a variation on Little Free Libraries. Gary Boelhower is a self-described ...

Providence poetry competition judges students on accuracy, articulation and voice  The Providence Journal

The high school students, finalists in an annual statewide competition called "Poetry Out Loud," gathered at the Rhode Island School of Design. The winner will ...

Waxing poetic | News  Porterville Recorder

Hundreds of students enjoy Poetry on Parade at Belleview Elementary SchoolPoetry on Parade is an annual event for Porterville Unified School District. Each of ...

Some pretty impressive machine-learning generated poetry courtesy of GPT-2  Boing Boing

GPT-2 is Open AI's language-generation model (last seen around these parts as a means of detecting machine-generated text); it's powerful and cool, and ...

St. John’s poet laureate Mary Dalton aims to ‘foreground’ poetry in city  The Telegram

A grey mist hangs outside the window of poet Mary Dalton's Memorial University office on Saturday. Juxtaposed on the windowsill are bright green potted plants.

Grace: Raise a glass to the Irish legacy of words and poetry  Omaha World-Herald

When you consider the Irish contribution to Western culture, take green beer, shamrock tattoos and daylong stereotype-promoting bacchanals off your list.

'Every Thing Every Time' builds poetry from the smart city  Engadget

Just opposite the Austin Convention Center there's a mechanical split-flap display -- the kind you might see in a 20th century train station -- propped on a sli...

The Poets Of Fishing Gather In Oregon  NPR

This weekend fishermen and fishing women gather in Astoria, Ore., to read poetry. Their work explores the modern problems of the fishing life, including climate ...

Poetry spot: 'Two Sonnets for October 5th 1996' by Joel Salcido  AZCentral

Poetry spot is part of a collaboration with local poets to bring poetry closer to the center of our everyday lives.

De Guzman takes third in state Poetry Out Loud  Elko Daily Free Press

CARSON CITY – An Elko High School senior took third place in the state finals for Poetry Out Loud on Saturday.

World Poetry Day: Where to Pay for Your Coffee with a Poem  The Resident

World Poetry Day: Pay With A Poem is the annual initiative by coffee roaster Julius Meinl to celebrate World Poetry Day on 21 March, and this year, Tom Ode.

Poetry through songs  Deccan Herald

In India, nothing can bring people close to poetry than film songs, be it in any language. Many would remember the stunning lyrics of poets or lyricists such as ...

‘How my debut poetry manuscript was edited to become a full-fledged book’  Scroll.in

Once a year, The (Great) Indian Poetry Collective runs a poetry prize through which they choose three poets with full-length poetry manuscripts to mentor over ...

Poetry for People Who Hate Poetry, No. 7  Cleveland Scene

This is the seventh column in a monthly series by Dave Lucas, the Poet Laureate of the State of Ohio. You can read his previous...

Future Doctors Open Their Minds to Poetry  UANews

Most days, first-year medical students spend their time in classrooms and laboratories studying subjects like anatomy and pathology or learning clinical skills by ...

Rochester is Getting A New Poet Laureate  krocam.com

Did you know Rochester has its own official poet? Make that official poet laureate. A new one is expected to be formally appointed Monday.

Wit and Wisdom at the 35th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering  lareviewofbooks

MARCH 17, 2019. I. The Gathering at Elko. AFTER COLLEGE, I worked for a couple years on ranches in the Southwest. My duties consisted of standard cowboy ...

For Sale: Original Poetry, Handwritten by Bonnie and Clyde  Atlas Obscura

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow may be the United States' most famous outlaw lovers. Together, they racked up a record of murders, thefts, and kidnappings ...

Poetry for People Who Hate Poetry, No. 6  Cleveland Scene

This is the sixth in a monthly series by Dave Lucas, the Poet Laureate of the State of Ohio. You can read the September Installment, (No. 1), here; the October ...

Poetry Is Back In Fashion  Vogue.co.uk

Poetry is back in fashion... and back on the catwalk. Pierpaolo Piccioli collaborated with four contemporary poets on his AW19 Valentino collection.

Poetry round-up: Mary Noonan’s second collection is a bit of a surprise  The Irish Times

Plus new poetry from Hannah Sullivan and Marilyn Hacker.

Peggy Shumaker’s ‘Cairn’ unpacks a life lived in poetry  Anchorage Daily News

The subtitle, “New and Selected Poems and Prose,” only hints at what is contained within these pages: a career retrospective tracing her pathway to now, and ...

What Charles Bukowski’s Glamorous Displays of Alcoholism Left Out  The New York Times

A new collection of the writer's prose and poems, “On Drinking,” makes clear how evasive he was even in his most seemingly honest work. Can Bukowski's view ...

KidsPost contest: Go nuts for poetry in the Squirrel Haiku Contest  The Washington Post

We're celebrating National Poetry Month and Squirrel Week by showcasing your creativity.

Blog: Sometimes, poetry is just what you're looking for  Glens Falls Post-Star

Sometimes, poetry can be a refreshing interlude between big fat history books and engrossing, emotional novels. It's easy to put down a poetry book in between ...

The best recent poetry – review roundup | Books  The Guardian

Kingdomland by Rachael Allen; Gen by Jonathan Edwards; Magical Negro by Morgan Parker; and Counting Backwards: Poems 1975-2017 by Helen Dunmore.

Salina Poetry Series planned for April  Salina Post

Every Tuesday in April, Salina Public Library, Salina Arts & Humanities, and SPARK Artist Resource Exchange will bring poets to Salina for the 35th year of the ...

Poetry Slam Istanbul looks to bring poetry back on stage  Daily Sabah

Born in the U.S., the concept of Poetry Slam has spread across the world. Now Istanbul will host an event that will be held at Kaset in Kadıköy on Sunday, March ...

Poetry that packs a punch: Dodge presents art with a social edge, Morristown, March 23  Morristown Green

Poetry isn't always pretty. Sometimes it's a mirror, an X-ray machine, a bullhorn for change. The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation explores the power of poetry ...

When poetry is a luxury  The Stanford Daily

I like poetry. Maybe it's because of the abundance of Dr. Seuss books that were placed on my shelf as a kid, or maybe because of the painfully awkward and yet ...

Airy & Otherworldly Japanese Poetry Prints | by Jenny Uglow | NYR Daily  The New York Review of Books

In the main gallery of Oxford's Ashmolean Museum, a big Jeff Koons exhibition is causing a stir. But among the many delights of this museum are the small, free ...

The Final Installment of Bushwick Bohemia Poetry and a Goodbye from Its Curator  bushwickdaily.com

Bushwick-born poet, Emanuel Xavier, who has curated this monthly feature, will be saying goodbye to his hometown neighborhood. — Bushwick Daily.

Longtime resident is named Somerville's third poet laureate  The Boston Globe

Somerville Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone recently named Lloyd Schwartz to serve as the city's third poet laureate. A longtime Somerville resident and widely ...

FAB recommends Emerson Poetry Project appeal for national tournament  Berkeley Beacon

The Student Government Association Financial Advisory Board recommended the Student Government Association spend $7,532 for the Emerson Poetry ...

Spring poetry  Southwest Journal

It's been a hard winter, testing our spirits. We received more poems that seemed drawn from the past season than looked forward to the next one, and there was ...

Beloved Penn prof. Charles Bernstein, winner of highest award in poetry, set to retire  The Daily Pennsylvanian

After teaching at Penn for more than 15 years, esteemed poet and English professor Charles Bernstein is set to retire at the end of the semester. The influential ...

The Monitor :: Botswana To Commemorate World Poetry Day  Mmegi Online

Various works of poetry and images of poets will be featured in various materials and forms to promote World Poetry Day. Botswana poets will also showcase ...

New & Noteworthy  The New York Times

A selection of books published this week; plus, a peek at what our colleagues around the newsroom are reading.

Word is out on Renfrewshire teen's poetry skills  TheGazette.co.uk

The Scottish Book Trust has announced 15-year-old Devin McRoberts will be one of seven teenage writers joining the What's Your Story? programme.

EHS student advances to national poetry competition  The Edwardsville Intelligencer

The Illinois State Contest of the Poetry Out Loud: National Recitation Contest competition declared Edwardsville High School's Scottlynn Ballard as the winner.

BP Oddo seeks nominations for Staten Island's first poet laureate  SILive.com

Staten Island Borough President James Oddo announced nominations are open for the borough's first appointed poet laureate. (Staten Island Advance/Steve ...

The Poet Who Planted Trees  The New York Times

I got lost when I went looking for W.S. Merwin. The Peahi Valley is not easy to find. I drove the Hana Highway at dawn, back and forth along the windward coast ...

UConn welcomes Claudia Rankine to celebrate the 56th Wallace Stevens Poetry Program  UConn Daily Campus

Claudia Rankine, author of five collections of poetry, shared her work and the message she conveys through her poetry with a full audience in the Dodd Center ...

Sierra Nelson's Bioluminescent Poetry - Art and Performance Spring 2019  TheStranger.com

The founder of the Cephalopod Appreciation Society can't stop thinking about the unnoticed creatures who live around us.

Poet, Drake Collaborator Mustafa Ahmed on Writing 'From the Perspective of Black Love' for Valentino  Complex

Mustafa The Poet, the Grammy award winning songwriter and frequent Drake collaborator, describes what it was like to work with Valentino.

Poetry spot: 'Eulogy' by Joe Salembier  AZCentral

Poetry spot is part of a collaboration with local poets to bring poetry closer to the center of our everyday lives.

Contest will put poetry in motion  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Crossing Limits seeks poetry submissions themed “I Too Am Pittsburgh,” and the winners will be displayed on Port Authority buses.

Marcus Cumberlege, poet whose work was suffused with his spirituality – obituary  Telegraph.co.uk

Marcus Cumberlege, who has died aged 80, was a poet whose work was both sophisticated and spiritual. The spirituality became especially clear after 2000, ...

Author and Musician Jennifer Juan to Release New Poetry Collection 'Ol' Brown Eyes Is Back'  Broadway World

Jennifer Juan is celebrating the upcoming release of her brand new poetry collection, "Ol' Brown Eyes Is Back," which will be available in both eBook and ...

Second Acts: A Second Look at Second Books of Poetry: Shara Lessley and Stephen Cushman  lareviewofbooks

I RECENTLY USED Stephen Cushman's second collection of poems, Cussing Lesson, in a small seminar for first-year college students. This was not a poetry ...

Jill Osier is named the 2019 Yale Younger Poet  Yale News

The Solace Is Not the Lullaby,” a manuscript by American poet Jill Osier, has been chosen as the winner for the 2019 Yale Series of Younger Poets competition.

City of Malibu to present a journey of poetry, music and art March 23  Malibu Surfside News

The City of Malibu Cultural Arts Commission and the Malibu Library presents the second annual Poetry Summit: Call to the Wall, Changing of the Verse, ...

Ken Nordine, Surreal Poet With a Jazz Beat, Is Dead at 98  The New York Times

Ken Nordine, who improvised poetry in a silky voice to cool, vibrant musical accompaniment, creating a form of storytelling that he called “word jazz,” and that ...

Twin Cities poet Ed Bok Lee reads from new collection of work  Minnesota Public Radio News

Twin Cities poet Ed Bok Lee will read from his new collection of poetry, "Mitochondrial Night," on Saturday night in Minneapolis.

I always felt I wasn't clever enough for poetry. But this was like making a new exciting friend  The Guardian

I don't know anything about painters or photographers or theatre. Here's how I fell in love with poetry.

New poetry that grapples with climate change  Yale Climate Connections

There's something like a perverse poetry to climate change. In its all-encompassing largeness it defies straightforward description, inspires awe and terror, and ...

playtime review – boyhood laid bare | Books  The Guardian

Andrew McMillan's poetry is see-through – it lets us understand, in an uncensored way, how it was to grow up as a gay boy. His much-praised physical made his ...

Maryland poet visits campus | Arts & Entertainment  ECU The East Carolinian

From pain to inspiration, a Northeastern poet came to East Carolina University yesterday afternoon to share her work and inspire students.

North Pole High School student wins state poetry contest  Juneau Empire

Honor Mealey took home top Poetry Out Loud honors. The North Pole High School junior finished first out of a field of 10 in Thursday night's statewide poetry ...

Joni Mitchell to Release Book of Lyrics, Poetry, and Paintings  Pitchfork

In 1971, Joni Mitchell crafted one hundred copies of Morning Glory on the Vine—a book compiling handwritten lyrics, poems, and over thirty of Mitchell's ...

E-town Now – Elizabethtown College Hosts An Evening with Carolyn Forché on April 4  Etown NOW

On Thursday, April 4, Elizabethtown College will host An Evening with Carolyn Forché, at the Esbenshade Gibble Au ditorium. Part of the College's Guest Poets ...

Poet Richard Blanco On The First Ammendment And Freedom Of Speech  wgbh.org

Poet Richard Blanco joined BPR to read poems that exemplify the importance of the First Amendment's protection of the freedom of speech.

Dawn Lundy Martin, Diana Khoi Nguyen win Claremont Graduate University poetry prizes  Los Angeles Times

Claremont Graduate University named Dawn Lundy Martin and Diana Khoi Nguyen the winners of its annual Tufts awards, considered a highly regarded prize in ...

The Fall 2019 Valentino Collection Included Poetry From Greta Bellamacina, Yrsa Daley-Ward, Mustafa The Poet, and Robert Montgomery  Vogue

Love was in the air at Valentino's Fall 2019 show today. A week after the Oscars, Pierpaolo Piccioli's focus shifted from Gemma Chan's couture and Frances ...

CT Poets’ Corner: The poems of John Surowiecki focus on those ‘ignored by everyone else’  Hartford Courant

Prize-winning poet John Surowiecki of Hebron is the March selection for Connecticut Poets' Corner.

FEATURE -From hardship to hope, Singapore's migrant poets find their voices  Reuters

SINGAPORE, March 18 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In dorms on Singapore's fringes or employers' backrooms, a growing number of migrant workers are ...

MSU instructor and artist Guillermo Delgado exhibits the artwork and poetry of Mid-Michigan's prisoners  City Pulse

Guillermo Delgado thought he would make a great Catholic priest, but after two years in seminary he was kicked out with a pink slip that read “No potential for ...

Fred Johnston - exploring 'rogue states' in new poetry collection  Galway Advertiser

SALMON POETRY has recently published a new collection of poems by Fred Johnston, entitled Rogue States. It is Johnston's ninth collection of verse and ...

Beto's crude 'butt-shine' poetry surfaces  WND.com

(Washington Examiner) Beto O'Rourke's youthful artistic experiments included a poem pleading for genital grooming and a sacred cow to lactate, according to ...

Four women poets who will take you on an alternative journey through Welsh history  The Conversation - UK

From speaking out over domestic abuse in medieval times to telling the realities of war, these female poets present a very different version of Welsh life.

Students teach students everything from robotics to poetry at free day camps  The Daily Advertiser

Fourth- and fifth-graders entered ancient Rome, ate at a 1950s diner and traveled the world during Saturday camps at David Thibodaux STEM Magnet Academy ...

Field Museum's First Poet-in-Residence to Host Pop-Up Poetry Stations  WTTW News

Eric Elshtain, the Field Museum's first-ever poet-in-residence, interacts with a group of children in the museum's Stanley Field Hall. (John Weinstein / The Field ...

Norwell High student wins Poetry Out Loud; debut novel revolves around a dystopian NY  The Boston Globe

Rose Hansen, a sophomore at Norwell High School, is the new Massachusetts champion of the Poetry Out Loud competition. Hansen bested 24 other finalists ...

'We donte want to hurt anney one': Bonnie and Clyde's poetry revealed  The Guardian

Family notebook appears to show that both of the notorious Depression-era outlaws turned their hand to verse.

"Holy Moly Carry Me" Award Winning Appalachian-Jewish Poetry  WVTF

In Southwestern Virginia, many people can trace their roots back to before America got its independence. Appalachian culture prevails to this day, so, when.

Tam High teen wins state Poetry Out Loud competition, heads to nationals  Marin Independent Journal

Tamalpais High School junior Lily Bogas said reciting poetry is more than just speaking words. “It means you get to open your soul, man,” said Bogas, ...

'His poetry will go on': top Canadian writers pay tribute to beloved poet Patrick Lane  CBC.ca

Susan Musgrave, Esi Edugyan and Margaret Atwood are among the luminaries honouring Lane, who died last week at 79.

Slam poetry breathes new life into the age-old topic of love  The Dartmouth

Slam is a venue away from the traditional stuffiness of poetry, which is why it makes sense that the most fertile ground for slam is on the Internet. Both slam and ...

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