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China has the Answer to Environmental Dead Zones

Recently scientists have been watching the exponential growth of marine life dead zones off the coasts of human civilizations. In China there are dead zones now, which are over 250 kilometers in radius off the coasts of Shanghai and Beijing. Environmental biologists have brought this to the attention of the World and China has decided to take serious action indeed.

China's answer after getting together with some of the countries top billionaires is to stop using toilet paper in Chinese Owned hotels in Shanghai and Beijing. So when you go to visit do not expect your room to have any toilet paper use your hand to wipe the feces off your butt. This is already done in many parts of the world such as the Middle East. Makes you want to go out to dinner in a Middle Eastern Restaurant doesn't it?

Back to the subject; so this is going to curb the growth of the dead zone? No, it will save some costs to Chinese hotels. The owners are laughing at the environmental concerns, but fishermen are having to go over 350 to 400 kilometers off shore to get a good catch. If they did catch anything closer you would be a fool to eat it anyway. It appears that no one is taking the over crowding seriously and the infrastructure cannot keep pace with construction and inflow. Basically what this move is saying it; "butt out, don't tell us what to do" which means that you cannot expect China to create a level playing field with employee rights or environmental controls within the next couple of decades. Meanwhile as planeloads of people fly back and forth to Mainland China, we will end up with their Bird Flu here in the Western World and Europe very soon. Already 160 people have died of bird flu in Western China and an outbreak in South China is working its way into another serious situation.

Meanwhile China's fresh water supply is causing huge issues in the population and it is so polluted in many places that a fresh glass of water is completely out of the question. With environmental controls like this, the next big epidemic will come from China and those diseases will continue to come to America, Europe and the Middle East with every container load of products and every person who gets off every plane. How serious is this? You tell me. Appeasement isn't working and their military is growing, is this really free trade or are we just trying to postpone WWIII? think about it.

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