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Politics Information

No Child Left Behind needs to go Virtual

The No Child Left Behind can work if the Federal Government will put up content on the website and allow for those who are; Behind in studies, about to miss a grade level advancement, perform poorly on general tests, at home schooling students (when parents have no knowledge in subject matter), are in Juvenile Hall, live in areas very rural, have disorders, or have injuries which prevent attendance or need Summer School catch up work.By putting up this information on the web in short quick exercises we will be able to insure that these credits or online courses can in fact be counted in all schools.

Treasury Department Falls Short on Blocked Persons List

I would like to discuss the blocked persons list of the United States Treasury and condemn the treasury for being somewhat out to lunch on the realities of the business world and how things work. First if you will check out this site with the lists of blocked people who may be involved in such activities you will see the format is impossible to utilize quickly.

US Trade Deficit with Bordering Neighbors

The trade deficit with Canada is now 50 Billion per year. The amount of money sent back Mexico each week from migrant labor and/or illegal aliens is estimated at 8 billion per week.

For they know not what they do; Federal Regulators destroying business

Federal Regulations on Business Destroy America, these regulations are a tax passed onto the every American. How much does Federal Regulations Cost each year to our society.

Entrepreneur Lashes Out at Linear Thinking Government Regulators

I am personally calling for a total disbanding of the regulatory agencies as we know it immediately. This needs to be done from the inside out.

Bosnia - An Economy in Search of a State

Bosnia-Herzegovina (heretofore "Bosnia") is an artificial polity with four, tangentially interacting, economies. Serbs, Croats and their nominal allies, the Bosniaks each maintain their own economy.

Slovenia - The Star Pupil

The most exciting event in Slovenia last week was when a group of young army recruits spat on the national flag and sang the anthem of the now defunct former Yugoslavia. They were sent to a military psychiatrist for observation.

The Second Coming in Albania

Blessed with Chinese GDP growth rates (7-8% annually in each of the last 3 years) and German inflation (4%, down from 32% in 1997, mostly attributable to increases in energy and housing costs), it is easy to forget Albania's Somali recent past.In 1997, following the collapse of a series of politically-sanctioned pyramid schemes in which one third of the impoverished population lost its meager life savings, Albania imploded.

Monitoring Macedonia

Close to 500,000 people - one in four - live under the poverty line in a country where the average monthly salary is less than 150 US dollars. More than one in three members of the workforce are chronically unemployed.

Hawala, or The Bank That Never Was

I. OVERVIEWIn the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the USA, attention was drawn to the age-old, secretive, and globe-spanning banking system developed in Asia and known as "Hawala" (to change, in Arabic).

The Macedonian Lottery

Every conflict has its economic moments and dimensions. The current conflict in Macedonia perhaps even more so.

The European Bank for the Retardation of Development

In typical bureaucratese, the pensive EBRD analyst ventures with the appearance of compunction: "A number of projects have fallen short of acceptable standards (notice the passive, exculpating voice - SV) and have put the reputation of the bank at risk". If so, very little was risked.

Economic Free Zones in Macedonia

Question: Dr. Vaknin - is it true that you are the father of the Law of Free Economic Zones?Answer: I participated in the dedicated and professional team, from many ministries and state organs, which prepared the law.

Public Sector Economies in Transition

In the previous article, we described the various methods developed in the West to cope with the ever-burgeoning public sector.Yet, economies in transition everywhere in the world have learned a lesson the hard way: not everything that is Western - necessarily fits their needs.

The Criminality of Transition

Lecture given at the Netherlands Economic Institute (NEI) on 18/4/2001Human vice is the most certain thing after death and taxes, to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin. The only variety of economic activity, which will surely survive even a nuclear holocaust, is bound to be crime.

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